Letter from our Terrible Tiger - Brian Omatsu

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					                            The Tiger’s Roar

                            V O L U M E    3 4 ,   I S S U E   2                               N O V E M B E R      2 0 0 9
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New Members:
                        Letter from our Terrible Tiger - Brian Omatsu
Jennifer Baker -        Hello CAJC Tigers!!!             Cloud 9 where I have been         Looking ahead to November
Santa Monica                                             residing.                         13-15, please remember that
Desmond Carreras        I thought I would start my                                         is the Auxiliary Weekend in
-Salinas Jaycees        ROAR article with a note of      At this time, I would like to     Visalia where we will be host-
Carolyn Smith JCI       congratulations to two of our    welcome to the California         ing the Central California
Senator and Region      own, Robert Acherman and         Pride, our newest Tigers and      Future Officers Training
X Vice President -      Chris D'Autremont, with the      they are:                         Seminar (FOTS). Debbie Pro-
Arizona Jaycees         announcement of their en-                                          cedo, your Nasty Tiger and
Laurie Ellsworth        gagement while vacationing       Jennifer Baker from the Santa     Jeanne Vanderhyde, your
(Honorary) - San        together in Paris!! Who said     Monica Jaycees                    Divine Tiger, are working
Jose Jaycees            Tigers can't work together?      Desmond Carreras from the         hard to put on a very produc-
                        These two represent the best     Salinas Jaycees                   tive two days for the future of
                        of the best and I for one, am    Carolyn Smith JCI Senator         the California Jaycees. Please
WHO'S NEXT? to          proud to call them both                                            come out and support their
renew your Annual       friends. Congratulations to                                        effort and if they have asked
Membership for          you both!!!                                                        you to help train, please be
$25, or to upgrade                                                                         available. Agendas and flyers
to Life Member-         The Tiger Corps represents                                         will be coming out soon, so
ship for $100,          the "Best of the Best" in eve-                                     please be on the look out for
please contact          rything we do. Thank you to                                        them and get them to your
Tight Tiger Kevin       all those who participated at                                      local chapters. Please encour-
Alson at either kjal-   the last Board Meeting in                                          age ALL future officers to
son@yahoo.com or        August. That was a truly                                           attend as this will be a VERY
714-791-1735.           amazing evening. I was           and Region X Vice President       informative weekend.
                        shocked to see fellow Ventura    from the Arizona Jaycees
                        Jaycee Past Presidents and       Laurie Ellsworth (Honorary)       Last but not least, congratula-
                        Tigers in attendance, notably,   from the San Jose Jaycees         tions to our Tiger of the Quar-
                        Ken Ferguson, John Clark,                                          ter, Debbie Holbrook, from
                        Bruce Dandy, Dave Carlson,       I was extremely proud to
                                                                                           the Santa Clarita Valley Jay-
                        George Thompson, Randy           swear in these individuals into
                        Davis and JoAnn Rundell.         the CAJC Tiger Corps and if       cees for running such an ex-
                        Thank you all for coming out     you know of a Jaycee out          cellent training weekend.
                        to support the new Tiger         there that has gone above and     Congratulations to our very
                        Board! I think there was an-     beyond and is deserving to be     own Tiger Paw, Lynne Han-
                        other purpose they were there    one of the Best of the Best, go   sen for being the Tiger Offi-
                        for, as yours truly, TT #34      to the CAJC Tiger Corps           cer of the quarter.
                        was utterly surprised and ut-    website and download the
                        tered a very short expletive     application. Remember, you        Continued on Page 2
                        deleted when presented with      have to be NOMINATED and
                        JCI Senatorship #69025. I        SPONSORED by a TIGER in
                        was truly shocked and just       order to qualify to be ac-
                        now have come down from          cepted.
         PAGE       2
                             Terrible Tiger Continued from Page 1
                             Thank you Lynne for doing        help, they would be hard
                             such a great job with the        pressed to find qualified
                             paperwork from our mara-         people. Keep up the good
Upgraded to Life             thon Planning Session and        work.
Membership:                  from the first quarter meet-
                             ing...do you think we can        See you in Visalia!!!
                             have the agenda on paper
Debbie Holbrook              this time? Smile Lynne!!         Yours in Tiger Pride,
                             In closing, thank you Cali-
                             fornia Order of the Tigers       Brian Omatsu
Cary Tylka -                 for being such a great help      Terrible Tiger #34
North Hills                  during our Board Meetings        CAJC Order of the Tiger
                             and Conventions. Your ex-        JCI Senator #69025
Kristin Chapin -             pertise and judging abilities
Santa Monica                 do help with the Individual
                             Development programs the         tt34@californiatigers.org
                             CAJC offer. Without your

