By Sheri Postma

The Marion County Fair livestock sale was held on Thursday, July 23, at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Knoxville, following a buyers breakfast provided by the Marion County Cattlemen and Marion County Pork Producers. The 4-H and FFA members received excellent prices from local merchants, businesses, and individuals. The youth selling livestock extend special thanks to the bidders, auctioneers, clerks, and parents that made the 2009 livestock sale a success. Auctioneers donating their time and services were Larry Cummings, Richard Hixson, Bub Hoskins, Mike Veenstra, Ray Veenstra, and Ron Rodgers. Clerking the sale were volunteers including Leslie Miller, Iowa State Savings Bank; Sandy Renard, Wells Fargo Bank, Bob Jahner, Extension Youth Committee; and Melissa Davis, Farm Service Agency. To begin the auction, Williams Funeral Home paid $15 for each bird in Attylissa Bailey’s Champion Broiler Pen. This year, Lacey Stevenson’s Grand Champion Market Steer started off the sale. She received $1.65 a pound from Brent & Mary Hanna and Prudential 1st Realty, Knoxville & Pella. There were 49 Market Beef sold at a floor of 80¢ and 78½¢. The average price paid was $1.03 for a total amount of $14,157.22. Those purchasing market beef were: ABS Sanitation (1), Blueprint Cattle Co. (1), Brent & Mary Hanna (1), Bybee & Davis Funeral Home (1),Cargill Animal Nutrition (2), Chrisman’s Family Farm (1), Dr. Dick Yoder (1), Don & Margaret Long (1), Fareway Stores Inc., #980, Knoxville (1), Fareway Stores, Inc., #995, Pella (1), Hiemstra Farms (1), Iowa State Savings Bank (3), Knoxville Hospital & Clinic (1), Johnson Farms, Pleasantville (1), Kaisand Cattle Farm (1), Kenny & Leann Sutter (1), Knoxville Farm & Home (1), Knoxville FFA (1), Knoxville Regional Livestock Market (4), Leighton Processed Meats (2), Marion County State Bank (2), Marion County Fair Assoc. (1), Marion County Veterinary Clinic (1), Mary Hanna (1), McCorkle Hardware (2), MidwestOne Bank (2), Mike & Cathy Veenstra (1), Ozinga Feed Service (2), Pella Feed Service (2), Prudential 1st Realty of Knoxville & Pella (1), Richard Kingery (1), State Bank of Bussey (1), Tri-County Veterinary Clinic (2), Ulrich Ford, Lincoln, Mercury (3). The 109 Market Lambs and 22 Market Goats were the next to sell. The floors were 90¢ for lambs and 81¢ for Meat Goats. Pleasantville’s North End Services got the auction off to a good start by paying Jared Thill $2.10 for his 146 pound Grand Champion Lamb. The Market Lambs were sold for a total of $19,524.67 at the average price of $1.60 a pound. Prices ranged from $1.05 to $3.85. Those buying lambs were: Ben Shinn Trucking (1), Bybee & Davis Funeral Home (6), Century 21 Premier Associates (2), Crozier Seed & Crop Production ( 1), Duane Bishop Bulldozing (4), Fareway Stores Inc., #980, Knoxville (3), Fred & Sandy Agan (3), Iowa State Savings Bank (9), Jeff & Lisa Furnal (5), In Memory of Jim Goff & Bill Rinehart (2), Johnson Farms (1), Jon Johnson (2), Karen Goff, Jacobsen Travel (6), Katelyn Goff (6), Knoxville Farm & Home (1), Knoxville FFA (3), Steve Renfrow, Knoxville Insurance (3), Knoxville Lion’s Club (4), Knoxville Regional Livestock (6), Margaret Reed (4), Marion County Fair Assoc (6), Martha Reed (4) Ozinga Feed Service Inc. (2), Pella Feed Service (2), Randy Thill (2), Rich Goff (4), Roger Shinn Trucking (4), State Bank of Bussey (9), Ulrich Ford, Lincoln, Mercury (3), Vander Linden Livestock (1), and Williams Funeral Home (2). State Bank of Bussey set the stage for the Market Goats with a bid of $1.60 a pound for Garret Pettyjohn’s 99-pound Champion Wether Kid. All bidding began above 81¢, with an average price of $1.65. Others buying market goats are Brent & Mary Hanna (2), Darlene Beyer

By Sheri Postma

(2), Duane Harken (2), Earl Evinger (1), Iowa State Savings Bank (2), Fareway Stores Inc. #995, Pella ((1), Fareway Stores Inc., #980, Knoxville (1), Thelsen’s of Pella ( 3), Leighton Processed Meats (1), Precision Pulley (1), Ulrich Ford, Lincoln, Mercury (2) Vander Ploeg Bakery (2),.Williams Funeral Home (2). Pleasantville State Bank got the swine sale off to a good start by paying Madison Harken 85¢, a pound for two of her Champion Pen-of-Three Market Pigs. All bidding started at a floor price of 37¢ and went up from there, for a total of $16,999.65 spent for swine at an average price of 69¢ per pound. A total of 175 hogs were sold. The following purchased hogs at the 4-H auction. Bill Carter (2), Brent & Mary Hanna (3), Bybee & Davis Funeral Home (4), Chris Anderson (2), Community First Credit Union (5), Don & Margaret Long (12) Fareway Stores, Inc. #980, Knoxville (2), Fareway Stores Inc.#995, Pella (5), Iowa State Savings Bank (6), Jason & Jamie Reed (4), Jeff Wichhart (4), Jim & Kelly Mitchell (3), Johnson Farms (2), Kevin Johnson Trucking (2), Knoxville Regional Livestock Market (3), Larry Renard (2), Larry Schneider (11), Leighton Processed Meats (4), Marion County Fair Assoc. (3), Mark & Deb Core Family (6), Martha Reed (3), McCorkle Hardware (5), MidwestOne Bank (3), Mike & Cathy Veenstra (4), Monroe Feed Center (5), Murphy Construction (4), Myers Insurance (2), Pella Feed Service (3), Pleasantville State Bank (10), Precision Pulley (1), Prudential First, Realty, Knoxville & Pella (3), Reed’s Kone Corner (3), Re/Max Farm & Home Realty (3), Rod Van Soelen, Otter Creek Feeds (1), Shorty Wichhart (4), Steenhoek Enterprises (4), Steven Crozier (1), Stubbs Propane (1), Tri-County Veterinary Clinic (5), Tulip City Agency (3), Tyson Cattle Buyers (2), Vander Hart Farms (2), Vander Linden Livestock (3), Wichman Pig Co. (3), Williams Funeral Home (6).

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