2009 Team Production Letter by p0mk8


									                             190 Mt. Arlington Blvd.
                               Landing, NJ 07850
                    email: directors@generationsofdance.com

                           Team Production

We will be starting a team production in November. All team members
are invited to participate. The majority of the choreography will be
taught in the classes you are already in. For example, the gym teams will
have certain parts, the tap teams will have certain parts, etc. After the
majority of choreography is taught, we will schedule some production
practices that all members are expected to attend. These practices will be
on Fridays and/or Saturdays.

The cost to participate in the production is $35 per student (this covers
all choreography and practices). Also, keep in mind you will need to
purchase a costume. Please return this permission slip with the fee by
October 25th. We need an answer from EVERYONE even if you are not

Please email or call Miss Beth with any questions you have!!

My child,                                              , will participate.

My child,                                              , will NOT participate.

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