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									                                  Orange Frontier District
                                                November 2011
                    Ca endar                                          BSA Adopt-A-Schooll
                                                                      BSA Adopt-A-Schoo
                                                             The BSA® Adopt-a-School Program offers volunteer
10      Roundtable @ 4000 W. Orange, Anaheim                 services that meet the school's needs. The Adopt-a-
17        OA Santee Chapter Meeting                          School program is an exciting and comprehensive
19      Venture/Explorer Leadership Workshop                 undertaking that will connect Scout packs, troops and
19        OA Santee Chapter Dinner                           crews across the country with schools in their
30      Unit Re-charter Deadline                             communities.      Participating Scouts then work, within
                                                             clearly defined guidelines, to partner with school

                                                      2008   administrations and offer the
                                                             volunteer services that most
7       OFD Committee/Commissioner Staff Holiday             efficiently meet their school’s
        Party @ Dalton’s 6:30pm                              needs. With each unit offering
8       Roundtable @ 4000 W. Orange, Anaheim                 their school a minimum one-
10      OFD Annual Holiday Party Fundraiser, 6:30pm          year commitment, meaningful
        @ American Legion Post 555, Midway City              community relationships are
14-18   Holiday Boat Parade @ Newport Sea Base               built and significant changes will
22        OA Santee Chapter Meeting                          happen in the schools.

     January                                                 The hope at the heart of Adopt-a-School is to build strong,
                                                             sustaining relationships with these schools… creating
4       OFD Committee Meeting
                                                             thousands of lasting community partnerships across the
7          OA Wiatava Lodge Banquet                          U.S.     Through committed volunteer efforts – from
12      Roundtable @ 4000 W. Orange, Anaheim                 landscaping and clean-up outside the school building to
19         OA Santee Chapter Meeting                         Scouts’ active participation in school events throughout
26      OFD Commissioner Meeting                             the year – the BSA® will become a defined presence in
28      Troop 314 Pre Derby Pancake Breakfast                improving our nation’s schools.
        @ American Legion Post 555
28      OFD Derby Day @ Westminster Mall                     The program is open to Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout
                                                             Troops and Venturing Crews.
1       OFD Committee Meeting                                Please use the following link to fine more information and
9       Roundtable @ 4000 W. Orange, Anaheim                 signup:
16        OA Santee Chapter Meeting
23      OFD Commissioner Meeting
24-26     OA Trade-O-Ree

3       University of Scouting @ Santa Ana College
7       OFD Committee Meeting
8       Roundtable @ 4000 W. Orange, Anaheim
14      Silver Beaver Dinner
15         OA Santee Chapter Meeting
16-18   OFD Camp-O-Ree/WeBeLoS-ree
22      OFD Commissioner Meeting
28      Eagle Recognition Dinner
31      OFD District Recognition Dinner

