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					 Certified Business Analysis
 Professional™ (CBAP®)
Application Appeal Process

        October 27, 2009
1. Purpose:
    This document is intended to document the process that the International Institute of
    Business Analysis (IIBA®) Certification Program will follow to process all declined
    Certification applications that are appealed for any reason. It will document the entire
    process beginning with the receipt of the decline notice by the applicant through the sending
    of the result of the appeal review process to the applicant. The result of the appeal must be
    sent back to the applicant within 2 weeks of the date the Certification team received the
    completed appeal form.

    There is a separate process to cover the appeal/review process for a failed CBAP® exam.

2. The Certification Appeal Committee:
    The Reviewers will be appointed by the Certification Body. Each Reviewer and the Chair
    must be a CBAP® recipient.

    The process and length of the appointments will be determined by the Certification Body. It
    is expected that a Reviewer will disqualify themselves (and be replaced for the particular
    appeal by the Certification Body) from an appeal if they anticipate any conflict for a
    particular application.

    There will be three active Reviewers appointed to consider appeals. There will also be a non-
    voting Appeal Committee Chair appointed by the Certification Body.

3. The Appeal Process:
    Following is the step by step process for processing appeals of declined applications:

    1.     The applicant receives an email that his/her application to take the CBAP® exam has
           been declined. The exact reason(s) will be described in the email.

    2.     An applicant who wants to appeal the decline of their application must fill out the
           Application Appeal Form which is available on the IIBA® website. It can also be
           obtained by e-mailing certification@theiiba.org. If the applicant does not have access to
           MS Word or Word Viewer, he/she can request that the Certification team mail the appeal
           form to them and they can mail back the completed appeal form to Certification at the
           address listed on the IIBA® website.

2        11/10/2009
               a.     The completed appeal form must reference the actual decline email to allow the
                      Reviewers to tie the decline email, the appeal form and the applicant’s original
                      application together.
               b.     NOTE: Only clarification of the information provided in the original application
                      will be considered in the appeal. Therefore, applicants may not include additional
                      Work Experience hours in order to meet either the Work Experience or
                      Knowledge Area requirements, and/or include additional Professional
                      Development hours as these will not be considered by the Appeal Committee.
                      In addition, declined applications that had hours deducted from the Total BA
                      Hours field because the work experience selected was not aligned with the
                      Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) will not be considered for
                      appeal. Applicants are encouraged throughout the application process to ensure
                      that all work experience provided aligns with the Business Analysis Body of
                      Knowledge® (BABOK®). Furthermore, the instructions in the application form
                      and in the CBAP Handbook explicitly state that hours may be deducted from the
                      Total BA Hours submitted for tasks that are selected which do not align with the
                      Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®). The instructions also
                      explicitly state that this could result in the Total BA Hours falling below the
                      required amount, and thus the application being declined.
               c.     The completed appeal form must be sent, preferably via e-mail, to the
                      Certification team at certification@theiiba.org or via mail to the address listed on
                      the IIBA® website.
    3.     The appeal form is received and checked by the Certification team. The receipt time/date
           is recorded and copies sent to the Certification Appeal Committee. The Appeal
           Committee will also receive copies of the decline notice and the application. It is
           anticipated that the Certification Manager or Administrator will send an acknowledgment
           of receipt of the appeal form to the applicant within 2 business days from the date of
           receiving it.
    4.     Each Reviewer will review the original application along with the appeal form from the
           applicant and the decline notice. The Reviewer will have up to one week from the date of
           their receipt of the application to review and analyze the application, and the reason(s)
           for the decline decision to determine if they agree with it. If a Reviewer believes that they
           will not be able to meet this deadline, they must inform the Certification Appeal
           Committee Chair immediately.
    5.     During the review process, the Reviewer will consider and use sources of information
           such as the BABOK® and their own knowledge and experience.
    6.     All active Reviewers for a particular application decline must discuss the application
           among themselves prior to sending their decision to the Chair. If a Reviewer has
           questions for the applicant, these will be consolidated. One Reviewer will be chosen to
           contact the applicant via email and/or telephone. Any information gathered by the

3        11/10/2009
           Reviewers from the applicant must be completely documented on the Application Appeal
           Result form. Each Reviewer will decide to support or deny the appeal and document their
           result in their copy of the Application Appeal Result form. These completed forms will
           be sent to the Chair who will determine the result on a majority vote of the Reviewers.
    7.     The Chair will create a Letter of Appeal Result with the decision and will send it to the
           applicant via e-mail. The result will also be sent to the Certification Manager at
    8.     The decision of the Certification Appeal Committee is final and cannot be appealed or
    9.     If the appeal is granted, the applicant can take the exam exactly as they could have if
           their application had passed in the original assessment.
    10.    If the appeal is denied, the applicant can update the application and reapply according to
           the regular procedure defined in the CBAP® Handbook.
    11.    The supporting documentation for this entire process for each appeal will be filed by the
           Certification team on the IIBA® server and maintained for 7 years. The Certification
           Appeal Committee Chair will send all appeal documentation (i.e., appeal result forms,
           letter of appeal result and other supporting documentation) to the Certification team at

4        11/10/2009