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									BLAIR AND SARAH PIPPIN                              OCTOBER 2009                             CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST

  Leadership Lessons                                                                                      Prayer Requests
  I am the vine; you are the                                                                          •     Chris and Lori’s
branches. If a man remains in                                                                               ministry in
me and I in him, he will bear                                                                               Southwest VA
much fruit; apart from me you                                                                         •     For our staff
 can do nothing.— John 15:5                                                                                 around the world
   One of the many ways we                                                                                  to trust in God for
                                                                                                            their strength
seek to develop leaders in
                                                                                                      •     This week’s Senior
our ministry is to give our
staff opportunities that will                                                                               Initiative training—
stretch them. This summer,                                                                                  ask God to use it
good friends of ours, Chris                                                                                 to develop our
and Lori Luhrman, did just                                                                                  future regional and
that as they led a team of                          Chris and Lori Luhrman                                  national leaders
students on a summer             did), but need to take a step    Dependence upon Christ is           •     For Aiden to love
project to North Africa.         of faith trusting God that       crucial not only to full-time             God and obey Him
This thrilled us for many        He will provide through          ministry but to living a life       •     For Addy’s
reasons. First, because we       whatever happens.” This is       that glorifies God.                       continued growth
                                                                                                            and development—
worked with them when            something that is easy to          Another         exciting
                                                                                                            she’s doing great
they were students at            say but hard to put into         outcome came as a result of
                                                                                                            and is such a joy!
Virginia Tech and it’s so        practice. Good leaders           their time overseas. Lori has
exciting to see them leading     don’t lead out of their          been able to meet some                     Praises
and serving God. Second,         wisdom or strength, but out      Middle-Eastern students at
because I (Blair) went to N.     of God’s. Since they’ve          VT. This is so exciting for     •        God’s gift of the
Africa on a summer project       been back for a few months       us because of our ministry               Holy Spirit to
as a student and that is         and ministry has started up      among internationals there               guide us
                                                                                                  •        Chris and Lori’s
where God showed me His          on campus again I asked          for years. After spending
heart for the world. Last,       him what things have             time in N. Africa, Lori now
                                                                                                  •        Ministry
because we knew that God         carried over to his ministry     has a better understanding
would use this to grow their     back home. He said,              of their culture and a bigger
                                                                                                           God gives us
faith. He did just that.         “especially when I don't feel    heart for these women.
                                                                                                  •        Aiden’s growth in
   Chris learned “that good      any strength to lead and am      Please pray that the Lord                understanding
leaders don't need to know       still expected to, it's only     opens their hearts to the                obedience
all the answers (as I rarely     the Spirit who can do it.”       gospel!

 Aiden’s Hard Lesson            helping Sarah in the            giving himself 2nd degree   obedience. We pray that
                                kitchen. When she told          burns on his left hand.     he will grow up to be a
  Just like all of us, Aiden    him not to touch the            His hand is healing well    man who loves and obeys
had his turn to learn a         circle on the stove his first   but our prayer is that he   the Lord. Please join us
lesson the hard way. A          reaction was to disobey,        forget the pain but         in that prayer.
couple weeks ago he was         reach out and touch it,         remember the lesson of
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