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					The Journey Inside: The Internet
Use the link below to learn more about the Internet. Make sure to complete all
lesson activities and watch all videos found on the lesson pages.

The Journey Inside

1. What is the simplest definition of the Internet:

2. What is the “price of admission” for the using the Internet?

Lesson 1: The World Wide Web

3. Describe the beginnings of the Internet

4. Explain the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web.

5. What is HTML?

Lesson 2: What is a URL?

6. What does URL stand for?

7. Why do web pages need addresses?

Lesson 3: How Information Travels on the Internet

8. Why are there multiple paths that information can travel on the Internet?

Lesson 4: Breading Messages Into Packets

9. Describe the four parts of a packet.

10. What is the purpose of a router?

Lesson 5: Bigger is Better

11. Why is bandwidth important when using the Internet?

Lesson 6: How Computer Speeds are Measured

12. How many times faster is a 1.5 Mbps connection than a 56 Kbps connection?

13. An high resolution picture may be around 2 MB in size. How long would that file
take to download on a 56.6 Kb modem? How long would it take on DSL or Cable?
Lesson 7: Information on the Internet

14. Why do you need to be careful about things you read on the Internet?

15. How can you be a savvy Internet user?

Lesson 8: Connecting Wirelessly

View the wireless diagram:

16. What types of waves are used to transmit information wirelessly?

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