Ten Salon and Spa Retail Product Tips

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					Ten Salon and Spa Retail Product Tips
Last Updated Thursday, 22 October 2009 16:17


These 10 Salon Retail Product tips are basically good old fashioned merchandising.

1. Use individual product signs. Use shelf talkers - such as shelf danglers, rail strips, and shelf
dividers. Draw attention to your most profitable, or best sellers with retail shelf merchandising
talkers in bold graphics and interesting shapes. These point-of-purchase displays help your
products stand out.

2. Keep a watchful eye on inventory. Daily is best. Your facings should always be orderly and

3. Keep products on the shelf edge. There have been lot's of studies on the best display
techniques. Products sitting on the shelf edge give an appearance of abundance. "Stock
up! We have more!"

4. Be a good housekeeper. (Clean and make sure price stickers are on the bottom of the

5. Use simple and clear category signs. Categories simply make your customer feel
comfortable, know where to look and minimizes their time searching for an item of interest.

6. Keep up with your product facings according to sales. Retail Product sales can be what
makes you profitable. Service is known to cover overhead and product sales has been proven
to drive profit. Manage your top sellers well!

7. Arrange products for ideal shopping for your clients. A great place is in the waiting area. If
your customers have to wait, they might as well shop. Be sure to train your front desk and all

Ten Salon and Spa Retail Product Tips
Last Updated Thursday, 22 October 2009 16:17

stylist and specialists on products you carry. A friendly, helpful assistant can mean all the
difference in a customer picking the right product and their happiness and success.

8. This might be a no brainer, but - always dress up your windows with displays. Even if you're
not accepting walk-ins, window displays help to promote product, services, stylists and your
image. Keep them up to date with current trends or fashions so you don't end up looking too
'last year'.

9. Use displays, whether your suppliers or self promoting to Build your salon image. Don't
forget, your image is as important as the products you sell. Choose wisely, display wisely.

10. Go Shopping! Learn from the experts. Visit the big malls and gobble up great salon and spa
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