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					Training and
Reference Manual
Training and Reference

               By: Christopher Waun
Table of Contents
Welcome to Fuzzy’S Taco Shop ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Employment ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2
  Probation at Will Period --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2
  Termination of Employment ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2
Appearance and Attendance -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
  Attendance Policy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
  Military duty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3
  Jury Duty ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
  Appearance and Dress Code ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Policies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
  No Harassment Policy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4
  Drug Abuse Policy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
  Computer and Telephone Policy ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
Work Policies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6
Employee--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
  Safety--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
  Meals --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
  Parking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8
  Complaints -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
  Payroll and hours of work ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
Safety ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10
  Solicitation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10
     Employees ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
     Non employees ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
  Security ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
Trade Secrets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11
Alcohol Service Policy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11
Cash Register and Menu------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13
  Appetizers & Soups ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13

     Big Salads ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14
     Baja Tacos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15
     Grilled Sandwiches -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15
     Jumbo Burritos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16
     Mexican Dinners ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
     Sides and add on ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18
     Breakfast -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
     Tacos and Burritos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
     Sandwich -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
     Favorites -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
     For the Kids ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20
     Beverages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20
     Beer -- Draft ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
     Beer -- Bottle --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
     Wine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22
     Liquor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22
     Merchandise ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23
     Vegetarian and Food Allergies ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24
Appendix A --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-1
     Fuzzy’s Menu Fill in the Blank Test ----------------------------------------------------------------- A-3
       Appetizers and Soups ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-3
       Baja Tacos --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-4
       Big Salads ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-4
       Grilled Sandwiches ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-4
       Jumbo Burritos --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-4
       Mexican Dinners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-5
       For the Kids (12 and under) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- A-5
       Breakfast Tacos and Burritos --------------------------------------------------------------------- A-5
       Breakfast favorites ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-6
       Meats and veggies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-6

     Sides ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-7
     Extras--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-7
     Vegetarian Products -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-7
     Food Allergies and Gluten Free ------------------------------------------------------------------- A-8
Appendix B --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-1
  Nacho Toppings ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-2
  Enchiladas ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-2
  Salad toppings------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-2
  Tamales --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-2
  Quesadilla ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B-2
  Baja Taco Toppings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B-2
  Burrito Toppings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-2
Index ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I-1

List of Figures
Figure 1: Parking----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

Welcome to Fuzzy’S Taco Shop
First I would like to welcome you to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop; you have just entered a company
that is very dedicated to serving and providing the highest level of customer service. This
of course is only possible due to you and your fellow employees.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop wants you to be familiar with all polices and job responsibilities,
including working register, answering the phone, and your wage and benefit packages. This
will be useful in the future so this manual is yours to keep. If there is anything that is not
covered in this manual please talk to your supervisor.

This outline will give you a quick overview of the sections that this manual will offer.
   A. Employment – gives an overview of your at will period and termination
   B. Appearance and Attendance- gives an overview of how you should come to work
       and what happens if you don’t
   C. Policies- giving you a chance to see what is expected of you
   D. Employee- shows you what meals you get, parking, and others
   E. Safety- shows you how to be safe while on company property
   F. Trade secrets – shows what you must do if you wish to use any recipes
   G. Cash Register- shows you what to expect for each item that Fuzzy’s Taco Shop sells
   H. Appendix A contains a test for you to take and memorize for when you take it
       without this manual
   I. Appendix B contains a short cheat sheet that can be used to recall most menu items

This section is to help you to become familiar with all of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop employment policies.
        Probation at Will Period
        The first 90 days of your employment at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is called a probation
        period. The probation gives both yourself and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop the opportunity to
        determine if we both meet each other’s expectations. At the end of the 90 day period
        your supervisor will conduct a performance analysis covering the areas of overall
        performance, job skills, disciplinary record, attendance, cooperation with fellow
        employees, and customer service. Once the analysis is complete you will become a
        regular employee.

        Termination of Employment
        Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will make every effort to try and conduct an exit interview. The
        purpose of the interview will be to determine reasons for the employee leaving
        fuzzy’s Taco Shop. During this process the Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will

            A. Recover employee’s keys (if applicable) and any other Fuzzy’s Taco shop
               property in the employee’s possession.
            B. Learn of any problems that the employee had with other coworkers so that
               management might find possible solutions.
            C. Learn of problems between the employee and the immediate supervisor, so
               that a solution can be thought of.

Appearance and Attendance
This section will give you the expectations of how you are dressed when you come to work
and what will be the consequences, as well as attendance expectations.
      Attendance Policy
      You are required to arrive on time and ready to work for every scheduled shift. If
      you know you are going to be late or going to miss an entire shift you must contact
      your supervisor as soon as possible. You must always talk with your supervisor,
      never are you allowed to leave a message with a coworker this will not be
      acceptable. If you start to miss excess days (excused or unexcused) or come in late
      on a daily basis will result in disciplinary action will result up to and including
      termination. Employees are not eligible for any sick leave pay on termination.
      You must call into work three (3) hours before your scheduled shift if you are going
      to be late or going to miss your shift. If you are returning from work from an
      accident or medical leave, you must present a doctors release note.

      Military duty
      If you are enlisting or entering the United States armed services, then by the
      provisions of the Uniformed Services Employment Act and the Re-employment Act.
      Your will be granted all rights and privileges provided by the two acts listed above.

      Jury Duty
      If you are summoned for jury duty it is your responsibility to notify your supervisor.
      If you are selected for jury duty you need to keep your supervisor informed has to
      how long the service length will be, and to be available for return to work at the
      conclusion of the trial.

      Appearance and Dress Code
      Fuzzy’s Taco Shop policy is that you wear closed toed tennis shoes and no high heels
      while working in or passing through the production area. The objective of this policy
      is that you will not be injured while working. You are required to wear a Fuzzy’s
      logo shirt; black, khaki, or denim shorts or pants.