                                                                                   Piinewood Derrby
                                                                                   P newood De by
Diisttrriictt Chaiirr’’s Corrnerr
D s c Cha s Co ne                                                                      January 28, 2012
Ron Cocchi                                                        The Orange Frontier District annual Pinewood Derby race
                                                                  will be held Saturday January 28, 2012 at the Westminster
       Get in to the Holiday Spirit
                                                                  Mall. As in past years there will be 3 different racing
                                    nd                            tracks (speed, skill and survival) to test your cars abilities.
All volunteers are invited to the 2 annual District Holiday
                                                                  Trophies, certificates and ribbons will be awarded to the
Party on Saturday night, December 10. This is a great
                                                                  winners along with lots of other prizes. Commemorative
way to meet your fellow volunteers, learn about what is
                                                                  Pinewood Derby wall display plaques and a special
going on in the District and the Council and of course get
                                                                  Pinewood Derby patch will also be available. Start
into the holiday spirit. Here are the party details:
                                                                  building your new cars now and overhaul those older cars
Who:     All volunteers, friends, relatives, and neighbors        to make them faster. Don’t miss the fun. This is a classic
                                                                  Cub Scout event.
When: Saturday, December 10
      Starting at 6:30 pm                                         Remember these simple standard
                                                                  rules. The weight of your car must
Where: American Legion Post 555                                   be 5 ounces or less, length must be
       14582 Beach Blvd                                           7 inches, width 2-3/4 inches. Also
       Midway City                                                bottom clearance must be 3/8 inch
                                                                  and width between wheels must be
Why:     Fun, food and friendship                                 1-3/4 inches.
Contact Sandy Sova for more information at
                                                                     For more information and to volunteer to be on the or 562-795-0111.
                                                                  Pinewood Derby Staff, please contact Cecilia York at 714-
Please remember that this is a District fundraiser and that
100% of the net proceeds will go directly to the Friends of
Scouting fundraising campaign and benefit our local
youth.                                                                 New Advancementt IInfforrmattiion
                                                                       New Advancemen n o ma on
Please join us for a relaxing evening of fun and support          There are several changes taking place for
the best youth organization in the country. This is a great       Advancement starting in January 2012. There is a
event. You will not regret attending this party. Bring all        new Guide to Advancement, a new Eagle Scout
your friends and have a great time.                               Service Project Workbook and a new Eagle Scout
                                                                  Application. Please feel free to share this
Scouting for the Second Hundred Years.                            information with members of your Packs and
                                                                  Troops. The council district committee is busy
Yours in Scouting,                                                working on revising the policies to meet the
                                                                  changes that are taking place.
Ron Cocchi
                                                                  For your information there will be a break out
Orange Frontier District
                                                                  session at the January 12 Roundtable to cover the
Committee Chair
                                                                  changes for the Eagle Scout rank. All leaders,
Phone: 562-243-9691                                               parents and youth are invited to attend.
                                                                  Guide to Advancement
  Need a Yearr End Tax Deducttiion?
  Need a Yea End Tax Deduc on?
                                                                  Eagle Application
Donate your old car, boat, RV or anything else to Orange
County Boy Scouts of America. BSA is a qualified non-
profit corporation that allows individuals to receive tax
                                                                  Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
deductions on donated items. Your donation will go a long
way to help provide programs for more than 100,000
youth in our community. The Orange County Council has
                                                                  If you have any questions or would like more information
implemented a program that will provide you with a fast
                                                                  please contact Chris Hess, Orange Frontier District
and efficient way to donate your unneeded assets and
                                                                  Advancement Chair at 714-828-0138.
receive a tax deduction up to the fullest allowable by law.
For more information about donation opportunities please
call 714-546-4990 X142.

