5th Grade Parent Letter by p0mk8


									Dear Parents/Guardians,
         You are receiving this letter because your child has expressed interest in joining
the Pella 5th grade orchestra! On Wednesday, September 9 and Friday, September 11, I
visited all the 5th grade general music classes at Jefferson. Students had the chance to see
and hear a violin, viola, cello, and bass and learn all about orchestra. Members of the
high school orchestra also shared their experiences and performed on their instruments.
         Through participation in orchestra, your child will have the chance to learn his or
her instrument during weekly 20-minute group lessons on Tuesdays, starting in October.
In addition to lessons, we will also rehearse as a large group later in the year. There will
be one final concert in May at which students will get to show others what they have
         Please take time to discuss this decision with your child and return the Interest
Form to the Jefferson main office by Thursday, September 17. Please note that
it is very possible for students to be involved in band and/or choir as well as orchestra.

               5th Grade Orchestra Information Night
     Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 6:30 pm in the Jefferson Gym

         On Thursday, September 24 at 6:30pm there will be an Orchestra Information
Night held in the gym at Jefferson for those interested in joining orchestra. After a short
presentation, representatives from Rieman Music in Des Moines and Mattingly Music in
Newton will be on hand to give you a chance to rent an instrument, purchase the
required method book (Essential Elements 2000 for Strings), and any necessary materials
for your child’s instrument. String bass players will not have to rent an instrument but
they will need to purchase a book and some supplies.
         Be sure to bring your checkbooks. Prices are different for each store and for each
instrument but rental rates generally range from $20.00-$40.00 per month. More details
will be given on September 24.
         Students should be sure to attend with their parent or guardian. Attending
Information Night will give you and your child a chance to meet me, get more
information, ask questions, and talk to others who are interested in joining orchestra. It
will also help your child have the correct materials to get started off on the right foot.
The presentation will last about 20 minutes and then you will have time to set up your
rental agreement. If you are not renting an instrument, please come for the presentation
at the beginning so you can learn about what 5th grade orchestra entails.
         Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your
time and interest!


Katherine Bendon                                     pcmskab@pella.k12.ia.us
Pella 5-12 Orchestra Director                        Jefferson Intermediate: (641) 628-8267
            5th Grade Orchestra Interest Form
Yes! I want to make beautiful string music with the Pella 5th Grade Orchestra!

Student Name _________________________________________________________

Student’s homeroom ___________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name(s) ______________________________________________

Phone Number _________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Email ________________________________________________

                      - Instrument Preference -
            Circle the instrument that is your FIRST choice:

                   Violin         Viola         Cello           Bass

            Circle the instrument that is your SECOND choice:

                   Violin         Viola         Cello           Bass

            Circle the instrument that is your THIRD choice:

                   Violin         Viola         Cello           Bass

  Please return this form to the Jefferson main office by
                 Thursday, September 17.

                     Mark your calendars!
                 It is very important that both you and your child attend
      5th Grade Orchestra Information Night on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 6:30pm!
      If you cannot attend, please contact Mrs. Bendon to make other arrangements.

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