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                A Reserve Request to Fund an NDSU Bison Pride Monument

Whereas, Student Government’s belief is to leave the University better than when we arrived,

Whereas, increasing Bison Pride has been a task Student Government has worked on for years,

Whereas, Bison Pride and the NDSU spirit can be enhanced by building quality monuments on
campus, and,

Whereas, having Student Government finance the building of a new NDSU monument would
establish Student Government’s commitment to improving our campus environment while also
contributing to the beautification of NDSU for years to come, and,

Whereas, this reserve request is to be considered Student Governments gift to NDSU, and

Whereas, once completed the costs of maintaining the structure will be taken up by NDSU and
maintenance will be provided by Facilities Management, therefore be it,

Enacted, that the NDSU Student Government allocate $32,500 towards the construction of an
NDSU monument in-between the locations of the Library, South Engineering, and Minard Hall,
and be it further,

Enacted, that the funds allocated towards the project be available through fiscal year 2012, so
construction can move forward through the summer and early fall.

Walter Lanza
College of Science and Math Senator                  Brock Schmeling
                                                     AHSS Senator

Cam Knutson
Student Body President                               Keenan Hauff
                                                     Student Body Vice President
                  First Read: 5/1/11
                Second Read: 5/8/11
Referred to ASA Commission (18-10)

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