      Personal hygiene is critical for being presentable to the guests, and also for their
      health. Before you report for work teeth must be brushed, fingernails must be
      clipped and clean and have your hair neat and clean, kept in a way as to avoid food
      contamination. Facial hair should be kept to a minimum, well-trimmed and kept

      You should also wash your hands as often as possible to prevent food borne illness.
      Wash your hands before you start your shift, during work as often as necessary,
      after smoking, coughing, sneezing, eating, and after trips to the restroom.

The policies section is aimed to let you know what to expect when it comes to drugs,
harassment, and more.
       No Harassment Policy
       Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will not tolerate harassment by any employees. The term
       “harassment” can mean and not limited to slurs, jokes, or other verbal, physical
       conduct relating to an individual’s race, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship,
       age, and/or disability. “Harassment” also includes sexual advances, sexual favors,
       unwelcome or offensive touching, verbal, or physical conduct of sexual nature.

       If at any time you feel that you are being harassed in any way by another employee,
       customer, vendor, or anybody that you have come into contact during your work.
       You have to make your feelings known immediately, and you may also report
       harassment to your supervisor or any member of management.

       Do not feel that by reporting harassment that you will be penalized in any way
       concerning you or another employee. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will take immediate action
       to punish anybody who seeks retaliation for being reported. All complaints
       concerning harassment will be investigated and when appropriate, corrective action
       will be taken. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop considers harassment to be a major offense, which
       can result in the suspension or discharge of the offender(s).

       Do not assume that Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is aware of any harassment problems. You
       are responsible to make your complaints known so that they can be resolved. If you
       are not satisfied with the action taken, immediately report your dissatisfaction with
       a higher authority.

       Drug Abuse Policy
       In order to maintain a high level of safety and health at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop to other
       employees and customers, all drug use if prohibited on all of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’s
       premises. The term drug is referring to those substances that are regulated by state
       and federal law, which includes; inhalants, alcoholic beverages, and prescription
       drugs. Drugs deemed illegal by the state or federal government including;
       possession, use, distribution, or drug paraphernalia. Illegal drugs are not allowed on
       Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’s property. In the case of prescription drugs when takes as
       directed by a doctor are excluded from this policy. It is up to you are to let your
       supervisor know if you are under the influence of prescription drugs that can impair

For Fuzzy’s Taco Shop to implement and maintain a drug free environment it is the
policy of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop may monitor you as an employee for drug use including,
conduct drug screening and search employee’s personal possessions. If you refuse
to submit to a drug test or screening Fuzzy’s Taco Shop may refuse to hire or
continue to employ you.

You may be monitored directly or by a third party of drug possession or use. By
giving signs of drug use which may include but is not limited to, inconsistent work
quality, taking needless risks, mood swings, disregard for safety, and other
indications of drug use. You can give grounds to require further action including a
drug test.

You can be screened for the following circumstances

   A. Pre-employment
   B. Upon suspicion of use
         a. Impairment
         b. Discovery of drugs on premises
         c. Report of third party
   C. After an on the job accident
   D. Randomly
   E. Universally

If you are required to be tested you may be subject to blood, hair, or urine samples.
All tests will be performed by an independent company. If you fail to submit a drug
test, it will be assumed as if you tested positive for drugs.

If you have been found with drugs in your possession or tested positive for drugs
Fuzzy’s Taco Shop may refuse to hire or stop your employment. You will have the
opportunity to explain my you have tested positive for drugs. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will
make the final decision on what action will be taken.

Computer and Telephone Policy
You must understand that all electronic and telephone communication systems and
all information transmitted by, received, or stored in these systems are the property
of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. The computers and the telephone system are to be used
solely for the use of job related purpose. You can use the phone for personal use
only when authorized by your supervisor, and you will have no privacy while using
the equipment.

    You agree not to use a code, file, or retrieve any stored communication unless
    authorized by my supervisor. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has the right to monitor the
    equipment of all electric communications. The monitoring will include printing and
    reading all telephonic mail entering. You will have no privacy when using electronic
    systems at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in order to ensure that I am complying with these

    Cell Phones are not to be used at any time while you are working on fuzzy’s Taco
    Shop property. You many use your phone before or after your shift but never during
    your scheduled working hours.

    Work Policies
    If you violate any of the following policies, you will be subject to disciplinary action.
    The severity of the offense and the circumstances will be considered by Fuzzy’s Taco
    Shop when determining the appropriate penalty if any. Disciplinary action for the
    following may consist of (1) Oral reprimand, (2) Written reprimand, (3)

          Safety and Security
               Failure to observe traffic laws on Fuzzy’s Taco Shop property
               Disregard of safety rules and common safety practices
               Conduct at work that is dangerous to others
               Being carless causing damage or destruction to materials or company
               Threatening or intimidating fellow employees
               Stealing of private or company property
               Deliberate destruction of company or personal property
               Intimidation or harassment of employees.
                      This must be brought to management’s attention
               Possession of weapons or other dangerous items on company
                  premises without notification
               Violation of any security procedure
               Violation of food safety regulations
          Appearance and attendance
               Use of foul or abusive language
               Stopping work before break time or quitting time
               Repeated tardiness or absences
               Repeatedly not clocking in or out
               Personal work on company time
               Repeating unproductive workmanship

        Failure to notify supervisor prior to being absent or tardy
        Coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol
        Sleeping during working hours
        One consecutive unexcused absence without notification
        Falsification of application or company records
        Refusal to perform job assignments
        Leaving company property while on duty
   Misuse of Property
        Participating to unsanitary conditions on Fuzzy’s Taco Shop property
        Participating in dishonest acts
        Not correctly recording of company sales
        Unauthorized operation or repair to company property
        Personal use of company property
        Conduct causing a disturbance on Company property
        Gambling on company property
        Reporting incorrect hours of work and tip income
        Causing slow production or abandoning the job
        Alteration of containers or their contents

    It is the policy of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop to have the highest level of safety in all the
    activities and operations. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will comply with all health and safety
    laws applicable to the business to ensure that public and work areas free of
    hazardous conditions.

    Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will make every effort to provide working conditions that are as
    safe and healthy as possible. You are expected to be equally conscientious about
    workplace safety. Any unsafe work conditions in any work area that might result in
    an accident should be reported to a supervisor immediately.

    If you are injured while on the job at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop regardless of the severity of
    the injury must be reported to the supervisor immediately. If you require medical
    attention immediately, the supervisor will assist if getting the necessary medical

    When working you allowed a 50% percent discount on all food. Your guests will not
    be given a discount this applies to just you, and the discount does not apply to
    alcoholic beverages.

    You are not allowed to park on the lot when arriving
    for your shift. A map is provided showing you where
    to park when arriving for your shift.
                                       Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

                                      Employee parking

                                                            Figure 1: Parking

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’s policy is that you as an employee have the right and ability to
discuss complaints and suggestions to your supervisor. You should have no fear of
being discipline for requesting that your complaints or suggestions be processed.

Payroll and hours of work
Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has several different jobs that require different hours of work,
your schedule will reflect the tasks that you are assigned. Work weeks begin on
Monday and end at the closing on Sunday night. You are not permitted to work
before or after your scheduled time without prior approval of your supervisor.

Overtime may be scheduled when approved by a supervisor. The use of overtime
will be limited for the use of essential job accomplishment.

In order to earn tips an employee must pass their first two weeks of training. After
two weeks of training the employee will earn tips from the community jar. When
money is left on the table you must put the money in the jar by the front register so
it can be divided up among your coworkers. The division will be done at the end of
the each day’s business. After all the money is added up they take the total hours
that all employees work and divide it by how many hours each employee works (e.g.
if there are $100 in tips and there were a total of 100 hours worked by all
employees and you worked 7 hours you would get 7 dollars in tips).

You are on a bi-weekly payroll, every other Wednesday you can go to the office and
pick up your paycheck after 3:00 P.M. The check will already have the proper taxes
taken out and sent to the proper agency. Tips will automatically be added to your
payroll to claim with your taxes which is required by law, then taken out of your
check. All tips will be paid in cash and can be picked up each day after your last shift
(E.g. worked Tuesday night, can pick up tips Wednesday or later). Do not claim your
tips on your W-2 that has been done for you.

This section will deal with safety and security among you and your fellow employees and
customers that you will come into contact with while employed here.
             Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will not allow any solicitation or distribution of literature
             while during your working hours. If you violate this policy you will be subject
             to disciplinary action up to termination.

             Non employees
             Non employees are prohibited from soliciting and distribute literature
             anywhere on Fuzzy’s Taco Shop property. Non employees have no right to
             access to any area of the premises other than the areas open to the public. If
             the area is open to public then only if in conjunction with the areas public

      Fuzzy’s Taco Shop maintains strict control over the entrance to the premises, work
      you are assigned keys, given special access, or assigned a job with responsibilities in
      connection with the safety, security or confidentiality of such records, equipment, or
      other items of monetary value, you are required to use sound mind and sound
      judgment when carrying out the duties assigned. You will be held accountable for
      any wrong doing or acts of indiscretion.

      Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has the upmost interest in maintaining safe, helpful, and efficient
      working conditions. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop does not allow the use of drugs, firearms,
      weapons, or other intoxicants that create a serious health and safety for other
      employees and patrons. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has the intent of protecting its own
      property and the property if fellow employees from theft. The following policy has
      been adopted by Fuzzy’s Taco Shop so that it can maintain a safe and enjoyable
      working environment.

      Fuzzy’s Taco Shop may conduct an unannounced search for illegal drugs, alcohol,
      controlled substances, weapons, and stolen property within any area of the
      restaurant or office. You are expected to cooperate in the conducting of such
      searches. Your lockers, desks, file cabinets, purses, briefcases, lunch containers, and
      automobiles on company property will be subject to all searches. Your consent to
      searches and this policy is required as condition of employment at Fuzzy’s Taco

       Shop. You may refuse to comply with this policy; it will result in disciplinary action
       up to and including termination. All searches on Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’s property can
       be conducted at any time and without reasonable suspicion.

Trade Secrets
It is unfair competition to steal, copy, or communicate former employer’s trade secret
information. It is defined in such a way that any art or whole of any technical information,
design process, procedure, or formula that has value such the owner has taken measure to
prevent others from knowing. You must not disclose any process or recipes unless directed
by Fuzzy’s Taco Shop management. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will institute a civil action against
anyone who violates this policy.

Alcohol Service Policy
When you are hired to work at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop you must get certified to sell and serve
alcohol by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC).you must go to register and take the class for 3 hours then take the test at the end
and get a score of 80% or better. This must be done two weeks after being hired at Fuzzy’s
Taco Shop.

It is the policy of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop that any minor or intoxicated person shall be served. If
you violate this policy you will be terminated immediately. You must card any customer
who does not appear to be well over the age of 30. When a minor is attempting to purchase
alcohol they will exhibit signs that should be easy to identify. They will exhibit signs of
nervous, anxious, stutter, stammer, confuse words, and avoid eye contact.

As a server you need to be aware of the laws and regulations when serving alcohol within
licensed premises. Serving to anybody under-age and intoxicated person can have criminal
penalties. If an intoxicated person should get into an accident after leaving Fuzzy’s Taco
Shop the injured parties can file a lawsuit against Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

There are three levels of that resemble traffic signals on a safe way to serve alcoholic
beverages to customers. The three levels are green, yellow, and red.

