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									Electric vehicles – the vehicles of tomorrow with the technology of today. A vehicle of change, a
                    radical new culture, a vision for our children’s children.

                               iDrive EV…do you drive gas-free?
               Presentation Overview
Presented by: Andy Barrenechea, Suzanne Clary, Melissa McCoy, Priya Nakra, and Kate Wharton

Target      •Cost           E-Corporation    Marketing       Strategy       Vision
Market      •Convenience
                      Target EV Consumers
     –     Who: Young professionals, 20s and 30s                   Atlanta
     –     Income: Upper middle-class/upper class
                                                      •1 million target EV
LIFESTYLE: “Live, work and play in the same place.”
     –     Couples – no children
     –     Practical                                  •61% surge in residents aged
     –     Healthy                                    25-34 who have at least a 4-
     –     Social                                     year degree*
     –     Balanced
     –     Convenience-driven                         •4th city with most Fortune
                                                      500 companies
     –     Urban, but over time move to suburbs
     –     Proximity to work                          *See
     –     Near businesses                  
       Proposed Solutions Addressing Cost
     One of the primary deterrents to purchasing an EV is COST. According to a 2010 Deloitte study,
    most US consumers surveyed would not be willing to pay more for an EV than for a conventional
•     Offer no sales tax on car purchase                            LOW OR NO-INTEREST LOANS TO BUY AN EV
•     Offer low or no-interest loans to buy an EV
                                                             These loans could also be given at low or no-interest such
•     Offer corporate tax breaks to companies that buy       as with student loans. EV adoption is guaranteed because
      EVs                                                    of the stipulation for the loan that the vehicle be an EV.

•     Perform a study showing increased safety and
      performance of EVs so that insurance companies                  IMPLEMENT BUYBACK PROGRAM OF EVS* IN
      offer lower premiums to EV users*                                             ATLANTA

•     Implement BuyBack program for EVs in Atlanta             A primary bottleneck for the purchase of EVs is
                                                               consumer hesitance, as many consumers do not want
•     Offer lower electricity prices for EV charging           to purchase an EV knowing that the technology will
                                                               be more advanced in the near future. To combat this
                                                               obstacle, we will introduce a buy-back program,
                                                               similar to those types of programs that many
*Many insurance companies already offer a discounted
                                                               electronics stores have established. The initial
      premium for EV owners. See
                                                               committed adopters of EVs will have the opportunity
                                                               to return older models of EVs or EV accessories, and
                                                               earn back money to purchase more advanced
                                                               vehicles and accessories. The value of their buy-back
                                                               credit will be dependent upon what new
                                                               technologies are available.

                                                               *See Blade Electric Vehicle’s current buyback program
                                                               in Australia:
             Proposed Solutions Addressing
Another deterrent to purchasing an EV is the CONVENIENCE OF RECHARGING. RANGE ANXIETY is a
                 serious concern if charging station infrastructure is lacking.
•   Offer tax incentives to charging                  LOW-INTEREST LOANS OR SEED FUNDS TO
    station builders or entrepreneurs                 CHARGING STATION BUILDERS OR ENTREPRENEURS
•   Offer low-interest loans or seed           According to the California Small Business Bureau, offering
    funds to charging station                  seed funding to entrepreneurs significantly increases small
    builders or entrepreneurs                  business growth. This principle could be applied to Georgia
                                               and the Atlanta area and specifically be focused on
•   Offer tax breaks to retailers and          entrepreneurs looking to start initiatives that offer
    employers that build charging              convenience or other benefits to EV users.
    stations at shops/offices
•   Install public charging stations in
    park-and-ride lots, sports                        TAX BREAKS TO RETAILERS AND EMPLOYERS THAT
    stadium parking lots, airport                     BUILD CHARGING STATIONS AT SHOPS/OFFICES
    parking lots, Atlantic Station, etc.
                                               The availability of charging stations at work places and retail
                                               stores is a major need when assuring EV users that they will
                                               have adequate convenience in powering their vehicles. By
                                               offering added business income tax breaks, these entities
                                               will have added incentive to build such infrastructure as
                                               well as the additional benefit of positive public relations.
            Proposed Solutions Addressing
    Mass adoption of EVs is hindered by a lack of EDUCATION about the technology and its benefits.

