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									         ADVICE ON HOW TO
         Written by Claudia R Kalay,
Page 1   October 2009

                Clicking here will allow you to
                change the method of calculation.
                There are two types- Standard and
                Full economic costing. – see next
                page of guide

              These two fields will only appear if you
              have chosen full economic costing

            FTE refers to the FTE of your
            employment contract. It is best to make
            all calculations for 100% employment. –
            This field is not meant to be adjusted for
            calculating the percentage of time
            worked on the project!
                    Standard: uses FTE percentage to
                    calculate the cost, the percentage can
                    be chose on Page 2, see below – e.g.
                    useful when you have an RA who will
                    be 0.5FTE

                    Full economic costing: allows you to
                    calculate hours per year or week or
Switching between   day- useful for investigator time.
Standard and Full
Economic Costing    Both methods are based on the same
                    standard hours of 1650 for a full-time

                    When you choose ‘Full economic
                    costing’ you will be present with
                    further boxes to amend standard
                    hours. Please make no changes to
                    the default values! Click the orange
                    button the return to Page 1.
Page 1 continued

                   In case you are a Professor you
                   need to choose – ‘User defined’ as
                   Staff category.

                   If you are a lecturer, reader or do
                   costing for a researcher leave the
                   default staff category and choose the
                   required scale point – The scale
                   points are updated by City University
                   and reflect the most current pay
      If you are a Professor choose
      ‘User Defined’

Enter your annual salary here.
In case you are less than full-
time, divide your salary by
your FTE to get the full-time
equivalent and leave FTE(%)
at the default value
Page 2                                 Start and End dates
                                       for the costing

                                           The increment day
                                           is always 1

                                     Please choose the correct
                                     method. The default is
                                     Standard, which includes
                                     increments and inflation. This
                                     should be used normally.
                                     Some charities want salaries
                                     to be calculated without
         Clicking her would take     inflation – use ‘Include
         your to a screen to         increments but not inflation’
         adjust the inflation        Research Councils need
         included- please leave it   calculation without inflation -
         at default values           use the appropriate method.
                 Usually discretionary points are left out
                 of the calculation – if you intend to
Page 2 ctd       progress a researcher to a
                 discretionary point you need to include
                 this by ticking the box

             Adjust the month to the month
             when the project ends – this will
             give you the end result per
             project years

               If you have chosen Standard
               on Page 1, you need to enter
               the FTE to be costed here.

               If you have chosen ‘Full
               economic costing’ leave the
               default at 100%
                   This is the results page which should
                   be printed or exported to Excel and
                   forwarded together with the AGC and
                   the fEC spreadsheet in the internal
                   approval process.

Page 3 – Results

                   By clicking ‘Back to last page’ you
                   can return to Page 1 and repeat
                   another costing without loosing the
                   settings on Page 2

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