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   Faculty Introduction: Arkadiusz
   GSA Update: Henry Huang
   Presidential Update
       Optimal Meeting Times
       Dean’s Night
       New Chancellor
       This Quarter’s Election Process
       Training
       Volunteer Requirements
   Department Updates
       Volunteer Events
       Banquet
       Business Etiquette Dinner
       Workshop
Faculty Introduction
Faculty Introduction
   Dr. Arkadiusz Mironko
     ExecutiveDirector of Graduate Programs

     (951) 827-4748

     Anderson South 0101A
GSA Update
GSA Update
   President Henry Huang
Presidential Update
Optimal Meeting Times

                        • D is the Optimal
                          meeting time that fits
                          everyone’s schedules,
                          including TA

                        • Meetings will be held
                          Bi-Weekly to update
                          you on upcoming events

                        • We will avoid Midterms
                          and Finals
Dean’s Night

RSVP With Tamra Johnson

   6:00 pm Pre-game
   7:00 pm Game Starts
   Game will last roughly
    1 hour
   Register by Monday!
New Chancellor
   Chancellor Timothy White stepped down
    to become Chancellor of the California
    State University system
   Jane Close Conoley was appointed interim
    chancellor of UC Riverside
   Background
       Dean and Professor of Counseling, Clinical
        and School Psychology at UCSB since
        January 2006
       Has been teaching and taking
        administrative positions at institutions of
        higher education since 1975
       Nationally recognized expert in
        educational issues
       Author of more than 20 books
Election Process
   Application Form will be sent out by Cindy Roulette
    today for the Presidential Position! CHECK YOUR
   Deadline for Application is Friday, January 18th
   Candidates must apply along with a Vice-Candidate
   Week 7 – Election Process Beings and ballots will be
    open for 3 days
   Confidential: Only Cindy Roulette will know the official
    voting results
   ALL STUDENTS will have a voice in the election process
       After a majority vote from the board, 2nd year students will
        still have a voice in this next election
Election Tips
   TIPS:
     Heavy     Campaigning
     Posters

     Word  of Mouth Promotion
     E-mail/Text

     Facebook

     Videos
Department Vice President Election Process

   Applications will be sent out by Cindy Roulette after
    the official President has been announced
     Must take place no later than 1 week after the new
      President has been announced
     Why applications aren’t sent out at the same time?

   How does the voting process work?
   This quarter, Directors will have more hands-on
   VPs, your job is to let Directors plan one
    event/service/product from scratch (minimum)
   VPs should act as purely as supporters in this event
     Meaning Roles will Switch!!
     Give advice on what worked last year and what didn’t
Volunteer Requirements
   Some of you did not meet your requirement for
    Volunteer last quarter
   You will need to finish 3 volunteers by the end of
    this year
Departmental Update
Ethics Update
        1/26 Lunar Festival
• Volunteer needed:
  o 1/25 (Friday) Gala night,
  o 1/26 (Saturday) Festival event,
  o planning process participants.

• Where:
Downtown Riverside (Address will be posted later on)

• Volunteers position include:
Emcees, Runner Crew, equipment, stage managers
and so on.
     1/26 Merit Badge Day
• The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  at UCR (IEEE-UCR) is looking for volunteers to help in
  our upcoming Boy Scouts Merit Badge Day!

• For information on the actual event, please

• Please be sure to register through the link below :
2/25 First Flight Field Trip
• Time: 2/28 Thursday 6:30am-12:30pm (Breakfast and
  lunch included)

• Job: Provide kids knowledge on "energy cycle"
  (They will send people here in UCR for training,
  teach us how to inform, instruct and interact with

• Great network opportunity!! (Vendors include
  Microsoft, NASA, Honda and more)
           Volunteers Will
• Help instruct over 10,000 students as they rotate
  through over 60 educational science exhibits
• Lead lessons reinforcing the importance of energy
• Bring a unique perspective and background to their
  interaction with students in an outdoor
  exposition area that includes science and health
• Provide logistical support for over 15,000 students,
  teachers, and parents attending the event
   Networking and Building Relationships
   Speaker: Dr. Vu Pham
   Date: 21st February, Thursday – 6PM to 7PM
   Place: Anderson 105
   RSVP needed
   Up to 40 Students
   Facebook event will be created
   Speaker from Career Center
   Date: 26th February, Tuesday – 5.30PM to
   Place: HUB 355
   Price: $10
   No of students: 40
   RSVP needed Employers will be there. Good
    networking opportunity.
   Photo session at the end
   Facebook event will be created
   Photo Session for the Year Book
   March or April first week.
   2nd years, Faculty and Administrative Staff
   Email from Cindy about the Date confirmation
   Comments from Second Years will be
UCR AGSM Banquet 2013
  UCR AGSM Banquet 2013
 Location:   Marriott Riverside
  - 3400 Market Street, Riverside
  - free parking on streets
 Date:   May 17th, 2013
  - from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
   UCR AGSM Banquet 2013

       $40 per person (three courses and three
 Price:
 choices of entree)
 Dresscode: Suits for gentlemen and Cocktail
 Dress for ladies
 AGSMSA    will start to sell the tickets after

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