Annex “D”

                              Liwasang Bonifacio Manila

                         TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Project:      Renovation of PPSB Legaspi Branch
Location:     GF GAST Bldg. Legaspi City

   1. General Conditions:
        a. Plans and specifications – any specifications stated in the scope of works
            but not reflected on plans and vice versa shall be considered and shall take
            effect as if shown or stated in both. In case of discrepancy verifications
            with the project Engineer shall be initiated.
        b. Bill of quantity – The bill of quantity shall serve as reference and shall in
            no case be the only detailed basis of bids. Bids should be based on the
            plans, scope of works, specifications and bill of quantity.
        c. Scope of work – the scope shall cover the supply of materials, delivery,
            installation, fabrication, and construction including supply of labor, tools
            and equipment for the completion of the project.
        d. Materials – all materials shall be supplied by the contractor based on the
            specifications provided by the Bank or in other case as mandated by the
            existing codes pertaining to each engineering field. All materials shall be
            brand new, heavy duty and according to specifications except in other
            instances where existing materials will be recycled as indicated in the
            scope of work or plans.
        e. Samples of the finishing materials, fittings, hardware, fixtures and the like,
            shall be approved by the Bank or the Project Engineer before installation.
        f. Permits – all permits required by law or ordinances shall be obtained and
            paid by the Bank, processing and follow-ups shall be with the assistance
            of the contractor.
        g. Changes – no changes, variations or alterations shall be done by the
            Contractor without approval of the Bank or the Project Engineer. In case
            of conflict in design and scope of works the contractor shall consult with
            the project engineer before executing any of the works stated.
        h. Fixtures – all fixtures to be installed should be brand new and duly
            approved by the end-user or project engineer before installation.

   2. Specifications and Finishes:
         a. Site preparation – the site or building shall be clear from organic
             materials, rubbish or loose materials and shall be properly graded. Care
             shall be observed to protect existing embedded utility lines.

b. Concrete and masonry – shall be in conformity with the standards of
   Portland cement.
         i. Water – shall be free from oil, acid, alkaline, organic materials and
            other substances that can affect the concrete mixture.
        ii. Mixtures- Class “B” – (1:3) concrete shall be used for all CHB
            mortar, on which CHB partitions shall be reinforced with 10mm
            RSB spaced 500mm OC and every 3 layers. Class “A” (1:2:4) shall
            be used for Vault.
       iii. Pouring – the project engineering shall be present in concrete
            pouring for reinforcement and mixture verification.
c. Finishes – all concrete surfaces (if any) shall be plastered in 20mm thick
   finish, toilets, lavatories and baths shall be finished with 8 x 8 ceramic
   tiles, vitrified for flooring and glazed for walling with tile trim.
d. Metal works – steel works shall be in accordance with the AISC
e. Plumbing and sanitary –All works shall be done under the supervision of a
   master plumber and shall be in accordance with the latest plumbing code.
f. Electrical works – all electrical works shall be under the direct supervision
   of a Master Electrician or a licensed Electrical Engineer. Wire and
   electrical fittings and accessories shall be brand new, branded and heavy
g. Painting – surfaces to be painted shall be smoothly prepared, smooth
   straight and free from bulges. Latex paints shall be used in concrete
   walling, ceilings other than acoustic boards shall be in flat latex white,
   baseboards, cornice, cabinets, shelves and other fabricated furniture shall
   be in duco or automotive paint finish. Color shall be verified by the Bank
   or the Project Engineer before application. The following colors shall be
         i. Interior wall – Semi gloss Boysen Shaded Ice P13
        ii. Exterior wall – Semi Gloss Boysen Shaded Ice P13
       iii. Cornice, baseboard, door jambs, doors – Boysen Oxford Blue P32,
            Automotive sprayed finish
       iv. Plywood ceiling – Flat Latex White
        v. Cabinets, jambs, doors and shelves – Boysen French Silver P30,
            automotive sprayed finish
h. Doors and windows – doors and windows shall have the description
   indicated in the plan.
i. Cornice and baseboard – cornice and baseboard shall be 1 x 3, 1 x 2 (CR)
   and 1 x 4 respectively and shall be automotive paint finish, sprayed.
j. Counter tops – Teller and New Accounts/Loans counter top shall be
   granite slab dark design, (black galaxy) with double nosing. Teller’s
   working counter shall be laminated with Formica, light wooden color.
k. LAN – Conduit for LAN cables to homerun/Server area shall be provided
   by the contractor. Use PVC ½” dia pipe.

l. Lighting and Auxiliary – Fluorescent lights shall be 2’ x 4’ in size with 2-
   40watts fluorescent, Outlets and switches shall be “Panasonic” wide series
   national brand silver metallic color and design.
m. Electrical panels and wires shall be of industrial type and heavy duty.
   Circuit breakers should be bolt type, and brand new.
n. Water closet – water closet, if any, should be branded type, large in size,
   two pieces type and with complete heavy-duty fittings including bidet.
o. Urinal – if required, male urinal should be “falcon water free” water less
   type or water flush type with heavy duty sloan valve.
p. Cash safe - shall be type 4229 Protech with installed time delay lock.
q. Cash Vault door - shall have 115 mm barrier thickness, 4 in 1 type, 4
   combinations with built in emergency breathing tube and time piece dials.
r. Blinds – Blinds shall be roller type semi blackout, gray fabric color,
   woven design.
s. Modular Partition – shall be aluminum framed powder-coated, Fabric shall
   be royal blue color.
t. Windows and glass door (Main) – Main Door and window frames shall be
   frameless type, holder shall be powder coated aluminum type royal blue.
u. Doorknobs – Doorknobs shall be Yale type, or equivalent heavy duty
   brand, silver color.
v. Drawer handle – shall be silver color, verify design.
w. Tile works – Granite tiles works should be smoothly set with minimal
   spacing between tiles. Verify before installation.

                                 Prepared by:

                                         ENGR. REXON M.MATIBAG
                                         Project Engineer


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