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					             Butterfly bracelet makes you charming
     You may have worn attractive butterfly bracelet before. But I am sure that you haven’t worn our
     tutorial about butterfly charm bracelet today.

Butterfly bracelet of this lesson is made of paper clip. So you need to prepare several paper clips.
Besides, some tools are also necessary, for example, pliers, scissors for shearing iron and sander.
Now let’s see how to make butterfly charm bracelet with paper clips.

Materials             for         making
butterfly bracelet
   Paper clips
   Flat and cone pliers
   Scissors for shearing iron
   Sander

Ways of butterfly charm

    Step 1: make one circle
                                                           Step 2: make five circles
    Use a pair of flat pliers to clamp the paper
                                                           Clamp juncture of the circle; roll the
    clip straight. Use cone pliers to clamp the
                                                           left line to the right; and roll the
    middle of the clip; roll up the two lines from
                                                           right line to the left. Do the same to
    side to side to make a circle. Fix the circle
                                                           make another two circles. Fix the
    with the cone pliers and pull the two lines
                                                           two lines; wind them up backward.
    together. Fasten the rolled clip with the inner
    part of the cone pliers.
Step 3: the ending work
Cut the redundant with the scissors. Rub the cut part flat
with the sander. Add other finished butterflies. Cut one clip.
Roll up the end of each two line; clamp them. Lock it with the
What do you think of butterfly bracelet? Is it more peculiar
than butterfly bracelets made of other materials? Join us,
and make a butterfly charm bracelet to yourself.

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