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					         La Leche League of Southern California/Nevada

Volume 103 ~ No 3                         Area Leaders’ Letter                         July – Sept. 2006

1 What My Group Did for
    WBW 2005
3 Will You Help “Change” the
4 Leaders Are “Surfing” with
    Their Peers in Cyberspace
5 Area Council (AC)
6 Managing an AC Position
7 The Best Part of the 2006
    Area Conference
7 Mothering Through
8 You Couldn’t Pay Me
    Enough to Do This Job!            Johnny and Nancy Puckett, LLL Leader with Whittier Group, August 2005
8 Getting to Know You
9 Golden Boob Award                          What My Group Did for WBW 2005
9 A Lone Leader but Not              By Julie Johnson, LLL of Whittier AM and PM and LLL of Montebello
10 Why I Am Still a Leader          Our activities for WBW involved several events.
10 Safety Tips at Meetings
11 Midnight                         1) We attended a World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) event at Kaiser
11 Pat Brewster 2006 High              Permanente Hospital in West Covina. Our LLL Group staffed a
    School Scholarship:                table and handed out Meeting Notices and other LLL information.
    Winning Essays                     To attract people to the table we held a drawing for several items,
15 Contact Information for             including THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING and a sling.
    Executive Council, Board           Visitors to the table filled out their contact information for the
    Members and AACLs                  drawing. We asked permission to add them to our mailing list.
Attachment to this issue:           2) At Series Meetings, we asked Group mothers to collect coins
2006 Area Conference Audio             during July and to bring the coins to a Group Meeting or to a
Recordings Order Form for              WBW event in August. We used the coin collection letter available
Leaders without online access.         on the LLLI website. (The sample letter is on page 3 of this issue.)
Also see note on p. 13.

LLL of Southern California/Nevada               League Spirit                 July – Sept 2006    page 1
                             What My Group Did for WBW 2005                         (continued from p. 1)

3) Starbucks® in Montebello offered to host a                How much money did you make?
WBW event for our Montebello Group and
provided free coffee and scones for all attendees.           After expenses (cost of t-shirts, printing WBW
We encouraged mothers to attend and                          materials and postage were the largest expense),
bring the coins they collected in July.                      WBW activities netted $2,081.44. Since the
As an incentive, all attendees were                          purpose of WBW fundraising is to raise funds for
given drawing tickets and we gave                            LLL at ALL levels, 50% of the proceeds
away copies of WHOLE FOODS FOR                               ($1,040.72) went to LLL of Montebello and LLL
KIDS TO COOK, tote bags and coffee.                          of Whittier. The remainder was sent to our Area,
                                                             LLL of Southern California/Nevada. Then it was
4) Since the 2005 WBW theme was Family                       divided further between the Area, LLLI and
Foods, Loving and Healthy, we decided it would               Western Division projects.
be nice to attend the local weekly family fair and
farmer's market during WBW. We contacted the                 Did you win any prizes?
organizers of the farmers market and received
                                                             Yes we did! Both LLL of Whittier and LLL of
permission to set up a table for free. One mother
                                                             Montebello won gift certificates to LLLI for $50
from our Group made a tri-fold display that went
                                                             each. We also won a U.S. Western Division
along with the theme. To attract mothers to our
                                                             scholarship in the amount of $150. It can be used
table, we gave away infant sized t-shirts imprinted
                                                             toward any LLL-sponsored conference.
with "I was born to be breastfed." These shirts
were ordered from the LLL in the USA website:                What do you plan to do with the money? Each mother
received a bag filled with LLLI information as well          One project we implemented was to purchase
as promotions from the event sponsors. We                    • 24 copies of BREASTFEEDING PURE AND
provided space in the bag for $30 donations.                    SIMPLE in English and Spanish
Sponsors making a donation of at least $100 were             • 1 copy of BREASTFEEDING YOUR PREMATURE
featured on a poster at our event table. The                    BABY
sponsorships paid for the expense of the t-shirts            • These books were donated to a local hospital
and then some.                                                  and placed in the postpartum rooms for
                                                                mothers to read.
5) We arranged to have dinner at a restaurant                • Another project we achieved was to purchase
within walking distance from the farmer's market.               20 pads of the "Breastfeeding Tips" tear-off
We encouraged Group mothers to visit our table at               sheets. We will stamp the pads with our Group
the farmer's market and then eat at the restaurant              contact information and distribute them to
afterwards. The restaurant donated 20% of the total             local pediatricians and obstetricians.
sales back to our Group.                                     • Finally, we plan to purchase LLLI’s DVD of
                                                                MOTHER’S MILK: A BREASTFEEDING GUIDE
                                                                and donate it to local libraries. .

LLL of Whittier/Montebello’s invitation and publicity flyer for the 2005 WBW activities is on page 3.
  IMPORTANT! New Address for Mailing Membership Dues to the Area!
                                    Please send LLL membership fees to:
                                    Jan Hann, Assistant Area Treasurer/Deposits
                                    21382 Pensacola Circle
                                    Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Note this change in all your membership/financial files. Please discuss this
change with your co-Leaders and Group/Chapter Treasurer. Thank you.
Questions? Contact Jan Hann at or (714) 962-0795.

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                     League Spirit               July – Sept 2006    page 2
                                        Coming Events of Interest
May to September 30, 2006: Plan a WBW activity–a great opportunity for LLL to become more visible in your
community and raise money for your Group. Discuss WBW ideas with your co-Leaders and Group helpers.
More ideas are in THE LEADER’S H ANDBOOK and on the WBW Web site:
GRAND PRIZE: The top participant who collects at least $3,500 and reports results to the World Breastfeeding
Week Celebrations (WBWC) Registrar, through Sharon Fairborn by 11/8/2006, will receive FREE registration
to 2007 LLLI Conference, four nights at the Chicago Hilton and transportation to the Conference. (Total prize
value not to exceed $1,500.) FIRST PRIZES—GUARANTEED PRIZES: ALL individual participants who collect
$2,000+ WILL receive a free registration to the 2007 LLLI Conference in Chicago OR a $500 educational
scholarship to attend any LLL sponsored educational event in 2007. If you have questions or need ideas for
WBW, contact Sharon Fairborn, Area WBW Coordinator at: or (949) 673-2741.

