The First President

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					The First President

     Section 1
     Chapter 8
 George Washington Inaugurated
         as President
• April 30, 1789 in New York City
• NYC was the first Capital of the
  United States--1789
• John Adams becomes the first Vice
• People trusted Washington since they
  believe he led them to victory in the
  American Revolution
    The Cabinet—3 State Departments and
             the Attorney General
• State Department
  – Thomas Jefferson becomes first Sec. of State.
  – Handled relations with other nations
• Treasury Department
  – Alexander Hamilton becomes first Sec. of Treasure
  – Dealt with financial matters
• War Department
  – Henry Knox becomes Sec of War
  – provided for the nation’s defense
• Edmund Randolph becomes the First Attorney
        Presidents Authority
• The President was given authority to
  dismiss cabinet officers with out Senate
• The gave the President greater separation
  between the Legislative and Executive
• Washington set many Precedents--
        Judiciary Act of 1789
• Established federal court system
• A Federal Court system with 13 District
  Courts and 3 Circuit Courts
• The First Chief Justice of the Supreme
  Court was John Jay
• The Act created three tiers of courts: the
  Supreme Court, the Circuit Courts and the
  District Courts--the latter two being trial
• There had been no prior model to guide its creators, for no
  other country had ever established a dual system of federal
  courts and state courts
          The Bill of Rights
• The First 10 Amendments to the
  Constitution guaranteeing personal liberty
• They were added in 1791
         Debt and Hamilton
• Country had large debt—amount it owed
• Alexander Hamilton wanted the Federal
  Government to repay the bonds from the
  Revolutionary War
• Bonds are paper notes promising to repay
  money in a certain time
• The South had less debt: They thought
  they would have to pay more then their fair
• Speculators would make a lot of money
  through bonds
          Washington D.C.
• Hamilton wins support of the South my
  promising to move the new capital down to
  the South
• Virginia and Maryland would each give
  land for the new capital district
    Hamilton’s Strong Economy
1. A National Bank
2. A Tariff—tax on Imports
3. National Taxes

By 1790 90% of the nations revenue came
   through Tariffs

•   Jefferson and James Madison oppose
    Hamilton’s economic program since they
    feared that a national government with strong
    economic powers would be dominated by a
    wealthy class

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