•     Educate about EV benefits and current
      incentive programs                                      EV BENEFITS
•     Educate about the environmental benefits of      The total cost of an EV will be less over the long-run
      EVs                                              because the electric mile becomes cheaper over time,
                                                       while the petroleum mile will only increase in price. The
•     Educate about EV technology, how batteries       consumer must understand the tax incentives associated
      work                                             with the purchase of an EV. In Atlanta, EVs could have
                                                       special privileges, such as HOV lane usage and designated
•     Direct education toward the adult public         parking spaces. Consumers can expect lower insurance
      through EV expos and large public events         rates because they own “green” vehicles.
•     Educate about the EV “why” through
      commercials, billboards, and other public               EV “WHY”
      media channels
                                                       The motivation of the EV movement is independence
•     Direct education toward the youth (future        from foreign oil and environmental sustainability for our
      consumers) by engaging with elementary,          planet. EVs could one day be run completely on
      middle, and high schools in Atlanta              renewable energy, a phenomenon not achievable with
                                                       internal combustion engines. EV culture is about
                                                       changing the world one car at a time and understanding
                                                       that the EV concept brings us one step closer to a better
                                                       planet and a more efficient future.
       Proposed Solutions Addressing Capacity
         Questions relating to the ELECTRICITY CAPACITY of the grid hinder the adoption of EVs.

•    Smart chargers and their corresponding controllers help automatically recharge EVs during times of least cost to the consumer
     and lower demand for power. As Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) engineer Michael Kintner-Meyer explains, “If a
     million owners plug in their vehicles to recharge after work, it could cause a major strain on the grid. The Smart Charger
     Controller could prevent those peaks in demand from plug-in vehicles and enable our existing grid to be used more evenly.”
     (Read more at: The Smart Charger Controller developed at PNNL would also
     save consumers up to $150 /year.
•    More widespread implementation of smart chargers (applicable for any demographic) will help the development of a city smart
     grid for the future.
•    The advantages of a fully-functioning city smart grid are clear and concise. By helping to facilitate the power connection
     throughout an entire city and provide consumers with advanced information, the smart grid takes into account important
     factors like seasonality, land, and population demographics. It provides two-way communication, self-monitoring, and digital
     control. For more information on smart grid, see
•    In order to optimize the efficiency of energy used in EV charging, it is recommended that all EV drivers, regardless of land
     demographic, charge their EVs overnight. This is the time period of maximum available energy. Other charging patterns are
     dependent upon other factors (i.e. seasonality, land demographic), and are variable from consumer to consumer. Public charging
     stations could be shut off during peak hours to conserve energy and reduce strain on the grid.
Integrating solutions and forging partnerships to drive EV adoption in Atlanta.


The E-Corporation business plan is an EV implementation strategy that integrates multiple
private sector business initiatives and public incentives. The foundation of this business plan
is the E-Corporation Network, which businesses may become a part of upon achieving
certain EV-friendly standards. The network gives companies access to an EV idea-sharing
system, numerous partnership options, and the E-Corporation Marketing Center.

*To see how this idea has worked to promote social business, see
           Membership in E-Corporation
                                              AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURERS                CAR RENTAL AND LEASING AGENCIES
  Companies that are not a part of the
 automotive industry and important to      The automobile industry is central         Rental and car leasing agencies are
   EV growth. They have the private           as the producer of EVs. With         essential middlemen as EVs expand into
capital to implement infrastructure, the    research, innovation, and creative     the market. They have the resources to
 ability to offer rewards for employees      marketing strategies, they have       maintain EV fleets available for lease and
  who drive EVs, and the resources to      the skills to establish and meet the       rent as consumers seek to trial EV
      educate their employees and                                                   ownership. Further, they create initial
                                           demand of the growing EV market.        interest in EVs by making them a rental
   customers. In order to join the EV        In order to join the EV network,     option. In order to join the EV network, CAR

            Implement a                           Ensure that 10% of all
          minimum of 5 EV                                                                  Establish EVs as 10%
                                                   automobile sales in                     of their vehicle fleets
        chargers for every 100                     Atlanta are electric
             employees                                                                           in Atlanta

             Pay a yearly                              Pay a yearly                             Pay a yearly
          membership fee to                        membership fee to                        membership fee to
        the network, based on                     the network based on                     the network based on
          the company’s size                        the company’s size                       the company’s size
                    E-Corporation Benefits
The E-Corp Advantage

Knowledge Network
•   E-Corp businesses will have access to an idea sharing network of companies with similar values but unique
    perspective and experiences. Network summits will allow for focused innovation for the EV movement benefiting
    private companies.
Bargaining Power
•   A staple of the E-Corp is the availability of bargaining power through partnerships with other companies that have
    similar goals of producing, purchasing, utilizing and implementing EV technology.
•   E-Corp Service Partnerships will be formed with companies that produce and implement EV technology to offer
    special deals to member companies.
Marketing Center
•   An E-Corp Marketing Center will maintain a professional, dedicated marketing and public relations strategy that
    continues to evolve across various mediums of exposure throughout the EV movement. The marketing center will
    be a key resource as E-Corp businesses partner to strengthen their own marketing campaigns.
 The EV Competitive Edge: Marketing Strategies
  To better understand the importance and challenges of a strong marketing strategy, our team
        created a trial marketing campaign that took place over the course of three days.

