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									                                                         United Love Letters
                                                                 A ministry publication of
                                                    United Love Baptist Church,
                                                     11487 Flowe’s Store Road
                                           Midland, North Carolina 28107 704-455-9611
                                                     Rev. Marvin Tyson, pastor
                                          March 2009                                                            No. 3

                Calendar of Events                                                           You’ve probably experienced
Monday, March 2                                                                              it. The storm rolled in without
        7:00 p.m.       Deacons                                                              warning. You made a dash
Saturday, March 7                                                                            for inside. Maybe you were
       GO Club Day Trip to NC Transportation Museum                                          too late and got soaked.
Sunday, March 15                                                                             Maybe you made it with
        Baptismal Service                                                                    seconds to spare. Either way,
Wednesday, March 18 Caswell Deposit Due                          Live With Urgency:
                                                                                             you moved with urgency,
Thursday, March 19                                                Sowing Together            knowing what would happen
       10:00 a.m.       Sunshine Women on Mission                    for Harvest             if you didn’t!
Tuesday, March 24                                                   John 4:35-37
        6:30 p.m.       Children’s Ministry Board                                            Try to imagine the
Sunday, March 29                                                 consequences that face more than 251 million people in
        The Observance of the Lord’s Supper                      North America who are lost. They are truly caught in a
                                                                 great storm – hopeless – unless we tell them about Jesus
                                                                 and they decide to run into His loving arms. Southern
        Daylight Savings Time begins                             Baptists must live with urgency to sow down the gospel.
              Sunday, March 8.
    Be sure to “spring forward” one hour!                        Jesus gives us the mandate to go, but He also says we
                                                                 need to do it together. We must sow together for harvest,
                                                                 sharing the gospel with everyone, everywhere, and by
              Weekly Opportunities                               every means possible. More than 5,500 North American
Sunday                                                           missionaries are working alongside your church in the
       9:30 a.m.       Sunday School                             field, sowing with a passion and commitment to serve
      10:30 a.m.       Morning Worship                           Christ in all they do. Your generous gifts to the Annie
Wednesday                                                        Armstrong Easter Offering® allow us to saturate the fields
       6:00 p.m.       Fellowship Meal (reservations required)   with seeds of the gospel for God’s glory. Our goal this
       6:30 p.m.       Children’s Choirs                         year is $65 million – a truly God-size goal, but one that
       7:00 p.m.       Adult Bible Study, Youth                  can be reached as Southern Baptists see the mission
                       Mission Friends, GA’s, RA’s               field that is North America and join us in living with
        8:00 p.m.      Adult Choir Practice                      urgency, sowing together for harvest.
        8:30 a.m.      United Breakfast Club (CJ’s Grill)        Geoff Hammond
                                                                 President, North American Mission Board
     Deadline for the April 2009 Newsletter
            Sunday, March 15, 2009                                 Of your gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering,
                                                                  100% is used to support North American Mission Board
Contact us …                                                        missionaries and their ministries. Prayer guides and
United Love Baptist Church – unitedlove@ctc.net                   designated offering envelopes for this year’s offering will
Rev. Marvin Tyson – revtyson@ctc.net                             be included in the March 8 bulletin. The ingathering of our
Lisa Hinson, Adm. Assistant – l.hinson@ctc.net                        gifts will be held on Palm Sunday, April 5, 2009.
                       Dear church family,                          On the GO …
                      Are you changing? Do you need to              The GO Club’s next meeting will be on Saturday, March 7
                      change? I think we all have things            and will be a day trip to the NC Transportation Museum in
                      we like to change. I know I do. This          Spencer, NC. Their April 4 meeting will be day trip to
                      past Wednesday, February 25, we               Salisbury, NC for the trolley tour.
began the season of Lent. Not counting Sundays, Lent is
the forty days before Easter. It is the time we prepare
ourselves for Easter. This year’s theme of the season for           Our Church Family…
Lent for our church deals with “Becoming a Butterfly.” As
you know, before a butterfly becomes a butterfly, it begins              Our new church members are Heather Ashley, Lisa
as a caterpillar, then the caterpillar spends time within a               Hoggard, and Jennifer Tyson. Welcome to the
cocoon, and out of the cocoon it becomes a beautiful                      ULBC family!
butterfly. The season of Lent is the time that we go in our              Christian sympathy is extended to Ray Potter and
cocoon and work on the changes that God can make                          family at the death of his father, William Potter and to
within our lives. Are you willing for him to make those                   Edward Estridge and family at the death of his aunt,
changes in your life? If you are, you will become the                     Stella Riley.
beautiful creation that you were made to be. Our theme                   Congratulations to Tracy, Nina, and Ryan Collins on
scripture is 2 Corinthians 5:17,”Therefore, if anyone is in               the February 2nd birth of their daughter and sister,
Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed                      Ella Kate Collins. Ella’s grandparents are Johnny
away; behold, all things have become new.”                                and Lisa Smith. Her great-grandparents are Leroy
                                                                          and Madeline Haigler.
For a caterpillar to become this beautiful butterfly, it takes           Congratulations to Sidney, Brandy, and Samantha
lots of work, changes, and struggle to tear out of the                    Evans on the February 1st birth of their son and
cocoon in the end. We, too, must struggle to let go of                    brother, Seth Alexander Evans. Seth’s grandparents
those things we need to change. Let God be in control                     are Rod and Kathi Teets. His great-grandmother is
within our cocoon and struggle to make those changes                      Mildred Hall.
we need to make to be the beautiful person God wants us                  Cindy Benton would like to express her appreciation
to be. In the end, your life will be beautiful and fulfilling for         for the expressions of love and concern shown to her
a life of joy. I am looking forward to seeing what you will               during her recent surgery and recovery. The cards,
turn out to be.                                                           calls, and visits brightened her days. Most of all,
                                                                          thank you for your prayers.
As always, I love you.
                                                                         Mildred Hall would like to thank everyone for your
                                                                          prayers for her great-grandson, Daniel Hale. After 4
Rev. Marvin Tyson                                                         years of service in the Marines and 2 tours of Iraq,
                                                                          his commitment is now over and he is at home with
                                                                          his family.
                                                                         Marti McKinley would like to thank each one for the
                           Baptist Children’s Homes of                    love and concern shown to her through the
                         NC Food Round-up! Collection                     outpouring of the cards, calls, food, and visits. Most
                         dates for this year’s round-up will              importantly, thank you for your prayers.
                             be April 1 through April 26.
                         Complete information including a
                          list of acceptable donations will                                          Given by family and friends,
     be included in the April newsletter and bulletins.                                                you are cordially invited
                                                                                                     to attend a baby shower for
                                                                                                       Marty Montague Barrett
         Youth Summer Camp at Caswell                                                                 on Sunday, March 15 from
    Monday, July 27 through Saturday, August 1                          2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall. Marty is
  Cost for the week is $197.00. If you plan on going to                        registered at Babies R Us and Wal-Mart.
camp this summer, a non-refundable deposit of $98.50                                     Think blue – It’s a boy!
is due in the church office by Wednesday, March 18.
                    He Lives Easter Celebration           Our Gifts to United Love
                         Saturday, April 4
                                                          February 1    Sunday school: 126; Worship: 147
                       2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.                            Budget offering: $5,128.13
                   All children ages birth through 5th                  Senior Adult Fund: $25.00
                   grade are invited to attend for an     February 8    Sunday school: 128; Worship: 155
afternoon of fun, snacks, and a special Easter message.                 Budget offering: $4,053.25
                                                                        NC WMU Heck-Jones Offering: $4.00
                                                          February 15   Sunday school: 124; Worship: 159
Celebrating Their Anniversary…                                          Budget offering: $6,277.55
                                                                        NC WMU Heck-Jones Offering: $315.00
       March 3         Tim and Hope Phillips
       March 4         Patrick and Melinda Shultz
                                                          2009 Budget Required: $308,039.18
       March 4         Jack and Shirley Earley
                                                          Weekly Budget Required for 2009 Budget: $5,923.83
       March 17        David and Peggy Barbee
                                                          2009 Budget Required through Feb. 15: $41,466.81
       March 18        Shaun and Megan Peterson
                                                          2009 Budget Received through Feb. 15: $35,124.76
       March 27        Steve and Cindy Carter
                                                          2009 Budget ( + or - ) for the year: - $6,342.05
       March 31        Coy and Margaret McManus

