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					volume no. 46                                          the duet newsletter                                                         fall of 2012

                                     · pa rt ners in h e alt h                      &   agin g ·

Gifts of Time and Talent                          Julie’s life-changing services were            of talented people shared their time
                                              possible because caring Duet volunteers            serving in our office, planning fundraising
by elizabeth banta, mc                        (Jeff, Karen, David, Robert, Mary Ann,             events, providing guidance, serving as
executive director                            Eleanor, Pam, Herbert, and Heidi) gave             board members, leading congregational
                                              that most precious gift of all: their time.        health programs, building awareness, and

I   n a voice breaking with emotion,
    92-year-old Julie Bickel shared this
phone message: “I’m leaving Arizona and
                                              Their service, combined with support from
                                              generous donors and dedicated staff,
                                              created the magic that Julie so gratefully
                                                                                                     I thank each and every hero named on
                                                                                                 pages 5-8! We welcome - and need - more
going back to Illinois to be with my son.     experienced.                                       people to join our cause. Please call me to
I’ll be forever grateful and thankful for         This Duet News celebrates the 1,123+           explore service opportunities, or attend an
all the help you people gave me… for the      volunteers who served through Duet this            orientation noted on page 12. Duet offers
wonderful people who have taken me to         past year. Over 700 of these caring people         help and hope because we are blessed
my doctors and gotten my groceries. I will    helped homebound Duet “neighbors.” In              by can-do, compassionate partners in
never forget Duet. THANK YOU!”                addition to helping “neighbors,” hundreds          service.

Neighbors Helping                              Laura called and not long after, she was
                                               matched with caring volunteers, Bonnie
Neighbors                                      Mayfield and Bill Hadley, who drive her
                                               to medical appointments. She was also
by monica fidura
                                               connected with Heather Heroldt who
communications intern
                                               volunteers once a week to take her

L    aura Riba, 90 years old, stopped
     driving due to her age, yet she still
 needed to get to doctor appointments and
                                               shopping. “She’s fantastic,” Laura said. “She
                                               finds everything for me!”
                                                   The two women balance each other.
 the grocery store. She has two children      “I love grocery shopping,” Heather said.
 who live in Arizona, but with families of    “Oh, I hate it,” Laura replied, and they both
 their own, they can only help so much.        laughed. “I like to help grocery shop and
     To get to necessary medical               have a friend at the same time,” Heather
 appointments, Laura had to pay, with her      said. “To me it feels like such a little thing,
 limited income, a company to drive her.       yet I know it’s a big help to Laura.”
That was a struggle. One day in the waiting        Generous donors and volunteers
 room a woman told her about Duet’s            enable elders like Laura to take care
 free services for the homebound elderly.      of daily necessities with the benefit of
“You’ve got to call them,” the woman said.     friendship without the burden of cost.            Volunteer Heather Heroldt and “neighbor” Laura Riba

duet: partners in health & aging                                                                                                     page 1 of 12
volume no. 46                                                     the duet newsletter                                                       fall of 2012

When the Caregiver Needs                                 good time.” As grateful as Mary Jane and             always feel really good after our support
Caring For                                               Kent are, it has not been an easy road.              groups.”
                                                             During a visit to her doctor about one                Duet offers nine free-of-charge
by monica fidura                                         year ago, Mary Jane was told that the                support groups throughout the Valley. We
communications intern                                    stress of being a caregiver to her ailing            encourage all caregivers to connect with
                                                         husband was beginning to take a toll on              Duet’s services by calling Brett Petersen

M      ary Jane Collins has a giving heart
       and is often found caring for others.
But one day while caring for her husband
                                                         her own body. “You, young lady, need a
                                                         support group,” he said.
                                                             She took her doctor’s advice and
                                                                                                              at (602) 274-5022.

who has Alzheimer’s, she realized that she               started her quest for a local support                  NEW: Caregiver
too needed support.                                      group. Mary Jane turned to the director                Networking Group
     Her husband, Kent, was diagnosed                    at Devonshire Senior Center in Phoenix,
with Alzheimer’s disease in 2002. To                     Shelly Miller, where she volunteers. Mary
                                                                                                                At Your Fingertips
this day, Kent has only progressed to a                  Jane’s search did not end until Shelly
moderate stage. “Most people would be
full-blown by this point,” Mary Jane said.
“We are still able to do things and have a
                                                         contacted Duet.
                                                             Recognizing this need in the
                                                         community, Duet started a caregiver
                                                                                                               D     uet recently launched an Online
                                                                                                                     Support Group for Caregivers
                                                                                                                which offers support to those caring
                                                         support group at Devonshire Senior                     for an aging parent, friend, partner or
                                                         Center. The meetings are facilitated                   relative without having to leave home.
                                                         by Brett Petersen, Duet’s Director of                  Ask questions and get answers from
                                                         Caregiver Services. “Research shows                    people who have “been there”, learn
                                                         that the more education and support a                  creative and caring problem solving
                                                         caregiver receives, the less stressed and              techniques and caregiving ideas.
                                                         more confident they feel,” said Brett.                     Groups are held on the 4th
                                                             Through Duet’s caregiver support                   Tuesday and the 2nd Saturday of
                                                         groups, Mary Jane receives advice                      every month. To learn more or to
                                                         from others who have experienced her                   register for a group, visit www.duetaz.
                                                         situation first-hand and also shares her               org or call (602) 274-5022.
Mary Jane Collins with Shelly Miller at Devonshire       own story. “Brett will say ‘OK, let’s talk
Senior Center                                            about this,’ ” Mary Jane said with a smile. “I

Duet’s Legacy Circle

W     e are proud and grateful to acknowledge the members of our Legacy Circle. The Legacy Circle includes people who have named
      Duet (or Beatitudes Center DOAR) in their estate plans or made an outright gift to Duet’s Endowment Fund. For more information
about our Endowment Fund or including Duet in your estate plans please call Eva Scholfield, Director of Development, at 602-274-5022.
Duet’s Legacy Circle as of August 23, 2012

Angela Brock Adams*                          Dosia Carlson                       Mary Ellen Johnson                     Vickie Scott
Meryl Ahart                                  Gracie Carter                       April & Tom Jones                      Barbara Shovers
Mason & Donna*Anderson                       Ilau Clark*                         Peter Mather                           Anita Silverthorn
Adelaine M. Bahr*                            Thomas* & Dorothea*Clarke           Frances McClelland*                    Edie Smith*
Elizabeth Banta                              Jeff Dennis*                        Dorothy M. Miller                      Edward Splain*
Charles Barnhart                             Nancy Nelson Elsenheimer            Frances A. Nichols*                    Caryl Steere*
Wilma Basnett Emerson                        Jean Fouche                         Hugo Nocito                            Laraine Stewart
Martha Bern                                  Virginia Gallagher*                 Joseph & Miriam Palmer                 Bill Strong
Cathy Bertucci                               Joyce Glazner                       Marion Pease                           Kathryn Thompson
Linda Bliss                                  Florence Gunt*                      Barbara & Myron Petersen               Marion Westover*
Ann Boal                                     Susan & Nestor Guzman               Kristine & Leland Peterson
Sandy & Chuck Bonstelle                      Lillian Henry*                      Judy Ridgway                           *in memoriam
Warren* & Lynne Brown                        Donna Heppermann                    Betty Robinson*
Barbara Busse*                               Douglas Jardine                     Marty & Roberta Scharf

