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									                                                              Newsletter                                                   June 2007

                                            Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED)
                                            In February, Argonne National Laboratory
                                            held its sixth IGED; a Job Touring Program
                                            focused on middle school girls interested
                                            in learning about engineering professions.
                                            Although substantial effort has been
                                            made to increase the number of women in
Contents:                                   science and technology, women continue
                                            to be severely under represented in
Introduce a Girl to
                                            the engineering profession. Research
Engineering Day (IGED) ......1
                                            shows that young women lose interest
Teachers became students                    in fields of study leading to engineering
in the professional                         careers long before they enter college.
development workshop -                      Therefore, reaching out to girls in their
Hoboken, New Jersey .........2              early teen years and introducing them to      During construction a team discusses the
SAE Student Chapter                         the engineering profession is essential.      criteria they want their car to meet.
Supports AWIM ...................3          This annual event is successful at both
                                            educating middle school age girls that
SAE Dayton Section ............4            engineering is a rewarding career option
First WebEx training                        for them, and providing satisfaction to the
proves beneficial .................4         women engineers who become mentors
                                            for the day.
GM continues to inspire
students ...............................4   Argonne volunteer scientists and
                                            engineers started the day with a MIT
                                            presentation and hands-on experiments
scheduled for June/July ......4
                                            titled “Engineering is fun” and ended with
AWIM staff contact info ......4             SAE International’s A World In Motion®
                                            program. The AWIM program had the
                                            undivided attention of all 60 middle-school
                                            students from 28 Chicago schools.
                                                                                          Testing their balloon powered car before the race
                                            Students were selected by their teachers
                                            and others submitted their application
                                            directly to the Division of Educational
                                            programs at Argonne. The students came
                                            not just to listen to what the Argonne
                                            scientists and engineers had to say, but to
                                            be “mentored” for a day, ask questions,
                                            work interactively with others.
                                            The AWIM program gave the girls an
                                            opportunity to draw on the expertise
                                            available and to be exposed to engineering
   Brought to you by:                       and engineering careers. An additional
                                            benefit was the relationship established
                                            between Argonne staff and students at         On right instructor, Sharon Stevenson listens to
                                            nearby schools, which is expected to lead     a presentation from one of the teams
         Funded by:                         to many more opportunities for this type of
                                            outreach to encourage girls to pursue a
                                            field in science and engineering.

                                                                                          • Teach • Volunteer • Donate


      Teachers became students in the
      professional development workshop
      — Hoboken, New Jersey
      Sharing the rationale for K-12 engineering was the focus of a one-day teacher
      training workshop held at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Ken Francis, Program
      Developer from SAE, conducted an AWIM professional development workshop for
      16 educators representing six schools using the Elementary curriculum and Middle
      School Glider Challenge.
      The goal of Engineering Our Future NJ (EOFNJ) is to ensure that all students experience
      engineering, as an integral part of their K-12 education. High tech companies such as
      Verizon will partner with teachers to engage in the AWIM programs.
      Piscataway, which participated in the EOFNJ pilot program in 2006, is the first district to
      adopt the middle school AWIM Motorized Toy Car curriculum. According to one of the
      teachers, Ed Cohen, “The module fills a needed niche that really brings out students’
      previously untapped engineering talents.”

                                                                                                                   2007 June Issue

SAE Student Chapter Supports AWIM
The University of Tennessee(UT) *ChallengeX team hosted an
alternative fuels conference for East Tennessee Girl Scouts with the
UT Chapters of SAE and SWE (Society of Women Engineers) during
March using SAE International’s AWIM JetToy as the main activity.
The event centered on the biodiesel hybrid electric vehicle designed
and built by UT Mechanical Engineering students for ChallengeX
competition. The girl scouts learned about the science and benefits
of hybrid vehicles, how biodiesel is made and used as an alternative
fuel, the importance of energy conservation in transportation and
even built their own alternative powered vehicles with the AWIM
JetToy activity. The girl scouts were challenged to use the alternative
energy of air to power a vehicle that the girls built using the JetToy.
After the rules of the competition were set and with help from the
UT ChallengeX and SWE volunteers, each team was told they had to
design the balloon power system. Eight teams came up with team
names and competed for the fastest JetToy.
All the teams were able to finish their design during the allotted time
and made it to the race. The girl scouts had fun during the design                                      Girl Scouts building the AWIM
                                                                                                        JetToy for the alternative fuel
process and during the competition. The team known as Techo won
the competition.
      *ChallengeX is the name of a Dep’t of Energy and GM sponsored design competition. The
      University of Tennessee team built a biodiesel electric hybrid from a stock 2005 Chevy Equinox.
SAE Student Chapters interested in supporting the AWIM program contact
Matt Miller at matt.miller@sae.org

