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					                                Civil War Test Review (Answers)

1. What happened when the South surrendered to the North at the end of the Civil War?

   All ex-Confederates had to swore their allegiance to the United States and the

      Preservation of the Union

2. What happened to Unionists in Texas who did not support the Confederate Army?

   Possible consequences:


      -Forced to join Confederate Army

      -Killed if trying to escape to Mexico

3. What advantages did the North have over the South in the Civil War?

   More rail lines to transport supplies and soldiers, more money, more factories to produce

      Weapons and other goods for war, more population to fight in army, help from freed

      Slaves to fight in war, more horses, more weapons and ammunition, a navy, the help of the

      Bessemer steal making process to produce steel cheap and efficiently

4. Why did southerners fear the rise of the Republican party?

    Republicans want to abolish slavery, and institution that the South depended on to make


5. What happened to captured soldier?

   (use #2)

6. What states seceded (left) the union?

    Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tenessee, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana,

       Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, West Virginia, Misouri
7. Who are the following people and what did they do?

       a. Francis Lubbock:

           first confederate governor of Texas after Houston resigns.

           He was so dedicated to the cause that he wore his own homespun suit to his


       b. John Bell Hood:

          Leader of the Confederacy’s Hood’s Texas Brigade

         Most notable battle Seven Day’s Campaign. Ft. Hood in Killeen is named for him

       c. John Reagan

         Served in the cabinet of Confederate President Jefferson Davis as Postmaster General

       d. Thomas Green

            Colonel of the Fifth Texas Volunteer Cavalry which was part of the brigade led by

       Sibley and invaded New Mexico to claim the territory for the Confederacy.

       e. John Magruder

       Commanded the Confederate forces in Texas

       Retook Galveston by attacking Union ships using steamboats converted to gunboats by

       lining the sides with cotton bales to protect the riflemen.

8. Why did Sam Houston resign as Texas Governor?

    Didn’t believe in secession or slavery, would rather Texas be part of U.S. or Independent.

       He also knew the advantages the North had over the South and knew South would not win.
9. How did Texas help the Confederate War effort?

    Texas provided men, food, weapons, and horses for the war effort.

10. From whom did Texans learn the Civil War ended?

     Captured Union Soldiers

11. Which Union strategy affected the south the most? Why do you think this is?

     Naval Blockade: Stopped Southern Supply Lines from the Gulf (except for Galveston)

12. Describe a typical confederate soldier:

     Gray Uniforms, Usually carried their own guns and wore a home-spun uniform.

13. What made Texas different from other southern states?

    Their economy was not as bad as the rest of the United States because their land was not as

    damaged from war as other Southern States, and many farmers began growing wheat and corn

    instead of cotton as demand for food crops increased.

     No major battles were fought in Texas- so the state did not suffer any major destruction

14. What was the first Battle of the Civil War in Texas?  Battle of Galveston

    What was the last? Battle of Palmito Ranch

15. Describe the purpose of sending Union troops to Sabine Pass.

     to cut off Texas’s railroad connection to Louisiana

16. Describe women’s roles on the home front during the Civil War. Why do you think their roles

    were changing?

     Nurses, healed the sick, owned plantations, farmed, started working in factories, managed

        family businesses, sewed uniforms

     They were changing because men went off to fight in the war. Someone had to handle stuff

        at home!

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