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Producers Directory - Kansas City Food Circle


									Kansas City Food CirCle
   2013 Directory

LocaL organic & free range
     food producers
                 KAnsAs city FooD circle
       Developing a Local, Sustainable Food System.

tAble oF contents

    • Kansas CiTy FOOD CirCLe - WhO We are, WhaT We DO                2,3
    • Why eaT LOCaL                                                     3
    • DeFiniTiOns OF Terms                                              4
    • KCFC’s LeveLs OF assuranCe                                        4
    • Our PrODuCer PLeDges                                           5- 7
    • The BasiCs OF Buying LOCaLLy                                      7
    • eaTing LOCaL anD OrganiC aLL year                                 8
    • Buying meaT                                                       9
    • FeaTureD OrganiC Farmers marKeTs                              9 -10
    • PrODuCers DireCTOry                                          13 - 35

Who We Are

Welcome to the Kansas City Food Circle’s (KCFC) Directory of Local Organic
and Free-range Food Producers. The KCFC promotes the development of
a community food system that will nourish the present generation while
empowering future generations to nourish themselves.

We provide an alternative to the conventional agricultural system, which is
dependent on farming practices that are destructive to our personal health
and to the environment. Our work centers on making connections between
area growers who agree to meet our organic produce or animal standards
and people who want to eat delicious, healthy, locally grown food. We are
a 100% volunteer run and membership and donation funded non-profit. Our
membership forms are on or web site at
WhAt We Do

• Educate the public about the health and ecological benefits of a small-scale,
  local, organic and free-range food system
• Increase the demand for locally grown organic and free-range foods
• Help small family farmers to earn a fair living and stay on the land

                 in this Directory you’ll FinD a list of our
                 producer-members, their contact information, and details
                 about the foods they produce. if you would like someone
                 from the KC Food Circle to speak to your organization,
                 send an e-mail to

Why eAt locAl, orgAnic & Free rAnge?

a walk through the produce section of a supermarket might leave you thinking
we can have all kinds of delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables year-
round, at least until you actually bite into that January strawberry from south
america. These days, most produce in supermarkets comes from California,
Florida, and other states with longer growing seasons. Often it is shipped
from other countries thousands of miles away. This is true even in the spring,
summer, and fall, when local fruits and vegetables are available. in order to
survive journeys of over a thousand miles, most produce are varieties that
have been bred for durability rather than flavor and nutrition. most produce
is picked before it can ripen naturally because ripe fruits and vegetables are
more easily damaged in transit and rot more quickly. unripened produce,
however, hasn’t yet reached its peak of flavor and nutrient content. moreover,
fruits and vegetables begin losing nutrients as soon as they’re harvested, so
more time spent in transit means less nutritious food.

in the Kansas City area, local lettuce usually becomes available in late
april, new potatoes are first available around the end of may, the earliest
field tomatoes ripen in late June (greenhouse varieties are often available
earlier), and sweet corn only gets to be “sweet” about the beginning of July.
strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries each have growing
seasons of a few weeks to a couple of months during the summer, depending
on the weather. Peaches come on a bit later, and apples and pears ripen
as the signs of autumn appear. eating more locally grown foods also means
eating more in tune with the seasons. While this entails not being able to eat
whatever you want, whenever you want, it also means never having to suffer
the culinary disappointment of biting into a mushy, flavorless tomato. Perhaps
most importantly, farmers growing for local markets are much more likely to
grow varieties that were bred for flavor and nutrition rather than durability and
a long shelf life.                                                               3
DeFinition oF terms

local – The KCFC defines local as being within 120 miles of Kansas City,
although we allow some exceptions to qualifying rural producers due to their
limited marketing options.

organic – a form of agriculture that relies on techniques, such as crop
rotation, green manure, & compost, to build soil fertility biologically, and
strictly limits the use of manufactured fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, artificial
growth regulators, antibiotics, food additives, gmOs, or human sewage
sludge. see our Levels of assurance section for more info.

Free range – a system of animal husbandry designed to provide a healthy
environment suited to the natural behavioral needs of farm animals. The usDa
legally defines “Free range” or “Free roaming” for labeling purposes as
where producers demonstrate to the agency that poultry is allowed access to
the outside. We don’t think this goes far enough, so we have expanded this
concept in our animal farmers pledge.

community supported Agriculture (csA) – is a unique, direct
partnership between eaters and farmers in the form of a seasonal subscription
to a farm. see the Csa section for a detailed description.

genetically modified organisms (gmo) – plants and animals whose
genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques in
a lab. gmOs are the source of genetically modified foods. in agriculture,
genetically engineered crops are created to resist pests, herbicides, or harsh
environmental conditions. This technology is highly controversial on ethical,
environmental and food safety grounds, and there is a movement to require
labeling of any food containing gmO material. Other common references are
genetically engineered (ge) & genetically modified (gm).

Kc FooD circle’s levels oF AssurAnce

When you buy local, organic, and free-range food from our member
producers, you can rely on KCFC’s three levels of assurance.

1. USDA Organic Certification
2. Certified Naturally Grown
3. KC Food Circle Member Producer Pledge

WhAt Does thAt meAn For you?

 1. USDA Organic: some KCFC member producers hold usDa Organic (nOP)
    certification. as a label, certified organic has been legally defined by the
4 usDa ( usDa Organic provides a
  high level of assurance for eaters concerning the avoidance of synthetic
  pesticides and fertilizers. it is based on detailed requirements and regular
  inspections by a qualified professional. The certification process can be
  prohibitively expensive for small producers. This has led to the use of some
  alternative means of assurance.

2. Certified Naturally Grown (CNG): One alternate type of organic certification
   is Certified naturally grown ( it is much like
   usDa Organic but relies on inspections by volunteers, usually other
   farmers, who fill out a form that is posted on the website so it can be easily
   viewed by eaters. any exceptions to the standards are noted on this form.
   some KCFC member producers are Certified naturally grown.

3. KC Food Circle Member Producer Pledge: KCFC promotes many small
   producers and has developed a system of written pledges for our members
   that relies on the good faith of producers and on the willingness of eaters
   to establish a relationship with their farmers to their own comfort level.
   The KCFC will only make inspections in response to credible and serious
   complaints from eaters or other KCFC producers. Our pledges are also very
   similar to usDa organic with certain differences outlined below. all KCFC
   member producers have completed and signed our Producer Pledge.

Please note that it is difficult for small farmers to source organically grown
feed, so we do not require our farmers to use it. We also think that the
complete prohibition of antibiotic use in the USDA Organic standards –
even for sick animals – is too strict.

our ProDucer PleDges

Our Producer Pledges only apply to the practices our farmers use to grow
food, not to the methods used to produce any value-added processed foods
they may sell (such as breads, jams, salsas, sausages, etc.). We have some
members that are exclusively retail stores/butcher shops, not farms, and are
not required to sign any Pledges. While we are committed to promoting
organic agriculture, we recognize the economic and logistical difficulties
inherent in running a small farm while society continues to subsidize and
promote large-scale, petrochemical agriculture. Consequently, we consider
exceptions to the Pledges on a case-by-case basis. if a producer has been
granted an exception, that information will be on their KCFC web page.
For more information, contact

We also require our farmers to note whether they buy and/or distribute food
products which they do not grow and to list their sources. however, in most
cases we cannot verify the standards under which those other products are
produced, and you should talk directly with that farmer.

the Kc FooD circle requires All oF our member ProDucers
to sign the FolloWing PleDges.

PlAnt AnD mushroom FArmers PleDge

healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and mushrooms come from
building and maintaining healthy soil. We require all our plant and mushroom
farmer-members to sign this pledge. i PleDge:
  • To enhance the health of the land I farm, prevent erosion, and limit losses
    due to crop diseases through such methods as: the proper application
    of manure and compost to the soil; planting “green manure” crops and
    nitrogen-fixing legumes; rotational plantings of complementary crops; drip
    irrigation; and fallowing
  • To never use synthetic nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium fertilizers
  • To reduce losses due to insects through such methods as: crop rotation and
    diversity; encouraging the presence of animals that prey on insects; and
    insect predator introduction
  • To deal with unwanted plants in my fields through such methods as: cover-
    cropping, mulching, manual removal, tilling, and flame-weeding
  • To only use fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides (including those
    applied to treated seeds), and other biocides that have been approved for
    use by the national Organic Program of the u.s. Department of agriculture
  • To never use genetically engineered seeds
  • To use potable water when washing produce
  • To ensure that any fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, mushrooms and/
    or value-added products i resell from other local farms were produced in
    accordance with this pledge.

AnimAl FArmers PleDge

We can only be healthy if the meat, poultry, eggs, and milk we eat come from
healthy animals. Believing that farm animals deserve to be allowed to perform
behaviors essential to their well being, we require all our animal farmers to
sign this pledge. i PleDge:
  • To house the animals on my farm in outdoor pastures and/or pens with
    breed-appropriate shelter and bedding material available (temporary
    exceptions for medical treatment and breeding are allowed)
  • To provide living conditions that will support the normal behavior and
    social interactions of each species on my farm so that the animals will
    thrive and to reduce the incidence of injury, stress, and disease
  • To only use antibiotics, parasiticides, and other pharmaceutical drugs
    therapeutically in response to disease, infestation, or injury
  • To never use synthetic growth promotants; this includes, but is not limited to,
    hormone treatments such as rBgh injections in dairy cows and implants in
    beef cattle as well as subtherapeutic antibiotics and arsenic in feed
  • To never provide commercial feed that contains domestic animal
    byproducts; this includes, but is not limited to, animal waste, meat, blood,
    bones, hair, hooves, and feathers (fishmeal approved for use in organic
    agriculture is permitted)
  • To never use conventional herbicides and/or synthetic fertilizers on my
    pastures and/or hayfields
  • To ensure that any meats, dairy products, poultry, eggs, fish, and/
    or value-added products i sell from other local farms were produced in
    accordance with this pledge

both oF our PleDges incluDe the FolloWing lAnguAge:
 • Do you intend to sell or distribute products that you do not grow yourself?
   yes / no (CirCLe One) (if YES, list details and farm names below and notify
    us if your plans for “buy-in” change during the season)
  • By signing this pledge, you consent to allow visits by appointment to your
    farm/garden by members of the KC Food Circle Coordinating Committee
    as well as the individuals and families who buy from you.

the bAsics oF buying locAl, orgAnic & Free rAnge

The availability of locally grown foods in our area increases every year as
more farmers and eaters realize the many benefits of eating local, organic,
and free-range. here are some of the ways you can buy locally grown foods.
Farmers markets are open-air outlets where anywhere from a few to dozens of
farmers/producers regularly gather throughout the growing season to sell their
fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy foods, and other items.

community suPPorteD Agriculture (csA)
is a unique, direct partnership between eaters and farmers.
members normally join a Csa at the beginning of the calendar
year, reserving a spot and paying for at least part of the season
up front. This helps to provide a guaranteed market and income to the farmer.
The farmer then provides a weekly share of fresh, seasonal, organically
grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs and/or meat during the growing season.
Both partners share in the risks and rewards of small-scale farming, from
weather worries to bumper crops.

CSAs are a great way to get to know your farmer, your community, and your
vegetables and fruits. most provide information with each week’s share to help
you prepare those fresh vegetables you rarely eat. some require participation
several times a year, with either harvesting or distributing food. Others deliver
right to your door. When evaluating Csas, look for growers who have a
distribution point convenient to your home or workplace. Each CSA is unique,
so be sure to learn the specifics. if you are interested in joining a Csa, ask the
farmer about the following:
   • Where are your drop off locations or distribution points?
   • What quantity of produce can I expect to receive from week to week?
   • What is the payment schedule?                                                7
    • Is the produce grown using organic farming methods?
    • Does your CSA include any meat, milk, poultry, or eggs?
    • Do you welcome visitors on the farm?

