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									Joint Family Support Assistance Program
The Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP) is a Service and family member support
team located at National Guard Joint Headquarters in Latham, NY. Started in 2007, JFSAP is a
Department of Defense program located in all states and territories. The JFSAP team covers
all of New York State and works directly with Service- and family members from all branches of
the military, with a special emphasis on reaching out to those who are geographically
dispersed from military installations.

The Military OneSource JFSAP Consultant, Alicia Russo, possesses an in-depth knowledge
regarding Military OneSource, and other military- and community-specific programs and benefits,
to facilitate connecting Service- and family members with resources that will meet their particular
needs. Ms. Russo is also available to provide briefings to Command and Staff, Service Members,
family groups, and other community service providers regarding the JFSAP and Military

Our JFSAP team also consists of two Military and Family Life Consultants. Our a Child & Youth
Behavioral Military Family Life Consultant (CYB MFLC), Jolene Kent-Stanley’s, MSW, primary focus
in on issues affecting children birth - 18 years of age. The Adult Military Family Life Consultant’s
(MFLC’s) primary focus is on issues affecting those 18 years and older. Our MFLC position is
current open with Jolene covering the MFLC. These team members are licensed mental health
therapists providing non-medical, short-term, psychological consultation and referral services to
individuals, couples, families, and groups. Issues the MFLC and CYB are best able to assist with
include those things that would generally be considered “situational or transitional” in nature and
could reasonably be expected to last no longer than 6 months. Examples of issues MFLCs assist
with are:
     • Educational concerns;
     • Transition, grief, and loss;
     • Coping successfully with deployment and reunification;
     • Stress and time management:
     • Relationship, family, and parenting issues;
     • Decision making and goal planning; and
     • Effective communication skills.

Additionally, the JFSAP team is partnering with Federal, State, and local service providers and
programs. Our goals are 1) to assist programs in learning about the strengths and needs of
the military living within local communities, 2) learn what resources are already in place, or are
being developed that would be of benefit to military families, and 3) and to develop additional
resources, networks, and supports that will directly improve the quality of life for all Service
Members and their families living in New York State.

Military OneSource Consultant                     Child and Youth Behavioral MFLC
Alicia Russo                                      Jolene Kent-Stanley, MSW
518-265-2901                                      518-538-0894      

National Guard Bureau Psychological Health Program
The mission of the National Guard Psychological Health Program is to advocate, promote, and
guide National Guard members and their families by supporting psychological fitness for
operational readiness. The Psychological Health Program was designed to address the unique
challenges that National Guard members face:
    •   NG armories and wings are community based and seldom within the catchment area of
        military treatment facilities.
    •   All care is received externally received thru TRICARE, Veterans Health Administration
        (VA) and private health insurance provided through a Guard’s member’s or spouse’s
        civilian employer.
    •   National Guard members live the life of a civilian prior to and following deployment; most
        train once a month in a small unit that does not have embedded mental health workers;
        they must rely on community resources to assist them in their readjustment.
    •   We recognize TBI, PTSD, mental and emotional disorders, alcoholism and/or other drug
        abuse are treatable conditions. Anyone suffering from these conditions should receive

Our New York National Guard Director of Psychological Health (DPH), Dr. Joan Sincavage’s
primary focus is to assess, guide and assist Guard members and their families who may be
experiencing any sequela associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain
injury (TBI), and suicidal ideation. Any Guard member and their family can seek psychological
counseling, advice, referral, guidance and information about local and state resources available to
address any significant mental health concern. Services the Director of Psychological Health is
able to provide include:

    •   Screenings and mental health evaluations for PTSD, TBI, suicidality and other significant
        behavioral health concerns and issues;
    •   Service member assessment, case management, referral and follow up to appropriate
        mental health resources;
    •   Crisis intervention and suicide threat response;
    •   Suicide prevention, anger management, anxiety management, behavioral and/or mental
        health issues within units;
    •   Education, training, and consultation for leadership, families, guard members, state and
        community organizations; and
    •   Building networks to assist Guard members living in geographically dispersed areas.

NYNG Director of Psychological Health
Joan Sincavage, PhD

If you have any questions regarding a Service of family member, please do not hesitate to
contact any one of us and we will provide you the supports you need.

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