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					                       August 18, 2009 Newsletter
Dates to remember:
  Guild Meetings:
 September 19th                                  President's Letter
 November 21st

Save this date:
IDAL Convention
2010 July 21st -25th       Hello fellow artisans,
                           I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer and is enjoying the

                          CAG has some exciting events to look forward to. IDAL’s Convention will
                          be held at our Oregon Convention Center July of 2010. This is such a
                          great opportunity for all of us to learn about our industry products, learn
                          new skills and above all to have fun.
                           Thank you to Paula Blackwell for setting up the free Armor Faux
                          workshop. It was a great chance to try out a new user friendly product. I
                          was glad that many of you were able to attend. Paula has also been busy
                          working on upcoming workshops. These classes will be given by our own
                          talented members at a very affordable price. This is just one benefit, out
                          of many, to be a CAG member.
 RENEW                     Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to seeing everyone at
 YOUR                     Lorie Wolff’s home September 19th for the next CAG meeting.
 ARTISANS                 Sincerely,
 MEMBERSHIP               Terry Hansen Leibenguth
 TODAY!                   CAG President

                                                                                           Treasurer Report
                                                                                           July 17th 2009
                                Next C.A.G. meeting:
When: Saturday September 19th
Where: One Horse Studio, Lorie Wolff’s studio in Dundee
       21035 Niederberger Road, Dundee, OR 97115
       Take hwy 99 south through Newberg and Dundee, Niederberger Road
       Is at the end of town to the right, there is a big new commercial building,
       Go right and only ¼ mile, paved driveway to the right.
Call        503-784-4997 if more help is needed. Allow 45 minutes drive time from Portland.
Time: 10:00 to 11:00 educational program featuring metallic’s
       11:00 to 12:00 business meeting discussing this year’s convention and
Terry to roll out the new educational workshop programs
       12:00 to 1:00 Networking and potluck lunch. Plates and forks provided.
       Optional Dundee wine tasting tour after meeting conclusion for anyone who is
interested, tasting fees may apply at each winery visited.

Education program: “Metallic mishaps, disasters, and successes” a panel discussion.
Metallics have been a hot topic lately and the mysteries of what makes products successful or
fail. The goal of this program is for us to learn from each other regarding the use of metallic’s
in decorative painting. Samples will be shown in success and frailer and demos may be
presented if appropriate. Lorie will share her recent experience with “faux metal”. Terry will
discuss some of the do’s and don’ts of using metal leaf and more panel members to be added
to discuss application methods of an all-over metallic wall without lap lines, gilding creams,
and metal reactive patina success’s and failures. Please call Lorie if you would like to be a part
of this panel. A question and answer session will conclude the program.

   CAG General Meeting Minutes July 18, 2009
Members Present:
Terry Hansen (President)
Michelle Momeny (Secretary)
Carolyn Lehl
Kathryn Owens
Kathryn Long
Kathy Whitlock
Phillis Bartlett
Sally Hopkins
* The 2010 IDAL Convention has been announced. It will be in Portland, OR! Yay!!!! We
need to reach out to new and old members as we will be the host chapter.....which means
more responsibilities as a group to help with some of the details. Our current CAG
members need to spread the word about our group!
* 2009 Philanthropic Project
Is moving along nicely. Huge thanks to Terry Hansen and Carolyn Lehl for being there for the
entire project! Thanks to all the other members who have been able to give of their time and
services also.
A brief history of the project:
Terry contacted Doernbecher Children's Hospital and talked with Susie Bacon to get a tour of
the facility. Carolyn and Terry visited the Surgery area and saw a very depressing, bleak, white
hallway where the parents kiss their kids goodbye as they are taken to surgery. It definitely
needed some life and color to soothe the parents and the children. The color palette is based on
the colors in the floor and the colors in the surrounding rooms. Carolyn doodled the 1st draft
and came up some ideas. Their request was that it not be too cartoony, not painted in bright,
primary colors and it needed to be soothing. Carolyn then took her doodles and sketches to her
studio, put on some inspirational music and let herself be inspired....and that she did! She came
up with a beautiful sketch that was approved by Doernbecher's. and the project was underway!
* Adele Bishop Scholarship
There is a $850.00 prize available through IDAL. You can read about the details of the
scholarship on We are going to submit our Doernbecher
Children's Hospital Philanthropic Project. The submission needs to be submitted 2 weeks
before the 2010 Convention and the voting will be done at the 2010 IDAL Convention. As a CAG
group, would like to have the list of requirements for submission taken care of by the end of
December 2009. There is quite a list of things to be done and we are looking for member
~ Does anyone have contacts to "Good Day Oregon"?
~ Does anyone have contacts to "Better"?
~ Any other TV and/or PR ideas ??
~ We need a volunteer to compile all info and pictures onto a disk for submission.
~ We need a volunteer to write some Thank you notes
Kathy Whitlock and Kathryn Owen will be calling members and letting them know what is
needed and will be asking for volunteers and commitment.
* On the website there was a contest of who had the best ideas for working in
a down economy, Sass from Classical Art Studios won the contest. Kathryn Long will contact
her via Facebook to get permission for us to post it in our newsletter so you can all read the great
ideas. Just a few examples: "I always surround myself with positive people that encourage and
influence me to succeed." , "I did my own front door to advertise to my neighbors without them
ever coming in"

