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									6.      System infrastructure requirements (SIR)

6.1     External Hardware

O’Toole’s Gardening Services Pty Ltd, including all of its staff and major stakeholders, has direct or
indirect interactions with the following important external hardware:

6.1.1   Client Hardware:

On-site Workstation (A), which is the main personal computer (PC) used by Mr. Damon O’Toole (Owner
and Operator, O’Toole’s Gardening Services Pty Ltd) to perform day to day business related tasks.

On-site Workstation (B), which is the personal computer (PC) to be used by staff in future; additionally it
will serve as a backup option if there are any issues encountered with Workstation A. (Optional
consideration is to use Workstation B as a Print Server to network the current printer, which is to be
discussed as part of the final hardware upgrade).

Multifunction Printer / Scanner / Copier / Fax – Not Networked (will be networked once hardware
upgrade is completed, and there are two PC’s on-site)

Corded and Cordless landline telephone units

Mobile / Cellular phone devices

Modem (ADSL 2+ standard compliant once hardware upgrade is completed with integrated physical
Firewall and VoIP capabilities which are to be further discussed as part of the final hardware upgrade)

User Client, which are the personal computers, laptops and potentially smart phones used by users to
communicate with O’Toole’s Pty Gardening Services Pty Ltd via direct email; or using the Internet
through the online system developed specifically for contact purposes on the website.

6.1.2   Networks:

The Internet, which is a global network used for communication purposes among users (customers),
potential users (potential customers), suppliers, staff and O’Toole’s Gardening Pty Ltd.

Local Area Network (LAN), which is the internal local area network used for communication on-site at
O’Toole’s Gardening Services Pty Ltd, for purposes of proposed networked printing and the networking
of two PC’s (which will be available once the hardware upgrade, in which it is proposed to add an
additional PC, is completed). This would allow for a further means of communication (i.e. email, instant
messaging, etc.) among employees of the company and Mr. Damon O’Toole.

Leased Telephone Lines, which are dedicated telephone line(s) connecting O’Toole’s Gardening Services
Pty Ltd to its customers, suppliers, staff and other potential users via telephone or fax. Furthermore, a
leased line is required to connect O’Toole’s Gardening Services Pty Ltd’s on-site LAN to their Internet
Service Provider’s (ISP) gateway for Internet access and connectivity (which will be an ADSL 2+
connection once the hardware upgrade is completed).

Mobile / Cellular Phones, which are dedicated GSM/UMTS network supported devices, connecting Mr.
Damon O’Toole and all staff members of O’Toole’s Gardening Pty Ltd for internal daily business
operations, in addition to contact purposes from customers, suppliers and other potential users.

6.2       Current Hardware

         1 x Desktop PC with MS Windows XP Operating System
         1 x Single Port ADSL Modem
         1 x Multifunction Printer / Scanner / Copier / Fax (Not Networked)
         Corded and Cordless landline telephone handsets
         Mobile / Cellular phones

6.3       Area of Highest Concern and Priority

          (After initial needs analysis and consequent meetings, agreed upon by both Damon O’Toole and

      A) No Internet presence of the business, which is significantly impacting business growth and
         potential expansion in to diverse market segments. Hence, the requirement of this project.

      B) Existing Desktop PC is the only one on-site, and is very slow and rapidly deteriorating due to its

                                   Current PC General Specifications:
Processor                                           Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz CPU
System Memory                                       480 MB RAM
Hard Disk Drive                                     55 GB Capacity
Operating System                                    Windows XP

      C) Existing Internet connection with current ISP is slow, and the mailbox capacity for email is
         limited and gets filled to maximum capacity on a regular basis.

                                  Current ISP and Plan Specifications:
ISP                                                  Optus Net
Connection Speed                                     512 Kbps (Download) / 128 Kbps (Upload)
Connection Type                                      Generic ADSL
Plan Type                                            Business Internet Plan (not for sale anymore)
Contractual Obligations                              None (out of contract)
6.4   Proposed Hardware Upgrade

                             Proposed New PC Specifications:
Processor                                   Intel Core i3-530 2.93 GHz CPU (4MB Cache)
System Memory                               2 GB DDR3 RAM
Hard Disk Drive                             1 TB Capacity
Operating System Options                    Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3) or
                                            Windows 7 Professional
Optical Drive                               DVD / CD Combo Drive (24x R / RW)
Graphics Card (Optional)                    Gigabyte Nvidia GT220 1GB, 128 Bit, GDDR3

6.5   Proposed ISP and Internet Access Upgrade

                           Proposed ISP and Plan Specifications
ISP                                          TPG Internet Services
Connection Speed                             20 Mbps (Download) / 1 Mbps (Upload)
Connection Type                              ADSL 2+ (with VoIP option)
Plan Type                                    Business ADSL 2+ Unlimited / 1 Mbps
Contractual Obligations                      24 Months
Modem Supplied                               Dynalink RTA1046VW (IEEE 802.11 b / g Wireless,
                                             4 Port Ethernet Switch, Physical Firewall, VoIP

6.6   Registration of Domain Name(s) and Web Hosting Solution Required

                 Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Package
Domain Names Registered          and
                                 for 2 years each
Web Hosting Package Purchased             Rapid VPS Cpanel Shared (10 GB Hard Drive Space
                                          and 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth) for 1 year

                       Core Advantages of Rapid VPS Cpanel include:

Ease-of-use and simple management options for Mr. Damon O’Toole; to maintain and
administer the system using Cpanel, an all-in-one solution for administration and
maintenance purposes.

Five Databases included, accommodating the needs of potential future growth and change in

Fantastico Scripts included, a package containing various Web Content Management Systems
(Web CMS’) such as Joomla and Drupal, in addition to WordPress which is the platform used
for the current system and project.
                              Additional features include:

Unlimited email addresses ( with the domains or
SSH shell access if required
SFTP and FTP access
WebDisk and File Manager on Cpanel as alternative options to FTP
PHP and MySQL features inbuilt
Web Stats to monitor website activity
RAID 10 storage
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Fully Managed
Non-oversold Hardware
Pro-Active Server Monitoring
Dedicated IP available at no further cost if required
24/7 Premium Support

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