                             July 20-23, 2007 is the LLLI Conference in Chicago.
                             From December 1, 2006 to January 15, 2007, the LLLI Conference will
                             offer an online option for Leader Early Bird registration for only $395.
                             Look for information from LLLI.

                               Flyer used by LLL of Whittier and LLL of Montebello for 2005 WBW Activities
                      Will You Help “Change” the World?
Thousands of breastfeeding families, their supporters and health care professionals around
the world will participate in World Breastfeeding Week activities this year from August 1 - 7.
World Breastfeeding week was proclaimed by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action in
conjunction with the World Health Organization and UNICEF. All participants will be
promoting the goal of increasing the incidence and duration of breastfeeding worldwide.

We need your help! Throughout the month of July, La Leche League of Whittier and La Leche
League of Montebello are asking you to save your change. It is a simple, inexpensive and fun way
you and your family can help us help mothers and babies share the experience of breastfeeding!

At the end of each day, just empty your purse or wallet, pockets, etc. of any change you’ve collected
that day into a container. You’ll start out the next day with only bills, so you’ll be “breaking” more bills
and collecting more change each day. At the end of the month, total up your change and donate the
money to La Leche League! All donations are tax deductible.

A fun way to get the whole family involved is to have a scavenger hunt. Look throughout the house
and car for all the hidden change you can find. Think: couch, drawers, closets, old clothes and
purses that haven’t been used in a while. This is an easy way to donate a small amount to a
worthwhile cause, without spending any “extra” money…just money that isn’t otherwise being put to

Bring your donation, either in coins or a check made out to “La Leche League,” to our World
Breastfeeding Week Celebration at the Whittier Family Fair and Farmers‘ Market, to be held on
Wednesday, August 3, from 5 pm to 7 pm. Join your friends and family, receive a free gift* from La
Leche League and participate in some fun drawings.

      The La Leche League International mission is to help mothers worldwide breastfeed
      through mother-to-mother support, encouragement and education, and to promote a
      better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy
      development of the baby and mother.

*Gifts are limited to one per family, quantity limited so come early!

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                     League Spirit             July – Sept 2006   page 3
Summertime often brings time to appreciate our families in new ways, as we go places together, visit relatives, enjoy each
other and remark on the changes since last summer. And we also can appreciate our “family” that is La Leche League,
both in our local Groups and in our visits with other Leaders at workshops and conferences or in emails or postal mails.

In summer the rhythm of our lives change, yet underneath much stays the same. Our families are fed, clothed and
enjoyed; mothers in our LLL Groups have babies, breastfeed and need support. The articles in an Area Leaders’ Letter
can reflect the sparkle of summertime and the constancy of mothering and La Leche League.
                                   Johanna Horton, from USWD Dimensions, July 1996

    Leaders are “Surfing” with Their Peers in Cyberspace—You Can Too!
           By Nancy Ferland, from Northwest Notes, Fall 1996, Area Leaders’ Letter for Washington
                Updated for 2006 and adapted for League Spirit by Fran Dereszynski, ALLE

Who says LLL Leaders are kitchen table                                       not a representative of LLL until she is an
operators? Well, this may be true if your computer                           accredited Leader. (*See note below.)
is on your kitchen table! Today many Leaders                             •   Artificial baby milk companies, religious groups
around the world are “surfing” the Internet and                              and groups of an anti-breastfeeding nature have
enjoying every minute of it. With the advent of the                          found their way to LACTNET (which may have
email address, the regular postal service (called                            a few thousand subscribers) and they may have
                                                                             unidentified representatives who are “listening
“snail mail” by cybernuts) might as well be the
                                                                             in” to see what breastfeeding support persons are
pony express of the old West!                                                saying about them or their products.
Thanks to many Leaders who pioneered                                 In our “fast-paced, hurry-up, I need it yesterday”
LLL on the Internet over the past ten (now                           world, the Internet has set the pace for information
20!) years, Leaders all over the world can                           retrieval. Yet on a slower-paced human level, it’s
chat with each other 24 hours a day. As Leaders                      nice to know that LLL Leaders can still provide a
expand their neighborhood across the country, it’s                   mother with the human touch of one-on-one
important to remember these points:
                                                                     support. 
• Unlike private email, anything printed online
  becomes available to anyone who reading that site.                 *Ed. Note: There is a Yahoo! group list for Leader
• Once you send a message, it cannot be recalled.                    Applicants and the LAD in our Area. Contact Karen
                                                                     Lyons, CLA or an ACLA for more information.
• When a Leader identifies herself as an LLL Leader,
  she becomes a representative of LLLI. LLL’s                        Have you joined yet? All Leaders are invited to
  image is literally on the line. Therefore it is each               join LLLI’s online Community Network (CN). Sign
  Leader’s responsibility to choose her words                        on at and automatically
  carefully, using caution not to use derogatory terms               receive a semimonthly LLLINewsletter by email. It
  or references that could be misconstrued.                          will summarize recent messages sent by LLLI as
• Never discuss inter-organization relationships or                  well as links to the full text of each message. You
  name the mothers we help. Doing so puts the                        can choose to join other CN discussions or only
  Leader and LLLI at risk for slander and libel suits.               receive news from LLLI. LLLI appreciates all the
                                                                     work you do and the CN is LLLI’s way to keep all
 • It is never appropriate for a Leader Applicant to                 Leaders informed. Go for it!
    identify herself as an Applicant online as she is

             F T NOTE                                               from Fran, League Spirit Editor
    League Spirit is the Area Leaders’ Letter for Leaders in Southern California/Nevada, published four times a year to build
    connections between Leaders and to share leadership experiences. All Leaders are invited to submit material—Series Meeting
    tips, telephone helping ideas, fundraising ideas or membership tips. Every thought you share counts. Remember, it’s your
    Leader’s letter—let your thoughts and ideas be shared! Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. Send articles any time via
    postal or email to: Fran Dereszynski, 5502 Maryport Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 or Thank you.
                                                Annual deadlines:
                            July 15  October Issue               Oct. 15  Dec/Jan Issue
                            Jan. 15  April Issue                 April 15  July Issue

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                            League Spirit                     July – Sept 2006       page 4
                                     Area Council Openings
Thinking of changing your Leader Status? If so, first contact your AACL to keep her informed of a status
change. You might even think about considering one of these Area jobs. Please contact the Department
Coordinator to find out about the responsibilities and the time commitment for the position.

