Tammy's Smoke Signals September Prayer Letter

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					                                         Tammy’s Smoke Signals
                                         September Prayer Letter

                                                          Fall/winter weekends that teams can come and serve
                                                          in Cherokee are:
  Sheo (Hello) from Cherokee                              September 10 – 13 & 24 – 27

                                                          October 1 – 4 & 8 – 11
The summer of 2009 was a blessed event as 600+
short-term participants emerged on Cherokee for ten       November 5 – 8 & 12 – 15
weeks. With each week holding it’s own blessings,
challenges and activities. As I wrote in my last prayer   December 3 – 6
letter this year we would be adding the community
relational visitation program to our ministry agenda.     **Also ask about our college spring break weeks in
Each week teams went out with fear and excitement         March 2010.
anticipating what they would encounter as they
                                                          For more information about these weeks please
trusted the Lord. During these visits team members
                                                          contact Mike Peifer the project administrator.
were able to connect with the Cherokee people in
various situations. Because we hadn’t done such a
ministry in many years I was unsure how the               The Sonshine Days camp week for the Cherokee
community would receive us, but teams came back           youth also went very well. Each day 80 youth would
very encouraged and blessed by their visits. Native       return for a fun day of bible study, games, crafts,
people have responded well to the “Book of Hope”          music and food. For their community project the
because it was developed specifically for them. Over-     teenage boys were able to build trashcan holders for
all we gave out about 1,000 copies of this book so        members of the Cherokee community, which were a
with 12,000 people living on the Cherokee                 big hit. I see this as being a project we can continue in
reservation we only scratched the surface. This was a     2010. The teen girls also did a service project and
great start so we plan to add this to our list of         pressure washed a home. The time spent with the
ministries that teams can chose to participate in         teens in the evening proved to strengthen the
2010.                                                     relationships with the teens. One Cherokee girl wrote
                                                          to one of the team leaders, “Thank you for showing
This summer MTW also acquired the lease of the 52         me what Jesus looks like.” And this would be a
acres in the Birdtown Community that include both         statement that would be shared with us throughout
the Goose Creek property and the Cherokee                 the 10 weeks as teams shared the Gospel through
Challenge property. Also the new family quad house        word and deed with the Cherokee people.
was completed on the Goose Creek property and the
alpine tower was fenced in and shower house was           The 2010 summer ministry program will be June 5 –
repaired. Unfortunately the house located on the          August 7th for more information contact Mike Peifer.
Cherokee Challenge property that MTW planned to
renovate was burned this summer. So plans are now         After the summer is complete I always take some
beingmade for a new building. Please pray with as         time to rest and pray about how God would like me to
we seek the Lord for his direction on how to use          approach the big task of following up on the many
this new property.                                        people the teams met each summer. I know I can’t
                                                          possibly follow up on everyone that is why I pray
                                                          about those God would have mereach out to,
                                                          especially the women and young girls.
I am also praying about possible local churches           Mackenzie Center went very well and we were all
that will be willing to assist with me with this          amazed at how the teenagers participated and
program. Please pray for God to move on the               responded to us at the health fair. For this summer’s
hearts of those He calls.                                 fair the Lummi requested we set up a mission table
                                                          showing the areas we send mission teams. We were
I will also be making my annual trip to the Chippewa      able to answer questions about missions, give out the
Reservation in Red Lake, MN this month. I and             “Book of Hope” and also several Bibles. Because of
another Cherokee lady Deb Bradley continue to             our size we were limited to only one construction
follow-up with our relationships with the Chippewa        project but this also opened opportunities to do some
women we have met in previous trips. This year we         miscellaneous projects such as yardwork, and
plan to change our ministry and focus on home visits,     general cleaning. I like these types of projects
which will include handing out the “Book of Hope”.        because we get to meet more people. God did a lot
We also like to spend some time with our special          with only a few people, and I’m very excited about
friend Becky Pollock. Please pray for this upcoming       the various ministry programs we can plan for 2010.
                                                          The weeks for the Lummi Project for 2010 are:
As far as the missionary team Ronny & Patricia            July 10 – 17 & 17 – 24. For more information on
Starling were able to come to Cherokee this summer        this project contact Dave Krueger the project
for three weeks, which was a great time for them to       administrator.
get more familiar with the ministry and also see first
hand the many spiritual needs. Please pray for them
as they continue to raise support.We also had a last      I believe that’s it for now. I’m doing well. My health
minute summer intern; Hannah Card. Hannah was             was good all summer. Thanks for praying for me. I
bound for Africa but due to some health issues had to     was blessed to be a part of the summer team God has
make some last minutes changes so God brought her         put together for Cherokee. Thanks Mike and Bettye
to Cherokee. She served as a camp intern and stayed       for all you both do and your continued prayers, and
at the camp. Hannah did a great job and was a             encouragement to me.
blessing to serve with.
                                                          For His Glory,
Also God continues to place this ministry on the
hearts of various families and individuals. Some are      Tammy Jackson
praying about full-time service here, others as interns
for next summer. This really encourages me. So keep       tammyj12000 @yahoo.com
praying for God to raise up this team.For more
information about full-time missions or                   PO Box 550
internships contact the MTW office.
                                                          Whittier, NC 28789

  Lummi Nation:                                           828-508-3471

This was our 14th summer serving on the Lummi
Reservation in Bellingham, WA. In my last prayer
letter I had shared that we would have a small group
of 36 and I wondered how God would use this small
number. Well he, did in some amazing ways. For the
first time we were allowed to go into many areas of
the reservation going door-to-door giving out the
“Book of Hope”. The Lummi were very receptive and
many wanted to just talk. Through our visits we saw
a lot of the needs of the people and also ways we can
do other types of ministry programs. The VBS at