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                                                            Chapter 241
                                                            News Letter
www.eaa241.org/                                                                                     October 2009
    A publication by, for and about members of the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 241

Oct 2009 Meeting
                                                            An event like this can’t be pulled off without the
The next general meeting of EAA Chapter 241 will be         participation of the membership. As such, I want to thank
held at 6:30 PM on Monday, Oct 12, 2009 at Hangar           and recognize the following people for their help working
Unit #3 DeKalb Airport DeKalb, IL 60115. (Hot dogs          this event: Merisa Doonan, Jim Metallo, Ceil & Rose Ellen
and refreshments will be served)                            May, Keith & Jennifer & Ben Crabbe, Tim Hunter, Dan
                                                            Thurnau, Dale Harvey, Larry Salerno, Dave Woodin, Jim
Hangar Unit #3 is located just west of the main FBO.        & Carol Allen, Jack Bennett, Ed Torbet, Ned Richer, Alan
(Map located later in Newsletter)                           Abell, and John Kerr.

                                                            Another first in September was the use of our newly
This month’s program will be a presentation by              acquired trailer. It worked perfectly and made setup
Roger Keys speaking on the topic of the TDR-1               and breakdown a snap compared to the old trailer. I
attack drones (DeKalb’s flying bomb) used during            would like to thank Dan Thurnau for all the time and effort
WWII and built here in DeKalb.                              he put into fabricating the special carts that now hold all
                                                            our chairs and tables. Loading these carts in the hangar
                                                            and then rolling them into the trailer sure made the job
From the Editor:
By Kevin Frank                                              While I’m in the thanking mode I also want to thank one
                                                            of our newer members, Arthur Everett, for donating a
While car sales in August were in the tank (the aftermath   laptop computer to the Chapter. It will come in handy
of “Cash for Clunkers” program), business at EAA            during our Young Eagle events.
Chapter 241 was brisk. Our August Pancake Breakfast
held at Hinckley was probably one of the best attended      One final announcement: This year’s Holiday Party will
events we have ever had there. There were over 50           be held in at the DeKalb Airport in one of the heated
aircraft in attendance (I know because I was running        hangars. The hangar will be lighted and decorated for
around all morning finding places to park them all) with    the occasion and the party will be catered with food and
numerous folks arriving via ground vehicles.                drinks. We will also have music and dancing so save the
                                                            date of Saturday, January 16 for Chapter 241’s first
The great attendance may have been the result of the        annual Holiday Hangar dance. It should be a lot of fun.
perfect weather we had or the strategic marketing Rose      Details to follow.
arranged, but the real difference this year was no doubt
the “in-air” radio advertising provided by Jack Bennett.    May you only experience strong tailwinds and I’ll see you
Jack took to the air in his Cherokee and from 1000 feet     all on Monday night. ☺
above the ground announced on all the local Unicom and
air-to-air frequencies the availability of our fabulous     Meeting Minutes:
breakfast being offered at Hinckley Airport. Now that’s     By Rose Ellen May
sky high marketing.


                                                        • Holiday Hangar Dance is scheduled for
Chapter 241’s October Director’s meeting was held         Saturday, January 16 – This Gala will include
at 7:00 PM Sunday Oct 4 at Jim Auman’s house. In          catered dinner, drinks, music, and dancing for
attendance were Rose Ellen May, Dan Thurnau,              only $10 per person. Details will follow.
Jim Auman, Kevin Frank, Tim Hunter, and Dale            • Elections will take place for chapter President
Harvey                                                    and Secretary on Monday, October 12 at the
                                                          Program Meeting. If you are eligible to vote
Approval of the Minutes:                                  (dues paying member of chapter 241) and are
There were no September minutes to approve.               unable to attend, you may vote by proxy by
                                                          emailing your ballot selections to Chapter
Treasurer’s Report:                                       Secretary, Rose Ellen May
Jim Auman reported that as a result of the                (mysweetbluebird@yahoo.com)
successful Hinckley pancake breakfast the                     o Candidates for President: Dan Thurnau
Chapter’s income continues to outpace its                     o Candidates for Secretary: Rose Ellen
expenses.                                                        May
                                                              o Candidates to backfill Dan Thurnau’s
Old Business:                                                    position of Vice President term: Kevin
• The status of the transition plan to move to                   Frank
   Gene Ruder’s airport was discussed. It was           Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM
   agreed that Dan Thurnau and Kevin Frank
   would visit with Gene in the coming weeks to         *****************************************
   check on the status of the proposed new
   Chapter home.
• The status of “Uncle Chuck’s” Thank you was           Meeting Program:
   discussed. It was noted that no pictures from
   chapter members have surfaced for the gift so        At September’s Chapter meeting Tom Shannon
   Jim Auman will contact Dan Faivre about what         Facility Manager- Aurora Air Traffic Control Tower,
   photos might be available from the family and in     gave a presentation on towered airport operations
   his barn.                                            and the changes coming (already started) to the
                                                        Chicago Class B airspace. Below is the new
• We talked about the success of growing the
   Chapter membership via programs like “Bring A
   Friend” to the monthly meetings. We will
                                                        Note new area “F”
   continue with these efforts.