Area Conference Department: If interested in a position, contact Sue Garcia, Area Conference
Supervisor: or (714) 962-0883.
  • AACS—Program
  • Conference Bookstore Assistant or Co-Manager
Area Finance Department: If interested in a position, contact Ellen Shell, Area Finance Coordinator: or call (818) 486-1961.
  • Baby Fair/Expo Coordinator
  • Financial Entry
  • Leader Profile Resource Assistant
  • Medela Grant Liaison
  • Nametag Manager
  • Web Site Resource Specialist
Leader Applicant Department: If interested in a position, contact Karen Lyons, Coordinator of Leader
Accreditation: or (909) 240-4001.
 • Associate Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (ACLA).
 • Isolated Applicant Coordinator
Leader Department: Associate Area Coordinators (AACLs) are needed. If interested, contact Holly
Hollander, Area Coordinator of Leaders: or (818) 999-1899.
 • AACL for No. Counties – Coastal
 • AACL – at – Large
 • AACL – Reserve Leaders
Professional Liaison Department: Assistant Area Professional Liaisons are needed. If interested,
contact Ann Russell, Area Professional Liaison: or (858) 486-1961.
  • AAPL—LA Beaches
  • AAPL—Las Vegas
Publications Department: If interested in a position, contact Lupe Forsang, President of the Area
Board of Directors: or call (760) 948-3228.
 • Area EMail Announcements Manager
 • Area Publications Coordinator
 • Wet Set Gazette Editor

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                  League Spirit                July – Sept 2006   page 5
There are several Area Council positions open in our Area. The following article is “food for thought” if you are a
Leader who is interested in something new and different. As you read it, think about yourself, a co-Leader or a Leader
whom you would like to recommend for one of the positions on page 5.               Fran Dereszynski, League Spirit Editor

                                    Managing an Area Council Position
         By Sheri Hodinko, from Visions, January 2005, Area Leaders’ Letter for Virginia/West Virginia

An Area Council (AC) position, me? No way! Have                    meet the needs of your family and still do the AC
you ever thought about this to yourself? Maybe you                 job effectively. Now that you know a little more
think that because your children are young, there is               about AC positions and their requirements, you
no way you can handle anything other than the basic                may still be wondering, “How do I fit it all in?”
responsibilities of leadership. While you might think              and “Will I really be able to do the extra work that
this, it may not be true! Did you know that AC jobs                may be required?” Here are helpful hints to
are made to be mother-sized just as other LLL                      accommodate the work of the position. They
positions are? Joining the AC is a great way to meet               worked for me and other AC members:
other people beyond the Group and donate your time
and talents in new and interesting ways.                             1.    Make use of available minutes, both in and out of
                                                                           the house. If your children are painting happily
When my children were three-and-half and                                   and don’t need your interaction (as mine do right
two-years old and I just found out I was                                   now), it may be a good time to check your email.
pregnant with another child, I took on the job                             If you are waiting in the parking lot at your
of Associate Coordinator of Leader                                         child’s school, you could use those ten minutes to
Accreditation (ACLA). I was interested in                                  catch up on some LLL work.
being involved beyond the Group. I wondered                          2.    Keep your work accessible so that you can use
if the extra workload would be realistic for me                            small bits of time to accomplish tasks. This
                                                                           enables you to get things done even if a few
in my situation. However, I felt the job was the
                                                                           minutes are available.
right fit for my interests and me. Be sure to                        3.    Stay organized! Use a calendar and files to stay
keep the following suggestions in mind:                                    on top of what and when you need to get it done.
                                                                     4.    Multi-task when possible. Some people are better
  1.   Find a job that matches your interests,
                                                                           at this than others, e.g., can make a phone call
       strengths, work style and family life.
                                                                           while emptying the dishwasher or filing papers.
  2.   Inquire about the job before you accept it so
                                                                     5.    If you can manage to stay up later than your
       you know what will be expected of you.
                                                                           children, this is a great time to get concentrated,
  3.   Ask a lot of questions to be sure you
                                                                           uninterrupted work done. As an alternative, some
       understand the nature of the job and the
                                                                           mothers find that waking up earlier in the
       workload. Before I accepted the ACLA
                                                                           morning works as well to accomplish tasks.
       position, I exchanged many emails with a
       representative of the Leader Accreditation                  Something else that has worked for me is that my
       Department to be sure I completely understood
                                                                   “nursing chair” is the chair at the computer. I
       the job description and requirements.
                                                                   didn’t necessarily plan it that way. I have nursed in
Something else that concerned me was the                           that chair from the beginning. Now it provides me
possibility of time commitments outside the home.                  the opportunity to read my email. Appropriately,
My children were not happy without me for long                     the majority of the time, I’m probably nursing my
periods of time or at an LLL event that lasted all                 son while reading an Applicant’s personal history.
day. I was anxious about my ability to attend any                  Last but not least, remember that you are a
“extras,” such as AC Retreats held in my Area.                     volunteer and that all these jobs are meant to be
Although AC members are expected to make an                        mother-sized. LLL is built on the strength of its
effort to attend Area events—such as the Area                      volunteers and recognizes that family
Conference, Leader Enrichment Workshops, and                       commitments come first. While most Area jobs
Area Council Meetings—members have the                             have a minimum term commitment, many
flexibility to consider their own circumstances and                positions require intermittent work or are
family needs. While these occasions are fun and a                  temporary committee assignments. So the next
great way to learn and meet people, it is                          time you see an announcement about an open Area
understood that there are times when working at                    position, won’t you consider it? The Area would
your position exclusively at home allows you to                    love to work with you! 

