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									New York Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group Recently Blogs About the
Importance of Land Surveying

NY Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group blogs about the necessity of land surveying.

Plainview, NY, May 20, 2013 --( Recently leading New York Land Surveyors, Ferrantello
Group talks candidly about What Land Surveying is and what is involved. They wrote about it on their
blog, here are some excerpts from it.

What is land surveying? The truth is, this profession and service is often overlooked and misunderstood.
Land surveying is the basis of everything around. Those men and women on a construction site or on the
side of the road, wearing hard hats and looking through a camera on a tripod... they are land surveyors,
who are endlessly measuring and calculating.

In the most general form, land surveying is a complex technique of measuring specific points, and the
distances and angles between them, most typically for the develop maps and architectural plans. Yet what
most do not know is that surveying not only incorporates mathematics (more specifically geometry and
trigonometry), physics, geography, engineering, and law, but the technique is a science, itself, because of
the way all of the topics blend together.

That sounds pretty fancy and complicated, which usually means important. A tiny little town, the state of
New York, and all of America, relies more heavily on land surveying than one would ever think. Here are
just a few of the most common forms of land surveying that effect everyday life:

Maps - Maps of roads, routes, towns, states, etc. are all based on the foundation of surveying. Measuring
lengths of roads, the distance between one landmark to another, the angles and slopes at which the surface
runs... in order to create an accurate map, someone has to figure this all out and put the pieces of
information together.

Property lines - The only way to figure out where one piece of property starts and the other begins is
through land surveying, mapping and measuring the exact points. To purchase or sell any piece of
property, get ready, because an updated and precise survey is not only necessary for the title, but a
mortgage, as well.

Construction - Building a house or any other structure? The construction process is based on land
surveying because it takes those plans and surveyors physically plot and stake out the design(s) in order
to ensure that it is built in accordance to town/county/state law. Foundations must be level and structures
have to be placed in the correct spots and at the right angle. Land surveying is the answer to these issues.

Home Services- Gas lines, underground electric, sewer systems, cesspool. In order to safely install these
services and so they pass inspection, land surveyors use the codes and laws from that given area to ensure
that the cesspool is placed in the correct spot. Underground electric that runs close to gas lines, either.
Land surveying is not only used to follow codes and laws, but through measuring and mapping, an

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underground service can be located, at any given time, should it need to be fixed or so another structure
or service does not interfere with it.

Although those are only some of the more basic parts of land surveying, it is clear just home important
this science and profession is in our lives. And those men and women with the tripod-cameras, who can
hold up traffic or may simply look ridiculous... they actually turn out to be pretty important people, says a
company spokesperson. Ferrantello Group adds this important information to their blog to help educate
people who are unclear about Land Surveying.

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