6.4 File Naming Convention – Remittance Advice by p0mk8


									Technical Specifications Interface to Health Care Systems        Machine Readable Output Specifications

6.4 File Naming Convention – Remittance Advice
EDT and 3.5" High Density Diskettes

Output file will have file names in the following format:

 P        Month            Group Number or Provider Number                 Sequence Number

Example:         PA123456.001 or PA1234.001
Field 1          P represents the output indicator
Field 2          Alpha representation for current processing cycle
                 (e.g., A for January, B for February)
Field 3          Health care provider’s registered group number
                 or solo health care provider number
Field 4          Three digit sequence number assigned by
                 the ministry

3490 Tape Cartridges

     3490 tape cartridges must use standard labels with file name

File compression is now available via Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) for the
Remittance Advice (RA) Claim Report.

The extension of the compressed file received in the EDT mailbox will be .zip (refer to Electronic
Data Transfer – File Compression).


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