Go online for more info from the Kansas City CSA Coalition,

On-Farm Sales give you the opportunity to go right to the farm to see where
and how your food is grown. Farmstands can be great fun for both kids and
adults alike and helps to remind us all that food comes from the land, not the
supermarket. home Delivery is less common, but some of our producer-members
will take orders by phone, e-mail, or regular mail and deliver right to your door.

Retail Grocers and Markets make it easy and convenient to buy locally grown
foods because they’re open year-round and throughout the week. Though most
of our members only sell direct, a few do market through natural food stores
and supermarkets (Whole Foods, Nature’s Own, Nature’s Pantry, & The Topeka
Natural Food Co-op are examples). Please check individual listings for details.

Membership Grocery: Howard’s Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch is a unique
membership grocery, connecting local producers and consumers through a
commitment to organic, fair trade, and humanely raised goods. as a member of
howard’s you will have 24/7, year-round access to the store providing you with
good food. howard’s is located in the City ice building on hospital hill, 900 e.
21st st. KCmO. visit for info on becoming a member
and for a list of farmers.

Restaurants are another way to eat local, organic, and free-range. Our eat
Local (& Organic!) Dining card provides a one-time 10% discount for KCFC
eater members at 14 area restaurant that serve local, organic, and free-range
food. see for restaurant
information, and to find instructions on how to join the KC Food Circle.

eAting locAl AnD orgAnic All yeAr

The availability of fresh, locally grown organic produce in our area varies
considerably over the course of a year. We have a great abundance of
vegetables and some fruits during the late spring, summer and early fall, with
less availability during the late fall, winter, and early spring. Fortunately, there
are ways to stretch your supply over the year. you can easily learn how to
can, dehydrate, and freeze vegetables and fruits to enjoy year-round.

visit the website of the national Center for home Food Preservation at: or visit the K state and university of missouri extension
offices for more resources: (nutrition and health) and (nutrition and health).

buying Free rAnge meAt

Purchasing meat from the farm has many benefits for both you and the farmer:
   • The entire purchase price goes to the farmer.
   • You get highly nutritious, delicious meat from farmers you know.
   • You avoid the cruel, unhealthy, and destructive system of industrial
     meat production.
Buying beef, pork, lamb, bison, poultry and other meats this way is vastly
different from the meat counter at your local supermarket and might take some
adjustment to your meal planning. most of our farmers produce seasonally
on a small scale and have limited marketing outlets. They usually sell only
frozen meat because it’s not feasible for them to sell all the meat they produce
before it spoils. Producers prefer to sell beef and pork by the half (side) or
quarter, but sometimes offer a bundle of mixed cuts in 20-25 pound lots.
They are processed in facilities that have been inspected by the state and/
or federal government and come in marked butcher paper or labeled plastic.
many producers sell at farmers’ markets by the individual cut. some poultry
producers prefer to sell fresh chicken at the farm on the day of slaughter, but
you can also pick up frozen whole or half-chickens from the farm at other
times. some sell through retail grocers and to restaurants.

if you choose to buy meat in bulk, you may find it worthwhile (and necessary)
to purchase a small freezer to ensure adequate storage space. One cubic foot
of freezer space will accommodate 35-40 pounds of cut and wrapped meat
(slightly less if the meat is packaged in odd shapes). Buying meat in bulk can
save you substantial money over time, but does require a significant initial
investment. splitting a large order with one or more other households can help
make this cost more manageable.

some of our farmers use feeding methods that result in very lean meats in
comparison to most supermarket meats, and so different cooking methods are
required for best results. This is often the case with meats from grass-fed and
pastured animals. Please ask the farmers you buy from for tips on how best to
prepare the meats they sell.

FeAtureD orgAnic FArmers’ mArKets

Our region is fortunate to have a number of Farmers markets that only accept
vegetable and fruit farmers who attest to using organic methods. The farmers at
these markets who produce meat, eggs, and dairy products agree to avoid the
use of synthetic growth hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics. The managers
or representatives of the markets write the market listings below, and the KC
Food Circle, being an all-volunteer organization, does not certify each market’s
standards and practices. For additional information, please contact the market
directly. This listing is also available at

BADSEED Funky Friday Night                     cruelty-free practices. a majority of our
Farmers Market                                 vegetable vendors grow on urban farms                              located in the KC metro area. no vendor
                                               travels more than 100 miles to come to
1909 mcgee, Kansas City, mO 64108              market. Plus, no food or other items are
hours: Fridays, 4 - 9pm,                       sold that are not grown or produced
may 3, - nov 22, 2013                          by the persons you will meet in each
Fridays, 4 - 8pm,                              vendor tent. Know your Farmer – Know
Dec 6, 2013 - Feb 28, 2014                     your Food! Come join us for live music,
                                               chef demos the second saturday of each
[SNAP EBT + Double-$-Value Beans & Greens]
                                               month, special festivals and real good
Located in the Crossroads art District of      food! Festival Dates: may 11 – home
downtown KC, the BaDseeD market is             gardening Festival; July 13 – heirloom
dedicated to providing the “conscious          Tomato Festival; september 14 – Local
consumer” with nutritious and delicious        Food, global Flavor Festival
foods grown sustainably (and with LOve)
in the immediate community. The Friday         KCK Greenmarket
night Farmers’ market offers a plethora        (at Juniper gardens & at Catholic Charities)
of local-organic delights including colorful   Juniper Gardens
fruits and veggies, baked goods, gourmet       100 richmond ave, KCK 66101
mushrooms, goat cheese, eggs and               hours: mondays – 7:30am-1pm
free-range meats. Come on down and             Catholic Charities
greet your farmer! Together we can build       2220 Central ave, KCK 66102
community and collective consciousness         hours: Tuesdays – 7:30am-1pm
through the universal pleasure that comes
from eating gOOD FOOD.                         active growers from new roots for
                                               refugees and graduates of that program
Brookside Farmers’ Market                      provide organically grown produce of all                 kinds June through september, or longer.            Contact: rachel Pollock 913-909-1027
63rd & Wornall, KCmO
(Border star school Parking Lot)               KC Organics & Natural Market
saturday 8am-1pm, april 20 - nov 23, 2013      at Minor Park
[SNAP EBT + Double-$-Value Beans & Greens]
 The Brookside Farmers’ market has             Just east of holmes on red Bridge road
 satisfied Kansas City’s appetite for          (about 111th st.), Kansas City, mO
 local and organic for over 10 years!          hours: saturdays, 8am -12:30pm,
 each saturday you will find just-picked,      may 4th - October 12th
 farm-fresh vegetables and herbs, bright
 flowers, delicious meat from grass-fed        Come visit us in the park! Our family
 animals, eggs from free-range chickens,       farmers offer organic produce that is
 handmade products for home and body,          fresh-picked and locally grown, natural
 freshly prepared breads and baked             specialty and heritage meats, honey,
 goods including vegan and gluten-free         mushrooms, edible flowers, herbs, grains,
 items, the famous Brookside Breakfast         artisan breads, cereals and pies, fresh
 Burritos and a place to sit and visit.        eggs, freshly-brewed “FT” coffee & more.
 People from all over the metro area           We continue to pioneer eCOPrODuCTs,
 come to Brookside to enjoy the relaxed        with the highest organic-content hand-
 neighborhood flavor of the market and         made bar soaps & body care items,
 to shop from multiple growers/producers       woodcrafts, candles, artisan natural-stone
 who are usDa Certified Organic. all           custom jewelry, and much more. We are
 our farmers use organic, sustainable and      a “Fair Trade” market, with occasional
gourmet Chefs demos featuring KC’s up         Farmers market Week with a Fabulous
and coming talent and Live and Local          Tomato Festival. always check our
“Organica music.” We host a holiday           website for weekly specials!
market on Dec 14- see our web site
for details.                                  Waldo Farmers’ Market
Niles Garden Market                                             Wednesdays, 3pm -7pm may 1 - sept 25
                                              1 Block east of Wornall on 79th st
1911 e 23rd street (east of Downtown,         (303 W. 79th street, KCmO)
close to garfield ave) KCmO
hours: Tuesdays, 4pm to 6:30pm –              [SNAP EBT Accepted] The Waldo Farmers’
Official opening is June 4, 2013              market features usDa Certified Organic
                                              and non-certified sustainably grown
niles garden is an educational and            vegetables, meats, eggs, cheese and
peaceful garden next to niles home for        honey, plus artisan breads, jams,
Children. We use organic no-till practices    transplants (spring), flowers, herbs
on our beds but don’t claim certification.    and sweet treats produced as close
We hope to be a model for beginning           as 4 miles from the market to no more
gardeners to learn sustainable urban          than 100 miles away. vegetable and
agricultural techniques. Our market           meat vendors are required to be usDa
benefits niles and the kids who work the      Certified Organic or members of the
garden. some of our garden practices          Kansas City Food Circle and abide by
can be viewed on our web site and             the KCFC farmers’ pledges. The market
on youTube.                                   is conveniently located for after-work
                                              stops, shoppers on tight time schedules,
Rosedale Farmers’ Market                      bikers and walkers using the adjacent                 Trolley Track Trail and neighbors out for
                                              a stroll. The market is very kid-friendly
4020 rainbow Blvd. KC Ks 66103                and welcoming to pets on leashes. a
(in the parking lot of Commerce Bank on       substantial portion of vendor fees are
rainbow Blvd. across from Ku med Ctr.)        donated to habitat for humanity’s
hours: sundays 11:00 am - 2:00 pm,            restore, the market’s host. Contact the
may 19- Oct 13, 2013                          market managers for more info:
market manager: Joe heide                     stonycrest@ or                            (816) 304-2517.

[SNAP EBT + Double-$-Value Beans & Greens]    Westport Plaza Farmers’ Market
Csa drop-off sites. rosedale community
gardens. snaP/Fns seniors Farmers             Westport rd. & Wyoming st., KCmO
market nutrition Program. The rosedale        Wednesdays, 4:30 - 7:30pm, may 1
Farmers market is committed to supplying      through October 16, 2013
your family with healthy local foods.
The hardworking farmers selling at our        [SNAP EBT + Double-$-Value Beans & Greens]
market offer locally grown fresh fruits and   Join us after work and talk with those who
veggies, free-range meats, honey, herbs,      grow your food. all local and sustainably-
grains, artisan breads, fresh eggs, and       grown vegetables, fruit, bread, free-range
always a lot of family fun. We will have      meat, and other unique KC-made goods.
weekly cooking demonstrations, and            if you live in the neighborhood, stroll on
activities for the kid’s. stop by and check   over and bring your kids! Live music and
us out! We’re open every sunday from          children’s activities are also scheduled.
11am to 2pm, may though October. On           Contact
august 11, we will celebrate national         for details.
other FArmers mArKets

some of our farmers sell their products at other markets that do not require
all producers to attest to using organic or free-range methods. if our growers’
Directory listings indicate that they sell at one of these other markets, you
can either ask the farmer or look up the market’s location and hours on the
national Local harvest website at

local, organic, or free-range producers at many other farmer’s markets in our
region. We encourage you to ask these questions of any producer.

