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					May 20, 2013

Dear Staff and Parents:

Last Thursday, May 16th, a parent contacted a school district administrator about an incident that another parent had
observed at Loma Vista on May 6th. The incident involved a physical interaction between a teacher and a student,
which the observer-parent thought was inappropriate. The observer-parent had told the Principal what she had seen.

Upon being informed of the incident, on May 16th, the district administrator contacted the Principal and the parent
who observed the incident. We asked the principal to notify law enforcement regarding the complaint. We learned
that the Principal had conducted an internal investigation after receiving the May 6th report, and informed the
teacher of the complaint. On May 6th, the teacher contacted the parent of the student and explained the incident.
Based on the internal investigation and the discussion between the teacher and the parent, the Principal did not
inform anyone in District Administration or law enforcement about the incident.

I placed the Principal and teacher on administrative leave pending the outcome of the police investigation and a
thorough, objective, internal investigation. I ask you to remember that administrative leave is not an indication of
wrongdoing and that this incident may not have been an instance of abuse.

It is our obligation to determine the facts about what actually occurred during the incident, and also whether our
staff followed proper procedures in responding to this incident. Earlier this year, our District underwent a
wrenching, public reproach for our handling of reports of abuse. We learned painful lessons from this process, the
first being that when student safety is at issue, we must err on the side of thoroughness and caution.

In all matters, the safety and well being of our students come first.

While the Principal and teacher remain on leave, Erin Roberts, currently a teacher on special assignment at the site
will assume the administrative responsibilities. She will be present at the school every day and available to speak
with you if you have any questions or concerns. Susan Busby, another outstanding educator and teacher, will
assume the responsibilities in the classroom. She also is available to speak to you and answer any questions that
parents in her classroom may have.

I have every confidence that these excellent educators will provide strong and capable support for students, parents
and staff at Loma Vista.

Thank you for your continued support, cooperation and partnership in the Loma Vista community.


J. Douglas Adams
Interim Superintendent