Autonomous Robot Motion Planning   Detection and Tracking
                        GRADUATE PROGRAM
                        DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE

                        Founded in 1997 and accredited by the Ministry of Higher
                        Education - UAE in 2001, the Department of Computer
                        Science (DCS) at the University of Sharjah aims to be a
                        center of excellence as an academic department that
                        offers degree programs, conducts research, and renders
                        outreach activities to the university, industrial sector, and
                        the community at large. We at DCS are keen to address
                        the emerging requirements of the country. We also strive
                        to create an exciting environment to promote learning and
                        to prepare students to meet the future challenges of the
                        workforce. The graduate program in Computer Science
                        started in 2002-2003 and more than 25 students from the
                        UAE and the neighboring countries are enrolled in this
Abdullah M. Hussein     program. We are proud of our faculty members. Many of
Chairperson, DCS        whom are well known internationally for their excellence in
University of Sharjah   research, creativity, and graduate education. Currently 17
                        academic faculty, 10 technical staff, and two administrative
                        staff are working in DCS.

    Sharjah is the third largest of the seven Emirates which form the United Arab Emirates.
    It has Beautiful sandy beaches. The clear blue Indian Ocean has made its coast an
    attractive place for diving, fishing and relaxing. In 1998, Sharjah was elected as the
    Cultural Capital of the Arab World by the UNESCO for its continuous developments
    in arts, education and culture. The beautiful educational complex of the University
    of Sharjah lies in the southern part of the University City which encompasses The
    University of Sharjah, American University of Sharjah, Higher Colleges of Technology,
    and the Police Academy.

    The Department of Computer Science at the University of Sharjah started its M.Sc.
    program in Computer Science in 2002-2003. More than 25 students from the UAE
    and the neighboring countries are enrolled in this program. We are proud of our
    faculty members. Many of whom are well known internationally for their excellence
    in research, creativity, and graduate education. The CS Department believes that its
    reputation comes not only from its physical and human resources, but from the quality
    of its graduates. Our graduate students are expected to play a vital role in enriching
    this environment. You are welcome to join our graduate program.

Faculty members of the Department are active researchers in the following areas: Networking,
Distributed Computing, Information Retrieval & Arabic Computing, Data Mining, Motion Planning,
Theoretical Computer Science, Computer-Aided Learning, Software Engineering, and Computer
Security. The following two research groups in the Department are supported by the University:
Arabic Computational Linguistics (ACL), and Graphics, Image Processing, and Multimedia (GIM).

   Below is a list of theses titles defended so far:
       An Art Gallery-Based Approach to Autonomous Robot Motion Planning in Global
       Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Early Detection of Lung Cancer Based on Chest
       Computer Tomography Images
       A Randomized Pursuit-Evasion Approach in Polygonal Environment: Detection and Tracking
       Building a Semantic Segmentation Tree for Image Content Representation
       A Statistical Information Extraction System for Arabic Text
       A Quality of Service Information & Computation (Qos-IC) Framework for Qos-Based Service
       Discovery Mechanism in Service Oriented Architecture
       Discovering Interesting Patterns Based on Background Knowledge
       Energy-Aware Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
       Lung Cancer Diagnosis Based on Sputum Color Images Analysis
Although it is not a must for a graduate to publish original work from his/her thesis, the publication
rate of our graduates so far is 1 journal paper and 2 conference papers.

    Applications for graduate admission are accepted for the first semester (September)
    and second semester (February) only. The University usually invites applications in
    about five to six months before the semester starts. Application forms should be sent
    with all required documents to the College of Graduate Studies and Research before
    the set deadline. Results are usually announced in May/June for the first semester and
    in December/January for the second semester. For more information about How to
    apply, kindly visit the University webpage.

        Image Content Representation                      Background Knowledge

In accordance with the University requirements for graduate degrees, and to be admitted
into the Master’s program in Computer Science a candidate must fulfill the following
minimum requirements:
   To hold a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a minimum cumulative
   GPA of 3 out of 4 or its equivalent. The undergraduate degree must be achieved by
   attending no less than 75% of the required period. Students with degrees obtained
   by distance learning are not admitted.
   To achieve the required English Proficiency score. A minimum of 550 on the TOEFL
   or 6 on IELTS (or its equivalent). A student may be admitted conditionally if (s)he
   obtains 530 points or more on the TOEFL provided that the student enroll in an
   English language course and receive a TOFEL score of 550 at the end of the first
   semester of study.
   Students with majors other than CS in their undergraduate degrees may be admitted
   upon the recommendation of the department after studying the prerequisite courses
   assigned by the department.