• Do you grow all of the food products you sell?   • Are your animals given access
• Is your produce organically grown?                 to the outdoors?
• Do you use any synthetic pesticides              • How are your animals confined?
  (insecticides, herbicides & fungicides)          • Do you use antibiotics, hormones,
  or chemical fertilizers?                           or arsenic to promote the growth
• When did you pick your produce?                    of the animals on your farm?
• Is it ready to eat today?                        • What do you feed your animals?
• How to you wash and store your products?           Do you use genetically modified
• Do you have a clean water supply?                  grains or GMO products?
• How do you cool your produce?                    • Do you welcome visitors to
  (sweat leads to rot.)                              your farm?

eAt locAl (& orgAnic!) FArmer exPos

Our largest annual events - the eat Local (& Organic!) expos - are held every
spring and attract several thousand people each year who are looking for
a connection with the farmers who produce their food. Our 90 small family
farmers showcase their organic and free-range produce, meat, and seedlings,
and have Community supported agriculture subscription (Csa) sign-ups.
Our Expos are held the last Saturday in March and the first Saturday in April.

eAt locAl (& orgAnic!) Dining cArD

The eat Local (& Organic!) Dining Card entitles you, as a member of the
Kansas City Food Circle, to a one-time 10% discount on your bill at some of
the best sustainably sourcing restaurants in the Kansas City area. They were
invited to join our program because of their public commitment to sourcing
ingredients from local, organic, free-range farmers.

heAlth AnD Wellness members

Kansas City Food Circle has created a “health and wellness professional”
contributorship to help nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, dietitians, and
those in related fields share with their clients the benefits of eating locally,
organically, and free-range. if you are interested in joining as a health and
Wellness Contributor, email
               Kansas City Food CirCle
                  2013 Directory

Kc FooD circle ProDucers

KnoW your groWer (Disclaimer) aside from requiring a small
membership fee, the KC Food Circle has no financial interest in any of our
producer-members. Our producers agree to meet our production standards
by signing our Producer’s Pledges. They write their own listings for this
Directory. as an all-volunteer organization, KCFC lacks the resources to
inspect and certify their growing and animal treatment practices or to verify
any other claims, nor can we guarantee our producers’ product quality or
performance. if you have questions about any particular term in a listing,
please contact the producer directly.

The Food Circle’s mission is to provide people the information they need
to build relationships based on trust with those who produce their food.
We add growers and update year-round. more detailed information
about our producers is found online at:

               ProDuce & ProDuct Key
               Use this key to quickly find
               what the far ms sell.

                                                            BuFFaLO, LamB
       eggs                    FruiTs
                                                            and gOaT

       Dairy                   vegeTaBLes                   POrK
                               includes herbs

       nuTs                    hOney                        POuLTry

                               vaLue aDDeD
       mushrOOms               sauces, preserves, and       Fish
                               baked goods, etc.
2lFArms                                       supplemented with locally grown grains.
                                              EMU OiL is an all-natural, moisturizing
Cheryl glidewell and Terri melling            oil with properties (moisturizing, trans-
23970 131st street                            dermal, anti-inflammatory), used by the
Leavenworth, Ks 66048                         aborigines of australia in their native
(888)282-9518                                 medicine. We are proud to bring you                              the very best, backed by a 30-day                               money back guarantee, Check out
                                              our website for tradeshows, farmers’
2LFarms offers 100% GRASS-FED BEEF,           markets, and locations where we are
SPECiALTY GARDEN PRODUCTS AND                 going to be.
grain is used for our cattle and calves.      A&b homecoming beeF llc
They feed on rotationally grazed
pastures, and alfalfa and brome hay           glenn and Jane ann varner
in winter. Pastures are fertilized with       303 ne hwy 2, Leeton, mO 64761
manure only. no growth implants,              (660)221-1918
hormones, antibiotics, vaccines,    
commercial wormers or pesticides. Beef
can be purchased by small bundles,
sides, or wholes. This year we are            We offer 100% GRASSFED AND
also offering GOURMET WHOLE COW               FiNiSHED BEEF. no grain is used for our
GROUND BEEF with convenient online            home-born and raised free-range cattle
ordering. We also grow a variety of           and calves. They feed on the grass
HEiRLOOM AND HYBRiD VEGETABLES                from our rotationally grazed pastures
AND CULiNARY HERBS. Our garden                including 17 acres of warm season
products include our famous Pear and          grasses. alfalfa and hay are fed in
apple butters, as well as Blueberry and       winter. Pastures are fertilized naturally.
raspberry glazes. From may-september,         no growth implants, hormones, or
our FARM-TO-TABLE DiNNER EVENTS               antibiotics are used. We have a north
feature our beef and produce on a             Devon bull that we have been using
unique menu created for the evening by        on our 1/2 angus 1/2 gelbvieh cows
a local area chef. Check our website for      for the last couple of years. We will
details. you deserve the best natural food,   be selling at Brookside market on
and 2LFarms can provide it for you!           saturdays. hope to see you there!

4 D Acres, inc.                               ADAms’ osAge riDge
everything emu                                AroniA community FArm

mike and Dee martin                           Joel and Kathy adams
PO Box 1218, Louisburg, Ks 66053              18103 e Courtney atherton rd.
h (877)837-4119 C (913)271-1832               independence, mO 64058
F (209)790-1832                               (816)796-0998                                    

4 D acres is a small family farm located      We grow the high-antioxidant native
near Louisburg, Ks. EMU, a low-fat,           american BLACK CHOKEBERRiES
healthy red meat (similar in taste to high    (aronia melanocarpa), on the south
quality beef), and free-range CHiCKENS        ridge of the missouri river; land once
are naturally raised without the use of       the home of the hopewells and Osages.
medication or growth hormones. Both           as a berry known for its contributions
the emu and the chickens have access          to improved mitochondrial health, the
to fresh green grass on pasture and are       little known aroniaberry is making a
                                              comeback. We also grow a variety of
VEGETABLES, HERBS, ELDERBERRiES,           fed all-natural feeds. NO ADDED
AND BLACKBERRiES in season. Through        HORMONES OR ANTiBiOTiCS. Our BEEF
our high-tunnel, seasons begin early and   iS 100% GRASS-FED. all animals are fed
end later on with some vegetables.         certified organic grass and hay. Come
                                           visit the farm and see how our family
bArhAm cAttle comPAny                      is committed to raising quality food for
& FAmily FArm                              you. Cedar valley Farms now provides
                                           usDa Poultry Processing.
Kenny Barham
16600 ne 128th st                          be love too FArm
Kearney mO, 64060
h (816)628-4567                            steve and andrea myers
C (816)365-2445                            159 e. 2400th rd.              edgerton, Ks 66021                     (913)526-5255
naturally raised BEEF and CHiCKENS.
We avoid antibiotics and growth            Be Love Too Farm is a new sustainable
hormones. Our cattle are fed on grass      farm in edgerton, Ks, producing high
and given a locally grown grain            quality, nutritious, non-certified organic
supplement. We take great pride in our     VEGETABLES, HERBS, WHEAT GRASS,
cattle. We offer a variety of options      AND SPROUTS for Cafe gratitude
for you to enjoy our beef. you may         KC. Farmers steve and andrea myers
purchase it by the cut, quarter, half or   have created Be Love Too Farm from
whole beef. We are at Liberty’s farmers    a commitment to fulfilling dreams
market on saturdays. We offer a Fall       for themselves and others. The Cafe
Csa for 6 months. visitors are always      gratitude community has deeply
welcome. Our chickens are raised           impacted the farmers’ lived (ask them
without antibiotics or growth hormones     their story or visit www.belovetoo.
on grass in movable pens pioneered by      com) and this farm is one way for them
Joel salatin. These are moved morning      to share their gifts with the world. Be
and night. Our chickens always have        Love Too Farm was created in 2011 in
grass, fresh air and sunshine. We          partnership with Cafe gratitude KC.
also offer free range EGGS. Our hens       Beyond growing food to impact the
are housed at night and let out in the     health and vitality of humans and the
morning to run, pick, scratch and enjoy    earth, Be Love Too is a community farm.
free ranging. i believe the way we raise   We welcome visitors and invite you to
our animals benefits all of us. We are     join us in our monthly farm dinners, our
committed to raising a healthy quality     volunteer days,or at the Cafe enjoying
product for your family and mine. We       a bountiful meal. For more information
know what we are feeding so you know       visit us at
what you are eating.Check our website or
and Facebook.                    

bAumAn’s ceDAr                             beAr creeK FArms
vAlley FArms
                                           robbins, Jim, and Lonnie hail
John and yvonne Bauman                     12595 ne 50 road
24161 nW Kentucky rd.                      Osceola, mO 64776
garnett, Ks 66032                          (417)282-5894

Cedar valley Farms is a family farm        CERTiFiED ORGANiC VEGETABLES,
ORNAMENTAL PLANTS for your garden.         fed non-gmO grain plus the grass
We specialize in heirloom varieties,       and bugs they eat. Our PORK is
more than 500 VARiETiES OF HEiRLOOM        raised outside, on dirt lots, with deep
TOMATOES. Our gourmet and heirloom         bedding at farrowing time, with no
vegetables are available at Whole Foods,   growth hormones or antibiotics. Our
Door to Door Organics, and The root        vegetables, flowers, and herbs are
Cellar in Columbia, mO.                    naturally grown with non-gmO seed &
                                           organic practices. Csa subscriptions
beAu solAis                                are available for two twenty-week
mushroom FArm                              sessions during the growing season.
                                           We believe healthy, happy animals and
rick & anita hanks                         veggies benefit the environment, farmers
hughesville, missouri                      and consumers. We invite you to try
(816)405-5607                              our products.
                                           beverlin’s little
Beau solais Farm prides itself on          Piece oF PArADise
providing the freshest OYSTER
MUSHROOMS possible to some of              Lonnie Beverlin
Kansas City’s finest restaurants. We       28005 W. 295th st., Paola, Ks 66071
started delivering our mushrooms           (816)213-1318
in august of 2005. We have three
varieties of oyster mushrooms: yellow,     Our family farm features pastured
Brown and grey. We also grow               BERKSHiRE PORK, RED RANGER
MiCROGREENS and over 20 varieties of       PASTURED CHiCKENS, PASTURED
you can find our mushrooms at these fine   KATAHDiN GRASS-FED LAMBS, and
restaurants: Blue Bird Bistro, Bluestem,   DAiRY COWS. We sell wholes or halves
The Bristol, Broadmoor Bistro, Chaz,       or by the cut. artisan european style
Classic Cup, eden alley, grand street,     BREADS available saturdays at the
gram & Dun, JJ’s, Lidia’s, milano’s,       Olathe Farmer’s market april 20th to
Pierponts, room 39, room 39 at mission     October 20th from 8 am to sellout. We
Farms, starker’s reserve, The american,    pride ourselves on the care and quality
The rieger, Thomas, Trio, Webster          of our animals and believe that access
house, and The Westside Local.             to grass, sun, and bugs makes the
                                           difference you can taste. NO hormones
beneDict                                   or antibiotics. Friend us on Facebook!
builDers FArm
                                           blue Door FArm csA
Calvin and Laura Benedict & Daughters
474 ne 951, Knob noster, mO 65336          Laura Christensen
h (660)563-3309 – nO sunDay CaLLs          Kansas City, Ks
We are a local farm family that  
produces fresh, drug free, artificial-
hormone-free MEAT, EGGS, VEGETABLES,       Blue Door Farm is a certified organic
HERBS and CUT FLOWERS. We also             vegetable farm in Kansas City, Ks.
sell aged CHEESES from raw Jersey          We love growing beautiful, healthy,
cow’s milk. Our BEEF is completely         delicious vegetables! We offer a wide
100% grass-fed & no artificial growth      selection of VEGETABLES, including
hormones, no routine antibiotics are       HEiRLOOM and OPEN-POLLiNATED
given to our cows. Our hens and            varieties, at the Brookside Farmers
BROiLER CHiCKENS are free-range,           market on summer saturdays, the
moved each day to fresh grass, and         BaDseeD market winter Friday
16                                         evenings and through a Csa program
with Tuesday delivery to homes and            baked goods available from our new
offices. We also offer certified organic      bakery nearby. Find our baked goods
vegetable and flower transplants for the      at BaDseeD Farmers’ market, KC City
home gardeners out there. Farm visits,        market, nature’s Pantry, Cosentino’s
volunteer hours and apprenticeships           Brookside market, Farmers’ Community
through the growing growers program           market - Brookside, and other stores
are possible; contact us to set up a visit.   in the KC area. Our farm also offers
                                              free range EGGS, & pesticide free
“bossie’s best”                               VEGETABLES grown by Josiah. Come
vb FArms, llc                                 visit our farm & bakery anytime.

