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Radical Days


									Radical Days
 By: Travis Offtermatt
     Notes From:
   The war with European nations was going badly.
   Some believed the king was helping the enemy.
   Mobs attacked the kings guards and killed the
   Radical revolutionaries controlled the Assembly
    with the assistance of Paris crowds in 1792.
   The King and Queen Louis XVI and Marie
    Antoinette were executed in 1793 for treason.
   By 1793 France was at war with most of Europe.
    Within France peasants rioted for food, and
    revolutionary groups fought against each other.
   To establish order the new government set up the
    Committee of public safety, which had absolute
   Using a new invention (the guillotine), the committee,
    led by Maximilien Robespierre, beheaded thousands of
    people for treason, even supporters of the revolution.
    Thousands of others were put in prison. This period is
    known as The Reign of Terror.
   By 1799 life in France was different. The monarchy and
    old class system was abolished.
   The government controlled the church.
   French people began to feel proud of France.
    This feeling of pride is called nationalism.
   The new government continued to make
    reforms. I.E. It set up schools for children,
    organized a system to take care of its poor, and
    slavery in French colonies ended. Religious
    tolerance was the law.

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