WEBELOS Trransiittiion tto Boy Scoutt
WEBELOS T ans on o Boy Scou                                                           Scuba Diiviing
                                                                                      Scuba D v ng
                Questions You Should Ask                                              Meriitt Badge
                                                                                       Mer Badge
                                                                    The Scuba Diving Merit Badge has been
                                                                    approved by Boy Scouts of America and
                                                                    you will soon see the merit badge
                                                                    pamphlets and actual badges in the
                                                                    Scout shops. The Scuba Diving Merit
The world of Boy Scouting is packed with fun and                    Badge offers a unique opportunity to
excitement with activities like camping, hiking,                    take part in a safe and exciting underwater experience.
backpacking, swimming, canoeing, sailing, fishing,                  There are six requirements that need to be completed to
archery, shotgun shooting, rock climbing and much, much             earn this merit badge. One of the requirements is to
more.    It should be the goal of every Cubmaster,                  earn an Open Water Diver Certification.               After
WEBELOS Den Leader and Parent to graduate every                     completing the certification Scouts will have the ability to
WEBELOS Scout into a Boy Scout Troop. The best way                  go scuba diving in a variety of different environments
to learn about the local Troops is to visit them and see            and continue to further development of their scuba
how they operate. Here is a list of questions you can ask           diving skills.
when you visit.                                                                      Boy Scouts of America has partnered
                                                                                     with the Professional Association of
    1.    Where and when do you meet?                                                Diving Instructors (PADI) to bring this
    2.    How big is your Troop?                                                     program to our Scouts. PADI is the
    3.    Is there a published Troop roster?                                         world’s largest recreational diver
    4.    Who is in your Troop (any friends)?                                        training, certification and membership
    5.    Is there a published Troop calendar?                                       organization. Your local PADI Dive
    6.    What kind of outings (backpacking, hiking, car                             Center is your source for bringing
          camping, etc) do you go on?                                                scuba activities to your Troop. For
    7.    How often do you go on outings?                           more information please contact James Payne at
    8.    Where and when are you going to summer camp?    
    9.    Do you have a Troop meeting program?
    10.   Is the Troop run by youth or adults?
    11.   Is there good Scout skills instruction for new
    12.   Is the Patrol method used?
    13.   How are Patrols organized?
    14.   Is there strong Patrol activity?                                  OFD Holliiday Parrtty 2011
                                                                            OFD Ho day Pa y 2011
    15.   How many adult leaders are there?
    16.   Are the adult and youth leaders trained?                All adult leaders are invited to attend the 2 annual
    17.   Is there a Troop newsletter?                            Orange Frontier District Holiday Party on Saturday night,
    18.   What are the dues?                                      December 10. The party will be held at the American
    19.   What is the Troop uniform?                              Legion Post 555, 14582 Beach Blvd, Midway City.
    20.   What is the advancement record of the Troop?            Festivities will begin at 6:30 pm and feature Dinner, music,
                                                                  dancing, an opportunity drawing and much more fun. Get
After your visit, ask yourself, “Did I feel welcome?”             in the Holiday spirit and make your reservations for this
After your visit, ask your son, “How do you feel about this       fun event now. Pick up a flier at Roundtable and learn
Troop?”                                                           about all the fun activities taking place at the District
                                                                  Holiday Party. Also, for more information please contact
For more information on local Boy Scout Troops contact
                                                                  Sandy Sova at This is a District
Jeremie Sulit at 714-546-8558 x108 or e-mail
                                                                  fundraising event with net proceeds going directly to the
                                                                  Friends of Scouting campaign. Please dress business
                                                                  casual (no uniforms) and leave your youth at home.

           B-P’’s Viisiion
           B-P s V s on
Baden-Powell hoped that get-togethers
of boys from around the world would, as
he put it, “establish friendships among
Scouts of all nations and help to
develop peace and happiness in the
world and goodwill among men.”