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volume no. 46                                             the duet newsletter                                                           fall of 2012

Gifts that Keep on Giving                        several years she has contacted Duet                  even have tax advantages – or simply
                                                 partner congregations to donate lovely                amending their will.”
by eva scholfield, cfre                          baskets for Duet’s Jazz Cabaret silent                    Marion says, “I think it is wonderful
director of development                          auction.                                              what Duet is doing for so many,” but her
                                                     Marion recently joined Duet’s Legacy              wish is “we have enough volunteers to

W       hen Marion Pease talks about
        the many people she has helped
as a Duet volunteer since 1997 her face
                                                 Circle to help provide for the future of the
                                                 organization. She mulls over ways that
                                                 anyone can easily help through estate
                                                                                                       help more people.” She explains that “Duet
                                                                                                       is unique; helping a lot of people no one
                                                                                                       thinks about – like grandparents raising
lights up. She reminisces about Audrey           planning, and says “like turning over an              grandchildren.” Through Marion’s gift she
Cole and Clem Meyers who have passed             insurance policy or stocks – which may                is assuring Duet will be helping those
away. “They both appreciated all the help                                                              people in the future.
Duet provided.” Marion learned about
Duet from Audrey, who had been a Duet
volunteer. When Audrey began to lose her                                                               Keeping Up On Duet News
eyesight and needed help, Marion went to
an orientation to become a Duet volunteer
to help a “remarkable lady.” Her good works
didn’t stop there, and Marion can easily
                                                                                                       D         id you know there are several ways to
                                                                                                                 stay connected with Duet?

list the many people that she helped over                                                              •	   Visit	and	sign	
the years.                                                                                                  up for our monthly e-newsletter
     Marion is limiting her driving so she
does not do grocery shopping as a Duet                                                                 •	   Like	us	on	Facebook:	Duet	
volunteer any more, but she does friendly
phone calling and helps in other ways. For           Marion Pease, Duet Legacy Circle Member           •	   Follow	us	on	Twitter:	@DuetAZ	

                                Poinsettia Tea
                                                            22nd annual

                                                                              Sunday, December 9, 2012 at 2:30 PM
                                                                              A Delectable Afternoon Tea

                                                                              Hyatt Regency Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch
                                                                              7500 East Doubletree Ranch Road, Scottsdale, AZ

                                                                              $70 per person

      The essence of the Audacity Quartet is found in their                   Emcee Destry Jetton
      music. John Fynmore, Byron Bennett, Greg Dodge, and Fra-
                                                                              Arizona Midday Host - Channel 12
      ser Brown bill themselves as just four regular guys, but they
      have performed internationally to acclaim. Audacity at its
      audacious best brings audiences to their feet and stirs emotions.       Make Reservations:
                                                                                                      (602) 274-5022
      Poinsettia Tea guests will be captivated by Audacity’s smooth
      delivery of 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s standards. Their warm sound
      provides the perfect delivery for these treasures.                      Tea Benefits Duet, Your Partner In Health & Aging

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volume no. 46                                          the duet newsletter                                                 fall of 2012

Leadership Reception                               Guests will have an opportunity to          make an online gift. If you would like to
                                               gain insight about the Frank Lloyd Wright       know your total giving to Duet this year,

D     uet Leadership donors who have
      given gifts totaling $1,000 or more in
2012 will gather for an exclusive reception
                                               design from Valley architect Vernon
                                               Swaback, who studied with Wright. Vern
                                               and his wife Cille, 2010 recipient of the
                                                                                               please call Eva Scholfield, Director of
                                                                                               Development at (602) 274-5022.

at the U-Haul House, a Valley landmark         prestigious Duet
designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Invitations    “KARED About”
will be mailed in early January 2013 for the   Award, will share
event scheduled from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. on       their enthusiasm
Saturday, February 16, 2013.                   for Duet during a
     BMO Private Bank, a division of           short program.
BMO Harris Bank N.A., is generously                There is still
underwriting the reception as our              time to make sure
presenting sponsor. U-Haul is welcoming        an invitation is
Duet to the home, which is not open to the     headed your way.
public, through the effort of Duet Fund        Give generously
Development Committee member Dan               to Duet’s year-end
Mullen, who retired as U-Haul CFO and          campaign, or go to
serves on their board.                to

$10,000 Raised Through                         Before your next shopping trip, contact
Fry’s Food Stores                              us at (602) 274-5022 to purchase a $5                     initial
                                               reloadable gift card. Fry’s will give Duet                raised

T    ogether we have raised over $10,000!
     Thank you to all who are participating
in this win-win program. Let’s work
                                               up to 6% of the amount you load on your
                                               card. For example, loading $100 on your
                                               card will trigger a donation of $6 by Fry’s
together to raise another $10,000 – our        to Duet – but you will be able to use
potential is unlimited!                        the gift card to purchase a full $100 in
    Still haven’t gotten your reloadable       groceries. Duet benefits each time you
Fry’s Gift Card which is linked to Duet?       load your card.

Help Spread the Word                           to speak with your service group, faith         Health Program; and 6) Raising Your
About Duet                                     organization, or employer/employees on          Grandchild: A Roadmap. Presentations
                                               several topics, such as: 1) Duet: Partners in   can be tailored depending on available

D   uet provides compassionate help
    at no charge to homebound adults,
grandparents raising grandchildren,
                                               Health & Aging – An Overview; 2) Caring for
                                               the Caregiver: Building a Network of Care;
                                               3) Getting Help: A Guide to Community
                                                                                               time, number of attendees, and the needs
                                                                                               of the group. To request a speaker, contact
                                                                                               Elaine	Dinse	at	(602)	274-5022	or	dinse@
congregational health programs, and            Resources; 4) A Long Road: Caregivers 
caregivers of the elderly. We are available    and Grief; 5) Launching a Congregational

Ambassadors Needed                             and as speakers. Join us for a two hour         a health or community fair. Ambassadors
                                               Ambassador Orientation at Duet on               will leave the orientation well trained and

A    mbassadors are valuable Duet
     volunteers who are called upon
two to three times a year to represent
                                               Wednesday, October 10th, 2012, from
                                               5pm - 7pm. The orientation will cover key
                                               points about Duet, tips on presenting in
                                                                                               supported. Contact Tina Bronson, Director
                                                                                               of Communications at (602) 274-5022 or
                                                                                     	to	register	and	learn	
Duet at community events, health fairs,        public, and how-to’s on running a booth at      more.