nancy vogelsberg-Busch                        breezy hill FArm
896 15th rd, home, Ks 66438
(785)799-3737                                 art Ozias                        62 sW 58 hwy, Centerview, mO 64019                           h (660)656-3409 C (660)909-1633
are a family that has farmed organically
in Kansas for over 130 years. We              Breezy hill Farm is a missouri Century
have GRASS FED SMOKED ORGANiC                 Farm. a family farm since the 1860s,
BEEF available year round and GRAiN           DAiRY COWS. We use no vaccines,
FED CUSTOM CUT ORGANiC BEEF iN                no commercial wormers or hormones.
SEASON BY THE QUARTER, HALF OR                no grain is ever used at any stage
WHOLE. Our delicious hotdogs and              in producing our excellent and
hamburger are available retail in frozen      healthy beef. We dry age our beef
foods at several Kansas stores; please        for two weeks to ensure the maximum
visit our website for locations. We           tenderness and flavor. We only sell
encourage and invite people to visit our      wholes, halves, and split-halves and
farm to see why organic is best!              have a limited supply. We only sell
Buy the Best…Bossie’s Best!                   what we raise. We offer free delivery
                                              within 100 miles (beef only). Please see
breAD oF liFe bAKery                          the slide shows on our web site.
JosiAh’s gArDen
                                              buDs AnD berries
glenn & Kathy Crowther
206 main st./PO Box 9                         gayle Beachner and Lynda huenefeld
stewartsville, mO 64490                       Odessa, mO and Butler, mO
Bakery (816)669-1310                          (660)200-5324 (gayle)
h (816)675-2248 F (816)669-1345               (660)888-6248 (Lynda)                       budsandberriesproduce

Bread of Life Bakery specializes in           Buds and Berries, run by sisters,
a wide variety of WHOLE-GRAiN                 operates two farms in Butler and
BREADS & SNACKS. We also offer                Odessa, missouri. We are “natural”
VEGAN BAKED GOODS. We bake with               growers, using only organic approved
CERTiFiED ORGANiC FRESH GROUND                substances when necessary. We
WHEAT grown by geiger Farms of                boast thousands of plants, including:
robinson, Ks and Food Circle member           a large variety of BLACKBERRiES,
aCme grain of edgerton, Ks. some              BLUEBERRiES, BLACK RASPBERRiES, RED
of our baked goods are sweetened              RASPBERRiES, YELLOW RASPBERRiES,
with local honey. We also have a new          and STRAWBERRiES. We also grow
line of GLUTEN-FREE ‘sweet sisters’           ASPARAGUS, PEAS, a large variety of
PEPPERS, several varieties of LETTUCE,        and many other vegetables throughout
TOMATOES, CHERRY TOMATOES,                    the season, as well as fresh HERBS
several varieties of ZUCCHiNi AND             (BASiL, PARSLEY, BABY DiLL, AND MiNT),
SQUASH, CUCUMBERS, PiCKLiNG                   GARLiC AND ONiONS. We grow in our
CUCUMBERS, LEMON CUCUMBERS,                   fields many varieties of the most flavorful
GREEN BEANS, PEARS, APPLES, AND               TOMATOES including many HEiRLOOM
CONCORD GRAPES. you can find us at            TOMATO varieties. your satisfaction is
the City market – downtown KC, sat.           our pleasure in growing healthier and
& sun., april through nov., and at the        more nutritious vegetables.
Lee’s summit (mO) Farmers’ market
Wed. & sat. – april through nov.              chestnut chArlie’s
                                              orgAnic tree croPs
cAmPo linDo FArms
                                              Charles novogradac & Deborah milks
Jay and Carol maddick                         PO Box 1166, Lawrence, Ks 66044
2390 se 228th st., Lathrop, mO 64465          (784)841-8505
                                              Chestnut Charlie’s is a local experiment
Products: MEATS – ALL-NATURAL CHiCKEN         and demonstration orchard of
& EGGS; SOME LAMB Farm hours: Call            permanent tree crops grown under
or email ahead. restaurants that support      low-till, low-input and organic
us: american restaurant, aixois, aixois       management. We specialize in fresh
Brasserie, Blue Bird Bistro, Bluestem,        CHESTNUTS, but are also developing
Carriage Club, Classic Cup Cafe, hilton       select northern PECANS & WALNUTS,
President, Julian, Justus Drugstore, Kansas   & native PAWPAWS. u-pick chestnuts
City Club, marriott Downtown, michael         on weekends, mid-september to mid-
smith, mission hills Country Club,            October, or purchase chestnuts by
Pierpont’s, room 39 (mission hills and        mail, Lawrence Farmers market, or
39th st.), starker’s reserve, story., The     select KC area natural foods stores &
rieger, yiayia’s. grocers that offer our      supermarkets. Check our website for
chickens and eggs: Cosentino’s Brookside      availability. Farm visits by appointment.
market, Cosentino’s Downtown market,          We hire local pickers in fall. Certified
Cosentino’s Price Chopper (Brookside,         Organic yearly, since 1998.
95th & mission, Liberty), hy-vee in
Liberty at 95th & mission and hy-vee in       city bitty FArm
gladstone , Local Pig (chickens only),
nature’s Own (eggs only), nature’s            greg & Jennifer garbos
Pantry, Whole Foods (both locations),         9615 grandview road
green acres (eggs only).                      Kansas City, mO 64137
cAtherine’s “nAturAlly groWn”       
vegetAbles & herbs                  
Catherine Pavicich
Kansas City, Ks 66104                         Proudly focused on “all things small,”
(913)287-7295                                 City Bitty Farm specializes in growing
                                              MiCROGREENS year-round for area
Our vegetables and herbs are grown            restaurants and events. Our microgreens
without chemical pesticides and               are grown in organic soil and harvested
herbicides, giving each customer              while young for maximum nutrition. We
saFer foods at no extra cost. We grow         also grow CHERRY TOMATOES, MiNi
varieties of spring LETTUCE, ARUGULA          MELONS, CARROTS, PiE PUMPKiNS,
                                              SWiSS CHARD, BEETS, and more. Our
perennial fruiting trees and bushes            Ours is a family-owned, multi-
include SOUR CHERRiES, APPLES,                 generational farm with a big cultural
NECTARiNES, APRiCOTS, HAZELNUTS,               impact! in adopting the techniques of
PECANS, ELDERBERRiES, AND BLACK                Joel salatin and Polyface, inc., our
RASPBERRiES. Our parent company, Four          farm is sustainable, pasture-based,
season Tools, creates sustainable, small       and beyond organic. We sell EGGS,
scale growing solutions for farms across       POULTRY, TURKEYS, PORK, AND BEEF.
the country. Our farm features a fixed         The feed is strictly local, non-gmO,
greenhouse with rainwater capture and          organic grains, with minerals and
irrigation, automatic venting, movable         pro-biotics. it’s Pure Foods from Pure
benches, and a benchtop hot water              Pastures. you can find our products at
heating system. We love to share our           nature’s Pantry in independence, mO or
learning, so come see us!                      at the farm. visit our website and like us
                                               on Facebook. Our farm is always open,
DAnJo FArms                                    so come on by.

Dan & Joanne nelson                            FAir shAre FArm
1210 Private road 2717
moberly, mO 65270                              rebecca graff and Tom ruggieri
(573)823-5452                                  18613 Downing road                           Kearney, mO 64060                             (816)320-3763
We are a Certified naturally grown and
animal Welfare approved family farm
devoted to treating our animals humanely,      as we begin our 10th season, we
using deep organic methods and being           welcome you to join Fair share Farm
sustainable land stewards. We enjoy            Csa. as a community of eaters and
growing HEiRLOOM HERBS, VEGETABLES,            farmers we work together to grow,
BERRiES and FRUiT. We take pride and           harvest, distribute, and eat the freshest,
integrity in giving you only the best that     most-nutritious, colorful, and flavorful
god has intended for you and our family        produce possible. Our fields are filled
naturally. Join our Csa to get your fresh-     with a wide assortment of VEGETABLES,
picked farmshare full of vegetables, fruit,    FRUiTS AND HERBS, including HEiRLOOM
berries, EGGS, BAKERY GOODS, VALUE-            VARiETiES. We offer a 31-week extended
ADDED PRODUCTS and MEATS – our 300             season Csa (mid april thru november)
memberships are are going fast! We’ll          and a 24 week regular season (mid-
still have lots of produce left for our farm   may through late October). We offer
stands and local farmers markets that we       four options for picking up your share:
attend weekly. natural PORK, pastured          at the farm, at a member’s home in
CHiCKEN, LAMB, GRASS-FED BEEF and              Liberty, mO, at the BaDseeD market,
FREE RANGE TURKEYS will be available;          and in Brookside. Check out our website
also our new RiSE N’ SHiNE BAKERY!             (above) and blog www.fairsharenews.
stop by and see us, neighbors – you’ll for more info.
be glad you did!
                                               Fox hAven FArm
DAviD’s PAsture
                                               Todd Blanton
David Kesten                                   Princeton, mO
696 ne County road CC                          (641)745-9199
Concordia, mO 64020                  
(816)226-8040                         We are restoring an 80 acre farm to                          sustainable food production with 20 acres
                                               currently in non-gmO open pollinated
corn, flax, field peas, edible beans, hard      PORK, CHiCKEN and DUCK from healthy
red wheat, and buckwheat and 50 acres           pastured animals and grow heirloom
of pasture. We use only organic approved        VEGETABLES. We raise DAiRY COWS.
fertilizers and otherwise employ intensive      Our goal is to provide natural, great
crop rotation, high density timed grazing,      tasting, nutrient-dense food that builds
and green manure crops to maintain              health and restores the environment.
fertility. We are building a processing plant   We do this by raise our animals and
to offer cleaned WHOLE GRAiNS, BLACK            vegetables as god intended by working
EYED PEAS, PiNTO BEANS, AND KiDNEY              with nature, instead of against it, and
BEANS, FLAX, GROUND WHEAT, RYE, AND             forgoing the use of chemicals. We have
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. also grass fed BEEF            MEAT and DAiRY Csa’s. We deliver food
from my Belted galloway cattle herd.            weekly to Overland Park and Lawrence.
                                                We sell on the farm, at farmers markets
FruitFul hills csA                              and deliver to drop-off sites.

michael Frantz - Farm Coordinator               gibbs roAD FArm -
760 ne 48th ave, Trenton, mO 64683              cultivAte Kc
Csa Coordinator: Christine stephan
(a COre group volunteer)                        4223 gibbs road KCKs, 66106
(816)217-8115                                   Farm manager: alicia ellingsworth                    executive Director: Katherine Kelly
Farmers in our community of small,              (913)831-2444
horse-powered family farms are working
together to provide shares for a 24 week
Csa. From mid-may to mid-november,              gibbs road Farm is a two-acre, certified
we supply a weekly share of FRESH               organic production and training farm in
VEGETABLES, including same-day-                 Kansas City, Kansas growing more than
harvested SALAD CROPS, SPECiALTY                50 different VEGETABLES and HERBS. Look
MELONS, AND HEiRLOOM TOMATOES.                  for us at the Brookside Farmers market on
PASTURED EGGS AND MEATS are offered             saturdays and find our produce on the
separately. Pick up Csa shares in               menus of many fine local restaurants. We
Columbus Park, Downtown KC, Prairie             also have a 40-member year-round Csa
village, or Lenexa on Thursday evenings.        program. gibbs road Farm is the original
We use natural and sustainable farming          farm-site of Cultivate Kansas City, a non-
methods, focusing on integrity, quality         profit organization that promotes small-
and variety. For a free brochure and            scale community based, entrepreneurial
Csa application, find the link on our           farming in the metropolitan area. Join us
KCFC web page, or write to the Farm             again in 2013 for our biennial urban
manager, michael Frantz.                        Farms & gardens Tour.