                              Tired Tiger Letter - Clarence
Chris d'Autremont             .It seems like I missed a lot    Fellow Tigers keep up the
- Torrance                    during the Friday night fes-     good work.
                              tivities at our recent August
                                                               “Pride & Respect”
Alex Baca -                   Congratulations to TT Brian
Downey                        who became the newest
                              California JCI Senator.          Clarence L. Jorif
                                                               Tired Tiger
                              Additionally, I’d like to        California Jaycees Order of
                              take this opportunity to con-    the Tiger
                              gratulate one of our own,
                              Claudia Sheridan, who was        tt33@californiatigers.org
                              elected as the 82nd President
                              of the California Jaycees for
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               THE      TIGER’S   ROAR
VOLUME          34,   ISSUE          2                                                                                             PAGE            3

Nasty Tiger Letter
Hello Tigers,                            from California come together      any Chapters in your area that
                                         for great training and bonding     would like someone from our
Hope this finds you all doing            weekend. Jeanne Vanderhyde is      Training Task Force to go in
well and that you had a great            chairing this event and she will   and train. I look forward to
summer. We had a great time in           be reaching out to you to help     seeing everyone in November.
Ventura in August and it was             train the Jaycees.                 Take care.
wonderful to surprise our own
Terrible Tiger Brian Omatsu              We are also planning a great       Debbie Procedo
with his JCI Senatorship.                Scavenger Hunt for Saturday        Nasty Tiger 2009-2010
                                         night and we thought it would
We have been busy preparing              be great if the Tigers put to-     nasty-tiger@californiatigers.org
for the November meeting in              gether a team to show the Jay-
Visalia. We are planning the             cees that we still know how to
                                                                                                               “To catch the reader's attention,
Future Officers Training                 have fun. Please contact me or                                        place an interesting sentence or

(FOTS) for the Jaycees. We               Jeanne if you would like to help                                      quote from the story here.”

decided to hold one FOTS this            with the training or planning.
year in a central location. Our
plan is to have all of the Jaycees       Don’t forget to let me know of

Note from Our Tiger Paw - Lynne Hansen
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           Tight Tiger Poem - Kevin Alson

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           We need more of it
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           -Kevin Alson, Tight Tiger
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VOLUME   34,   ISSUE   2                                                                 PAGE   5

                           SATURDAY & SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14 & 15, 2009

                   HOLIDAY INN, 9000 W. AIRPORT DRIVE, VISALIA, CA

                           COST IS ONLY $35.00 WHICH INCLUDES LUNCH



                            Effective Meetings, Motivating Yourself & Others

                                 Raul’s Restaurant, How to Build a Team

                                      Chapter Planning – Nuts & Bolts

                                    The In’s & Out’s of Keeping it Legal

                 Growing Made Easy, Portfolio Panels – What is CD, ID, Mgmt, etc?

                               Scavenger Hunt, President’s Cocktail Hour

                                        HOTEL INFORMATION:

                                              HOLIDAY INN
                                   VISALIA-HOTEL & CONF CENTER
                                      9000 WEST AIRPORT DRIVE
                                   VISALIA, CA 93277 UNITED STATES
                               888-465-4329 or 559-6515000, Fax: 559-6515014

                  Room Cost: $99.00 plus tax; Mention CA Order of the Tigers for rate.

                                        Cut off Date: Nov 1st, 2009

                       For more information, please contact Debbie Procedo at
                         dprocedo@sbcglobal.net or Jeanne Vanderhyde at
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VOLUME       34,   ISSUE      2                                                                                     PAGE      7

If you are an Annual Member, your membership dues must be current. Annual Dues of $25 are due and payable every May.
The other option is to become a Life Member at the recently reduced price of $100.

If you are unsure of your membership status, want to pay, or have any questions re dues, please e-mail the Tight Tiger
(Treasurer): kjalson@yahoo.com and Kevin will be glad to assist you.

Please note: any expired Annual Members, at the time of the next CA Tigers Roar publication in 3 months, will be dropped
from the distribution list. We need to make sure that time and money is spent on current members. If you need assistance or
have questions with dues, please e-mail Kevin as stated above. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter!
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