     –   Lack of education about EVs and
         benefits are a consistent
         bottleneck contributing to lack
         of consumer interest.
     –   Given our target market’s
         affinity for digital interaction
         and new media, a well-planned
         marketing strategy is the most
         efficient way to improve the EV

     –   Professional, dedicated, and
         integrated across platforms.
            •   Public relations, media
                relations, social media,
     –   Timeline with specific phases
         that outline education activities
         and predicted metrics.                        •   Average impressions: 236.7
                                                       •   Highest-viewed status: 547 impressions
                                                       •   Number of followers: 50
                                                       •   334 monthly active users
          iDrive Comprehensive Strategy
                                The Race to 50,000 EVs

The iDrive Comprehensive Strategy is an overarching timeline that addresses each EV opportunity
 presented thus far. Organized into three main focus areas, it is clear, concise and easy to follow:

                             CONSUMER-DRIVEN EDUCATION
 E-CORPORATION will engage    will support the results of
                                                          COST REDUCTION will include
 corporate entities to drive    the iDrive marketing
                                                          additional mechanisms to
     infrastructure and         campaign to create a
                                                             lower prices for EVs.
convenience advancement.        unified EV education
                                  strategy in Atlanta.

The iDrive Comprehensive Strategy is focused on the upcoming three and a half years,
in alignment with the national EV vision. January 1st, 2015 is a challenging but
achievable goal for Atlanta to be the first city with 50,000 EVs on the road.
Q4 2011: The First Steps
                     • Create fully fleshed-out business plan
    E-Corporation    • Identify target companies suitable for
                       membership in E-Corp

   Consumer-Driven   • Develop marketing strategy
                     • Utilize existing platforms to gauge
      Education        consumer interest

                     • Perform study showing increased safety
                       and performance of EVs in order to
                       encourage insurance companies to offer
    Cost Reduction     lower premiums to EV drivers
                     • Identify relevant legislation in other states
                       that incentivizes EV purchases
2012: 5,000 EVs on the Road
                       • Select E-Corp Advisory Board to oversee
                         and guide E-Corp development

      E-Corporation    • Review business plan with the Board of
                         Advisors and revise as necessary
                       • Launch E-Corp marketing to companies
                         to advertise membership
                       •Create standardized, properly branded
                        accounts across media platforms that establish
     Consumer-Driven    the mission and vision of the EV movement
                       •Focus on generating initial consumer interest
                        through market research
        Education      •Initial penetration of “iDrive EV – do you?”
                        marketing slogan across relevant advertising
                       •Launch BuyBack Program for first 5,000 EVs
                        in Atlanta
                       •Offer low or no-interest loans to buy an EV
      Cost Reduction   •Offer corporate tax breaks to companies
                        that buy EVs, particularly Taxi and Car Rental
                       •Offer sales tax exemption for EV purchase
2013: 20,000 EVs on the Road
                        •Introduce Service Partners that provide bargaining
                         power to E-Corp Member Companies

       E-Corporation    •E-Corp members organize an Expo for the City of
                         Atlanta featuring advancements in EV technology
                         and sponsored by corporations represented on E-
                         Corp Board

                        •Partnerships with the most prevalent and popular social and
                         educational organizations within the Atlanta community (i.e.
      Consumer-Driven    Scoutmob/Groupon, features on Creative Loafing)
                        •Beginning of launch events – awareness events around the
                         Atlanta community with EV education materials and EV test
         Education       drives
                        •Use market research to enhance quality of focus group
                         marketing (i.e. evolving target marketing)

                        •Upon next wave of EV technology, initiate BuyBack

       Cost Reduction    Program
                        •Forge public-private partnerships to reduce
                         electricity costs for the consumer
2014: 50,000 EVs on the Road
                        • Pass legislation to empower and protect E-

       E-Corporation      Corporations
                        • Publicly recognize and praise E-Corporation

                        •Capitalize on corporate and celebrity partnerships
      Consumer-Driven    (i.e. celebrity spokesperson, product give-aways)
                        •Featured booths/areas at popular festivals and
                         concerts around the Atlanta community
         Education      •Marketing and campus-representatives to help
                         facilitate events across college campuses

                        • Require all newly implemented EV chargers to
                          be smart chargers for energy-cost savings
       Cost Reduction   • Evaluate success of public and private
                          incentives to lower costs, in preparation for
                          mass adoption of EVs
E-Corp expands throughout all of Georgia
 and the United States
Every person in the US recognizes EV
 technology as safe, convenient, and cost-
Any person can afford an EV
Electric vehicles – a dream that will become a reality if we all make it our dream, our
  true passion. A community, a city, a nation and a world that lives on electricity – 0%
     hurt to our world and 100% care for our future. Join the movement, live the
                    dream, and adopt the vision. iDrive EV, do you?

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