M.Sc. candidates are required to complete 34 credit hours, which consist of 3 compulsory
courses (9 credit hours), a Research Methodologies course (1 credit hour), 5 elective
courses (15 credit hours), and a thesis (9 credit hours). The following is a list of the
compulsory courses:

       Crs. No.     Course Title                                                 Cr.

       0211550      Advanced Operating Systems                                   3
       0211560      Object Oriented Software Engineering                         3
       0211570      Advanced Design & Analysis of Algorithms                     3
       0211590      Research Methodologies                                       1

    Elective Computer Science courses (15 credit hours) are to be chosen from a list.
    Students are strongly encouraged to choose among alternative groupings of electives
    in different areas of Computer Science to fulfill breadth and depth requirements. The
    Department offers 4 general groupings and a student should complete 15 credit hours
    from at least three different groups, provided that 6 credits are to be taken from the
    group “Applications”. The groups and courses are:

Group              Crs. No.   Course Title                           Cr.
Applications       0211530    Advanced Artificial Intelligence       3
                   0211531    Machine Learning                       3
                   0211535    Computer Vision & Image Processing     3
                   0211540    Advanced Computer Graphics             3
                   0211630    Topics in Artificial Intelligence      3
                   0211635    Computational Robotics                 3
                   0211640    Topics in Graphics & HCI               3
Computer Systems   0211552    Communications & Networking            3
                   0211650    Parallel Computing                     3
                   0211652    Advanced Computer Architecture         3
Information Systems 0211565   Data Management & the Internet         3
                   0211660    Topics in Software Engineering         3
                   0211662    Topics in Database Systems             3
Theory             0211572    Computational Geometry                 3
                   0211670    Theory of Computation and Complexity   3

     Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3 out of 4 in order to graduate. The thesis
     is research oriented and allows students to demonstrate an ability to do research and
     to do innovative work with minimal supervision.
     A M.Sc. thesis typically consists of a thorough, integrated literature survey in a specific
     area, with a critical analysis of approaches and results, and a discussion of areas requiring
     further work. In addition, it includes a report on the research undertaken by the student.
     The report must constitute sufficient evidence of a students’ mastery of the research
     area. A student can register the thesis after completing successfully 18 credits.
     The student must present a technical seminar based on the thesis research, prior to
     the scheduling of the final oral examination. An examination committee will review
     the thesis to determine whether or not it meets the standards set, and will conduct an
     oral examination to test the candidate’s knowledge of the thesis subject and related
     fields. The examining committee will be formed in accordance with the University
     postgraduate regulations.

     Fees: The fee per credit hour is 1,990 Dirham.
     Cost of Living: The dormitories are located in close proximity to the building where
     female and male students attend their classes. Thus, no transportation is needed to
     and form dormitories. Different types of accommodations are available and a single
     room starts from 13,610 Dirham per semester.

The time limit set for obtaining the degree shall be no less than three academic
semesters, and shall not exceed eight academic semesters commencing from the
semester in which the student joins the program. The student may postpone the study
for two additional academic semesters.

The university offers a number of scholarships annually on a competitive basis.
Scholarships cover the tuition fees plus a monthly salary of 2500 dirham.

For more information please visit the site of the University at:

                                     I have been spending part of my sabbatical as a visiting
                                     associate professor in the Department of Computer
                                     Science at the University of Sharjah, and I am quite
                                     pleased with my decision to come to the Department
                                     and interact with colleagues working in the UAE. The
                                     Computer Science Department offers programs that
                                     are at par with any computer science degree provided
                                     by universities in developed countries in Europe, North
                                     America, and Asia. The outstanding caliber of the faculty
                                     members, trained in well-reputable universities around
                                     the world, places the Department's graduate program
                                     among the best and most promising in the Middle East.
                                     Both undergraduate and graduate students, willing to
                                     pursue a professional or academic career in computer
                                     science, are well served by the programs offered by the
     Dr. Luiz Fernando Capretz
     University of Western Ontario
     London, Ontario, CANADA

The UoS Computer Science program
offers the required facilities coupled with
the highly encouraging professors, which
make the Computer Science department
the ideal place for higher education. I
have finished my BSc. and MSc from the
department of Computer Science, where
I learned about a broad range of skills
and knowledge that helped me perform
effectively in my profession as a lecturer.
The friendship of the departments’
faculty and staff has made my time in the
department so memorable. Their great
support and care is praise-worthy too.
The solid education I got in the graduate
program has sharpened my research skills,
which lead to good number of results
published in International refereed journals
and conference proceedings.

Miss. Leena Lulu

     Ad Hoc Networks   Color Images Analysis


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