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                          League Spirit                    July – Sept 2006      page 6
                                 The Best Part of the 2006 Area Conference…
Thoughts from Tina Pulice, AACS:                                           Thoughts from Marla Morgan, Ridgecrest, CA
                   The best part of the Area Conference has                As a relatively new Leader attending my first Area
                    always been to reconnect with friends,                 Conference, I was hopeful for a Conference experience that
                    fellow Conference staff members and                    would reenergize my passion for breastfeeding, to gain back
                    Leaders. Many times we just pick up the                those feelings I first felt when I started the Leader application
                   connection where we left off at last year’s             process. I so enjoyed seeing the many mothers and fathers
               Conference. I really love seeing everyone again             who want the best for their children and was even surprised to
               and making new friends. It is interesting to see            see a newlywed couple without children in attendance—that
the connections with the teens and young adults who also                   was very inspiring to me. I enjoyed the informative sessions
work during the Area Conference weekend. They might not                    and feel that my Conference experience has indeed allowed
say it, but their mothers tell me that they, too, look forward to          me to become enthusiastic about breastfeeding again. I also
seeing each other again. They pick up where they left off from             enjoyed the Leader Education Seminar and felt honored to be
last year’s Conference. It is so nice to see our kids reconnect            recognized as a new Leader, as well as just being in a room
too. I consider the Area Conference to be my “LLL family                   with so many Leaders who share the same desire as I do—to
weekend!”                                                                  simply help mothers with breastfeeding.

      May 25-27, 2007 is the next Area Conference. Planning starts in the fall. For updates, log on to:

                                             Mothering Through Breastfeeding
                 By Karen Lyons, Coordinator of Leader Accreditation, LLL of Southern California/Nevada

One of the best things about being in the Leader                           Although I stay home with my children, I am (was?) the
Accreditation Department (LAD) is seeing how an                            type of person who always needs to be doing
Applicant expresses her thoughts and experiences with                      "something." Breastfeeding reminded me that the
the philosophy of LLLI. When she writes about her                          "something" was holding and caring for my baby.
baby or child, it speaks volumes about her mothering.
                                                                             When you nurse, you do so much more than just feed. It
Looking at her words can also guide the
                                                                             provides comfort, closeness, calmness and touch.
A/CLA as she works with a new Applicant.                                     Breastfeeding pulls together all the basic needs for a child.
The first of the concepts, "Mothering through                              I think sitting down to nurse forces you to sit and think
breastfeeding is the most natural and effective                            and really appreciate your baby/child, even if you can't
way of understanding and satisfying the needs of the                       fully understand why he cries all the time. But in
baby," is a beautiful one. It reflects the purpose of                      remembering earlier days, I now realize how in tune I
LLLI—that our organization values "mothering through                       was with my son, even when I strongly doubted my
breastfeeding."                                                            newfound mothering skills.
     “LLL wants to attract prospective Leaders who                           I think one of the most amazing things that I had never
     have or are willing to develop the knowledge,                           experienced before was the strong bond that formed even
     experience, and skills needed to help mothers                           from the very earliest days of nursing. Not only was nursing
     breastfeed and gain a better understanding of                           the way that I would satisfy my child's needs then, the
     mothering though breastfeeding.                                         intimate relationship that resulted has been a way for me to
     from LLLI Policies and Standing Rules Notebook,                         understand and anticipate his needs and read his moods
     Appendix 18, “LLLI prerequisites to Applying for                        even now. I remember on one occasion when he was only a
     Leadership—Guidelines for Leaders”                                      few months old, my husband saw him balanced on my hip
                                                                             and remarked, "When you hold him, it's different than when
This concept is about the mother-baby relationship and                       anyone else holds him. It's like his body just fits right onto
its importance. I recently looked at some LAD files. The                     yours." Through satisfying his needs with nursing, a
following phrases are taken directly from various files                      beautiful relationship began.
of Applicants who are now accredited LLL Leaders.
                                                                           When you have an informal conversation with a mother
  Choosing to breastfeed was part of a natural                             in your Group, listen for comments that relate to this
  progression of decisions that I made about the way                       first concept or any of the concepts. Remember what
  we would start our family.                                               you heard. Compare her oral thoughts with the content
                                                                           of these written quotes. Listening to her thoughts will
Nursing has also deepened my general observation and
                                                                           give you a clue that she may be a prospective Applicant.
understanding of her – is it magic perhaps? – and it has
enhanced my reading of her cues as she tried to                            As we look for mothers to invite to learn more about
communicate her needs.                                                     leadership, let's look for mothers who truly appreciate
                                                                           the value of mothering through breastfeeding. That will
  This mothering thing is not about rules and formulas; it is
  about knowing your kids; the breast is the best and easiest              help us continue the LLL we know and love for future
  way to really know them and provide for them.                            generations. 

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                                   League Spirit                     July – Sept 2006         page 7
                             You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough to Do This Job!
             By Michele Moore, from La Mesa, Winter/Spring 2001, Area Leaders’ Letter for Kansas,
                        Previously reprinted in DA Access, No. 20, Winter Spring 2002

The first time I uttered this phrase to a fellow Leader, I          things do get done and it is not “in spite of” my
hoped she didn’t misunderstand me. Thankfully, she                  children, but rather because of them.
just shook her head, smiled and said to me, “I know
what you mean.” But it took me months of pondering                  The mentoring and interaction I have experienced
that statement to understand what it really meant for me.           through LLL helped increase those “mothering
                                                                    moments” I can be proud of. When I witness other
Those words were really meant as the highest                        mothers lead their children through different stages and
compliment to an organization I love. When I first                  use loving guidance, it helps me become ready for my
became a Leader in 1996, I was excited by almost                    own journey. Nursing as a nurturing way of mothering
everything about leadership. I couldn’t wait to lead my             has been proven over and over through my experience
first meeting, take that first call and help mentor my              with LLL. This constant reinforcement through
first Applicant. Needless to say, there have been                   countless examples is worth far more than any
countless meetings, calls and Applicants, but I still               paycheck.
retain that excitement. It has turned from excitement
over the unknown to excitement over furthering a cause              I would never take a paid position where I was “on call”
that I now embrace more fully than ever.                            24/7, yet I willingly pick up the phone at any hour
                                                                    knowing what it takes to call a Leader after 10 p.m. I
It now seems time is my most precious commodity, yet                have been on both ends of the phone line and I am
I devote much more time now than I would have ever                  happy to return the support I received.
expected. Why? Well, to volunteer gives me inspiration
that one person can really make a difference. We will               As I reflect on why I choose to spend my energies
never know how many women we inspire when we                        involved with LLL when there are so many worthwhile
answer a call or conduct a meeting and a friend tells a             organizations, I am reminded time and time again that
friend and so on. If being an LLL Leader were a paid                La Leche League is one of the few (if not only)
position, I know I would not get the same satisfaction              organizations that will take me with my children, take
from spending my time on a project, knowing I had to                only the time I am willing to give to it (even at midnight
do so at the exclusion of my children. I often take calls           when everyone else is finally asleep) and that doesn’t
or solicit donations while holding and nursing a baby,              mind if I work 14 hours one day and then don’t do
cooking a meal or helping my older children with a                  anything for two or three weeks. I now know why I
project. I know that there is no “boss” who would                   have stuck with this “job” longer than any other in my
understand how anything productive gets done. Yet                   whole life—because it isn’t a “job” at all. You couldn’t
                                                                    pay me enough to do it if it were. 