     Everything seems normal; it is okay for the customer to drink.

YELLOW = Caution
     The customer shows signs that the alcohol is beginning to affect them.

         If the customer is showing signs of reaching the YELLOW level, you must take steps
         so that they do not reach the RED level. Below are step to keep them in the YELLOW.

               Refill their glass at a slower rate
               Offer an appetizer
               Do not offer coffee or other caffeinated drinks as it will mask the intoxication.

RED = Stop
      The customer is intoxicated and does not need more alcohol.
      When a customer reaches the RED level every effort should be made to stop service.
      Here are a few suggestions.

             Avoid confrontation
             Make you coworkers and managers aware of the situation
             Bring menus to the table or suggest an appetizer
             Suggest an alternative form of transportation, if the customer insists on
              driving let your manager know immediately.
There are several types of photo ID cards that can be accepted.

        Drivers license issued by any state
        military Identification card
        Untied States passport
        ID’s issued by any state or government agency

     These ID’s must have a picture of the customer that matches their appearance, and the
     ID must not be expired and if it is expired it will be up to the manager on duty to be

Fuzzys Taco Shop will not serve anybody under the age of 21 even if accompanied by the
legal parent or guardian.

Cash Register and Menu
Appetizers & Soups
           Chips & Salsa1 -- $1.99
                   Chips and salsa comes with one basket of chips warmed and seasoned with
                   fuzzy dust. The salsa comes in an 8oz. cup and is made fresh in house with
                   grilled jalapenos, onions, garlic, green and red peppers.
           Chips & Queso1 -- $2.99
                   Chips and queso comes with one basket of chips warmed and seasoned with
                   fuzzy dust. The queso is made from Monterey jack and topped with Pico de
                   Gallo and shredded cheese.
           Guacamole & Chips1 – 3.49
                   Guacamole and chips comes with one basket of chips warmed and seasoned
                   with fuzzy dust. Guacamole is made fresh in house with fresh avocado, Pico
                   de Gallo, salt, and lime juice served on a bed of lettuce and topped with Pico
                   de Gallo.
           Tortilla Soup -- $2.99
                   Made with pinto beans and Pico de Gallo mixed with a thick broth topped
                   with Pico de Gallo, shredded cheese, and tortilla chips
           Black Bean Soup -- $2.99
                   Black Bean soup topped with garlic sauce and cilantro.
           Pork-N-Beans -- $3.49
                   Barracho beans with added pork.
           Original Nachos -- $5.99
                   Plate of tortilla chips warmed, topped with queso, shredded cheese, garlic
                   sauce, feta cheese, and Pico de Gallo. Can be topped with any meat, computer
                   will add $2.00 for fajita beef or chicken.
                   Made with a grilled 12” flour tortilla filled with melted shredded cheese, Pico
                   de Gallo, and garlic sauce, and comes with a side of sour cream and Pico de
                   Gallo. Can be topped with any type of meat, the computer will add $2.00 for
                   fajita meat.

1   Comes with free refills on chips

     Big Salads
     Fajita-chicken or beef
             Big -- $6.99 Lil -- $4.49
     Shredded-chicken or beef
             Big -- $5.49 Lil -- $3.99
     Fish-grilled or fried
             Big -- $5.99 Lil -- $3.99
     Shrimp-grilled or fried
             Big -- $5.99 Lil -- $3.99
     Ground Beef
             Big -- $5.49 Lil -- $3.99
     Grilled Veggie
             Big -- $5.99 Lil -- $3.99
             Big -- $5.99 Lil -- $3.99
     Shredded Pork
             Big -- $5.99 Lil -- $3.99

     There are two choices on the size of salads. The big and lil salads, both sizes of
     salads come with a mix of iceberg and romaine lettuce, carrots and cabbage. They
     are then topped with a mixture of tomatoes, feta cheese, shredded cheese, chips,
     cilantro, and onions. There are several different types of salad dressing from garlic
     buttermilk ranch, house vinaigrette, salsa, and avocado ranch. Each salad comes
     with one dressing, if a customer asks for at the time they place the order go to the
     sides and add on and find the dressing they want and add it to the ticket, if they ask
     you at the while they are at the table just go get them one and don’t charge them.

Baja Tacos
Fajita-chicken or beef       $2.99
Shredded-chicken or beef     $1.99
Fish-grilled or fried        $1.99
Shrimp-grilled or fried      $1.99
Ground Beef                  $1.99
Grilled Veggie               $1.99
Crawfish                     $1.99
Shredded Pork                $1.99

All tacos will come regular and if the customers’ requests the habanero you must
have to go to the sides and add on to put it add it onto the ticket so that the cooks
can place it on the tray and the customer can get the correct order. When the
customer asks for a taco and do not specify what type of shell you must ask them if
they want soft or crispy, they are both made of corn (flour tortillas are available
upon request do not suggest). All tacos will be topped with lettuce, tomatoes,
shredded cheese, feta cheese, garlic sauce, and cilantro unless specified by the

Grilled Sandwiches
 Fajita-chicken or beef      $7.99
Shredded-chicken or beef     $5.99
Fish-grilled or fried        $5.99
Shrimp-grilled or fried      $5.99
Ground Beef                  $5.99
Grilled Veggie               $5.99
Crawfish                     $5.99
Shredded Pork                $5.99

The sandwiches are made with a Mexican style French bread called teleras bread.
The sandwich is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, onions, and garlic
sauce. All sandwiches come with a side of the Latin fried potatoes. The side of
potatoes can be substitute for any of the four remaining sides.

