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               “Motivational Speaker Honors February is Youth Leadership Month with Advice on
                                          Preparing for the Future”

          SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – February 16, 2009 – In times of economic crisis, it is important to remember
          it’s America’s youth who have the power to change our future. That is why Captain Karen Kahn is
          honoring Young Leadership Month, by offering practical advice to help prepare today’s youth for a
          future of career and personal success.

          Having spent the last 30+ years at 30,000 feet with other people’s lives in her hands, Captain Kahn
          certainly has mastered the art of confidence, determination, communication and professional and
          personal growth. Today, as an inspirational speaker, author, career counselor, environmental activist
          and one of the few pioneering female pilots still working, she is motivating and inspiring young people
          on how they too can harness their inner Captain and soar through their careers and lives embodying
          these traits

          Captain Kahn says despite the current economy now is the time for America’s youth to pursue an active
          leadership role if they want to help steer the direction of our country. Captain Kahn’s book, Flight Guide
          for Success, offers a systematic process for achieving ones goals in their careers and future.

           Flight Guide for Success gives anyone looking to advance in his or her career practical and wise
          advice. “Use your assertiveness in a responsible manner. If you see something that needs attention,
          mention it now for a quick resolution,” Captain Kahn states.

          Despite the book’s job-specific sub title: Tips & Tactics for the Aspiring Pilot, Kahn assures its methods
          are applicable to all industries and applicants in all stages of the career path process especially our
          youth preparing for the future. Organized into nine comprehensive chapters, the book provides practical
          guidance for making the right career choices, including sections of the book that cover:

                     Problem Solving
                     Managing time, resources, and crises
                     Decision making
                     Political and people skills

          As a woman who has succeeded for 30 + years in a male-dominated industry and career, Captain
          Kahn lays it on the line. Captain Kahn provides today’s youth the confidence needed to achieve their
                 800 Garden Street, Suite B                     Santa Barbara, CA 93101                805.969.3744 T 805.969.3697 F

          goals during Youth Leadership month. Her no-nonsense style and prose illustrate the underlying point
          that honesty and integrity, along with humility and transparency, matter not only in an airline career, but
          also in life.

          Flight Guide for Success retails for $19.95 + $4.50 for shipping and handling and is available online at

          About Captain Karen Kahn
          Prior to starting her airline career in 1977, she instructed at the Sierra Academy in Northern California
          and operated her own weekend ground school teaching Private, Commercial and Instrument courses.

          As a professional speaker, Kahn has presented numerous career workshops and professional aviation
          events helping audiences of all ages reach their personal career goals. She also provides professional
          advice, personal resources management, and airline interview coaching through her firm Aviation
          Career Counseling (www.aviationcareercounseling.com).

          She holds ratings through Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), including type ratings on the Boeing 757/767
          and McDonnell-Douglas MD-80. She was the first woman to be type-rated in a Lockheed JetStar. Her
          other ratings include: CFII MEI, Flight Engineer, Turbojet, Seaplane, Helicopter, and the coveted
          Master CFI (MCFI) designation from the National Association of Flight Instructors.

          For more information, to schedule an interview or for a review copy of Flight Guide for Success, contact
          Renee Cooper at Christie Communications: (805) 962-1347 or rcooper@christiecomm.com.


                 800 Garden Street, Suite B                     Santa Barbara, CA 93101                805.969.3744 T 805.969.3697 F

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