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					Interview with Rt. Hon. Jake Shopland, Government Minister:

Do you like being the Government Minister? -Yes,
because it’s very important!

Does anyone work with you in the play? – No, but
in real life I work with the Prime Minister, Mr
Neville Chamberlain.

Are you confident being a Government Minister?
–Yes because I know what I’m doing.

How do you feel about sending the children to the country? - I feel fine
about it because I know they’re going to be safe.

Do you think the play is fun? - Yes it is because you get to act and try
different thing.

Are you enjoying the rehearsals? - Well, yes because you get to see other
people act and learn new friends.

Do you think you will get your lines right? - Yes because I‘ve practiced
a lot.

Is it hard to learn all of your lines? - Yes, because I’ve got quite a few!

Is it hard to find a costume for your part? - Not for me because all I
have to come in with is a suit but for other people it’s hard.

Interview by Rose Pulsford and Nicole Thi

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