     Jumbo Burritos
     Fajita-chicken or beef        $7.99
     Shredded-chicken or beef      $5.49
     Fish-grilled or fried         $5.99
     Shrimp-grilled or fried       $5.99
     Ground Beef                   $5.49
     Grilled Veggie                $5.99
     Crawfish                      $5.99
     Shredded Pork                 $5.99
     Bean & cheese                 $5.99

     All burritos come on a 12” tortilla that is gilled to warm up the tortilla, and then is
     piled up with shredded cheese, guacamole, onions, tomatoes, garlic sauce, and
     lettuce. Customers can take any of these items out or add others if they like. The
     bean and cheese burrito is refried beans and shredded cheese only.

Mexican Dinners
There are 5 different types of Mexican dinners; all dinners will come with 2 sides of
the customer’s choice. Plates that contain enchiladas can be made with ground beef,
shredded chicken, grilled shrimp, grilled veggies, and shredded cheese. All
enchiladas are made with corn tortillas, the shredded cheese enchilada is just
cheese, all others are made with meat or veggies, shredded cheese, and garlic sauce.
The beef enchilada comes with a red sauce which is mild, the shrimp, chicken, veggie
is topped with a green sauce that is medium, and the cheese is topped with queso.
The sauce can be changed when requested by the customer. All enchiladas are
premade and cannot be changed.
 Combo Plate           $5.99
        This plate comes with one taco of any meat and any type of shell, and one
        enchilada from those listed above.
Taco Plate              $5.99
        This plate gives customers two tacos that do not have to be the same of any
        meat of their choice.
Enchilada Plate        $5.99
        This plate gives the customer the choice of two enchiladas that come from
        those listed above and do not have to be of the same type.
Tamale Plate           $5.99
        The tamale plate comes with two tamales either pork or chicken and then is
        topped with red, green, or queso sauce.
Fajita Plate           $7.99
        The fajita plate comes with beef, chicken, or combo. The meat is cooked and
        seasoned with fajita seasoning, and grilled with green peppers and onions.
        Each fajita plate comes with 3 flour tortillas, lettuce, sour cream, Pico de
        Gallo, shredded cheese, and guacamole.

     Sides and add on
     This section contains all ala cart items such as single enchiladas, tamales, single
     orders of sides, dressings, and more. Bellow is the list of sides, many of the add ons
     are extra dressing, salsa, guacamole, queso, and more this section changes so often
     in the computer; the best thing to do is just know that this section will be in
     alphabetical order.
     Mix-Mex Fried Rice              $1.79
             The fried rice is made with red and green peppers, onions, corn, peas,
             carrots, salt, garlic, and chicken stock.
     Latin Fried Potatoes            $1.79
             They are made from potatoes that are baked then diced, chilled, reheated on
             the grill with onions and seasoned with Fuzzy Dust.
     Borracho Beans                  $1.79
             They are made from pinto beans cooked in miller light and bacon.
     Black Beans                     $1.79
             They are made from black beans, and cooked with Pico de Gallo.
     Refried Beans                   $1.79
             Made with pinto beans and topped with shredded cheese. If customers want
             single orders of enchiladas, tamales, meat only, guacamole, fire roasted salsa,
             sour cream, jalapenos, habanero, and extra salad dressings. Many of the
             extras that customers want are in the sides and add on section.

Breakfast can be served all day long.

Tacos and Burritos
All breakfast tacos and burritos comes is filled with exactly what they order and
does not have any extra toppings.
Egg and Cheese
       Taco -- $1.99         Burrito – N/A
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese
       Taco -- $1.99         Burrito -- $4.99
Bacon, Potato, Egg, and Cheese
       Taco -- $1.99         Burrito -- $5.49
Chorizo, Egg, and Cheese
       Taco -- $1.99         Burrito -- $4.99
Chorizo, Potato, Egg, and Cheese
       Taco -- $1.99         Burrito -- $5.49
Potato, Egg, and Cheese
       Taco -- $1.99         Burrito -- $4.99
Shrimp, Egg, and Cheese
       Taco -- $1.99         Burrito -- $5.49

Breakfast Sandwich $4.99
      The breakfast sandwich comes on teleras bread which is a Mexican style
      French bread. It comes with no sides and comes with two fried eggs, bacon,
      shredded Cheese, and jalapenos.

All of the breakfast favorites come with a side of Latin fried potatoes and refried
beans, two flour tortillas, and green sauce.
Huevos Rancheros $5.99
        Made with two fried eggs, tomatoes, jalapenos, and onions topped with fire-
        roasted salsa.
Migas                  $5.99
        Made with two scrambled eggs, chorizo, Pico de Gallo, tortilla strips and
        shredded cheese.
Chilaquiles            $5.99
        It comes with chicken or beef, two scrambled eggs, tortilla strips, shredded
        cheese, and Pico de Gallo.

     For the Kids (12 and under)
     All kids meals come with a regular soft drink for all kids 12 and under, if an adult
     orders a kids meal for themselves you must charge them for the drink.
     Enchilada Plate       $ 3.49
             The kids enchilada plate comes with one enchilada and two sides of their
     Taco Plate            $3.49
             The kids taco plate comes with one taco and two sides of their choice.
     Cheese Nachos         $3.49
             The kids cheese nachos are just like the adult just a little bit smaller and are
             only topped with queso and shredded cheese.
     Cheese Quesadilla $3.49
             The kids cheese quesadilla is two 6” flour tortillas grilled and filled with
             shredded cheese, and comes with a side of sour cream.