gAsPer FAmily FArm                              gillis groWth grove

Pete and susan gasper                           Theo Bunch – manager
11184 antioch rD #167                           8150 Wornall rd, KCmO 64114
Overland Park, Ks 66210                         (816)457-2143
(913)723-3838                                                       gillis growth grove is a FARM AND
                                                LEARNiNG CENTER at a children’s home
gasper Family Farm is a small,                  for troubled youth. Through farming
diversified family farm near Fort scott,        growth grove helps the gillis kids heal
Kansas. We produce GRASS-FED BEEF,              and learn. Through experiential lessons,
                                                and hands-on exploratory stations
growth grove teaches biology, ecology,      at The City market in downtown Kansas
entomology, and introduces kids to          City. Delivery is available to the metro area
alternative energy and the idea             with large enough orders, or when enough
of locality, organic farming, and self      orders are taken to justify delivery.
reliant living.
                                            green Dirt FArm, llc
golDen riDge FArms
                                            Jacqueline smith and sarah hoffmann
Bruce & Cindy silvest                       P.O. Box 74, Weston, mO 64098
24960 earnest rd.                 
Osawatomie , Ks 66064             
h (913)898-6201 C (913)406-9440                    We make our own FARMSTEAD SHEEP’S                            MiLK CHEESES and YOGURT by hand on
                                            our farm using milk from our own GENTLY
We raise PECANS, our fruit trees            RAiSED, GRASS-FED EWES. Our aNiMAL
AND PEARS) and BERRiES (blackberries/       the scenic missouri river bluffs outside
raspberries/strawberries) without the       Weston. The grasses and legumes in our
use of sprays. We are planting more         carefully tended pastures give our artisan
pecan trees and replanting grasses          cheeses and yogurt a unique richness and
on formerly row-cropped land. Pecans        lovely depth of flavor not found anywhere
can be purchased year-round. We             else. also 100% GRASS-FED LAMB of
have GLAZED PECANS iN CiNNAMON              unsurpassed quality, tenderness, and flavor.
SUGAR, FRENCH VANiLLA, BUTTER RUM,          visit us at The Badseed market on Fridays
AND CARAMEL FLAVORS. We also make           from may through november. Farm tours,
JAMS AND JELLiES from the fruit we          Cheese appreciation events and Farm
grow on our farm. The glazed pecans,        Table Dinners are held at the farm. Check
jams, and jellies are all available         our website for details and ticket info. We
REGULAR OR SUGAR-FREE.                      look forward to seeing you at the farm!

golDen rule meAts                           green gAte
                                            FAmily FArm
mark Curtis
13376 s. aa hwy. Walker, mO 64790           Katie nixon and Ken Baker
(417)876-3371                               rr1 Box 1168, Wheatland, mO 65779                  Ken: (304)807-0336                      Katie: (816)809-5074
golden rule meats is located in the
heart to the Cherokee Prairie region in
West Central missouri. Our soils were       Our small diversified farm is located
developed under hundreds of years of        in southwestern missouri. We started
native prairie vegetation cover, making     farming in 2010, and have been slowly
it highly suitable to produce the high      expanding our operation. in may 2013
quality forage needed to produce juicy      we will be certified organic, which is
GRASS FiNiSHED BEEF. Our line of black      part of the way we look after the land we
angus were genetically selected to finish   farm and live on. The farm is balanced
and marble on forage alone. We feed no      between intensive VEGETABLE AND
grain, antibiotics, or growth promotants    FRUiT production, woodland, pasture
of any kind. all animals were born and      for LiVESTOCK and POULTRY, and a
raised on grass/clover pastures producing   protected stream. Our 2800 sq. ft. high
all the health benefits that only 100%      tunnel greenhouse starts production in
grass finished can provide. my usDa
inspected meat is sold at the farm, and
2013. We produce HERiTAGE TURKEYS,           sign up give Lew a call! Lew sells at
CHiCKEN, DUCK, AND GOOSE EGGS,               BaDseeD market and in the courtyard at
and sustainably produced VEGETABLES          17th and Belleview, KCmO.
and FRUiT. Find us at the the Brookside
Farmer’s market!                             heritAge Acres FArm

hArt FAmily FArm                             Jacki Prettyman
                                             2425 Wagon rd, Ft scott, Ks 66701
John & Karen hart                            h (620) 857- 4275 C (620) 235-9444
6020 sW Ore rd, Lathrop, mO 64465  
O (816)586-2098 C (856)495-7806                  heritage acres Farms is a small,family                   farm in northern Bourbon County,                    Ks. We raise and sell HEiRLOOM
                                             & GOURMET VEGETABLES, but with
“eat healthy with great Taste” - We          the addition of our new high tunnels
grow all our VEGETABLES in an                we are expanding into RASPBERRiES
environment that uses only safe, natural     & BLACKBERRiES. Our gardens are
and organic methods. We grow                 Certified naturally grown (Cng) and
HEiRLOOM VARiETiES using our own             we grow in a sustainable manner by
compost, natural topsoil, and fertilized     using composted manures & vegetable
only with “compost tea” and manure           matter, mulching, rotating crops, seed
from field-grazed cattle. We sell our        saving, etc. We also have free range
produce daily at the farm and saturdays      EGGS for sale. Our produce is sold
during the summer months at the Liberty      through our corporate and family Csas,
Farmers market in Liberty, mO. We            farmers markets and retail outlets.
also have a Produce market at exit 40        heritage acres also has a state-certified
(Lathrop exit) on i-35 on the west side of   kitchen where we use our produce to
the intersection, open Tues, Wed, Thurs,     make and sell ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS
Friday’s 11am to 6Pm – June to Oct.          such as JAMS, SALSA, PASTA SAUCE,
                                             KETCHUP, BREADS & MORE. Our
herb’n gArDener                              products can be found at Life & style in
                                             Ft. scott, Ks., & at Whole Foods in KC.
Lew edmister                                 Please call or email for more info
921B W 17th street KCmO, 64108
(816)842-4432                                hess rAnch
                                             John & susie hess
Lew’s urban farm consists of two large       Butler, mO 64730
city lots in the Westside neighborhood       h (660)679-0041 C (816)835-7070
of KCmO that he has greatly improved
by using only natural fertilizers,
soil amendments, companion and               all-natural BEEF FROM PASTURED
interplanting practice and natural pest      CATTLE. Our angus and hereford
controls. Lew also bakes rustic sourdough    cross cattle are pasture-raised on our
BREADS in his own clay oven to sell          300-acre Butler, mO farm until almost
through his Csa and at farmers’ markets.     2 years of age. Their diet consists of
Lew specializes in SALAD & BRAiSiNG          grass and clover forages with a limited
GREENS, KALES, COLLARDS, NUMEROUS            amount of grain-based, highly digestible
HERBS, HEiRLOOM TOMATOES, FRENCH             feed supplement added to their diets
FiLET & POLE BEANS, SCALLiONS,               at weaning and finishing. They are
SHALLOTS, BULB FENNEL, MELONS,               fed only natural feed supplements and
CUCUMBERS AND HEiRLOOM WHiTE                 minerals-no animal products, chemicals,
CORN. Csa members get priority. To           hormone implants, steroids, or
                                             antibiotics. Our cattle are hand-raised
with no stress. The local processor in     imPeriAl chicKen
Clinton, mO will dry age the beef 21
days for superb tenderness and flavor,     alexander royer
then cut and wrap each quarter or          768 ne 48th av., Trenton, mO 64683
side to your order. no irradiation or      Contact Fruitful hills Csa Coordinator:
chemicals are used in packaging. We        Christine stephan
strive for high-quality, lean, healthy     (a COre group volunteer)
beef. supply is limited, so call to        (816)217-8115
reserve yours.                   

homesPun hill FArm                         We specialize in scrumptious, healthy,
                                           PASTURE RAiSED FRYERS AND ROASTERS.
Debbie yarnell                             Contact us by old-fashioned snail-mail to
137 e. 1400 rd                             order your “imperial quality” birds for
Baldwin City, Ks 66006                     farm pick-up, or contact Fruitful hills Csa
(785)979-3077                              coordinator Christine stephan (above) to                 purchase a poultry share for delivery to a                   KC metro area location near you. With
                                           daily moves in a floor-less, open-air pen/
healthy Farming for Our soils! healthy     shelter, our chickens reign supreme in
Foods for your soul! GRASS-FED LAMB        their royal empire of sunny, green pasture;
offered as whole frozen, available         chasing bugs, scratching and chewing
fall and spring of the year. Join our      up clover, weeds, grass, and seeds,
growing list of families who enjoy our     and munching on feed formulated for
sweet and mild-flavored protein source,    optimum health and happiness. instead
produced on 100% grass pastures.           of unnatural growth hormones, arsenic,
                                           vaccinations, and antibiotics, they get
huns gArDen                                natural vitamins, minerals, greens, and
                                           probiotics. We’re still learning and
Pov huns                                   experimenting with different breeds,
Farm: 4730 metropolitan ave, KC, Ks        feeds, and systems to maximize laying
mail: 5440 County Line road                and natural health, get away from
Kansas City, Ks 66106                      gmO’s, etc., while maintaining economic
h (913)671-7316 C (913)549-7516            viability.We also hope to have EGGS,                     Thanksgiving TURKEYS, and possibly                         DUCKS and GEESE by fall.

huns garden is an all-natural farm         JAnzen FAmily FArm
operated by Pov huns. We grow a
wide variety of specialty VEGETABLES,      norm Oeding, manager
HERBS & FRESH CUT FLOWERS. huns            15076 nW 180th st.
garden is in the hills of the argentine    newton, Ks 67114
community in urban K.C., Kansas. We        (316)799-2670 (316)799-2585
have medicinal value, as well as other
asian greens that are hard to find.
huns garden serves a diverse customer      We sell 100% GRASS-FED BEEF from our
base including immigrants from africa,     farm near newton, Kansas. We also offer
the middle east, south america, the        CERTiFiED ORGANiC CHEMiCAL-FREE
Caribbean, asia and the Pacific islands,   WHEAT AND STONE GROUND FLOUR
as well as locals interested in healthy    products for sale in 5#, 10# & 50#
eating. We sell our vegetables at the      bags. We make regular deliveries to the
City market in KCmO from late - april      Lawrence, Kansas area. Please check out
thru mid-november.                         our website and contact us for more info.
JJ FArms                                   Find us at the City market of Kansas
                                           City or at our ranch shop. nationwide
John and Judy Kaiahua                      shipping. gift certificates and local
8617 east 81st Terrace                     delivery available based on order size.
raytown, mO 64138                          Buy buffalo by the pound, the side or on
(816)356-3938                              the hoof.