* We are going to be utilizing our members to teach classes and do demos. The board has
decided to pay the individual $50 for a 1/2 day class/demo and $100 for a full day class/demo.
There will be a small fee for the members taking the class to help cover the cost of products. It is
up to the teacher to come up with a materials list and a sundry list so members can bring their
own tools. The workshops that are taught by members are only for CAG members and
nonmembers can’t participate.
We are looking for teacher/members to commit to a date so we can get some educational events
planned and announced in ample time for people to make room in their schedules to attend.
Some ideas we have tossed around are guilding, cabinetry, mirror guilding, modellos.....etc.
Please contact Terry Hansen if you have some other ideas or you want to share your wealth of
knowledge with your group.
The board is looking into some Free or very inexpensive locations that we can hold the
workshops/demos that would give us the space and amenities that we need.
                                       SASS LASSLEY
From Sass Lassley, winner of the most creative and marketing strategy from the Faux Forum:
Winning entry:
*A positive attitude and not taking no for an answer.... I will find them a finish within their budget!
*When I go to the initial appt I remind myself that what I have to offer is unique and has positive value
*I share my abilities and what I do with everyone I meet
*I surround myself with positive people that encourage and influence me to succeed
*I have made a vision board of goals and things I wish to accomplish
*I treat every client like gold and my world surrounds them the week I am there When I leave I ask them to refer
me to their friends DONT FORGET TO ASK!
*I send a note of thanks
*I have a personalized plate on all my vehicles or signage I am a driving advertisement for my business
*I carry a small size sample chart not much larger than a deck of cards I cut pieces off the same size as *I have to
remake boards then put them on ring and carry with me I always have something to show in line at grocery store
*I use down time to go to class and learn new things
*I am constantly maneuvering into position with future clients
*I did my own front door to advertise to my neighbors without ever coming in!
*I use creative phrases if I am staging or going in if they are trying to sell REPEAT good words such as a beautiful
home brings a beautiful price!
*I use my own home as a model to show what a difference finishes make and am happy to tour them through
*Every night I say I will book a job tomorrow!
*I pass out business cards left and right
*I always up sell a current project ( ALWAYS) I have learned whatever they SAY the budget is or how many rooms
they wish to do I can get them to double it if not now eventually!
*I offer specials when needed to sell the client (KNOW YOUR MARKET)
*NAME DROP! mention friends, well known business people or businesses you have done... bring any magazines
you have been in and present them with a folder about you and your business , photos in a book help on the initial
appt. too, especially if its a cold call and they have not yet seen your work. Mention awards, accolades...
involvement in any particular challenging projects.... out of town projects etc
*Remember every job you leave is your next referral DO flawless detailed work give them your all. *NEVER leave
something if it is not right
*Play keep up with the JONES mention neighbors or how good their house will look for their next party
DECORATIVE PAINTING IS AN EMOTIONAL DECISION its easy to get people to buy it!
*If you are qualified also offer other tips for the design or arrangement or accessorizing of the space This lets them
know you are willing to help make this space the very best BE careful when doing this only if the client is open to it
and I always say ' you might consider" ..... not you SHOULD
*Keep up with the latest trends and color schemes pour over the GOOD magazines out there for inspiration and
bring new ideas to your client not the same ol same ol
*Go to the appt knowing they want YOU and want your services otherwise they would not have called in the first
place Your attitude and enthusiasm can sell the job alone add to that a great portfolio and good reputation YOUR
                            Letter From the Editor:

