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									Get a Job at Last with an Overdue Degree
Completing a college degree is essential in today’s world. Making your way through a career is much
more difficult without it.

This is an era of expectation. This is an era of education.

Qualifications for many entry-level positions have grown to expect a degree in the field you’re applying

In this way, the working world has changed forever. Most employees in established careers have

Beyond the Prejudices
It’s become expected to have a post-high school degree to make it into a lot of entry level jobs. Your
resume gets tossed to the wayside when you don’t have a degree.

Obtaining a degree will at least get you past the prejudices that now exist concerning those without
                              degrees. The prejudice exists because an education is valuable.

                              An education exposes you to new ideas, theories, and practices. It teaches
                              you the basics of an industry and shows you know how to work hard.

                              That’s what your employer is looking for. They are looking for assets to
                              their community.

                              A degree isn’t the only helpful thing going back to school will get you
                              though. When you go above and beyond for your education, you build
                              relationships with the professors at your disposal.

Attending a college gives you the unique opportunity to associate and build relationships with
intelligent, helpful professionals that are already working in the field. In a world dominated by getting
jobs based on “who you know” rather than “what you can do,” knowing a professor is a huge advantage.

Who You Know
Professors still work in the real world. Many are required to do research and publish papers.

They keep up with each other and build relationships with other professors with similar ideas. The
better networked you are with the teachers in your department, the better chance you can approach
them searching for a job or next level of education.

Getting an education helps you build a network. Who you know might just be what you need to get the
job you’re looking for.
Obtaining a degree offers you one more opportunity, internships. Internships boil down to real-world

Real world experience is becoming a necessity to getting an entry level position. An internship or two is
sure to get you considered for a position.

Internships can be harder to come by when you are not
actively pursuing an education. Colleges and universities are
uniquely placed to attract companies to them.

An internship office in your department will have all of the
information on the most recent internship opportunities
opening up. Reenrolling in classes will help you gain access to
those resources and opportunities once again.

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