                   Getting to Know You: Send Your Contribution to League Spirit
We want to get to know you! Complete these statements below. You may opt to reply to all statements or as many
as you like. Send your responses by email or postal mail to Fran Dereszynski, ALLE, at 5502 Maryport Drive,
Huntington Beach, CA 92649 or Thank you.

Today’s date                                                        Places where I have lived
Leader’s name                                                       Favorite book
Accreditation date                                                  The most challenging part of mothering is
I became a Leader because                                           When I get a few moments to myself, I
Group I lead with/other LLL activities I do                         I help my children make memories by
I started attending LLL Meetings because                            My favorite part of mothering is
What I like most about being a Leader is                            People might be surprised that I
Husband’s/partner’s name and occupation                             Before I had children I
How I met my husband/partner                                        When my children are all grown
Children’s names and ages

  If you are pondering or thinking about changing your Leader Status, please first speak to
  your AACL—send her an email or give her a phone call. Discuss your thoughts and options
  with her before you make a decision. Thank you. Holly Hollander, ACL

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                            League Spirit                  July – Sept 2006      page 8
                      Golden Boob Award Presented to Adele Delgado
On Friday, May 26, 2006, at the Leader Education                     After the Area Conference, Adele wrote:
Seminar, the Golden Boob Award was presented to
Adele Delgado. This award is given to a person who                     I guess there is more than one reason to give me
has gone above and beyond what is expected to help                     the Golden Boob Award. I was so surprised! If I
LLL in our Area and has done a job that no one else                    were better at thinking on my feet when I received
would eagerly step forward to do. The name of the                      this award, I would have mentioned that I should
recipient is a secret until the day of the presentation.               share it with my son, Dustin. Although he is 29
Adele served as the Area Supply Depot Manager for                      and single, he stored most of the supplies at his
the past ten years. She initially volunteered to “just                 house (the ”house trailer” next to our house). His
help out with the billing” and soon become the                         china cabinet was filled with books, supplies and
Supply Depot Manager—a job that lasted an entire                       the files for pamphlets. I guess he was so used to
decade. Adele’s job ended when the Supply Depot                        being around LLL supplies that he did not
was closed last fall. Thank you, Adele, for the many                   consider it odd to have breastfeeding books in his
years that you helped the Area!                                        living area. 

        In LLL of Southern California/Nevada, there are almost 20 Groups with a lone Leader.

                               A Lone Leader—But Not All Alone
               By Vera Richardson, from The Circle, Summer 2001, Area Leaders’ Letter for Ohio
           Reprinted in Selections, (La Leche League Eastern and Western Division Publication) October 2002

I have found, in my time as a lone Leader, both                      the loss of those deep friendships. I also realize that
challenges and advantages. In my case, I became a                    because they were there, my life will always be richer
lone Leader when co-Leaders moved away                                       for it. You may be surprised to hear that I
or when Leader Applicants moved after I                                      have found many advantages to being a long
had worked with them for some time. These                                    LLL Leader:
are some of the challenges I have found:
                                                                                  •   I have, by necessity, delegated more
  •   The Group gets only one Leader’s                                                responsibilities to Group workers.
      perspective.                                                               • It feels less like the Leader’s Group
  •   The lone Leader (unless she gets help                                           and more like a Group that belongs to
      from another Group Leader) has to                                               the members as well.
      lead every meeting, every month.                                           • There aren’t any other Leaders to
  •   All the LLL Leader responsibilities                                             disagree with you!
      fall on one Leader, as there is no one                                     • Planning meetings and other decisions
      to share the load.                                                              are quicker.
  •   There is only one Leader to answer questions                         •   There’s no doubt about whether a task was
      and to support the mothers and babies who                                completed. If you did it, it’s done.
      attend the meetings.
  •   There is only one Leader to take all the phone                 The biggest truth about being a lone Leader is that I
      calls.                                                         am never truly alone or without support. I have many
  •   There doesn’t seem to be enough time to do all                 other Leaders to call upon: my AACL, ACL, APL
      of this!                                                       and other Leaders all over the Area and the world. So
                                                                     if you are a lone Leader, please remember you are
One other challenge, perhaps the hardest, is missing                 never truly alone! 
former co-Leaders when they move away. I grieve

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                          League Spirit                 July – Sept 2006   page 9
                                              Why I Am Still a Leader
             By Martine Samocha from En Face, March/April 2005, Area Leaders’ Letter for Missouri

                   I’ve been a Leader for more than 11                   who need it. Plenty of parents can chair the high school
                   years now. My first “baby” is 17 years                trivia night or plan the middle-school camping trip. I have
                   old and my “baby baby” is nine. All my                unique knowledge and over a decade of experience to
                   children are weaned, potty-trained and                share with my small corner of the world. LLL still fits into
                   sleep through the night. (Yes, it does                my life. It is a way I can give back that will not interfere
                   eventually happen!) In fact, all my                   with my daytime job or parent-teacher conferences or
children are in school full-time and have been for years.                college visits. In fact, my training as a Leader makes me a
Instead of shopping for children’s car seats and preschools,             better real estate agent. I have learned how to listen non-
I am shopping for children’s cars and colleges. So why                   judgmentally, to help clients work through contradictory
haven’t I moved on? Why am I still a Leader? First of all,               feelings and accept the fact that each family knows what is
even though I am no longer a nursing mother, I am                        best for them. My clients love the service I give them and I
absolutely still a mother. The parenting support that LLL                have learned it by being a Leader.
provides does not end when a child weans or goes off to
school. My children still require loving guidance and I                  Another reason I am still a Leader is because of all the
need help as my children enter new ages and stages. Teens                friends I have made in LLL over the years. Most of my
are as challenging as toddlers! La Leche League provides                 best friends are Leaders! If I retired, those women would
me with people who understand how I want to parent and                   still be my friends, but we would not have the occasion to
who give me a patient, listening ear. Because my children                do as many things together. LLL is the one activity I am
are older, I have a great depth of parenting experience to               involved in that is not primarily for another family
call upon. As I learned from the Leaders with older                      member. I consider my Leader time as “me” time—time
children when mine were little, now I am the Leader who                  that meets my needs before my family’s.
guides the younger mothers with their little ones. I am                  And, of course, I still love babies! I enjoy helping moms
constantly refreshed and energized by their enthusiasm and               through those early days and years and to hear a mother
I never have to lose my touch with young children, as I am               say that LLL made all the difference. I feel called to be a
around them often.                                                       part of that, to make a difference.