New Business:
• The Chapter will offer for sale its old trailer to
  any chapter member who may want it before
  hauling it off for scrap. See the “Want Ads”
• License and Title paperwork for New Trailer will
  be handled by Dan Thurnau and Dale Harvey.
• The Chapter will also offer its old Refrigerator
  for sale to any member. Dan Thurnau to look
  into what it’s value might be.
• A motion was made by Kevin Frank and
  seconded by Rose May to recognize with gift
  certificates the following individuals, who are not
  Chapter members, for all their help in Chapter
  events. Katie & Liz Doonan, Ceil May, and Keith
  Crabbe It was approved unanimously. Kevin
  Frank will make arrangements for the gift cards.


Here is the schedule for future programs

         November – Kevin Frank, Rose May
         December – Tom Burgan, Ned Richer


Letters to the Editor:


Calendar of Events:
Oct 10-11 DeKalb Antique Aircraft Fly-in

Oct 12     Chapter 241 Monthly meeting

Nov 9      Chapter 241 Monthly meeting

Dec 14     Chapter 241 Monthly meeting

Jan 11     Chapter 241 Monthly meeting

Jan 16     Chapter 241 Holiday Hangar Dance

Aviation Humor:


      Can You Guess Where This
          Photo was taken?
In last month’s edition I included this picture of a
radial engine. I only received one guess from the
Chapter and it was from Dan Thurnau who had the
correct answer.

This engine is a Lycoming XR-7755-3. See
additional pictures with details.

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                                               necessarily the official opinions of the Chapter or
                                               EAA. Use of technical information is strictly at the
                                               user’s risk, as we do not claim to be authorities in
                                               any technical field. Letters, articles, ideas, etc., are
                                               welcome. The editor reserves the right to correct,
Chapter 241 Information:
                                               shorten, and reject items at his/her discretion. Items
President        Dale Harvey                   will be printed on a space available basis. Any
815-758-6948     dharvey564@msn.com            submissions over 200 words MUST be emailed
                                               unless previously arranged with the editor
Vice President   Dan Thurnau
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                                               Editors of other aviation publications are
Secretary        Rose Ellen May                welcome to reprint articles from this newsletter. We
815-375-1772     MySweetBlueBird@yahoo.com     do ask, however, that author and source be
Treasurer        Jim Auman
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                                               Subscription to newsletter is a member benefit.
Young Eagles Representative                    Friends of EAA Chapter 241 who wish to be
               Rose Ellen May                  included in the mailing list can contact the Editor or
815-375-1772   rose.may@countryfinancial.com   any Chapter officer.
Technical Counselors
Jack Bennet      815-756-7712                  Visitors are always welcome at Chapter meetings.
Ed Torbett       815-895-3888                  *******************************
Gerald Thornhill 847-683-2781                  Chapter Meeting Location:
Jim Auman        815-899-8861                  Hangar Unit #3, Pleasant St. DeKalb, IL 60115.
(AB-DAR)         jimauman@comcast.net
Flight Advisors
Gerald Thornhill 847-683-2781
Jim Auman        815-899-8861
Jack Bennet      815-756-7712
Fly-out Chairman Dan Thurnau
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News letter Editor Kevin Frank
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Web Manager      Mike Sabala


    Pictures from September’s Hinckley Pancake Breakfast/Fly-in