2011 Orange Fronttiier Diisttriictt Team
2011 Orange Fron er D s r c Team                                               The Buddy System
                                                                               The Buddy System
Please welcome our 2011 Orange Frontier District Team.            The buddy system is an important part of Scouting that
These special volunteers will dedicate their time and             provides safety and support for the Scouts. The policy of
energy to making strong programs and activities for the           the Boy Scouts of America is for boys to be active but in
youth in our community.      When you see them at                 groups of no smaller than two. Individual Scouts are
Roundtable or at one of our special District activities,          required to find a buddy when they are participating in
please give them a pat on the back and an extra hug in            Scout functions.
appreciation of all they are doing for the Scouting
program.                                                          Each boy will be participating in many different activities,
   District Chair – Ron Cocchi
                                                                  events and outings throughout his Scouting career. The
   Assistant District Chair – Dave Paulsen                        Guide to Safe Scouting refers to the use of the buddy
   Assistant District Chair – Steve Lewis                         system for camping, winter
                                                                  activities, cycling, rock climbing,
   Program Chair – Eric Angstadt
                                                                  caving, swimming, snorkeling
   Camping Chair – Brian Swartz
   Activities Chair – Starla Rogers & Debbie Lewicki
                                                                  and other water activities such
   Pinewood Derby Chair – Cecilia York                            as boating, canoeing, kayaking
   Camp-O-Ree Chair – James Payne                                 and rafting. It is also important
   Webelo-Ree Chair – Lynne Wilson                                to remember to use the buddy
   Cub Day Camp Director –Tom Miller                              system when you are leaving
   Webelos Woods Chair – James Payne                              your group for any reason
   Advancement Chair – Chris Hess                                 whether it is to go to a car, take
   Advancement Committee – George Schultz                         a walk, go to the men’s room or visit the Trading Post to
   Advancement Committee – Rolly Arenz
                                                                  buy candy.
   Advancement Committee – Sandy Sova
   Merit Badge Counselor Chair – Sandy Sova
                                                                  Tiger Cubs, Wolves, Bears, Webelos and siblings should
   Training Chair – Steve Scukanec
   Youth Protection Training Chair - Judi Lee
                                                                  use the buddy system anywhere outside their campsite.
   Adult Recognition – Steve Lewis                                Always go in pairs under the direct supervision of an adult.
   District Dinner Committee Chair - Joe Sova                     Tell other adults in campsite when you are leaving and
   Scouting for Food Chair – Starla Rogers & Debbie Lewicki       when you return.
   Risk Management Chair – TBD
   Religious Program Chair – Lito De los Reyes                    Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts should take a buddy with
   Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor – Tom Olszewski             them when they leave their group. They should notify
   Climbing Chair - Tom Olszewski                                 Adult Leaders present of their whereabouts and upon
   Membership Chair – Chris Mattison                              return they should notify the Adult Leader.
   Ommunity Liason – Antionette Roberts
   Recruitment Chair – Staff                                      The Buddy System is a way for Scouts to look out for one
   Webelos Transition Chair – Randy DeTarr                        another, especially during outdoor adventures. You are
   New Units Chair - TBD                                          assigned a buddy. You keep track of what your buddy is
   Finance Chair–Steering Committee Lead–Bill Wynder              up to, and he knows at all times where you are and how
   Community Finance Chair – Joe Sova                             you are doing.
   Major Gifts Chair - TBD
   Unit FOS Chair – Cecilia York, Carol Macey
   LDS FOS Chair – Frank Mackay
   Popcorn Sales Chair – Marcie Lui
   Scout-O-Rama Ticket Sales Chair – Marcie Lui
                                                                      The Scoutt’’s Outtdoorr Cookbook
                                                                      The Scou s Ou doo Cookbook
   Scout-O-Rama Program Ads – Marcie Lui
                                                                  Tim and Christine Conners are writing three new
   District Commissioner – Sandy Sova                             cookbooks for the Boy Scouts of America. These books
   Roundtable Commissioner - Judi Lee                             will include recipes for Dutch Oven Cooking, Large Group
   Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner – Cecilia York               Camping, and Backpacking!
   Webelos Roundtable Commissioner – TBD
   Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
        – David Exter & Eric Angstadt                             At this time, they are particularly interested in backpacking
   Venturing Roundtable Commissioner – Steve Scukanec             recipes! Send recipes to or
                                                                  submit them using their online form at
   Publicity/Newsletter Editor – James Farrens          !
   Webmaster - Dave Exter
   District Field Director – John Miller
   District Executive - Jeremie Sulit
 Volunteers are always needed in the Orange Frontier
  District. If you would like to have fun with a great
     group of people please contact Ron Cocchi
                    or Sandy Sova.