     Sodas, tea, and coffee        $1.49
            The coffee comes in either regular or cinnamon, tea is either sweet or
            unsweet, and sodas are Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Lemonade,
            PowerAde, and Dr. Pepper.
     Souvenir cup                  $1.99
            Is the large 32 oz. cup that has the Fuzzy’s Taco Shop logo and if the customer
            brings the cup back the next time they come in they get a dollar off for their
            refill. Every drink available tea and Coke and Dr. Pepper product is available
            with this cup.
     Bottled water                 $1.50
            Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has a special water bottle that has the Fuzzy’s fish and
            logo on the label.
     Juice                         $1.00
            Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has apple and orange juice available.

Beer -- Draft
All beer that comes in as drafts are 18 oz. schooners and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop does
have pitchers available. In order to sell a pitcher to customers there needs to be two
people to share. Never sell a pitcher to one person. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has two
seasonal beers that will change periodically, in the computer you must ring up
‘seasonal beer’ for these two beers. Below is the list of all draft beers.
       Seasonal Beer         $3.50
       Seasonal Bee          $3.50
       Landshark             $3.50
       Michelob Ultra        $2.50
       Bud Light             $2.50
       Coors Light           $2.50
       Miller light          $2.50
       Ziegen Bock           $2.50
       Does Equis            $3.50

All beers that are $3.50 are considered premium, and those that are $2.50 are
considered domestic. The price of pitchers for premium is $11.50 and pitchers for
domestic are $8.50.

Beer -- Bottle
There are more types of bottled beer then draft but many are the same. When a
customer asks for type of beer that Fuzzy’s Taco Shop offers then you must ask if
they want a bottle or draft. Just like in drafts there is a option to buy more than one
bottle called a bucket of beer. Again never sell a bucket of beer to just one person
there must always be two people to share a bucket. Domestic buckets sell for $11.50
and premium sell for $13.50. all buckets are made with a bucket filled just under
half way with ice and then put 5 beers into the bucket and pop all tops off the beers
then give to the customers. Below is a list of all bottled beer types.
        Budweiser             $2.75
        Bud Light             $2.75
        Bud Light Lime        $2.75
        Coors Light           $2.75
        Corona                $3.25
        Shiner Bock           $2.75
        Michelob Ultra        $2.75
        Miller Light          $2.75
        Blue Moon             $3.25
        Dos Equis             $3.25
        Michelob Ultra Line $2.75

           Fuzzy’s Taco Shop does have a few types of wine. There are three that are served
           cold and one that is served warm. The easiest way to remember which is served
           warm or cold is that the one served warm is kept behind the register under the
           margarita machines. Below is the four types of wine and wither they are served
           warm or cold.
                  Sangria               $2.50
                         Served cold
                  Chardonnay            $2.50
                         Served cold
                  White Zinfandel       $2.50
                         Served cold
                  Cabernet              $2.50
                         Served at room temperature

                 Made with frozen margarita filled to ¾ of the schooner then grab either dos
                 equis or corona take the top off the bottled beer pour into the schooner for
                 the count of 2 then shove it into the margarita. Rip a straw rapper in half
                 then place in the beer-rita, grab with one hand on the schooner and one on
                 the bottle of beer then deliver.
           Margarita Swirl2
                 Flavors are strawberry, mango, cherry, sangria, and peach, fill will almost 4
                 oz. of the desired flavor then fill to just under the rim with frozen margarita.
                 Rip a straw rapper in half then place in the margarita.
           Fuzz Driver
                 It is made with Tampico orange juice and vanilla vodka fill a schooner with
                 the frozen fuzz driver. Rip a straw rapper in half then place in the fuzz driver.
           Fuzzy Mary
                 Fill a schooner with ice then add 2 oz. vodka and then fill the rest up with
                 bloody Mary mix. Rip a straw rapper in half then place in the drink.
           Fuzzy Moon
                 It is made with the fuzz driver mix filled to ¾ full then grab a blue moon
                 bottle pop the top off and pour into the schooner to the count of 2 then shove
                 it into the drink then rip a straw rapper in half then place in the fuzzy moon.

2   Ask if customer want salt on the rim

           Fuzzy Sunrise
                  Is made with almost 4 oz. of grenadine then filled with the fuzz driver mix
                  then rip a straw rapper in half then place in the fuzzy Sunrise.
                  Made with gold tequila, when requested fill up to just below the rim of a
                  schooner and rip a straw rapper in half then place in the margarita.
                  Fill a schooner half way with champagne and the other half with orange juice.
                  Rip a straw rapper in half then place in the mimosa.
           Top shelf Rita3
                  Margarita on the rocks, fill a schooner with ice then poor the rocks mixture
                  into the schooner until the rim, then rip a straw rapper in half then place in
                  the margarita.
                  Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has several types of shots patron, vodka and tequila.

           T – shirts
                   Fuzzy logo t- shirts available in small, medium, large, ladies small, ladies
                   medium, and ladies large
           Hoodies (seasonal)
                   Fuzzy logo hoodies, available in small, medium, large
                   Fitted hats available in several different colors
                   Fitted koozies available in several colors
           Window decals
                   Available in several colors and prints
           Fuzzy dust
                   Seasoning that is used for the chips and several meats available for sale
           Butt burning sauce
                   Sauce that is on all tables available to take home

3   Ask if customer want salt on the rim

          Vegetarian and Food Allergies
          Many of the customers that you will be serving will have some kind of food allergies,
          you must make sure to adhere as to not make them sick and file a complaint against
          Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Below is a list of some of the common food allergies.

