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10.28.09 FINAL Hector Base Restructure Letter by p0mk8


									October 28, 2009

Dear Colleagues:

Earlier today, CEO Doug Parker announced that we are realigning our operation to focus on our
core network strengths, which include our hubs in CLT, PHL and PHX, and our focus city at
DCA. Moving forward, these cities, along with our Shuttle, will serve as the cornerstone of our
airline network with 99 percent of our total capacity.

The objective of this realignment is to return our company to sustained profitability and to
position us for long-term success in both good and challenging economic times. Over time, this
will be better for our customers, our shareholders and will provide greater stability and job
opportunities to all of our employees.

Realignment Highlights:

    •   Reducing LAS flights from 64 to 36 daily departures by February 2010.
    •   Redeploying our 15 E-190 aircraft on routes between BOS and PHL and on the BOS-
        LGA leg of the US Airways Shuttle. This change will take effect on January 4, 2010. We
        will continue to operate the DCA legs of the Shuttle to LGA and BOS with A319 aircraft.
    •   International service changes include suspending five European destinations from PHL:
        BHX; LGW; MXP; SNN; and ARN. Effective in late 2010, BRU and ZRH will move to
        year-round service.
    •   Returning our PHL-Beijing (PEK) flight authority to the Department of Transportation
        (DOT) until economic conditions improve, while retaining the option to reapply for this
        authority in the future.
    •   Reducing non-stop flights from BOS to the Caribbean at the end of the peak spring

Impact to Crew Bases:

The announcement also entailed the rightsizing and repositioning of crew bases in PHX, CLT,
PHL, and DCA by closing crew bases in BOS, LGA and LAS. The LAS and LGA bases are
expected to close January 31, 2010, and BOS will close May 2, 2010.

At the completion of the realignment, staffing requirements will changes as follows: the PHL
Base will increase by 153 flight attendants; DCA by 41 flight attendants; CLT by one flight
attendant; PHX will decrease by eight flight attendants.

Flight attendants currently based in BOS, LAS and LGA will have displacement options as
outlined in each respective Collective Bargaining Agreement. Displacement information will be
mailed to each flight attendant and placed in company mail files. Anticipated dates for mailings
         • LGA – packets will be mailed on 11/2/09 and are due back by 11/27/09
         • LAS – displacement notifications will be mailed on 12/16/09
         • BOS – packets will be mailed on 1/11/10 and are due back by 2/4/10.
Future Flight Attendant Staffing:

An analysis is ongoing to determine how efficiencies gained by this realignment will affect
flight attendant staffing moving forward. We believe the above changes, coupled with the
previously announced sale of 10 E-190 aircraft, will result in the surplus of approximately
130 flight attendants for the East operation and 20 flight attendants for the West operation. In
an effort to mitigate the staffing overage, we will be offering voluntary furloughs to both East
and West flight attendants. The exact numbers and timing will be determined in the very near
future and will be communicated through normal channels (e.g. CBS, Must Reads, and

Please know that we recognize the impact this announcement will have on many of our
employees and their families. Decisions of this nature are never easy to make and are not taken
lightly. They are necessary, however, to return to profitability and to weather the uncertainty of
the economic climate. For more detail on the realignment news today, please check Wings or
your crew room to see the letter from Doug Parker.

Thank you for your continued professionalism and for the care that you provide to our customers
each and every day.


Hector E. Adler
Vice President, InFlight Services

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