natural fruits: APPLES and PEARS.          KArbAumer FArm
natural produce: TOMATOES, SWEET
PEPPERS, BOTH GREEN AND COLORED            Klaus and Lee Karbaumer
ROOT CROPS, LETTUCE, GREEN BEANS           12200 missouri 92 hwy
AND POTATOES. Find us at Badseed           Platte City, mO 64079
market every Friday night!                 (816)270-2177
K & v FArms                      

gena vasbinder                             “Bring your Table Closer to the Farm!”
Cowgill, missouri                          Our farm is powered by huge draft                            horses. no Tractors. We use NO                   CHEMiCALS, not even those organically
                                           approved. We use sustainable
OUR PHiLOSOPHY: Our family farm will       practices for the health of our animals,
offer the community a variety of quality   our soil, and the planet we all share.
produce fresh from our farm without the    ORGANiCALLY-GROWN VEGETABLES
use of harmful chemicals. Our produce      including many HEiRLOOM VARiETiES.
is available at two Liberty Farmers’       We offer our own HONEY & free-range
markets as well as the gladstone           CHiCKEN AND DUCK EGGS for farm
Farmer’s market. We offer a Csa            purchase. Our new 2013 partnership
member Card program for $100 where         plan with consumers combines our
members can receive veggies in april &     farm market with a Farm guild
have “first pick” throughout the market    approach which allows participants
season. you choose as much or as little    a choice in the produce they take
from our Farmers’ market tables. Taste     home. Our guild celebrates the talents,
the difference between our HEALTHY,        knowledge, inspiration and support
FRESH VEGGiES and those trucked in         both farmer and consumer bring to the
from around the country. Know who’s        farm. Produce is purchased from the
growing your produce and how it’s          farm on guild market days with only
grown. We also offer simple recipes to     a very small fee for guild services.
save you time.                             guild families may join us for farm
                                           events which may include BONFiRES
K.c. buFFAlo co., llc                      and HORSE-DRAWN BUGGY AND
                                           WAGON RiDES. a huge cider press,
Peter and susan Kohl                       and small pond stocked with catfish,
2201 east 203rd street                     and designated canning and food
Belton, mO 64012                           dehydrating equipment are available
h (816)322-8174 C (816)808-5051            to the guild. also a monthly newsletter.
F (816)322-6818                            see our website for more info. an                  open market day available to others as                          quantities allow. Come see how your
                                           food is grown and meet the farmers
BUFFALO! usDa all natural free-            who grow it.
range. The original health food for the
enlightened consumer. We are your
local producer in the Kansas City area.
lAnDeriA FArm                              We make it easy to make it local. The
                                           Local Pig is KC’s only full-line BUTCHER
Kathy Landers                              SHOP dedicated to locally sourced
Olathe, Ks 66061                           products and humanely raised meats.
(785)393-6693                              We are an old-world style artisanal                    meat cutting and sausage shop. We             carry a full line, including BEEF, PORK,
                                           CHiCKEN, DUCK, TURKEY, QUAiL,
Landeria Farm is a grade a GOAT            RABBiT, LAMB AND GOAT, specializing
DAiRY AND MiCRO CREAMERY                   in ready to cook roasts and steaks from
specializing in both PRESSED AND           these happy animals as well as enticing
BLOOMY CHEESES aged in our                 burgers and sausages with familiar
subterranean cave. We make 3               and exotic seasonings. everything
types of hard cheese: swiss, Jack          that comes from our shop is hormone,
Cheddar, and gouda. also 3 types of        steroid and antibiotic free. happy
French-style bloomed cheese: ashed         animals make a superior meat product.
pyramid, bloomed heart, and brandied       We offer a selection of local HONEY
chestnut leaf wrapped round, and 7         AND NUTS and our own house blends
types of fresh chèvre. Find us at the      of premium SPiCES AND SEA SALT.
Lawrence saturday farmers market, the      special orders are welcome. everyone
Wednesday and saturday Overland            should have access to natural meats, so
Park market, and the saturday and          we accept the supplemental nutrition
sunday City market. Please phone           assistance Program (SNAP).
ahead to schedule a farm visit.
                                           lucKy stAr FArms
the little FloWer FArm
                                           randy and Tonia rupe
stacey Johnson                             eureka, Kansas 67045
mcLouth, Ks 66054                          (620)583-6776
F (913)796-6120                       
                                           100% GRASS FED BLACK ANGUS DRY
We are a small family farm located         AGED BEEF, Pasture raised in the Tall
just north of Lawrence in northeastern     grass Flint hills of Kansas. We’ve been
Kansas. We raise CHiCKENS and DAiRY        in the ranching business since 1979
GOATS on our 40 acres, along with          and switched to GRASS FED in 2005
growing many of our own fruits and         because we care about the sustainability
vegetables. in addition to drinking the    of our land, Kansas ranching lifestyle,
rich, sweet milk from our goats, we make   & animals and your food & health! NO
SOAP. We are also honored to be able       WE FEED THEM OUR ORGANiCALLY
to help conserve approximately 15 acres    GROWN ALFALFA HAY with Brome
of Tallgrass Prairie.                      grass, clovers and prairie hay in the
                                           winter months. We never use chemical
the locAl Pig                              fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
                                           meat is processed in Kansas at a
alex Pope                                  usDa certified processor and vacuum
2618 guinotte ave KCmO, 64120              packed in BPa free packaging and flash
(816)200-1639                              frozen for excellent quality and taste.                           The superior angus characteristics in
email:             our herd achieve excellent steakhouse
OPen DaiLy: 10:30am – 7:30pm               quality marbling, the best anywhere!
                                           ANTiBiOTiC-FREE PASTURED CHiCKEN
                                           AND EGGS AND PASTURED HERiTAGE
BREED PORK NOW AVAiLABLE (fed only            are born and raised on our ranch and
non-gmO certified organic grains)!            are rotated to different pastures simply
available in KC at greenacres market          by calling to them. in winter our own
– Briarcliff village. monthly Deliveries to   hay is rolled out on the pastures. Our
KC metro area. Or give us a call and          cattle always receive humane treatment
come visit our on farm store!                 (per our certification by animal Welfare
                                              approved.) Buy our beef at the merC,
lulu’s gArDen                                 hyvee stores and Checkers in Lawrence,
                                              Ks. Contact us about delivery, sales at
Pamela Bramlett                               the ranch, or picking up ¼’s, ½’s, or
Baldwin City, Ks                              wholes at our uDsa processor
(913)217-8535                                 in Desoto, Ks.             mArie’s AlPAcA Acres
                                              marie Blankenship
Lulu’s garden is an herb farm located         P.O. Box 344 Carbondale Ks, 66414
just north of the bountiful, verdant          (785)633-6902
vinland valley in Baldwin, Kansas.  
We are dedicated to providing the most
aromatic, flavorful, CULiNARY HERBS           marie’s alpaca acres specializing
to our community, with established            in ari registered quality ALPACAS,
restaurant & grocery clients in Lawrence      ALPACA CLOTHiNG AND ALPACA CRAFT
& Kansas City. We practice no-till            iTEMS. alpaca is nature’s miracle fiber,
farming and are committed to organic          being three times warmer than sheep
growing practices. Our mission is             wool, hypoallergenic and available in
to create a wealth of healthy herbs           a variety of natural colors! We have
for our customers and community, in           products to suit everyone on your list:
turn creating abundance for our farm          men, women, children and babies. We
and growers. We also grow beautiful           offer HATS, SCARVES, GLOVES, SOCKS,
companion plants and, of course,              RAW WOOL, GARDEN FABRiC and
great soil!                                   much more! easy ordering through our
                                              website or by phone for local pickup
                                              when available. Try alpaca! you’ll
mJ rAnch llc                                  LOve it! also, alpaca manure makes
                                              a wonderful compost and is available
mel and Joyce Williams                        on request.
3105 Wild horse rd.
Lawrence, Ks 66044                            mettenburg FArm
h (785)865-2503 C (785)766-2776                        al & roxanne mettenburg                            1824 nevada rd., Princeton, Ks 66078
We invite you to try 100% GRASS-FED 
ANGUS BEEF at its finest! mJ ranch  
is certified by the american grassfed
association! it is the GRASS, without any     GRASS-FED BEEF, PASTURED POULTRY,
grain, that our cattle dine on that makes     FREE-RANGE EGGS, PASTURED LAMB,
this the healthiest beef you can eat.         HERiTAGE PORK. Our rocky farm is
We take pride in raising only authentic       good for growing one thing: grass,
beef; never using any hormones, sub-          especially native tall-grass prairie.
therapeutic antibiotics, pesticides, or       since 1973, generations of our
herbicides on our pastures. all cattle        simmental x angus cattle have been
                                              adapting perfectly to this sea of grass
and wildflowers flanked by 50-acres         nature’s Choice is a BiODYNAMiC
of oak and hickory. no preventive           farm producing over 40 varieties
antibiotics or hormone growth implants.     of VEGETABLES using holistic and
Our lean and flavorful grass-fed beef is    homeopathic practices-going beyond
recognized as Certified artisan Beef.       organic. see us at stalls 12, 13 & 14 at
We’ve added a few complementary             the KC City market. Deliveries to select
grazing species such as sheep (along        restaurants & health shops.
with their large guardian dogs) & a
few heritage pigs. grain fed to poultry     neW roots For reFugees
and pork is raised at a nearby farm
using organic methods and non-gmO           rachel Pollock
varieties. We have added a hydroponic       Catholic Charities
grass system to assure quality forage       2220 Central avenue KCKs, 66102
supplies to all our animals through the     O (913)906.8981 F (913)621.7066
winter and times of drought. animals        C (913)909.1027
are processed locally & all beef is dry-
aged. We offer several packages as
well as individual cuts. see our newly
updated website for more info. We           new roots for refugees is a sustainable
offer online ordering and payment, plus     urban training farm designed to help
delivery throughout the area. some          refugees start farm businesses. We
prefer an on-farm pick-up so they can       grow a mix of TRADiTiONAL AND
bring the kids out for a real farm visit.   ETHNiC VEGETABLES, and emphasize
                                            soil health and fertility. We never use
moon on the meADoW                          synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides.
                                            With 17 different farmers selling at 13
Jill elmers                                 different area markets, our produce is
1515 e 11th street                          available for sale at Farmers markets
Lawrence, Kansas 66046                      throughout the KC metro area. Csa
Farm (785)749-1197                          members build a partnership with one
Work (913)269-4672                          farmer and pick up vegetables from                 the same farmer every week. The eater                     gets to know who is cultivating their
                                            food, and the refugee-farmer is able to
moon on the meadow farm is a certified      interact more long-term with english-
ORGANiC FARM located on the east            speaking americans. you are welcome
side of Lawrence, just inside the city      to visit the farm and spend time working
limits. We grow a wide variety of           alongside your farmer! see our website
VEGETABLES, HERBS, SMALL FRUiTS,            for more info.
from our heirloom wheat. all products       our mAKer’s Acres
are available at the Lawrence Farmers
market and through our Csa program          greg and Francine molner
which has pick ups in Lawrence, Kansas      19745 Forum rd., Purdin, mO 64674
City (75th and state Line), and Topeka.     (660)244-3636