Why am I still a Leader? I’m good at it! My years in LLL                 How long will I be a Leader? I honestly don’t know. There
have also educated me exquisitely as a breastfeeding                     are times when it makes sense to me to retire and go on to
counselor. I have met and learned from Dr. Jack Newman,                  another stage of my life. For now, I do know that LLL
Dr. Thomas Hale, Dr. Bill Sears, Kittie Franz, Chele                     leadership is still the right thing for me to do. My
Marmet, Betty Crase…the list goes on and on. It seems a                  daughters are already counting on a Leader-Grandma to
terrible waste to keep this knowledge from the mothers                   help when their own children arrive! 

If you are thinking about changing your Leader Status, please first send your AACL an email or give her a phone call.
Discuss your thoughts and options with her before deciding. Thank you. Holly Hollander, ACL

                                            Child Safety Tips at Series Meetings
   From Northwest Notes, Spring 1997, Area Leaders’ Letter for Washington, updated 2006 for League Spirit by Fran Dereszynski, ALLE
You may want to discuss these points with the mother                           number of older children are present, it may be helpful
before she volunteers to hostess meetings. If meetings are                     to assign this task to one or more others.
not in a home, a Leader, co-Leader, or Greeter can check                 •     Has an adult accompanied a child who has gone to the
on these aspects at the meeting.                                               bathroom and assisted with hand washing afterward?
• Are doors closed so toddlers don’t leave the room?                     •     Has an adult accompanied a child to the snack table?
• Are all strollers parked outside or do they have the                   •     Is someone keeping an eye on the older children so
     brakes on so that stroller-pushing toddlers can’t harm                    they talk quietly?
     babies on the floor?                                                •     Have you considered ending the formal part of the
• Has the room been checked for additional unsafe                              meeting if the noise level is too high? Or the toddlers
     objects (pens, crayons, markers, push pins, knobs on                      need time to be with mom?
     the stove, knobs, buttons on computers, VCRs, TVs,                  •     After the meeting, has the room been restored to its
     electronic devices, etc.)?                                                former state?
• Are the cabinets closed? We need to keep children                      •     If there are spills or food on the floor, do a quick
     away from any unsafe items.                                               wipe-up. Did someone bring a portable hand vacuum
• Is someone keeping an eye on the older children so                           or sweeper to use for a quick clean up? Some Groups
     that they keep both feet on the floor and walk (not                       have a helper who does this. 
     climb on furniture or run near little ones)? If a large

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                              League Spirit                   July – Sept 2006     page 10
           Announcing! Pat Brewster 2006 High School Senior Scholarship Winners
Congratulations to graduating high school seniors, Tracy Lyons and Ava Forsang, daughters of two LLL Leaders! A $200
scholarship was presented to each student on May 28, 2006 at the Area Conference luncheon when they read their essays.

             The Impact of La Leche League and Breastfeeding in My Life
                                By Tracy Lyons, 2006 Graduating High School Senior

Little did I realize the effect that my mother’s                 Growing up with LLL concepts around me has also
dedication to La Leche League would have on my                   contributed to decisions about parenting in my own
life. In my early high school years, I learned the               family. Not only will I breastfeed longer than the
power that came to me with the threat of                         cultural norm, I plan to incorporate LLL philosophy
formula-fed grandchildren, and used it                           such as being attentive to my children’s needs, even
accordingly, but apparently that wasn’t the                      at night, through co-sleeping. I also plan to keep my
only impact from my exposure to La Leche                         baby close by enjoying the benefits of using a sling.
League.                                                          Other important methods of parenting that I plan to
                                                                 incorporate in my own family include concepts of
“My mom is in this club thing…” “Well, it’s like a               nutrition, discipline, the importance of the role of the
club for all these moms…” “Okay so they talk about,              father, and also childbirth methods. With my mom’s
um, breastfeeding…” “My mom is a Leader in an                    commitment to these topics, I’ve been surrounded by
international organization for mothers to develop                values that La Leche League emphasizes and
better relationships and help their babies through               therefore had the opportunity to learn and appreciate
various methods of parenting, nutrition, discipline,             the benefits brought by following them.
and especially breastfeeding.” That was basically the
evolution of any discussions about La Leche League               Having La Leche League concepts all around me
or the role my mom had within it. Never, ever in my              throughout my youth gives me a head start in
wildest dreams did I think I would find myself                   understanding important conclusions to help my
reflecting on LLL concepts about breastfeeding with              children grow as healthy as possible. I have learned
anyone, let alone my co-workers and friends. Nor did             more about the benefits of breastfeeding and have
I expect that I would get a lower grade on my Sudden             had the opportunity to share these philosophies with
Infant Death Syndrome report because I focused “too              those I come in contact with. I’m grateful to have La
much” on the importance of breastfeeding and co-                 Leche League as a part of my life, because of my
sleeping, for not equally representing the opposing              mom, and I hope to learn more throughout my
side.                                                            mothering years. 

      By Rachel Russ, from Northern LLLights, Spring 2002, Area Leaders’ Letter for Minnesota/the Dakotas
            from Selections (La Leche League Eastern and Western Division Publication), No. 8, October 2002
                                                     The house is silent,
                                                     everyone is asleep.
                                     I smell the scent of freshly washed baby hair,
                                     I tuck in the blanket your grandmother made
                                            for you as you settle in to nurse.
                                    In the dark I feel your hand search for mine—
                                                little wrapped around big.
                                               I remember these moments
                                                       with your sister.
                                                           I smile.
                                      I am determined this time to hold on to you,
                                                  as long as you’ll let me.
                                                  Your sighs lull me back
                                                     to a peaceful sleep.