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volume no. 46                                              the duet newsletter                                                fall of 2012

Recognizing Those Volunteers Who Make a Difference!

W      e extend our deep appreciation and thanks to the following 1,123+ caring and kindhearted volunteers who gave of their time and
       talent from July 2011 to the present. Through their service, thousands of people received compassionate support through some
of the most challenging times of their lives. From helping homebound “neighbors” with services such as grocery shopping and rides to
medical appointments; to serving on our board of directors or a committee; providing office support; serving as a faith community nurse;
creating successful fundraisers; or another form of service – you all are our heroes.
Lisa Abraham                    Arizona State University   Alice Benjamin          De Etta Burgess               Lee Cornell
Jacob Adams                        Nursing Students        Fleur Benjamin          Kathy Burgett                 Anne Corsen
Jim Adams                       Carol Arseth               Lorraine Benjamin       Jeanne Burns                  Lucy Costner
Damaris Aeschlimann             Marc Ashton                Susan Bennett           Linda Burns                   Linda Coughenour
Christina Ager                  Marianne Ast               Jean Benware            Sonia Burns                   Desiree Coulombe
Dona Agot                       Sharon Atwood              Dawn Bergin             Kenneth Butler                Rose Coulter
Meryl Ahart                     Virginia Austin            Joe Berman              Jan Byrd                      Theresa Cox
Josilyn Albert                  Cecilia Ayoub              Louise Berta            Sherill Byrn                  Nancy Crabtree
Cindy Alexander                 Sardar Babar               David Besst             Teresa Cabalar                Mary Cragan
Alma Allen                      Dawn Bailey                Debra Bestgen           Denise Campagnolo             Philip Crowley
Janis Allen                     Lisa Bair                  Anne Bielecki           Emily Campagnolo              Ruth Crowley
Jon Allen                       Francine Baker             Boris Biloskirka        Thomas Campagnolo             Judi Crume
Richard Allen                   Stephen Baker              Cynthia Blackman        Thomas Campagnolo, Sr.        Edith Cunningham
Susan Allen                     Susan Bangs                Daniel Blackman         Nadine Canas                  Linda Cunningham
Adero Allison                   Elizabeth Banta            Carolyn Blake           Rick Canas                    Kirsten Cuzick-Plambeck
Ken Allison                     Jo Anne Barbanell          Julie Blake             Jan Cardwell                  Rich Czerwinski
Debbie Allman-Rogan             Ruthie Barnes              Carol Blakiston         Dosia Carlson                 Angie Daniels
Irene Alonzo                    Paz Barreto                Olga Blanchard          Teri Carnicelli               Andy Darling
Joan Altman                     Gail Barsky                Norm Blanchette         Eric Carter
Jo Ambrose                      Mary Bartel Staker         Laurin Block            Jeff Carter
Helen Amena                     Tara Bartholomew           Rita Block              Theresa Catellier
Maryanne Kremer Ames            Wilma Basnett Emerson      Marilyn Bloom           Marijo Caughey
Janet Amicarella                Gerri Bast                 Pam Bloomer             T.L. Cays
Dorothy D. Anderson             Bob Baxter                 Ann Boal                Caroline Celley
Gary Anderson                   Margery Bayless            Theresa Bogacki         Madeline Celley
Heather Anderson                Steve Beans                Betty Booth             Pam Celley
Karen Anderson                  Vaughn Beasley             Andrew Boozer           Central Arizona Project
Lynn Anderson                   Liz Bebo                   Bonnie Borden              Employees
Tera Anderson                   Russ Becker                Merion Bormann          Catherine Ceranski
                                                           Yolanda Borsch          Chamberlain College
                                                           Bonni Bostian              Nursing Students
                                                           Rebecca Boston          Dollie Chauvin
                                                           Cynthia Bowers          Donna Cheek
                                                           Larry Bowles            Victor Chen
                                                           Kay Bradley             John Chervenak
                                                           Jake Bradshaw           Jacqueline Chinn
                                                           Vanessa Bradshaw        Julie Christeson
                                                           Jeneé Bragg             Sue Clarot                AmeriCorps volunteer Rev.
                                                           Barbara Brandell        Robert Clendening
                                                                                                             Rosalind Polston helps out at Duet
                                                           Denise Brasile          Clare Cline
                                                           Darlene Bray            Kathy Cline               by inspiring more congregations
                                                           Judi Brennan            Jan Clubb                 and volunteers to partner with
                                                           Anita Brice             Melissa Coates
                                                           Jayne Bridge            Darlene Cobb              our cause
                                                           Eleanor Brierley        Patricia Cohen
                                                           Gary Brightbill         Margaret Colbert              Malia David
                                                           Suellen Briley          April Colceri                 Sharon Davids
                                                           Kathleen Brimacombe     Dawn Collins                  Rhonda Davidson
                                                           Aaron Britt             Eileen Collins                Gail Davis
                                                           Tina Bronson            Ray Collins                   Judy Davis
                                                           Joseph P. Brown         Robert Collins                Therese Davis
                                                           Lyndie Brown            Karen Colorafi                Sue Dawson
Sandy Diedrich celebrates her 93rd birthday with
                                                           Morgan Brown            Marcie Colpas                 Monica Daye
volunteer Jeanne Passon                                    Penny Brown             Cheryl Comerford              Susan De Simone
                                                           Katie Brunstein         Lizbeth Congiusti             Ellen Dean
Ginny Andrews                   Carol Bedner               Mary Bryant             Carol Cook                    Jeff Dean
Susan Anger                     Sarah Beghin               Dallas Bryson           Claudia Cooley                Phillip Dean
Craig Archer                    Maxine Bejarano            Karen Buckhout          Arlene Copley                 Marigene Dessaint
Lisa Archer                     Janet Belisle              Georgia Bullock         Sharon Corbett                Deborah Dewey
Diane Arens-Miller              Dorothy Bell               Lisa Bunch              Leanna Cordero                Donald Dhondt
                                Marta Benitez              Shari Burda             Teresa Corelli                Ernestine Dhondt

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volume no. 46                                            the duet newsletter                                              fall of 2012