nAture’s choice                             We relocated our family, animals, and
bioDynAmic FArm                             goals here in 2010 and hope to make
                                            many new friends. For 33 years in
Fred & helen messner                        Wisconsin and north Carolina, and
6120 south 169 highway                      now missouri, we have enjoyed farming
st. Joseph, mO 64507                        and raising 10 children and PRODUCE
(816)596-3936                               in harmony with god’s creation. We                         have DAiRY COWS and GOATS, angus
for BEEF, 100+ HENS for EGGS, and           PArADise locKer
hundreds of chickens for FRYERS all on      meAts
pasture, with only organic practices,
using iMPRO colostrum-whey products         Teresa & mario Fantasma
as immune enhancements. We make             405 W Birch st, Trimble, mO 64492
natural DEODORANTS and iNSECT               store (816)370-6328
REPELLENTS. We are also a source for        F (816)357-1229
FERTRELL and other organic/natural
fertilizers and minerals. Our produce or
and products are available on farm, and
through a Buying Club in the Kearney,
Kansas City, and richmond areas.            Paradise Locker meats is a usDa
Call us for details!                        slaughter and processing facility. all
                                            slaughter is done under humane and
PADgett PAsture Poultry                     animal welfare guidelines. We process
                                            local and naturally raised animals under
Chris Padgett                               usDa for resale as well as custom
6120 se 169 hwy                             work for family farms. We also have a
st. Joseph, mO 64507                        retail storefront in which we carry items
(816)341-0562                               including BEEF, PORK, LAMB, POULTRY,              SEAFOOD, DAiRY, EXOTiC/GAME,               and in-house SMOKED AND CURED
                                            PRODUCTS using as much locally raised
We sell CHiCKEN and TURKEY. We              animals as possible.
are now in our second year and are
experiencing wonderful growth. We           PArKer FArms
offer our pasture raised gmO-Free local     nAturAl meAts
organic-fed whole chickens and turkeys
at several locations. Order directly from   Tom and Paula Parker
our website and receive delivery to your    43602 hwy. F, richmond, mO 64085
home or office; pick up at the farm by      (816)470-3276
appointment; order through         buy at our stall
at the KC City market, nature’s Choice
Bio-dynamic Farm, or at select health       GRASSFED BEEF, Katahdin LAMB,
stores such as a-Z Fresh aire Fare in st.   PORK, FREE RANGE EGGS & PASTURED
Joseph and The merc in Lawrence. We         CHiCKEN. We raise all of our livestock
follow the module of Joel salatin and       just as god intended. no antibiotics,
Polyface, inc. – our farm is sustainable,   growth hormones, or animal byproducts
pasture-based, and beyond-organic.          in our feed. Our cows are 100% grass-
Our feed is strictly local, non-gmO,        fed to achieve the healthiest human
organic grains, with minerals and pro-      food possible. Our lambs are born
biotics. We personally hand-process our     on green pastures in the spring and
animals at a Kosher usDa processor to       are also 100% grassfed. Our laying
get the usDa seal to cross state lines.     hens and broiler chickens live in the
We are proud to share and consume our       pastures with green grass under their
clean food with you. visit our website      feet. Our hogs live outdoors on dirt
and LiKe us on Facebook.                    and are supplemented with corn and
                                            soybeans. We sell in bulk or by retail
                                            cuts at the farm or by delivery to select
                                            metro locations. all meat, except our
                                            chicken, is usDa-inspected and visitors
                                            are always welcome. We also offer a
                                            YEAR-ROUND MEAT & EGG CSA. Call
                                            for details or directions.
PeAcocK FArms                              at minor Park in KCmO on saturdays,
                                           from may-October and at raw Food
Betty mendenhall                           Festivals. e-mail us for more info.
12589 salem Cemetery rd,
higginsville, mO 64037                     PinWheel FArm
h (660)584-2526 C (816)726-3405                         natalya Lowther and matt schwabauer                     Lawrence, Ks
                                           (785)979-6786 (785)393-7301
We are a sustainable ag. grower. We
offer chemical free VEGETABLES and
EGGS. Our fruits are the best. see us
at the City market every saturday from     Located just north of the Kaw river
7-2pm – stalls 15& 16. Better yet,         in Douglas County, we produce non-
enjoy the pick of the crop and join our    tilled, non-irrigated, pesticide-free
Csa program, may 9th thru Oct 3rd.         VEGETABLES, FRUiT, HERBS, and other
lt is a 22 week program with fresh fruit   horticultural crops, as well as forage-fed
almost every week with STRAWBERRiES.       LAMB, machine washable SHEEP SKiNS,
$425 for the season, may be made in        WOOL PRODUCTS, and POULTRY.
2 payments. $75.00 extra per season        Our new agritourism registration lets
for home delivery. Deliveries south of     us welcome more visitors to the farm,
the river on Thursdays. Pick up at 39th    with a new on-farm Farmers’ market
and genessee on Thursday @ 5pm.            (email for hours) and a new Csa. also
home deliveries north of the river are     find us at the Downtown Lawrence
saturday @ 3pm. all produce picked         Farmers market (saturdays 7-11, april
fresh day of delivery. Limited # of Csa    13 – nov. 16), Cottin’s Farmer’s market
shares are available, so reserve early!    (Thursdays, 4 - 6:30 pm, april-Oct.)
                                           and locally-owned restaurants. Like our
PeArly gAtes orgAnic                       page on Facebook!
soAPery & homesteAD
                                           PrAirie birthDAy FArm
nancy gordon
7000 sycamore ave, KCmO 64133              Linda hezel and richard moore
(816)353-3602                              rural Clay County, missouri                  Flavor@                    (816)781-9654
Ours is a one-acre operation, in KCmO
just off of 435-south & gregory.           Our small farm produces a wide range
We have been farming organically           of exquisitely flavored healthy food
since 1980 and making soaps/               without the use of chemical fertilizers or
bath care products since 1985. We          pesticides. We sell to restaurants and
offer Csa’s, and include an organic        from the farm (by arrangement). send
seasonal bath care product in each         an email to receive notices of product
produce box weekly. We grow many           availability. volunteer educational
specialty VEGETABLES, HERBS, FRUiTS        apprenticeship opportunities are
(HEiRLOOM & HYBRiD), MiCROGREENS,          available. across the growing season
NUTRiTiONAL GRASSES FOR JUiCiNG,           the following are available in limited
& EDiBLE FLOWERS for use in our            quantities: HERiTAGE AND WiLD TREE
ORGANiC SOAPS/BATH & BODY CARE             FRUiTS (apple, pears, persimmon, plum,
PRODUCTS for sale all seasons. We          etc.), domestic and wild BRAMBLES
also grow many cut flowers. We focus       and BERRiES (Concord grapes,
on crops good for raw food eating. We      currants, etc.), HEiRLOOM VEGETABLES
sell at KC Organic & natural market        and GREENS (tomatoes, Jerusalem
artichokes, etc.), HERBS and EDiBLE      reD riDge FArms
and EGGS (pastured heritage breed        ami and Jim Zumalt
duck and chicken).                       978 nW 1101 rd., Odessa, mO 64076
                                         h/F (816)690-7161
Pure PrAirie                             C (816)694-4432
orgAnic FArm                   

Jim rowh                                 We grow more than 600 crops,
1170 norton rd., Clayton, Ks 67629       available march through December;
(785)871-1946                            including MiCRO-GREENS and more                  than 100 varieties of HEiRLOOM                 TOMATOES. We offer our produce
                                         through Csa shares or the Farmers’
Certified Organic since 1992 by OCia     Community market at Brookside, and at
international. Producer of ORGANiC       the Downtown Lee’s summit market. Our
MELONS; cantaloupe, watermelons,         gourmet and HEiRLOOM VEGETABLES
TOMATOES, butternut, acorn & spaghetti   are grown using sustainable and natural
SQUASH in-season (July-December).        practices. We are certified organic.
(hard white winter wheat) and WHEAT      rocKy creeK vAlley
FLOUR (stone-ground w/granite stones)    FArm csA
in bags or 5-gallon buckets. Other
grains milled to order. Pure Prairie     elizabeth and gary Wenig
Organic Farm in Facebook.                37009 W. 156th street
mail-orders Welcome.                     rayville, mO 64084
rAchel’s orgAnic               
eleanor hoffman                
27091 W. 143rd st, Olathe, Ks 66061
h (913)856-4211 C (816)804-6813                          since 2009 we have been restoring an
                                         abandoned 40 acre farm to carve out
rachel’s Organic vegetables is a         a dream. rocky Creek valley Farm is
new farm using organic methods. We       an agricultural and educational center
grow a large variety of VEGETABLES       that promotes environmentally friendly
and HERBS, ie: TOMATOES, SWEET           systems with sustainable farming.
AND HOT PEPPERS, LETTUCE,                We strive to produce nutrient-dense
CABBAGE, ASPARAGUS, GARLiC,              VEGETABLES, BERRiES, culinary and
ONiONS, CARROTS, BEETS, BEANS,           medicinal HERBS. We are dedicated to
BELGiAN ENDiVE, POTATOES & CUT           preserving HERiTAGE and HEiRLOOM
FLOWERS. We also grow RASPBERRiES,       plants, exploring traditional techniques
BLUEBERRiES, BLACKBERRiES &              (obscured by modern technology) by
STRAWBERRiES. Because i love to cook     employing deep-composting, earthworm
we grow a variety of HERBS, BASiL,       vermiculture, natural weed and pest
THYME, ROSEMARY, LAVENDER, age,          control, and the natural rearing of
italian PARSLEY, OREGANO, CiLANTRO       animals. We offer Csa’s, herb classes,
and CULANTRO.                            tours and children’s classes. We are
                                         at two farmers markets may thru Oct:
                                         BaDseeD (KCmO) Fridays 4 to 9 pm
                                         and Liberty square saturdays 7 am
                                         to noon.
rolling PrAirie FArmers                   schenKer FAmily
AlliAnce                                  FArms

c/o Paul Conway                           Kevin & Cherie schenker
25476 183rd st., Leavenworth, Ks 66048    1231 W 510 ave, mcCune, Ks 66753
(913)775-2559                             (620)632-4470                      

Csa vegetable subscription service.       BEEF, PORK & LAMB without added
We deliver a weekly bag of fresh,         hormones, steroids, & antibiotics. Our
seasonal VEGETABLES AND FRUiT,            livestock is animal Welfare approved
all locally-grown, to four pick-up        Certified naturally grown, & specialty
sites. These are: The roeland Park        grass fed. all meats are usDa inspected
Community Center, roeland Park, Ks;       & e. coli tested. Beef is dry-aged 14
Johnson County Community College -- in    days for maximum tenderness. RAW
Lawrence, The Community mercantile;       CLOVER HONEY, JELLiES, JAMS (REG. &
Lawrence memorial hospital. MEAT          SUGARFREE), RELiSHES, SALSA & PiCKLES
AND EGGS are available.                   now available. Bundles, quarters, halves
                                          & whole BEEF, LAMB, & PORK available.
root DeeP urbAn FArm                      Limited Fall availability: PASTURED
                                          TURKEY. gift Baskets, HOME / OFFiCE
sherri harvel                             DELiVERY & SHiPPiNG available.
3219 e 19th st, KCmO 64127                WEEKLY DELiVERiES in the KC area. Try                      our year-long meat Csa with FREE HOME                 DELiVERY in the KC metro, st. Joseph,
                                          Lawrence & Warrensburg areas. Find
root Deep - an urban farm using           us at the mission Farms Farmers’ market
sustainable practices to grow a variety   (Leawood) on saturdays in June and July.
of VEGETABLES, FRUiTS AND HERBS for       We also supply green acres, natures
markets & Csa. Csa membership runs        Pantry and several hy-vee stores.
from may to august – see our web site
for details. Farmers’ markets include:    shAre-liFe FArms
Westport Plaza Farmers’ market
(KCmO) nW Parking Lot,                    Jim and rose Thomas Jr.
Wed. 4:30-7:30, may-Oct.                  21302 185th rd., marshall, mO 65340
run AgrounD FArm                
Phil Pisciotta
3620 s. Ketterman rd                      We are CERTiFiED ORGANiC since
Oak grove, mO 64075                       2004. Csa memberships delivered
h (816)510-2060 O/F (816)690-6001         to the KC metro and Columbia,                 mO. VEGETABLE, SMALL FRUiT, AND                  ORGANiC CAGE FREE EGG CSA
                                          available. Weekly sales at the Blue
CUSTOM GROWN VEGETABLES                   springs Farmers market or at the
including EGGPLANT, iTALiAN               Columbia Downtown Farmers market.
LETTUCE, AND ENDiVES. in transition       internships and volunteers are welcome.
to Organic Certification, specializing    Call ahead for farm tours, which are
in mediterranean varieties grown          always welcome. Located one hour from
specifically for flavor. available to     both Blue springs and Columbia.
consolidate deliveries in a 100 mile
radius of KCmO.
singing PrAirie FArm                        animals are pasture based and fed a
                                            minimal amount of organic grains.
John, holly, noah and Zea arbuckle          Our raw, natural rind cheese are
30552 Lantern street                        available from our farm store and
La Plata, mO 63549                          The Better Cheddar. We also raise
(660)332-4020                               GRASS-FiNiSHED BEEF and free-range
                                            EGGS. visit our website and take a
Our small, diverse family farm is located   little tour, then sign up for our weekly
in northern missouri. We produce grass      email newsletter.
finished BEEF, pasture-raised PORK and
pasture-raised Thanksgiving TURKEYS         smoKy hills FArm
(both heritage and modern). Our
pigs and turkeys consume exclusively        Dotty and Kevin sharp, Drexel, mO
certified organic or certified non-gmO      (816)332-0932
grains. Our cows never taste grain. no
antibiotics or growth hormones used.
We practice management intensive
grazing, allowing for short periods         smoky hills Farm is a small, diverse
of intense grazing followed by long         family farm 8 mi. se of Drexel, mO.
rest periods for the land, that mimics      We believe god knew what he was
natural patterns as from the american       doing when he designed creation, and
west to the african serengeti. Our pork     it’s in our best interest to follow that
and beef is available in autumn as          design to the best of our ability for both
1/4, 1/2 or whole animals, cut and          animals and plants. We currently offer
wrapped at a usDa facility according        YEAR ROUND, seasonal PRODUCE,
to your preferences. Whole turkeys are      CULiNARY and MEDiCiNAL HERBS,
available in november. We deliver to        EGGS and BROiLER CHiCKENS. We are
a central location in Kansas City. Our      constantly expanding. Our new, 30×96
own BEES WAX CANDLES are available          ft. high-tunnel greenhouse allows us to
year round. We prefer to communicate        supply fresh produce year round. We
by telephone, so call us for order forms    are adding organically raised, pastured
and pricing. We need to have most of        PORK and BEEF, along with more
our orders in by april 20th. We invite      produce, eggs and broilers to meet our
you to visit our farm or you can google     customers’ demands. We have several
“we the trees, singing Prairie Farm” for    drop-off locations in the KC area and
a short video.                              will be selling at the Westport Farmer’s
                                            market. We also host several customer
sKyvieW FArm                                events throughout the year and welcome
& creAmery                                  farm visits by appointment.