                       Food Allergies
                            Soy butter
                            Veggie oil
                       Gluten Free
                            Corn tortillas
                            Refried beans
                            Tortilla chips4
                            Diced potatoes4
                            Seasoned black beans
                            Monterey Jack/cheddar cheese blend
                            Guacamole
                            Salsa
                            Sour cream
                            Green sauce
                            Butt Burning Sauce
                            Habanero sauce
                            Queso sauce
                            Lettuce
                            Any meat not seasoned
                            egg

4   No Fuzzy Dust

Appendix A
  A. Fuzzy’s Menu Fill in the Blank Test    A-3
        a. Appetizers and Soups             A-3
        b. Baja Tacos                       A-4
        c. Big Salads                       A-4
        d. Grilled Sandwiches               A-4
        e. Jumbo Burritos                   A-4
        f. Mexican Dinners                  A-5
        g. For the Kids                     A-5
        h. Breakfast Tacos and Burritos     A-5
        i. Breakfast Favorites              A-6
        j. Meats and Veggies                A-6
        k. Sides                            A-7
        l. Extras                           A-7
        m. Vegetarian Products              A-7
        n. Food Allergies and Gluten Free   A-8

Fuzzy’s Menu Fill in the Blank Test
Appetizers and Soups
    1. Chips and Salsa: Thin Tortilla chips seasoned with                                      served
       with warm fire roasted salsa5.
          a. Salsa: Made fresh in house from grilled                                       onions,
              garlic,                                , and                               .
    2. Chips and Queso: Thin Tortilla chips seasoned with                                         and
       served with queso.
          a. Queso: is made from                                     and topped with Pico de
              Gallo and                                  . 6

    3. Chips and Guacamole: Thin Tortilla chips seasoned with                                   served
       with guacamole.
          a. Guacamole: is made in house form fresh                                         , Pico de
              Gallo,                               , and lime juice and is served on a bed of
              lettuce garnished with                                    on top.
    4. Original Nachos- Plate of chips topped with queso,                                       ,
       shredded cheese,                                   , and                                .7
    5. Corn and Tortilla Soup-                                   , and Pico de Gallo in a thick
       broth topped with Pico de Gallo,                         , and                                  .
    6. Black Bean Soup- Black bean soup topped with                                         , and
    7. Pork-N-Beans-                                    with added                                   .
    8. Quesadilla- Grilled 12” flour tortilla filled with shredded cheese,                               ,
       and                              . Side of                                 and
          a. Cheese quesadilla- comes with ONLY                                        and is
              served with a side of                                   and sour cream.

5 Can be served cold upon customer request
6 Always ask customer if they want pico de gallo on top
7 Customer can add any meat choice
8 Customer can have any choice of meat

Baja Tacos
All tacos can be ordered regular or habanero9 served on soft corn, crispy corn or flour (if
requested don’t suggest).

     1. All tacos are topped with lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese,                               ,
                                    , and                           .

Big Salads
     1. Salad mix of iceberg and                                  , carrots, and cabbage. Topped
        with tomatoes,                                  ,                             ,
                                        , cilantro and                             .10,11
     2. Dressings-                                  ( ranch made with buttermilk),
                                         ( Greek style vinaigrette with feta cheese), salsa (fire
        roasted salsa cold), or                                 (buttermilk ranch with avocado
        blended in)

Grilled Sandwiches
     1. Served on                                 (Mexican style French bread) with lettuce,
                                 ,                      ,                    , and garlic
     2. Served with a side of                                .

Jumbo Burritos
     1. 12” flour tortilla filled with shredded cheese,                              , onions,
        tomatoes,                               , and                              .13
     2. Bean and cheese burrito is                                  and shredded cheese only.

9 On the side if requested
10 Toppings can modified lettuce mix cannot
11 Salads can have any meat choice
12 Sandwiches can have any choice of meat
13 Burritos can have any meat choice

Mexican Dinners14
       1. Taco Plate- any                                  baja or breakfast tacos.
       2. Enchilada Plate- any                                   enchiladas.
             a. Choices are- beef,                                    ,                           ,
                                               , or                               .
              b. Made with                                    , shredded cheese,
                                               , and meat.
              c. Beef has                                  , cheese has queso, and chicken, shrimp,
                  and veggie have                                   .
       3. Combo Plate-                                  taco and                            enchilada.
       4. Fajita Plate- beef, chicken, combo. Served with                                   flour
          tortillas,                             , lettuce, sour cream,                               ,
          Pico de Gallo,                               , and                              .
              a. Fajita meat for the plate is grilled with                               , onions
                  and seasoned with                                     .
       5. Tamale Plate-                                 , tamales either                            ,
          or                             .

For the Kids (12 and under)15
       1. Cheese Quesadilla- Shredded cheese on grilled flour tortillas served with a side of
       2. Enchilada Plate-                           enchilada and                        sides.
       3. Taco Plate-                         taco and                                sides.
       4. Cheese Nachos- Chips topped with queso and Shredded cheese.

Breakfast Tacos and Burritos
       1.   Tacos are on 6”                                     .
       2.   Burritos are on a 12”                                   .
       3.   Potatoes are the                              .
       4.                              , egg, and shredded cheese.
       5.   Bacon,                             , egg, and shredded cheese.
       6.   Chorizo, egg, and shredded cheese.
       7.                              , potato, egg, and                                .
       8.   Shrimp,                              , and shredded Cheese.

14   All dinners come with two sides of the customer’s choice
15   Includes small drink

Breakfast favorites
      1. Served with the Latin fried potatoes,                                  ,
                                     , and tomatillo                                  .
      2. Huevos Rancheros-                                  , grilled tomatoes,
                                     , onions topped with                                  .
      3. Migas- 2 scrambled eggs,                                  , Pico de Gallo,
                                     , and shredded cheese mixed on the grill.
      4. Chilaquiles-                               or                                mixed with
                                     , tortilla strips, shredded cheese and                         .
      5. Breakfast Sandwich- 2 eggs over                                    , with shredded cheese,
                                     , and                                  served on
                                      bread served with a side of                                 .