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                      League Spirit                  July – Sept 2006    page 11
                    How La Leche League Has Influenced My Parenting
     By Karen Lyons, LLL Leader from Walnut, CA, and Mother of Tracy, 2006 Graduating High School Senior

                             Being a parent is hard              At La Leche League meetings, I enjoyed watching
                             work. Babies don’t come             the mothers with their babies and children. They
                             with instruction manuals            genuinely seemed to enjoy parenting! After each
                             and each baby is                    baby, I returned to La Leche League along with
                             different! All parents              returning to breastfeeding. It became less about the
                             have to choose,                     “how” of breastfeeding and mothering, and more
                             consciously or not,                 about the “why”, and changed from getting help and
                             where they will look to             support to giving it to others. Eventually, that evolved
                             learn about parenting.              into a desire to be a La Leche League Leader. I am
                                                                 grateful that I am able to give mothers accurate
Many people end up parenting just as their parents               information and support as they pursue their goals.
did. “That’s how Mom and Dad raised me, and I
turned out ok” is their rationale. Had I followed my             My family benefited a lot through my involvement in
parents’ example, I would have breastfed my                      La Leche League. As I returned to meetings over
children, but only until a year, because “if they’re old         time, I learned more about La Leche League
enough to ask for it, they’re too old.” It would have            philosophy. Before I ever read the concept
been so sad to have missed out on nursing toddlers.              statements, I was familiar with them through the
                                                                 examples of the Leaders and mothers at the meetings.
It is amazing how many people – many of whom                     I learned about “people before things” and the value
aren’t even parents – dispense parenting advice. If I            of little people’s feelings. I appreciated the father’s
had followed the advice of the media, some                       role more, and realized that feeding my children
“girlfriend’s guide” could have given me advice, like            healthy foods benefited them. I learned to discipline
that formula could have been helpful, even though I              more effectively.
was breastfeeding. After all, everyone needs regular
breaks from being a parent, right? No, parenting as             I’m grateful to La Leche League for all that I’ve learned
the media suggested didn’t work for me.                         through being involved over the years. This
                                                                organization has taught me that there are resources
A lot of parents trust their doctor, even for parenting         beyond the example of my parents, the media, or my
advice. That definitely wouldn’t have worked for me.            doctor. Guided by the LLLI concepts, I’ve generated a
I don’t like getting parenting advice from a doctor,            unique parenting method that works for my family. Life
and my children were so healthy, we rarely saw the              would not be the same without LLL, and I cannot
doctor anyhow.                                                  imagine that anything else would have worked as
                                                                weLLL. 
So how did I parent? I picked and chose what would
work best for my family, because no one method is               Articles selected for publication may be edited for
“one size fits all,” just like no two babies are the            length, clarity and adherence to LLL journalistic
same.                                                           guidelines. Copyright of articles and items printed in
                                                                League Spirit is assigned to La Leche League unless
                                                                otherwise indicated.

                         With the only certainty in our daily existence being change, and a
                         rate of change growing always faster in a kind of technological
                         leapfrog game, speed helps people think they are keeping up.
                                                     Gail Sheehy

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                      League Spirit                July – Sept 2006    page 12
                             The Child of a La Leche League Leader
                                    By Ava Forsang, Graduating High School Senior

I was never surrounded with statues honoring the               years’ Area Conference, I taught a hula class to a
female mammary glands. We never had slogan                     group of children who were in the same age group. I
breastfeeding bumper stickers on our cars or anything          know that most of those children were probably
of that sort. All that was significantly different was         breastfed. I spoke slowly with dramatic hand gestures
that my mom spent most of my childhood on the                  and repeated everything. I actually had to speed
phone helping mothers. Breastfeeding in my home                things up because I noticed the children’s facial
was the normal way to feed a baby. As a daughter of            expressions and they seemed bored. They wondered
a La Leche League Leader and a child who was                   if I was breastfed. I was truly amazed at how quickly
breastfed, I’m very comfortable with the subject of            the children picked up on everything. It was
breastfeeding.                                                        refreshing because I was allowed to share
                                                                         more of my knowledge with them and they
In the ninth grade I took a child development                            absolutely loved the challenge. I have
class. One of the assignments was to take home                          always heard about the benefits
a life-like robotic baby. As if a robot baby could                       of breastfeeding but witnessing the actual
be life-like, we couldn’t even cuddle without it                        difference was astonishing.
registering as child abuse. The teacher gave us a
choice to breastfeed or bottlefeed. I, of course, chose        I now have a niece, Bella, who is ten months old.
breastfeeding. She gave me a pin with a blue ribbon            She was the first baby I am close to—where I had the
attached to it; at the end of it was a round magnet. I         privilege of witnessing the actual process of
called it my “breastfeeding metal.” Then she told me           breastfeeding a newborn. It was the most beautiful
that out of thirty students I was one of two students          thing I have ever witnessed. My sister, who always
who chose to breastfeed. The other student was my              was a mother figure to me, seemed more like a super
best friend, Pablo—I convinced him that                        hero at that moment.
breastfeeding was best. In the end, I was glad to have
chosen the breastfeeding metal. When the robot baby            Over all, I had a very loving childhood. I was always
cried in the middle of the night I merely put the baby         cuddled and danced around the house. In fact, I’m
on my chest with the magnet on its lips and fell               still cuddled and I still dance around the house. In my
asleep. I didn’t have to worry about holding the bottle        family we perceive breastfeeding as a normal
wrong and having it register as “neglect”.                     occurrence. I was never embarrassed of my mom or
                                                               La Leche League. On the contrary, I am proud of
I’m a Polynesian dancer and teach a children’s hula            them both and I’m grateful that my mom is a part of
class at a dance studio. I have to speak slowly, use           La Leche League. 
dramatic hand gestures and repeat everything. At last

2006 Area Conference CDs & Audiotapes                                      Planning for the Future!
Master Duplicator’s Order Form                                       Help us plan the 2007 Area Conference!
Log on to to view
the Order Form on the Conference pages and                     Planning starts in September. Send your topic
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can learn more about breastfeeding and parenting               on the “Leader area” and on the Conference
from the recorded sessions.                                    pages (for public input, too) for those who
                                                               attended the Conference in May. Thank you!

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                    League Spirit                July – Sept 2006    page 13
                      La Leche League, Mothering and My Family Life
    By Lupe Forsang, LLL Leader from Hesperia, CA, and Mother of Ava, 2006 Graduating High School Senior

                              What a wonderful            Being a Leader has given me the opportunity to
                              memory I have of            share new information and knowledge with other
                              how La Leche                mothers.
                              League has
                              influenced my               My three children, especially my youngest child,
                              mothering. Twenty-          Ava, were all wonderful examples of normal
                              eight years ago when        every day breastfed children. Ava was the
                              I was pregnant with         luckiest baby because she was my live
my first child, I went to the local library and           performing breastfeeding baby or toddler at
checked out the book, THE WOMANLY ART OF                  meetings. Perhaps that’s why she enjoys dancing
BREASTFEEDING. I was in my sponge stage for               on stage now.
knowledge about breastfeeding. Little did I know
I was also having my mothering style confirmed            I’m grateful that La Leche League encouraged
because La Leche League didn’t tell me what to            me to hold breastfeeding as normal human
do but instead made me think about mothering.             behavior. There were no bells or whistles about it
While the outside world presented me with                 because breastfeeding a baby is seen in my
doubts about mothering, La Leche League                   family as part of the average daily life of a baby.
always had praise and positive words for me. As
                                                          My husband and I have attended many La Leche
it turned out, I had similar values and shared
                                                          League Area Conferences with our children. We
much of the same philosophy of mothering as La
                                                          know the value of family supported events. La
Leche League. It was like being at home and it
                                                          Leche League is number one in our book for
was a comfortable fit. The main influences La
                                                          understanding family needs. We felt this was a
Leche League has had for me over the years was
                                                          healthy family event and wanted our children to
to learn and acknowledge research, be selective,
                                                          see the many examples of positive parenting and
see what fits for me and my baby, then sprinkle
                                                          breastfeeding. We now have a ten=month old
it with practice, patience and plenty of love.
                                                          granddaughter, Bella, and the tradition continues
After years of attending La Leche League                  as her mother Monica, our eldest daughter, is
meetings our family moved to a new location               also a member of La Leche League.
where there were no La Leche League meetings.
                                                          I’m happy to continue my volunteer work in La
I kept my membership with La Leche League
                                                          Leche League to help a new generation
and read their bi-monthly publication, NEW
                                                          of mothers and Leaders to find their own space
BEGINNINGS. It was not until Ava, my third baby,
                                                          in mothering. La Leche League leadership and
was born that I felt the calling to be a Leader. I
                                                          mothering are both very special experiences that
wanted a chance to continue the tradition of
                                                          I will forever treasure. 
mother-to-mother support in my local town.

                              We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big
              difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time,
                         add up to big differences that we often cannot oversee.
                                        Marian Wright Edelman

LLL of Southern California/Nevada               League Spirit               July – Sept 2006   page 14
         Area Department Coordinators and Members of the Area Board of Directors
                     NOTE: You may wish to add this page to your Leader Directory for future reference.
Area Coordinator of Leaders                Area Publications Coordinator              LLL of Southern California/Nevada
Holly Hollander                            OPEN                                       Board Members
6652 Royer Avenue                                                                     Sandy Patton, Treasurer
West Hills, CA 91307                                                                                                                                    (562) 431-3902
(818) 999-1899                                                                        Sharon Fairborn
Coordinator of Leader Accreditation        Area Conference Supervisor
Karen Lyons                                Sue Garcia                                 Chele Marmet
20602 Vejar Road                           18207 Santa Sophia Circle            
Walnut, CA 91789                           Fountain Valley, CA 92708                  Gayle McLean                               
(909) 240-4001                             (714) 962-0883                             Tina Pulice
Area Professional Liaison                  Communication Skills                       Nancy Williams
Ann Russell                                Department Coordinator               
12621 Hedgetree Court                      Lupe Forsang
Poway, CA 92064                            16019 Cactus Street                                     The Mission of La Leche                           Hesperia, CA 92345                                      League is to help mothers
(858) 486-1961                                                            worldwide to breastfeed
                                           (760) 948-3228                                          through mother-to-mother
Area Finance Coordinator                                                                           support, education,
Ellen Shell                                Printed: July 10, 2006 and sent via                     information, and
3441 Clairton Place                        postal mail to Leaders who opt to          encouragement and to promote a better
Encino, CA 91436                           receive a printed copy and who do not      understanding of breastfeeding as an                      have reliable Internet access. For         important element in the healthy
(818) 995-7442                             Leaders who have Internet capability, it   development of the baby and mother.
                                           is posted on the Area Web site:

Contact your Associate Area Coordinator of Leaders (AACL) with Directory Changes, Questions or Concerns
and to send your MGAR. Groups and maps for each District are listed on pp. 22-23 of the Area Directory.
AACL—L.A. Beaches                           AACL—No. Counties Coastal                      AACL—San Bernardino/Riverside
Linda Goodman, AACL-At-Large                Jenn Lebowitz, AACL                            Kara Brown, AACL
15221 Cedarsprings Drive                    29421 Promontory Place                         1782 Pintura Circle E
Whittier, CA 90603                          Agoura Hills, CA 91301                         Palm Springs, CA 92264
562-696-6077                                818-597-2674                                   951-922-9049
E:                         E:                              E:
AACL—L.A. North                             AACL—No. Counties Inland                       AACL—San Diego/Imperial Counties
Nadja Flanagan, AACL                        Margo Trueman, AACL                            Toni Guthrie, AACL
634 Prospect Avenue, #C                     558 Yellowbird Street                          15980 Turtleback Rd.
South Pasadena, CA 91030                    Ridgecrest, CA 93555                           San Diego, CA 92127
626-403-9791                                760-377-5789                                   858-385-7977
E:                           E:              
AACL—So. Nevada                             AACL—Orange County
Angela Leavitt, AACL                        Marie Bevins, AACL
P.O. Box 1675                               9048 Ravenhurst Street
Logandale, NV 89021                         Las Vegas, NV 89123
                                                                                                            Happy Summer!
702-398-3494                                702-270-8800                E:                             Next deadline: July 15, 2006.

LLL of Southern California/Nevada                        League Spirit                   July – Sept 2006     page 15

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