Joseph Di Chiara          Pauline Finney                  Lavonna Goudie            Dianne Haselfeld        Vangie Jensen
Pat Di Domenico           Marla Fish                      Herb Graham               David Haskins           Patricia Jesik
Nancy Dibble              Gail Flood                      Jennifer Grand            Autumn Hass-Robinson    Destry Jetton
Tisha Diffie              Mary Flores                     Grand Canyon University   Cay Hatzinger           Cathy Johnson
Andy Dileo                Betty Flower-Griggs                Nursing Students       Tamara Hatzinger        Dorothy Johnson
Heidi Dileo               LaNae Flowers                   Harriett Granthen         Scott Hawthornthwaite   Eleanor Johnson
Debbi Dilk                Michael Flynn                   Patrick Gravelin          Katherine Haynie        Grace Johnson
Amanda Diller             Jackie Foggie                   Victoria Gray             Patty Hayward           Janis Johnson
Vicky Dinneen             Maggie Folmar                   Hollie Green              Sandy Hazen             Kristen Johnson
Elaine Dinse              Margaret Forbes                 Angeline Greene           Laurel Healey           April Jones
Carol Divich              Holly Ford                      Sharon Greenfield         Barbara Hecht           Debbie Jones
Patricia Dominguez        Kristen Fox                     Joanne Greer              Andrea Heikes           Katye Jones
Terri Donnelly            Laurie Fox                      Debra Grever              William Heimann         Pam Jones
Dede Donofrio             Patricia Fox-Price              Melissa Groen             Carol Heimann           Anne Josselyn
Joelie Donofrio           Kelly Francis                   Ken Groom                 Shannon Heldt           Herman Kane
Mimi Dorhauer             Bob Franklin                    Carol Gross               Paul Hennings           Tracy Karas
Cynthia Doty              Victoria Franklin               Krista Grosvenor          Robert Henry            Steven Kargman
Marie Doty                Alvin Franson                   Patricia Grubb            Donna Heppermann        Matthew Karr
Dennis Dowling            Kathleen Franz                  Elizabeth Guffey          Lita Herd               Charlotte Kasabuski
Elaine Dowling            Mary Freeland                   Howard Gullickson         Edinne Hernandez        Anne Kase
Douglas Downey            Helen Fritz                     Dorothy Gunderson         Frank Hernandez         Melissa Katon
Karen Downey              Deborah Frusciano               Ted Gust                  Karen Hernandez         John Kearns
Meredith Downing          Terrie Fry                      Lynda Gustafson           Heather Heroldt         Lindsay Kearns
Jim Doyle                 Jean Gaboriault                 Marissa Gutierrez         Sacramento Herrera      Sharon Kearns
George Drolet             Letty Galbraith                 Shelly Guy                Linda Herrly            Ruthellen Keiser
Dick Duane                                                                          Sheryl Herrly           Jodi Kellerhals
Marilyn Duerbeck                                                                    Judy Herron             Claire Kellogg
Cheryl Dulac                                                                        Jerry Herschede         Dorothy Kelly
Becky Dullas                                                                        Ruth Herzog             Samuel Kelsall
Eleanor Dullas                                                                      Susan Hesse             Gary Kelsey
Gwendolyn Dunn                                                                      Katie Higgins           Bernice Kenkel
Mary Dunn                                                                           Tina Higgins            Mary Anne Kennedy
Vera Duran                                                                          Scott Hodnefield        Carol Ketcherside
Tim Durham                                                                          Sandie Hoffman          Cynthia Kibler
Rennie Dwarka                                                                       Kelli Hofmann           Didi King
Ann Earhart                                                                         Yvonne Hogan            Michael Kintz
Margaret Ebert                                                                      Adrienne Hogate         Barbara Kirschner
Richard Ebert                                                                       Carol Hokaj             Nicole Kitamura
Phyllis Edeson                                                                      Gregory Holden          Angela Kittling
Grace Edgar                                                                         Steve Holec             Frank Klaus
Robyn Edgar                                                                         Cara Holland            Cristy Klonowski
Dianna Edwards            Volunteers provide refreshments at Tour de Paradise       Emily Holliday          Valarie Knat
Wilma Edwards                                                                       Nancy Holloran          Ted Knotter
Nathaniel Ehlers          Connie Galeener                 Nestor Guzman             Evita Holmes            Cathy Knudsen
Sharon Eibling            Karen Gambino                   Suzy Guzman               Barbara Holzman         Pam Koester
Gayle Eidson              Asavari Gangal                  Jacqueline Habib          Lorna Honan             Collette Kolasinski
Judy Eighmey              Gerry Garcia                    Bill Hadley               Mary Ellen Hood         Crystal Korosec
Carolyn Elliott           Laura Garcia                    Monique Hafler            Sharon Horne            Robert Koth
Linda Ellis               Michelle Gardner                Theresa Hagan             Michelle Hosler         Monika Kotowski
Nancy Elsenheimer         David Garfield                  Dona Kay Hakes            Jerry Hostetler         Paige Krakoski
Ted Elsenheimer           Maureen Gass                    Jim Hall                  Carol Houselog          Anna Beth Kramer
Katherine Emery           Denise Gaudet                   Mark Hamid                Victoria Hoyt           Meg Krawczyk
Art Endres                Judy Gawlitta                   Robin Hamilton            Angela Hueghy           Kim Krogh
Janet Endres              Leonard Gay                     Becky Hampton             Alta Hulfacher          Kylie Krogh
Clifford Fallon           Cathy Gaydos                    Bea Haneman               Alexa Hulfachor         Lynn Kuefer
Jane Fallon               Kathy Geipel                    William Haneman           Carol Hullihen          Paul Kuffler
Mykayla Fann              Chris George                    John Hanks                Kim Humphrey            Kathleen Kufner
Jan Farmer                Darlene George                  Wilma Hanks               Michelle Humphrey       Muriel Kuhl
Mimi Federspiel           Jack Gerencser                  Tove Hansen               Karil Hurst             Camille Kuplic
Lori Feinstein            Jan Gerencser                   Amy Harders               Jacque Husted           Jennifer Lacroix
Kenneth Felt              Jack Gibbs                      Claire Harders            Amy Huvinen             Jennifer Lagua
Eveline Feltz             Susan Gilfeather                Grace Harders             Sal Ingle               John Lagua
Joe Fenicle               Dan Gillespie                   Phyllis Hardy             Karen Irvine            Dan Laguna
Madison Fenicle           Vikki Glass                     Nicole Harraway           Ann Ishaq               Herbert Lamb
Fennemore Craig           Joyce Glazner                   Bill Harris               Alicia Jacobo           Lorrie Lamberton
   Foundation Employees   Joe Glenn                       Julia Harris              Dreux Jacques           Leslie Lammers
Monica Fidura             Michele Glenn                   Anne Harrison             Rebecca Jagernauth      David Lane
Rita Fields               Bryan Goldsberry                Helen Harrison            Julianne Jamel          Larry Langford
June Ann Fike             Clare L. Goldsberry             Lynn Harrison             Toni James              Mary Sue Langford
Denise Finell             Jaime Gomez                     Pam Hart                  Amy Jennings            Bonnie Lanoue
Andrea Finkelstein        Sonia Gonzalez                  Lisa Harvey               Baylee Jensen           Blaise Lantana
Cheryl Finn               Francele Gorman                 Margaret Harwood          Carol Jensen            Gina Larkin

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volume no. 46                                       the duet newsletter                                                      fall of 2012