Celebrating Their Birthday…
       March 3         Haley Bass
       March 5         Amie Coleman
       March 5         Caren Gober
       March 5         Chris Parks
       March 6         Al Rasberry                        Gideons International
       March 7         Leah Smith                               In memory of William Potter
       March 8         Megan Peterson
                                                                By United Love Baptist Church
       March 9         Christina Helms
       March 13        Wanda Brooks                       Senior Adult Fund
       March 18        Brian Ward                                In memory of Marvin McManus
       March 18        Tom Webb                                          By Mrs. Coy McManus
       March 19        Carsen Masterton
       March 19        Patty Loux                         Cemetery Fund
       March 20        Patrick Shultz                           In memory of Marvin McManus
       March 20        Shirley Thompson                                 By Kenan and Brook Walker, Leroy and
       March 20        Tripp Mabrey                                     Karen McManus, Donald and Yvonne
       March 23        Gloria Mewborn                                   Haverlah, Dot Vanderburg, and Robert
       March 25        Carissa Armer                                    and Gloria McGrath
       March 25        Doug Flowe
       March 25        Marty Montague Barrett             Baptist Sharing House
       March 26        Ashley Webb                                In memory of Marvin McManus
       March 27        Janice Brewer                                     By The Doug McCoy Family and Dalton
       March 28        Brad Furr                                         McCoy
       March 28        Doug Hatley
       March 28        Natalie Hawley
       March 28        Shayne Hatfield
       March 29        Butch Nicholson
       March 30        Austin Kee
       March 30        John Hawley                          Mark Your Calendars for VBS: August 2 – 6
       March 31        Clifford Burris                    Boomerang Express - It All Comes Back to Jesus
       March 31        Kelly McPherson
       March 31        Meredith Huneycutt
UNITED LOVE BAPTIST CHURCH                                                           NON-PROFIT ORG.
11487 FLOWE’S STORE ROAD                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
MIDLAND, NORTH CAROLINA 28107                                                              PAID
Rev. Marvin Tyson, Pastor                                                              MIDLAND, NC
Mrs. Faye Tucker, Minister of Music                                                    PERMIT NO. 5
Mrs. Lisa Hinson, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Matthew Primm, Accompanist                                               ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
Mrs. Tammy Lambert, Accompanist
Mrs. Teresa Caudle, Custodian

                      “… having the same love, united in spirit and purpose.” Philippians 2:2b

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