JULY 2009

                                       CONSTRUCTION OF SCHOOLS ON SCHEDULE
Williamson school:
                                  Mountain school:
Pastor Quene informs us that
                                  The building in the moun-
next month workers will put
                                  tains will be smaller and
the concrete roof on the
                                  simpler than the one in Wi-
building that will house the
                                  liamson, and will have a tin
new church and high school.
                                  roof. David, the young man
Because of termites and the
                                  who is overseeing this pro-
threat of hurricanes, it is
                                  ject, tells us that the founda-
important to construct build-
                                  tion for the building is com-
ings in Haiti with concrete. In
                                  pleted and that he hopes to
order to make a concrete
                                  put the roof on next month.
roof, workers mix concrete by
                                  This project is quite difficult
hand and form a long line to
                                  as there are no roads leading
pass it up one bucket at a
                                  up to the site and supplies,
time until a form is filled.      including heavy bags of con-
One unexpected challenge          crete, have to be carried.
with the project arose from
                                  The schools plan to open in
the fact that most people in
                                  September, even if construc-
Wiliamson do not have bath-
                                  tion is not completed. Both
rooms in their homes. They
                                  schools will need to pur-
usually use the area at the
                                  chase school books, desks
edge of town for this pur-
                                  and chalkboards. Extra dona-
pose. Since our site is the
                                  tions this summer will be
edge of town, well, you get
                                  used towards those ex-
the idea. As funds become                                             Digging the foundation for the school in Williamson
                                  penses as well as completion
available, we might consider
                                  of construction. We are ex-
constructing additional rest-                                       and a future, both with the skills they will acquire, and the oppor-
                                  cited to be able to provide
room facilities for the com-                                        tunity to know and serve their Heavenly Father.
                                  the children of Haiti a hope
                                                         A LETTER FROM JASMINE
                                  This is a letter translated from French. Jasmine is one of the children at the House of Hope or-
  You are welcome to attend
  the House of Hope Haiti         My Friend Nancy,
  annual board meeting on
  Sunday, July 12th at 2:00       I am writing you to say hello in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My family is
  pm at Christ Lutheran           made up of 6 girls and 4 boys. I was born on the 10th of July in 1998. My brother is a
  Church, 3509 SW Burlin-         nurse. I am in 5th grade. I would like to become a nurse someday. I am 11 years old. I
  game Road, Topeka, Kan-         would really like to see you. I pray to the Lord for you, my friend Nancy. I’m doing really
  sas. Business at the meet-      well in school. My family is not doing very well. Thank you so much for the presents that
  ing will include prayerful      you sent to me. I was so happy to receive the beautiful gifts.
  decisions on the budget
  for the new schools and         My friend Nancy, please receive the most distinguished greetings from me, someone that
  adding members to our           will hold you dearly for all of my life. It’s with a heart that is running over with joy that I
  board of directors.             send you huge, strong hugs. I await your response.
                                  P.S. Don’t forget the 10th of July is my birthday.
   Jesus said, “Let the little children come to
   me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom
   of heaven belongs to such as these.”

   Matthew 19:14

   (At right) Bayo with baby Richkard and Jasmine.
   Each child received a personalized box full of
   treats and supplies (including sunglasses!).

                                                                                           JOHN PETER’S EYES
                                                                                      Whenever we take a trip to Haiti, we check to make sure
                                                                                      the children are thriving physically, emotionally, and
                                                                                      spiritually. We take time with each child to make sure
                                                                                      they are doing well and that any concerns they might
                                                                                      have are brought to our attention. On the last trip, in
                                                                                      April, we noticed that one of the children, John Peter,
                                                                                      seemed to have reddened, cloudy eyes. Unsure of the
                                                                                      diagnosis, Doug Mason took a close-up picture of his
                                                                                      eyes. When we returned to the states, we showed the
                                                                                      picture to an eye surgeon, who was able to make a diag-
                                                                                      nosis and treatment recommendation. This information
                                                                                      was emailed to Haiti, and Mirlande was able to take
                                                                                      John Peter to a clinic, with the diagnostic information.
                                                                                      Our recent reports from Haiti indicate that John Peter is
                                                                                      doing well and his eyes are cleared up. We are praising
        John Peter with Sarah Hayes during the April, 2009 trip.                      God for allowing us to use today’s technology to help
                                                                                      care for His little ones!


We are asked fairly frequently about the possibility
of adopting children from Haiti. We have not done
any adoptions, but Nannette made a contact with a
woman from Colorado who has adopted children
from Haiti. She said that it takes between 12 and
18 months for the adoption and that the total cost
was about $10,000. The orphanage that she
worked with has about 130 children. We’re thinking
about visiting that orphanage on our next trip if
there are people on the trip who are interested in
adoptions in Haiti.

    The House of Hope is a Christian ministry located
about 41 miles north of Port au Prince, Haiti. The min-
istry is dedicated to spreading the love of Jesus by pro-
viding food, shelter, clothing, and both Christian and
secular education to the children of Haiti.

    www.houseofhopehaiti.com                                Children at the House of Hope and school enjoyed a VBS and t-shirts from
 The House of Hope Haiti is a tax-exempt organization
                under IRC 501(c)(3)

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