David Larsen                   Nicole Lynch         Deborah McLay             Dennis O’Connor                  Brett Petersen
Vicki Larson                   Verna Lynch          Janet McMahill            Bonnie O’Day                     Courtney Petersen
Sharon Larue                   Karen MacDonald      DorisMcVey                Karen O’Donnell                  Yvonne Petersen
Virginia Lasley                Loretta Madden       Mary Lou McWilliams       Sean O’Donnell                   Barbara Peterson
Carmen Lasure                  Yvonne Maggio        Mona Medhi                Sakora Ogawa                     Bev Peterson
Linda Lato                     Charles Maggs        Susan Meier               Chris Ogrady                     Jane Peterson
Michelle Lato                  Sima Mahmud          Georgiana Meiner          Diane O’Hagan                    Kimberly Peterson
Rosa Lattanzio                 Christine Mahon      Patricia Mendoza-Moreno   Larry O’Hagan                    Lee Peterson
                                                    Jerry D. Metzler          Maurice Ollivier                 Terrie Phannenstill
                                                    Denise Meyer              Carol Olsker                     Darleen Phelan
                                                    Rita Meyer                Teresa Opara                     Carol Phillips
                                                    Vernon Meyer              Edward Ornelas                   Phoenix Philanthropists
                                                    Pat Midkiff               Virginia Orourke                 Beth Piazza
                                                    Chuck Milhoan             Linda Owsley                     PICO Volunteers
                                                    Marilyn Miller            Kelly Oxborrow                   David Pifer
                                                    Marlayne Miller           Vicki Packman                    Terese Pineda
                                                    Nicole Miller             Cheryl Padden                    Joan Pittsenbarger
                                                    Patricia Miller           Sydney Padden                    Paris Polcin
                                                    Jeff Milton               Norma Padilla                    Christine Polisensky
                                                    Marilyn Minard            Madelin Page                     April Polley
                                                    Lorraine Miranda          Christina Palacios               Rev. Rosalind Polston
                                                    Gwen Miriani              Joseph Palmer                    Paula Porter
                                                    Wayne Misheski            Miriam Palmer                    Clyde Poulin
                                                    Chris Moeser              Angela Parchomenko               Pat Poulson
                                                    Nick Molinari             Lucy Park                        Kristen Powell
                                                    Dianne Moll               Patty Park                       Rosalie Power
                                                    Denise Moodley            Dennis Parker                    Ron Powers
                                                    Cherrilynn Moore          Alice Parkin                     Penita Pratcher
                                                    Karen Moore               Claire Parriott                  Pat Presley-Spade
                                                    Bob Morehouse             Jeanne Passon                    Charlotte Price
Sharon Lorenzo-Rivero and Sandy McAlpin lend a      Amanda Morris             Traci Pate                       Fred Priest
hand at Jazz Cabaret                                Walter Morris             Sonya Paterno                    Kenneth Pritchett
                                                    Dan Mullen                Margaret Patton                  Sheila Pryjda
Laura Lawler                   Susan Malloy         Sharon Munden             Terri Pavia                      Melinda Puglise
Sandy Leander                  Joyce Maniam         Meghan Murphy             Carolyn Pawlowski                Karen Purington
Tom Leander                    Kathy Manson         Bailie Musselmann         Hal Pawlowski                    Jean Quarelli
Alexandra Lebel                Barbara March        Frieda Muwakkil           Debra Payne                      Glenda Quezada
Nicole Lebel                   Jo-Anne Markham      Diann Muzyka              Jill Pearlberg                   Duane Quisenberry
Sandy Lebowitz                 Jack Marks           Regina Myers              Marion Pease                     Joyce Quisenberry
Michelle Lecronier             Marta Maroon         Diana Nabozny             Rosie Pedrego                    Esther Rabuck
Sherry Lee                     Pauline Marshall     Lisa Nail                 Louise Pelissier                 Lorraine Raczkowski
Timothy Lee                    Aurea Martin         Judy Nance                Gwendolyn Pelton                 Susan Radley
Carolyn Lefever                Cindy Martin         Mary Jane Nash            Al Pennington                    Denise Rae
Susan Lehmann                  Kathy Martin         Tom Nash                  Theda Perdue                     Azhar Raja
Berta Leis                     Katie Martin         Sai Nath                  Linda Permoda                    Rizwan Raja
Marilyn Leiter                 Christina Martinez   National Charity League   Mary Permoda                     Adil Rajabally
Dale Leitman                   Lynn Masi               Volunteers             Michelle Perrin                  Altof Rajabally
Pam Lenhart                    Natalia Mata         Becky Nawrocki            Ryan Perry                       Ayla Rajabally
Janet Lennon                   Peter Mather         Sandeep Nayak             Tracey Perry                     Carmela Ramirez
Robert Leonard                 Kristin Mathews      Chris Neal                Barbara Petersen                 Barbara Randall
Nancy Lepardo                  Yolanda Mathews      Linda G. Nelson
Malcolm Leshin                 Molly Matt-Gongora   Susan Nerheim
Kimberly Levensky              Catherine Matthews   John Ness
Janelle Liffiton               John E. Matthews     Mary Neuenschwander
Kay Linney                     Sarah Mattke         Diane Neugebauer
Kerry Linthicum                Eileen Matty         Richard Nevius
Ryann Linthicum                Suzie May            Mary Newton
Maureen Lipson                 Jennifer Maya        Gary Nichols
Donna Lisiecki                 Bonnie Mayfield      Nat Nickele
Darcy Ljunggren                Carol Mayka          Desi Noller
Marian Lock                    Marcy Mazor          Donald Noller
Mary Lohmann                   Sandy McAlpin        Ralph Norman
John Lomeli                    JoAnne McCay         Sheri Norris-Fisch
Shannon Lorenzo-Rivero         Norman McClelland    Judy North
Jack Lucas                     Crane McClennen      Polly Norton
Rosa Luna                      Deborah McClennen    Kelly Norton-Haag
Pam Lund                       Marian McConnell     Connie Nunn-Miller
Michael Lundsten               Amber McCord         Joyce Nuth
Melissa Lutch                  Tom McGann           Janet O’Brien
Anne Lyga                      Barbara McGuire      Amy O’Connor
Dan Lynch                      Richard McGuire      Ann O’Connor              Phoenix Christian High School students volunteer at the 2011
David Lynch                    Nanette McHugh       Carol O’Connor
                                                                              Leadership Reception

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volume no. 46                                            the duet newsletter                                                        fall of 2012