Team Techo preparing to race in the competition                                                         Team Techo and SWE volunteers
                                                                                                        pose after victory

SAE Dayton Section
Saturday and Sunday July 28th and 29th the Dayton Air show will be host to the
Thunderbirds and celebrate the 60th birthday of the Air Force. SAE will have a presence
with a booth. Volunteers from the SAE Dayton Section will participate in a special Friday
event called SOAR for Dayton City School Kids from 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. and then
during the Air show from 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. both Saturday and Sunday.
Anyone considering this volunteer opportunity, contact Linda Hallinan at
linda.l.hallinan@delphi.com or 937-294-6406

First WebEx training proves beneficial
Online training using WebEx is now being offered for the Elementary School Activities.
The online training will now allow teachers and volunteers unable to attend workshop
training to have the ability to better understand the Skimmer and JetToy curriculum.
Educators and industry volunteers interested in the online training should contact
Chris Ciuca, Program Developer for SAE International’s A World In Motion®, at
cciuca@sae.org or 724-772-4038.                                                                     AWIM
                                                                                                 Program Staff
GM continues to inspire students                                                                   Matthew Miller
General Motors has stepped up its efforts to recruit and train classroom volunteers.           K-12 Education Programs
The GM Plant in Janesville, Wisconsin has followed suit with other GM locations to
participate in the A World In Motion®. Engineers attended a training session on the                 Leslie Rizzi
Skimmer and JetToy. The volunteers will work with students from Edison Middle                  AWIM Business Manager
School to cultivate their interest in engineering.
                                                                                                   Kenneth Francis
                                                                                                  Program Developer
                                                                                               K-12 Education Programs
             Workshops/Conferences scheduled for
                       June and July:                                                                Chris Ciuca
               June 1, 2007                                 June 13, 2007                         Program Developer
          GM Arlington Assembly                        Front Street Learning Ctr.              K-12 Education Programs
               Arlington, TX                                  Helena, MT
           Teachers & Volunteers                          Teacher Workshop
                   JetToy                      Skimmer, JetToy, Motorized Toy Car, Glider,        Linda Cavanaugh
           sheri.hickok@gm.com                  Elem, MS & HS Electricity and Electronics    K-12 Administrative Assistant
               June 7, 2007                                                                        Darlene Geweth
               Alcoa Training                                June 14, 2007                      K-12 Education Program
            Volunteer workshop                        Alternative Fuels Conference
             Skimmer & JetToy                                   Visalia, CA                            Assistant
              Cleveland, OH                                   Exhibit Booth
              June 9, 2007
               BBB at PDQ                                   July 11, 2007
    Cleveland Municipal Public Schools                AIAA Passport to the Future
            Teacher workshop                              Teacher workshop                   For consideration in a future
            Skimmer & JetToy                             Hyatt Regency Hotel
              Cleveland, OH                                 Cincinnati, OH                   issue please tell us what you
                                                            www.aiaa.org                     are doing with AWIM in your
             June 11-14, 2007                                                                classroom. Articles/photos
             Canyon Ferry, MT                                                                should be sent to:
             Teacher workshop
 Skimmer, JetToy, Motorized Toy Car, Glider,                                                 SAE International
  Elem, MS & HS Electricity and Electronics                                                  Attn: Darlene Geweth
            eroos716@juno.com                                                                400 Commonwealth Drive
                                                                                             Warrendale, PA 15096
                                                                                             Phone: 724-772-8513
                             To make a contribution to the                                   E-Mail: dgeweth@sae.org
                             SAE Foundation, visit their website at
4                                                                                                                            070906

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