Meats and veggies
      1. Tempura Fish- Alaskan                             lightly breaded with corn flakes
          and fried.
      2. Grilled Fish- Alaskan                          seasoned with                      and
      3. Garlic Shredded Beef-                           and slow cooked for 5 hours.
      4. Special Ground Beef- Seasoned with                             , butt burnin’ sauce,
          and                           .
      5. Fajita Beef- Steak meat seasoned with                             and grilled.
      6. Grilled Chicken- Shredded white breast meat seasoned with                        and
      7. Fajita Chicken- White breast meat seasoned with                               .
      8. Tempura Shrimp- Shrimp lightly breaded with                                and fried.
      9. Grilled Shrimp- Shrimp seasoned and                              .
      10. Grilled Veggie- Carrots,                        , and                      julienned
          and mixed with                           . 16

      11. Shredded Pork- Pork butt marinated with                             and slow
          cooked for 5 hours.

16   Can omit black beans if requested

  1. Mix-Mex Fried Rice- Onions,                          , corn, peas,
                                ,                        , and chicken mixed with
     yellow rice.
  2. Latin Fried Potatoes- Seasoned with                           and then grilled
     with                            .
  3. Borracho Beans-                           cooked in                           with
     Pico de Gallo and bacon.
  4. Black Beans-                           cooked with                             .
  5. Refried Beans- Pinto beans topped with                             .

  1. Guacamole- Made in house from fresh avocados,                                      , and
  2. Sour Cream
  3. Shredded Cheese-                                 and Monterey jack blend.
  4. Fire-Roasted Salsa- fresh in house from                                 , onions,
                                 , cilantro, and                               .
  5. Jalapenos- pickled,                               available upon request
  6. Garlic Sauce-                              , garlic, cilantro, parsley,
                                 , and fuzzy dust, ranch like.
  7. Pico de Gallo- made in house with tomatoes,                                  , cilantro
                                 , and                                .

Vegetarian Products
  1. Grilled                               .
  2.                                beans
  3.                                beans
  4.                                potatoes

Food Allergies and Gluten Free
                        Food Allergies
                            a. Soy butter
                            b. Veggie oil
                        Gluten Free
                            a. Corn tortillas
                            b. Refried beans
                            c. Tortilla chips17
                            d. Diced potatoes17
                            e. Seasoned black beans
                            f. Monterey Jack/cheddar cheese blend
                            g. Guacamole
                            h. Salsa
                            i. Sour cream
                            j. Green sauce
                            k. Butt Burning Sauce
                            l. Habanero sauce
                            m. Queso sauce
                            n. Lettuce
                            o. Any meat not seasoned
                            p. egg

17   No Fuzzy Dust

Appendix B
Nacho Toppings
Pico de Gallo, shredded cheese, Garlic Sauce, feta cheese, and queso

           Beef enchilada – red chili sauce (not spicy)

           Cheese enchilada – queso sauce

           Chicken, shrimp, and veggie enchilada – green sauce (homemade mild sauce)

Salad toppings
Salad mix, cheese, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, feta cheese, and crushed chips

           Chicken – green sauce (mild)
           Pork- red sauce (not spicy)

           Cheese quesadilla- is just cheese, side of sour cream
           All others – meat, cheese, garlic sauce, and Pico de Gallo, side of sour cream and Pico
           de Gallo

Baja Taco Toppings
garlic sauce, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, and feta cheese

Burrito Toppings
Garlic sauce, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and guacamole18

18   Guacamole has Pico de Gallo in it

Appetizers, 13, 26
Appetizers and Soups, 26
Attendance, 3

Baja Tacos, 15, 27
beef, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 28
Beer, 20, 21
Beverages, 20
Big Salads, 14, 27
Black Beans, 17, 30
Blank Test, 26
Borracho Beans, 17, 30
Breakfast, 18, 28, 29

Cheese Nachos, 19, 28
chicken, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 28
Chips & Queso, 13
Chips & Salsa, 13
Chips and Guacamole, 26
Chips and Queso, 26
Chips and Salsa, 26
Combo Plate, 17, 28
Complaints, 9
Computer, 5
Crawfish, 14, 15, 16

Dress Code, 3
Drug Abuse, 4

Enchilada Plate, 17, 19, 28

Fajita, 14, 15, 16, 17, 28, 29
Fajita Beef, 29
Fajita Chicken, 29
Fajita Plate, 17, 28
Fire-Roasted Salsa, 30
Fish, 14, 15, 16
Food Allergies, 24, 31

For the Kids, 19, 28
Fried Potatoes, 17, 30
Fried Rice, 17, 30

Garlic Sauce, 30
Garlic Shredded Beef, 29
Gluten Free, 2, 31
Grilled Fish, 29
Grilled Sandwiches, 16, 27
Grilled Shrimp, 29
Grilled Veggie, 14, 15, 16, 29
Ground Beef, 14, 15, 16
Guacamole, 14, 26, 30

Harassment, 4

Jalapenos, 30
Jumbo Burritos, 16, 27
Jury, 3

Liquor, 22

Meals, 8
Meats and veggies, 29
Menu, 12, 26
Mexican Dinners, 16, 28
Military, 3

Original Nachos, 14, 26

Parking, 8
Payroll, 9
Pork-N-Beans, 14, 26

Quesadilla, 14, 19, 26, 28

Refried Beans, 18, 30

Safety, 8
Security, 10
Shredded Pork, 14, 15, 16, 29
Shrimp, 14, 15, 16, 18, 28, 29
Sides, 17, 30
Solicitation, 10
Soup, 14, 26
Sour Cream, 30
Special Ground Beef, 29

Taco Plate, 17, 19, 28
Tamale Plate, 17
Telephone, 5
Tempura Fish, 29
Tempura Shrimp, 29
Termination, 2, 6
Trade Secrets, 11

Vegetarian Products, 30

Wine, 21
Work Rules, 6


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