Bill and sheri noffke                       soAring eAgle FArms
22722 e. 800 rd                             Acme grAin
Pleasanton, Ks 66075
h (913)352-8727 C (913)710-0587             Lee & Cindy Quaintance                            20900 edgerton rd., edgerton, Ks 66021                         (913)893-6797
We are a family-owned farm located
on 80 acres about 50 miles south of
Kansas City. We recently completed          CERTiFiED ORGANiC RED AND WHiTE
our new creamery where we milk our          WHEAT BERRiES, BUCKWHEAT &
make CHEESE, and age them in our            CERTiFiED ORGANiC WHOLE-GRAiN
underground cheese “cave.” Our              FLOURS: WHiTE WHEAT, RED WHEAT,
                                            BUCKWHEAT & SORGHUM (sorghum is
used for many GLUTEN-FREE baking and             at spring Creek Farm near Baldwin City,
cooking purposes). We have CUSTOM                we believe that food is at its best when
ORGANiC CATTLE & CHiCKEN FEED                    it’s fresh and natural. We grow 60+
AVAiLABLE YEAR-ROUND, and we will                varieties of the tastiest local produce
CUSTOM-MiX FEED for other livestock,             available, using organic and sustainable
as needed. We have a limited supply              farming methods. Crops include many
of natural range BROiLER CHiCKENS.               HEiRLOOM varieties of TOMATOES &
Product Orders taken by phone                    MELONS, & we’re well known for our
(preferred), e-mail, fax (phone first), direct   SWEET POTATOES, SWEET ONiONS,
farm sales (phone first). soaring eagle          and celebrity-endorsed ARUGULA. also
OF iOWA, iNC. FERTiLiZERS & MiNERAL              TURKEYS. We offer discount prices &
SUPPLEMENTS, FEED ADDiTiVES, AND                 delivery to restaurants. you can find our
PROGRAMS for sustainable and/or                  food in Lawrence at The merc & the
Organic ag Production.                           saturday Lawrence Farmers market.
                                                 you’ll love what we bring to your table!!
southern exPosure
FArm - csA                                       stony crest urbAn FArm

nancy noyes-Ward                                 rodger Kube & Diane hershberger
P.O. Box 145                                     8740 Brooklyn, KCmO, 64132
1408 130th street, horton, Ks 66439              (816) 304-2517
C (785)991-1038                                    
Facebook: southern exposure Farm (Csa)
                                                 We grow a full range of USDA CERTiFiED
Our family farm offers subscriptions to          ORGANiC VEGETABLES year-round
our Csa. Typical season of a full-array          with an emphasis on unusual, colorful,
of in-season VEGETABLES, FRUiTS, and             and artisan cultivars for adventurous
HERBS runs april 1 through november 1.           cooks and eaters. usDa Certification
season extensions during november1 -             assures that our farming practices are
april 1 are limited in quantity, and consist     held to the highest standard. That and
of storage crops, MiXED GREENS, and              our extremely local delivery make us
EGGS. We pasture-raise CHiCKENS and              proud of our small carbon footprint.
TURKEY. Free-range egg production.               april through november, we participate
small-scale meat production. Our resident        in the Brookside Farmers’ market and
herbalist formulates high-quality medicinal      the Waldo Farmer’s market which are
tinctures and salves. We have DAiRY              within 5 miles of our farm. October
GOATS and produce CHEESE and SOAPS               through april, customers can choose
from our herd of Oberhasli dairy does.           their favorite vegetables through our
We also can provide specialty catering,          Cool seasons(Tm) Csa, an on-line farm
including vegan, and other dietary               store. We don’t have a problem with
considerations. artisan breads baked             an organic inspector coming onto our
on-site by Peace of Bread Bakery. Please         property, so you are welcome, too. We
contact for Csa rates and other questions.       put our money where your mouth is! The
                                                 health of our customers is too important.
sPring creeK FArm
                                                 synergistic Acres
stephanie Thomas
1841 n. 150 rd.                                  Jeff and Laura hamons
Baldwin City, Ks 66006                           21733 iliff rd., Parker, Ks 66072
(785)633-5292                                    (913)735-4769               
(SYNERGiSTiC ACRES CONTiNUED)                purchase our lettuce in Lawrence at The
synergistic acres is a diverse farm just     merc, hy-vee and Checkers or in Kansas
south of Kansas City providing pastured-     City at nature’s Own market. you can
raised CHiCKEN, PORK, TURKEY, EGGS           also find us at the Overland Park farmers
and BEEF to Kansas City eaters. We           market in season. enjoy our lettuce at
raise animals peacefully in natural          715, the Oread, starkers, Julian, michael
environments, where they enjoy natural       smith, blue bird bistro, Fud, Webster,
forages while restoring health to the        house, story, and harvest every day. We
land and sustaining our family and           plan to start home delivery in Fall 2013 if
yours. We focus primarily on HERiTAGE        enough people subscribe. Contact us for
BREED animals because their old-world        more details.
genetics allow them to thrive in natural
environments and have been raised for        urbAn hArvest Kc
centuries for outstanding nutritional and
taste characteristics, before corporate      eric Person – Owner/Operator
influences changed breeding to be about      Jason irish – Owner/Operator
profit. We closely manage the farm to        2100 summit st.
grow the best grass possible without any     Kansas City, mO 64108
artificial inputs. We welcome you to         (816)842.0067
come out to the farm and see how the
animals are raised. it’s your choice, it’s
your food. go to our website for order
forms specific to each product.              urban harvest KC is an indoor
                                             aQuaPOniC farm on the Westside of
troque FArms                                 downtown Kansas City, mo. it sits on
                                             the corner of 21st (aka West Pennway,
Frank Kuhnert                                one block west of i-35) inside a former
31710 e Oakland school rd.                   grocery store. We grow MiCRO-GREENS
Buckner, mO 64016                            AND VEGETABLES, using a combination
C (816)215-9925                              of HYDROPONiCS and aquaculture.                          We use no chemicals in our system and                          little-to-no soil. in the summer we will
                                             hold WORKSHOPS on building various
Ours is a sustainable agriculture farm       small systems, indoor composting with
providing free-range EGGS; PORK; DAiRY       red wrigglers, and general maintenance
PRODUCTS; and pasture finished BEEF.         of home or office systems. We custom
We have ORGANiC FERTiLiZER AND               design, build, and consult on small and
FEED SUPPLEMENTS available. Our farm         large outdoor/indoor aquaponic systems
is open to the public.                       and offer maintenance plans.
                                             We have teamed up with several local
tWo sisters FArm                             certified organic farmers to offer year
                                             around Csa pick-up at our store. We
Caroline eddinger                            also offer areas for growers to sell their
347 n 1925th rd, Lecompton, Ks 66050         goods at our First Friday events and
Farm (785)550-4149                           saturday morning market. By year-end
(785)887-9902                                we will offer: Fresh TiLAPiA, decorative               koi for pets or gardens, fresh oyster
                                             and maitake mushrooms, home grow
Two sisters Farm is a small family-run       mushroom kits, fermented foods, cultured
farm just west of Lawrence, Kansas. Our      goods, pro-biotics, locally grown organic
main product, LETTUCE, is grown in a         and gluten free bread, locally grown
hydroponic greenhouse. We also have          meats, free range chicken/eggs and
a free range flock of ducks and chickens     local hand-made goods. also individual
and offer multi-colored EGGS. you can        & group tours.
urbAvore urbAn FArm                           the Farm. Free Delivery 100 mi. from the
(a Project of BaDseeD)                        farm & throughout the KC area.

Brooke salvaggio & Daniel heryer              WinDhAven FArms
Farm stand:
5500 Bennington ave, KCmO, 64129              alan garrison
BaDseeD market:                               18605 Lancaster rd, holt, mO 64048
1909 mcgee, KCmO, 64108                       (816)739-6539                                             Farms/115954028434240
                                              Our PASTURE-RAiSED PORK, broiler
Welcome to URBAVORE - an off-grid,            CHiCKENS, AND TURKEYS are raised
diversified, urban farmstead in the           without antibiotics or growth hormones
heart of KCmO. URBAVORE is creating           on grass; our poultry and pigs are kept
an “edible oasis” that brings organic         in movable pens that are moved morning
growth, sustainable life, and creative        and night. Windhaven livestock always
solutions to a city neighborhood. We          have grass, fresh air and sunshine. We
grow an extensive variety of HEiRLOOM         also offer free-range EGGS. Our hens
VEGETABLES as well as CULiNARY/               are housed at night and let out in the
MEDiCiNAL HERBS & EDiBLE FLOWERS.             morning to run, pick, scratch and enjoy
an antique orchard & vineyard are in          free ranging. Our chickens and eggs are
the works for a “fruitful” future. heritage   featured at Bella napoli, blue bird bistro,
animals include DAiRY GOATS, LAYiNG           The Farmhouse, The Westside Local, and
HENS, GEESE, & DUCKS. urBavOre is a           renee Kelly’s harvest. Turkeys available
non-certified, beyond organic operation       in the Fall. Become a fan on Facebook.
dedicated to respecting both the health
of the individual and the environment.        WolF creeK FAmily
visitors are welcome on the farm for          FArm, llc
self-guided tours during our saturday
afternoon Farm stand, or at BaDseeD           Karin and arcenio velez
in the Crossroads (downtown KC) at our        7708 e. 235th street
“funky” Farmers market! see our website       Peculiar, mO 64078
for details.                        
Wells FAmily FArms
                                              Wolf Creek Family Farm is a small family
steve & Kim Wells                             farm focused on organically, sustainably
4009 st hwy uu, King City, mO 64463           grown VEGETABLES and FRUiTS along
h / Fx (660)783-2930                          with naturally grown MEATS and
(660)562-7892                                 FREE-RANGE EGGS. We grow a wide                     variety of HEiRLOOM PRODUCE, HERBS,                      and PLANTS and raise our PORK, and
                                              CHiCKEN in a way that is healthy for the
Wells Family Farms is proud to offer          animal and healthy for you. We consider
the following products from our farm.         ourselves your personal family of farmers.
Our CERTiFiED ORGANiC GRASS-FED               Our CSA PROGRAM runs from may
BEEF. We also have Bug repellant,             through October, available for pick up
Diatomaceous earth, & BERRiES, NUTS,          at three locations. Please see our website
TEAS & A NEW PET FOOD LiNE. We                for more information.
have over 600 acres certified, with more
in transition. Our beef is sold locally at:
Farmers Community market at Brookside,
Westport Plaza Farmers’ market. Online
through our website. also, available at
            KAnsAs city FooD circle

The Kansas City Food Circle has been connecting Kansas
City area eaters with local, organic, and free-range food
producers for more than 20 years. We are a 100% volunteer
driven, membership and donation-financed organization
created to promote the development of a permanently
sustainable local food system. as a part of heart of america
action Linkage, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation in
missouri, we serve the greater Kansas City area (eaters
and growers in missouri, Kansas, and nearby communities
in nebraska and iowa) providing an alternative to the
conventional agricultural system, which is dependent on
practices that are unhealthy for both our personal well being
and for the living world of which we are part.

         PrinTeD On 100% POsT-COnsumer reCyCLeD PaPer
                    Design By raCheL aLLen

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