Patricia Rankin                  Cynthia Salk            Michael Skehan            Kathleen Thorson                   Esther Whitaker
Nicole Ransom                    Ricardo Samano          Ann Skipper               Frances Thurber                    Cynthia White
Michael Rapaport                 “Big Ben” Sanchez       Janet Slagsvold           Sandie Tignor                      David White
Sara Rausch                      Donna Sanders           Joan Sloan                Greg Tingwald                      Laura White
Brad Ray                         Linda Santoro           Cindy Smith               Virginia Torres                    Carola White-Clarence
Debbie Ray                       Cynthia Sapia-Bosch     Darrell Smith             Robert Traica                      Mary Whitney
Jim Raynak                       Jeannette Sasmor        Jennifer Smith            Rachel Trautner                    Beth Wickstrom
Cappi Reading                    Ron Sassano             Lucille Smith             Theresa Trejo                      Cindy Wiedemann
Mark Reagen                      Ken Satoyoshi           Marta Smith               Emma Trobia                        Mary Kay Wiedmeyer
Matt Reagen                      Wendy Satoyoshi         Mary Ann Smith            Shawn Trobia                       Gloria Wifler
Sue Reckinger                    Mary Savard             Nita Smith                Don Trotter                        Jack Wifler
Douglas Reed                     Carol Savoie            Peggy Smith               Velma Trotter                      Bill Wiley
Kathleen Reedy                   Pam Schaffer            Cathy Smyser              Marlene Trunkenbolz                Alvarez Williams
Shirley Regonini                 Martin Scharf           Anthony Smythe            Beth Tucker                        Marla Williams
Lea Reinke                       Roberta Scharf          Margaret Snider           Vickie Tyson                       Marsha Williams
Syl Reyes                        Linda Sue Schneider     Kirsten Snyder            Nancy Unferth                      Rochelle Williams
Leslie Rhodes                    Nancy Schneider         Lupe Solis                Laurel Upton                       Vicky Williams
Rick Rhodes                      Patty Schnupp           Manasa Somayaji           Wendy Valentine                    Annie Wilson
                                 Pamela Schoenstene      Nan Sommer                Esther Vallet                      Betty Wilson
                                 Eva Scholfield          Joyce Sopilnick           Ellen Van Arsdale                  Dorothy Wilson
                                 Josh Scholfield         Evelyn J. Sowell          Lila Van Cuyk                      Mary Wilson
                                 Stephen Scholfield      Janet Spangler            Melinda Van Gasse                  Peggy Wing
                                 Suzanne Scholtz         Robin Spencer             Diane Vander Mate                  Ron Winterberg
                                 Sally Schroeder         Sherri Spicer             Rebecca Vasquez
                                 Rebecca Schultes        Debby Spidell             Ginny Vaules
                                 Arnold Schwartz         Kathy Spitler             Linda Vejnoska
                                 Connie Schwartz         Nancy Splain              Ashley Viker
                                 Paul M. Schwartz        Carolyn Stack             Denise Viker
                                 Bonnie Schweihs         Ava Stanford              Ryan Viker
                                 Jim Schwichtenberg      Chuck Stanford            Joyce Vincent
                                 Joseph Sciarrotta Jr.   Karen Stanko              Barbara Voelker
                                 Shirley Scott           Sharon Stanton            Mary Beth Volberding
                                 Mary Seavoy             Judith Stanwick           Merilyn Volkmann
Connie Nunn-Miller helps         Richard Sebring         Kristie Stark             Lucy Vulaj
support Duet by writing grants   Marilyn Seese           Sondra Stead              Dottie Wade
                                 Arthur Seghi            Denise Steed              Patricia Wagner
through AgeWorks
                                 Sonja Segund            Carol Steficek            Yvonne Wainwright
Karen Richards                   Barbara Selendic        Janet Stephens            Kathleen Waldron           Roberta Yancy supports Duet in
Don Richardson                   Louis Self              Alice Stephenson          Bill Walsh                 many roles through AgeWorks
Barbara Richmond Beck            Jodi Selko              Gretchen Stephenson       Cathy Walsh
Randy Ridder                     Fran Selleck            Jean Stephenson           Kelly Walsh                        Andrea Winters
Jeff Riddle                      Lesley Setzler          Yvonne Stevens            Mary Ann Wander                    Julie Wirth
Connie Riley                     Mickey Shaffer          Jamie Stewart             Xiaoxiao Wang                      Lee Ann Wise
Melissa Riley                    Sharon Shapiro          Ann Stiles                Patricia Wanner                    Brad Wishon
Robert Rissi                     Nancy Sharkey           Gena Stoll                Tony Ward                          Penny R. Witt
Alice Roberts                    Lyle Sharp              Harvey Stone              Johnny Ware                        Lynn Dee Witteveen
Barbara Roberts                  Michelle Shaw           Paula Strickstein         Shirley Ware                       Marie Wolf
Karen Roberts                    Carolyn Shawver         Carol Stubborth           Gary Warner                        Francesca Wolfe
Janice Roby                      Brian Shea              Anne Stumpf               James Wasson                       Hilary Wood
Rebecca Rocho                    Sherri Shea             Amy Sulhoff               Jade Waterman                      Geneva Woodards
James Roe                        Kip Shearer             Carla Sutter              Gary Watko                         Sheryl Worthy
Dwyndle Rogers                   Joy Shearman            Jerry Svendsen            Linda Watko                        Kathy Wozniak
Mariel Rolf                      Sherry Sheehan          Cille Swaback             Julie Watson                       Jean Wright
Rick Romero                      Laurie Shelton          Nancy Swain               Marietta Watson                    Roberta Yancy
Keith Rosenbaum                  Rosemarie Shepperson    Karen Swaine              Mary Lou Watson                    Dave Yanez
Donna Rossi                      Marsha Sherman          Bridget Swartz            Shashi Watts                       Janet Yoder
Katherine Rowe                   Monique Sherman         Jaquelyn Swartz           Patrick Waugh                      Ramona Yoder
Dennis Rowland                   Tanika Sherman          Beverly Symons            Louis Webb                         Beth Young
Tim Rowland                      Stephen Shobin          Jennifer Tash             Kathleen Weber                     Cyril “Bud” Young
Debra Rowse                      Gali Shourd             Karen Tash                Marnee Weber                       Lori Youngdahl
Corinne Rubenfeld                Sarah Shrestha          Abraham Taylor            Rachael Weber                      Kelly	Zarotsang
Joy Runge                        Mary Lynne Shroyer      Cheryl Taylor             Maureen Webster                    Joan	Zecherle
Michael Runge                    Debra Siddle            Stephan Teply             Barbara Weir                       Janet	Zenti
Rebecca Rush                     Sharona Silverman       Phil Terry                Ron Weir                           Al	Ziccardi
Kit Russell                      Anita Silverthorn       Sandi Terry               Mary Ann Wells                     Christy	Ziegler
Ava Ryan                         Rosemary Simek          John Thaxton              Donice Wendeln                     Steven	Ziegler
Barbara Ryan                     Segrid Simms            Rebecca Thimsen           Randall Wensman                    Kay	Zimme
Kathy Ryan                       Kathryn Simpson         Ashyea Thompson           Joan West
Patricia Sabine                  Shirley Simpson         Kathryn Thompson
                                                                                      Please call Julie Blake at (602) 274-5022 if we
Barbara Sage                     Segrid Sims             Lizabeth Thomson-Gorman
                                                                                      overlooked including your name. We’ll publish the names
Maria Salaiz-Valdez              Peter Sinclair          Karen Thorn
                                                                                      of any volunteers we missed in our next issue.
Mini Salas                       Sandy Skaris            Maddie Thorn
                                                                                      Thank you!

duet: partners in health & aging                                                                                                      page 8 of 12
volume no. 46                                            the duet newsletter                                               fall of 2012

Caring for a Congregation                       screenings, meets with
                                                members in her office to
by monica fidura                                discuss health concerns, and
communications intern                           even visits church members in
                                                the hospital and their homes.