Our field trip to Sherwin-Williams Paint store in the Pearl was very enlightening. Jamie and Ed
talked about the Roman Decorating Product line that they carry, for both faux finishers and do-
it-yourself decorative painters. So when you are in the store ask for Jamie or Mike if they are
available. Ed specifically works as development director for Roman Architectural Finishes and
is a rich resource of information on Faux Finishes.
Ed Mattingly is America’s leadership expert on faux finishes and decorative painting
techniques. He is renowned for his unique wall solutions and designs. His work has been
featured in multiple publications including Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and
Metropolitan Home. He has also appeared on HGTV’s “New Spaces”.
In the paint manufacturing industry Ed is known for his innovative product designs and
installation techniques. Ed, known as the Paint Professor, formed the “No Limits Paint
Institute” in 1999, a paint industry think tank and testing center focused on decorative wall
installation solutions. He and his leading edge staff embrace the best in paint, wall coverings
and the newest technologies available to provide solutions for extraordinary, yet attainable
results for professional or do it yourself installers. Ed is thrilled to work with Studio Vue to
create a line of wall coverings that feature his faux finishes. The ‘Easy Walls’, easy match
patented systems fit perfectly with Ed’s “No Limits” mantra. Studio Vue is dedicated to produce
wallpaper with hassle free installation, realistic beauty, sophisticated design with revolutionary
no mess removal system.
Ed has been a faux finisher for 15 years, a painter for 25 years, and a contractor for 23 years. He
was hooked on faux at the age of 16, inspired by his painting contractor grandfather, in Chicago.
His grandfather also taught him the wood-graining technique.
Here are some of the samples that Paula Blackwell came away from the class with:
         "Great workshop! I enjoyed Ed and his staff and learning a new product. I was impressed
 by the steps I can save working with this product. Thanks so much for setting that up ". Terry
Leibenguth, President, Cascade Artisans Guild
         "I really enjoyed the workshop today - thank you! It will be interesting to try the texture
sometime!" Jennifer Campbell- Life in Colour
         "The tools were great, I bought a squeegie, my old one is toast, those big paddle things
 looked like they could come in handy. I thought it was a really good demo, I think all the vendors
should do a free demo when they introduce a new product instead of making us pay big bucks to
learn to use their stuff. They would probably sell alot more product. Thanks for your hard work
 Paula!" Nondis Taylor- Faux Bella by Nondis
         "I love the metallic. Boy do I wish I had done Susan's dining room ceiling with a small roller
using that gold. Good job finding them. Wonderful lunch" Kathy Whitlock- Trompe L'Oeil Ltd.
         "We really enjoyed the class. I think the product is great am looking forward to trying the
metallics as well. We bought some today and am going to try it on one of our projects this week.
Thanks so much for putting the workshop together. It was great seeing everyone!"
Michele and Daniel- Art & Design
         Good Food, good People and Great products, The metallic was one of the best I have seen, I
really loved the body that both the metallic and the texture/ primer base coat imbued, so rich and
creamy. And at those prices , a real winner. Thank You Ed, Mike, Steve, Jamie and Julie for a fun
 filled and enlightening Workshop. The new Sherwin-Williams in the Pearl is a real Gem.~ Paula
Blackwell, Faux de Jour, Vice President, Cascade Artisans Guild.
ORA Presents the 34th Annual Home Improvement Show™
The 34th Annual Home Improvement Show™—the largest show of its kind on the West
Coast—will be held September 24-27, 2009 at the Oregon Convention Center. Presented by
the Oregon Remodelers Association (ORA), this annual event will include a one-night charity
auction to benefit the Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Oregon. The auction will take place
September 24 from 5-9 p.m. with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Foundation. During
opening night, guests can also visit exhibits while enjoying food & wine from local
restaurants and wineries. Before you leave the show, be sure to pick up your FREE copy of
Oregon Home magazine!
For more information about the show and auction event, please contact Derek Nollman or

                           STREET OF DREAMS
 Nondis Taylor, and Lori Wolf's contribution to the street of dreams

 Siloutte mural of French country side complete with stag, this a small pice of the 25X9'
 mural. This is Street of Dreams 2009, in the Louie Louie condo in the Pearl district.
                                     < Painted ceiling medallion, Street of Dreams 2009

 Lorie Wolfe and I creating concrete walls in the Louie Louie, Street of Dreams 2009.
                      Recent Projects:
                                                                        Created By: Paula
                                                                       Here are the
                                                                       samples that
                                                                       Michelle Momeny
                                                                       will be teaching at
                                                                       her Wood Finishing
                                                                       Workshop on Oct 21
                                                                       and 22nd.


 CAG has had the opportunity to do a philanthropic art project for Doernbecher Children’s
 Hospital. here are some pictures of the wonderful work!
                                                   Submissions to the newsletter are due:
                                                  October 1st       Print date: October 15th
                                                  December 1st Print date: December 15th

                                                  We will offer advertising at a very
                                                  reasonable rate as part of our
                                                  newsletter to members, so please offer
                                                  advertising to those who are interested
                                                  in supporting our chapter, and would
                                                  benefit from our advertising space.

"Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but
how to dance in the rain."                                    Advertising Space Available!
                                                          1/4 page : $20.00 per issue
                                                          1/2 page : $40.00 per issue
                                                          Full page: $60.00 per issue
                                                          Web-site: $200 per year- this
                                                          includes your web-site link on
                                                          CAG's site.
                                                          Let your people know!
                                                          submit your advertisement to: