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					                                     Parish Plans Grant

                                     Award letter

                                                                                   28 October 2009
Geoff Ward
9 Chapel Close
South Stoke

Parish Plans Grant: South Stoke Plan
1. The grant panel has considered your application dated 19 October 2009 for the above
project and hereby awards South Stoke Parish Council a grant not exceeding £1500.00.

2. The Parish Plan grant award is subject to the Terms and Conditions and Agreement signed
   and submitted with your application.

3. The grant will be made in one payment and will be made in advance of expenditure. A
   payment for £1500 will be made directly into your Parish Council’s bank account.

4. As agreed within the terms and conditions sent out with your application:
   (a) You will need to keep evidence about how the grant is spent and this must be available
         for inspection if requested, e.g. invoices, evidence of your own cash and in-kind
         contributions. A fully detailed Statement of Income and Expenditure itemising individual
         component costs and certified by your accountant should be submitted to ORCC upon
         completion of the Parish Plan.
   (b) In the event that the final total project costs are lower than those set out in this Grant
         Award letter, ORCC may require the unspent amount to be repaid in full. ORCC will only
         contribute towards the cash costs actually incurred. Your in-kind and cash contributions
         will be fixed at the percentage of final project cost.
    (c) If you are to claim VAT, the grant will be limited to expenditure exclusive of VAT.
    (d) You will send ORCC quarterly progress reports.

5. If you have any queries regarding your Parish Plan grant please contact me at the address

Yours sincerely,

Anton Nath
Anton Nath,
Community Development Worker

                            Oxfordshire Rural Community Council
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