E    llen Van Arsdale has served as a
     faith community nurse for six years
after receiving Duet’s Foundations of
                                                “I knew early on that I didn’t
                                                want to be in the traditional
                                                hospital setting. That just
Faith Community Nursing training. “It’s a       didn’t feel like the right fit
wonderful way for me to end my nursing          for me. I like being able to
career because it’s a population I identify     work with people in their own
more with everyday,” Ellen said.                homes and environment,” Ellen
    Ellen, who has been a nurse for 44          said.
years, currently serves as the nurse for            Drawing on her experience
Faith Presbyterian Church in Sun City. In       as a high school nurse for
her role, Ellen plans free weekly exercise      over a decade, Ellen always
classes that are open to the congregation       makes time for anyone,
and surrounding community. Many elders          church member or staff, to
are on fixed incomes, and paying for            address any health questions
an exercise class is a luxury many can’t        or issues. “This is a unique Ellen Van Arsdale, faith community nurse for
afford. Aging adults need regular exercise      field of nursing,” Ellen explains Faith Presbyterian Church
to improve balance and prevent falls.           about her nursing position.
The classes also offer an opportunity           “The most rewarding part of my job is         and support for faith community nurses
for social interaction which decreases          non-rushed, quality time with wonderful       such as Ellen, who offer an irreplaceable
loneliness and depression.                      people focusing on body, mind and spirit.”    service to their communities.
    Ellen also coordinates blood pressure           Your contributions provide training

                                                                                               Welcome to Our New Partner
 Interested in Becoming a                           Ave.,	Phoenix,	AZ.	The	course	is	open	     Congregation
 Faith Community Nurse?                             to registered nurses, and is based on
                                                    the curriculum developed through the

 T    he Duet Foundations of Faith
      Community Nursing Course is being
                                                    International Parish Nurse Resource
                                                    Center. Topics include: community
                                                    assessment, planning a ministry,
                                                                                               W      e welcome St. Paul Roman Catholic
                                                                                                      Church (330 West Coral Gables
                                                                                               Drive,	Phoenix,	AZ	85023)	who	recently	
 held October 22-26, 2012 at The Church             accessing resources, developing health     joined forces with Duet to help provide
 of the Beatitudes, 555 W. Glendale                 programs, and working in collaboration     health and aging services to homebound
                                                                  with partners in faith       and disabled adults. As part of their
                                                                  communities.                 partnership, they will promote Duet’s
                                                                     Pre-registration for      volunteer opportunities and inform their
                                                                  the course is required,      members about available services.
                                                                  and nursing continuing           Duet provides the community with
                                                                  education credits are        volunteers who are trained, insured and
                                                                  offered upon completion.     background checked – all important
                                                                     To find out more and      safeguards when serving a vulnerable,
                                                                  download the brochure        elderly population. In addition, Duet will
                                                                  go to         provide the faith community with other
                                                                  or call Joyce Sopilnick at   services such as respite assistance,
 Spring 2012 Foundations of Community Nursing Course participants (602) 274-5022.              support groups, information, referrals,
                                                                                               and congregational health programs.

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volume no. 46                                            the duet newsletter                                                  fall of 2012

                                                                                                Tribute Gifts

                                                                                                T     ribute gifts may be made at any time.
                                                                                                      This is a wonderful way to remember
                                                                                                someone you care about for a birthday,
                                                                                                special occasion or at a time of loss. Thank
                                                                                                you to Duet supporters who have made a
                                                                                                tribute gift between May 27 and August
                                                                                                9, 2012, to commemorate the following
                                                                                                individuals. If you wish to make a tribute
                                                                                                gift, please call Duet, (602) 274-5022.

                                                                                                IN MEMORY OF            IN HONOR OF

                                                                                                LaVonne Donehue         Ginny Andrews
                                                                                                Barrett                 Jeannette Grunfeld
                                                                                                Shawn Trobia
                                                                                                                        Dosia Carlson
                                                                                                Eddie Bell III          Roger & Shirley Young
                                                                                                Edwin & Loann Bell      Leroy & Rita Calbom

                                                                                                Helen Mae Goble         Stephen Chalmers
                                                                                                Richard & Janis Allen   Jane Chalmers
                                                                                                Stephen & Eva
                                                                                                  Scholfield            Duet Volunteers &
                                                                                                Parents                 Martha Baker
                                                                                                Eleanor Greer
                                                                                                                        Dorothy LeWin
                                                                                                                        Esther Rings

                                                                                                                        My Volunteer, Vangie

            Saturday, October 20, 2012                                                                                  Alpha Jouret

                                                                                                                        Diane Neugebauer, my
                   8 mile • 30 mile • 62 mile                                                                           volunteer
                                                                                                                        Corinne Rubenfeld

                      Register at                                                               Choose Duet - We’re #1
                          or call (602) 274-5022                                                R     eally…Duet’s designation number is
                                                                                                      #0001 and you can designate your
                                                                                                United Way gift to Duet through their
                                                                                                “write-in” process. Simply
                      Helping seniors. Changing lives.
                                                                                                write-in Duet: Partners in
                                                                                                Health & Aging along with
Donate Your Vehicle -- Running or Not!                                                          our United Way ID #0001.
                                                                                                    The State Employees

D     o you have an old car sitting in your driveway or garage? Are you thinking of getting a
      new car soon, or perhaps you do not drive anymore and do not know what to do with
your vehicle? Duet is launching a partnership with a national car donation program. You now
                                                                                                Charitable Campaign,
                                                                                                Combined Federal Campaign, Maricopa
                                                                                                County Combined Charitable Campaign,
have an opportunity to turn your car into a generous donation for Duet, and may be eligible     Central	AZ	Project,	SRP	and	Honeywell	
for a charitable tax deduction as well. Donating your car, even if it does not run, may mean    also allow employees to direct charitable
making a gift that you could not otherwise afford to make. To donate your vehicle simply call   gifts to Duet through payroll deduction.
1-855-500-7433, and tell the operator you would like to support Duet!

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volume no. 46                                           the duet newsletter                                                 fall of 2012

Grandma Must                                   Duet’s workshops and meetings for                attending is “Grandparents University,”
Raise the Kids                                 grandparents like her. Duet has helped           an all-day conference. The conference
                                               Irene find necessary resources to better         centers on topics that grandparents
by monica fidura                               care for her grandchildren and herself.          raising their grandchildren may have to
communications intern                              The first function she recalls               tackle at some point, such as dealing
                                                                                                       with Child Protective Services,

A     t age 53, Irene Alonzo found herself
      being a busy mom all over again. Her
three grandchildren were unexpectedly
                                                                                                       behavioral health disorders or
                                                                                                       substance abuse.
                                                                                                          The advice Irene offers to other
left in her care, the youngest only 14                                                                 grandparents in a similar situation,
months old at the time.                                                                                “Join a support group! Support
    “It was a life shock to me because I                                                               groups connect you to other adults
never thought I would be taking care of                                                                who, unlike most of your retired
my grandchildren,” Irene said. “I don’t want                                                           friends, actually can relate.” Group
to say I was desperate, but I was kind of                                                              members help one another through
desperate!”                                                                                            legal tangles, school dramas, the
    One day, reading her church’s bulletin,                                                            occasional “Whatcha cooking for
Irene noticed a posting about Duet’s free                                                              dinner?” quandary, and ultimately,
services for grandparents who are raising                                                              provide a reminder that they are
their grandchildren. Irene called and was                                                              not alone.
welcomed by Patricia Dominguez, Duet’s                                                                    Thanks to the generosity of
Director of Kinship Care Services.                                                                     donors, Irene has a place to turn
    “I thought I was alone,” Irene said.                                                               to for support along this journey
But that changed when she attended             Irene Alonzo with her grandchildren                     with her grandchildren.

Thank You to American                          be created between compassionate                 Saint Jude Hospice Lends
Express Charitable Fund                        volunteers and people in need.                   Support

T    hrough a generous grant from
     American Express Charitable Fund,
Duet will transform lives by mobilizing
                                                                                                D     uet thanks Saint Jude Hospice for
                                                                                                      underwriting the printing costs for
                                                                                                this edition of Duet News.
caring volunteers to serve homebound
adults who need help facing major life
challenges. With their support, 700+
volunteers will provide grocery shopping
trips, computer training, transportation
to medical appointments, visiting,
phoning, home repairs, business help,
and respite to elders and adults with
disabilities throughout greater Phoenix.
Duet is proud to partner with American
Express, our amazing volunteers and
other generous donors. With this strong
community, Duet will offer at least
44,000 hours of free services to 760           Christa Burkhalter, Director, Corp Affairs
homebound adults, including 6,000              & Communications with American Express
rides to medical appointments over the         Charitable Fund presents Elizabeth Banta, Duet
next year. Lasting ‘duets of service’ will     Executive Director, with a check

duet: partners in health & aging                                                                                             page 11 of 12
                                                   Duet: Partners In Health & Aging                                         Non-Profit Org.
                                                   555 West Glendale Avenue                                                  U.S. Postage
                                                   Phoenix AZ 85021                                                              PAID
                                                                                                                             Phoenix, AZ
                                                   (602) 274-5022                                                           Permit No. 201

Got Time? Volunteers Are
For only 2 hours a week you can help
Virginia who is 92 and can no longer drive.
She needs help getting her groceries. You
could help her – and do your grocery shop-
ping as well. Dozens of people like Virginia
are waiting. See orientation dates listed
below and call (602) 274-5022 to sign up.
Thank you!

Coming Events                                      October 13, Saturday, 9:00 – 11:30 am
                                                   Volunteer Orientation to help homebound
                                                                                                  December 9, Sunday
                                                                                                  22nd Annual Poinsettia Tea, Hyatt Regency
                                                   adults, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 2310   Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch, 7500 E.
                                                   N.	58th	St.,	Phoenix,	AZ	85008                 Doubletree	Ranch	Road,	Scottsdale,	AZ	
Duet offers free-of-charge support groups for                                                     85258	{see	page	3}
caregivers, grandparents raising grandchil-        October 20, Saturday, Check-In 6:30 am
dren and faith community nurses throughout         Tour de Paradise, Moon Valley Park, 502 W.     December 21, Friday, 5:00 - 7:30 pm
the Valley. Call Duet at (602) 274-5022 or check   Coral	Gables	Dr.,	Phoenix,	AZ	85023	{see	      Holiday Party for grandparents and children for times and locations. All        page 3}                                        they are raising, 555 W. Glendale Ave.,
of the following events require preregistra-                                                      Phoenix,	AZ	85021
tion with Duet:                                    October 22-26, Monday – Thursday, 8:30
                                                   am – 4:00 pm, Friday, 8:30 am – 12:00 noon     February 16, 2013, Saturday, 4:00 - 5:30 pm
September 8, Saturday, 12:00 – 2:30pm              Foundations of Faith Community Nursing         Leadership Reception, U-Haul House,
Grandparent’s Day Ice Cream Social, Duet,          Course, Duet, 555 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix,   Paradise	Valley,	AZ	{see	page	4}
555	W.	Glendale	Ave.,	Phoenix,	AZ	85021            AZ	85021	{see	page	9}
                                                                                                  April 15-19, 2013, Monday – Thursday, 8:30
September 15, Saturday, 9:00 – 11:30 am            November 1-2, Thursday & Friday,               am – 4:00 pm, Friday, 8:30 am – 12:00 noon
Volunteer Orientation to help homebound            8:30 am – 4:00 pm                              Foundations of Faith Community Nursing
adults, Epworth United Methodist Church,           Congregational Health Leader Training, Duet,   Course, Duet, 555 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix,
4802	N.	59th	Ave.,	Phoenix,	AZ	85033               555	W.	Glendale	Ave.,	Phoenix,	AZ	85021        AZ	85021

September 30, Sunday, 3:30 - 6:00 pm               November 7, Wednesday, 8:30 am – 1:30 pm       April 28, 2013, Sunday, 1:30 pm
Partner	Appreciation	Dinner,	El	Zaribah	           Surviving the Holidays, Church of the          Jazz Cabaret, Arizona Biltmore, 2400 E.
Shrine Auditorium, 552 N. 40th St., Phoenix,       Beatitudes, Lounge, 555 W. Glendale Ave.,      Missouri	Ave.,	Phoenix,	AZ	85016
AZ	85008                                           Phoenix,	AZ	85021	

October 10, Wednesday, 5:00 – 7:00 pm              November 10, Saturday, 9:00 – 11:30 am
Ambassador Training, Duet, 555 W. Glendale         Volunteer Orientation to help homebound
Ave.,	Phoenix,	AZ	85021                            adults, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 6501 N.   All events require pre-registration
                                                   39th	Ave.,	Phoenix,	AZ	85019                   with Duet. Please call 602-274-5022.

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