                                                                   Staff and we would like to keep this spirit alive for future
      Orrange Frronttiierr Diisttrriictt Sttaffff
      O ange F on e D s c S a                                      generations of Scouts. If you would like more information
               IIs Here tto Hellp You
                 s Here o He p You                                 on how District Staff can serve you, please feel free to
                                                                   contact any of our Key 3 Leaders: Jeremie Sulit, District
Everyone has a friend in Scouting. Scouting is the world’s         Executive, at or Ron Cocchi District
greatest program with the worlds greatest people. The              Chairperson at or Sandy Sova at
Orange Frontier District Staff is proud to support 82 Units
with almost 1900 registered Scouts meeting a wide array
of needs.    OFD is staffed with some of the most
experienced Scouters in the Council who are here to
support all Packs, Troops and Crews in four primary
areas.                                                                                 Y   ou Make a
                                                                                            ou Make a
Most Scouters can easily relate to the Program and                                       Diifffference
                                                                                         D erence
Activities area. District Programs and Activities directly
engage our youth in quality events such as the Pinewood            There are hundreds of thousands (millions) of boys
Derby, Camp-O-Ree, Webelos-Ree, Cub Day Camp, and                  around the world who can benefit from the Scouting
Webelos Woods. These outdoor events help our youth                 experience. We can't reach them all, but even within our
develop skills, promote leadership and teamwork, provide           own groups we see our task overwhelming, not making
physical activity and create hours of endless fun. Training        any difference.
opportunities are also provided for adult leaders.
                                                                   However, to that one boy in your Den, Pack, Troop, Crew
Membership and Recruiting volunteers help to keep our              or Post who look to you as a role model, a friend, an
Units strong and provide growth opportunities in our local         inspiration (even if he never told you) you've made a
community. Spring and Fall recruiting assistance is                difference!
provided to help Units maintain their strength. Support
and organizational help is provided to struggling Units that       You Do Make A Difference -- in making our world a better
need to restart. New Units are organized to meet the               place to be....One Boy At A Time
needs of youth in the community. Relationships are
cultivated with potential chartered organizations in the
community.                                                                 Volluntteerrs Allways Needed
                                                                           Vo un ee s A ways Needed
The Finance area provides a means of monetary support              If you would like to have fun with a great
for the Units, the District and the Council. Since BSA is a        group of people why don’t you join us on
non-profit organization funds need to be raised by                 the Orange Frontier District Staff. There
volunteers to provide support. The Friends of Scouting             are plenty of opportunities to work with
campaign raises funds to help ensure that we have strong           the Programs if you like hands on
facilities available for use with our Scout activities.            experience with events, Recruiting if
Popcorn sales, Scout-O-Rama ticket sales, and Scout-O-             you like to meet people, and as Unit
Rama Souvenir Program Ads (SPA) provide a means for                Commissioner if you would like to
Packs, Troops, and Crews to fundraise as well as support           share your experiences with others.
the local Council facilities.                                      For more information please contact Ron
                                                                   Cocchi 562-243-9691 or .
The Commissioner Staff is the
customer service branch of the
District. Unit Commissioners provide                                           Diisttrriictt Uniifforrm Cllosett
                                                                               D s c Un o m C ose
information        exchange,         give
assistance with Unit rechartering,                                 Orange Frontier District has a Uniform closet. The District
help Units to achieve Centennial                                   Uniform Closet is designed to provide assistance to
Quality Unit status and assist in                                  Scouts and their families who need uniforms
problem     solving.        Roundtable                             or equipment supplies. Currently the closet
Commissioners provide monthly supplemental programs                has a very limited supply of items. We are
and training for all Pack, Troop and Crew adult leaders.           looking for donations such as Scout shirts,
Roundtable is also information central as fliers are               pants, socks, belts, and even patches. We
available for all events and activities.                           are also looking for donations of usable tents,
                                                                   backpacks, hiking boots, stoves and lanterns.
All of these areas work together in a uniquely balanced
                                                                   Please bring your old uniforms and camping
way to provide a quality Scouting experience for our                                              nd
                                                                   equipment to Roundtable (2 Thursday of
youth. Strong Membership creates strong Programs and
                                                                   each month) at 4000 Orange Ave., Anaheim.
together they generate volunteer Leadership with
                                                                   For more information on how to access the
Customer Service and Financial support. A special
                                                                   Uniform closet please contact Dave Paulsen at
relationship is developed among volunteers in our District

                                                                                  Trraiiniing Updatte
                                                                                  T a n ng Upda e
The Uniitt Commiissiionerr
The Un Comm ss one                                                 Changes to the Changes in Training Requirements
    A Unit’s Best Friend
                                                                 The new training requirements for adult leaders have
Commissioners      are   knowledgeable                           already been changed to allow you another year to meet
Scouters that are willing to share their                         the new requirements. These new amended changes
expertise, resources and time with other                         now require all Top Unit adult leaders to complete leader
Scouters to help their Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews and           specific training for their leadership position by the end of
Ships that are chartered in our District. They are               2012. Top leaders include Cubmasters, Scoutmasters,
passionate about Scouting and want local units to                Varsity Coaches, Venture Advisors, Sea Scout Skippers
succeed.                                                         and Explorer Advisors. It is extremely important that all
                                                                 top Unit leaders meet their training requirements by the
If you are interested in being a Unit Commissioner in            end of 2012 or the Pack, Troop, Team, Crew, Ship or Post
Orange Frontier District please contact Sandy Sova at            will not be re-chartered for the next year until those
562-715-3333 or .                             requirements have been fulfilled.

                                                                 These leader specific changes continue in 2013.
                                                                 Beginning January 1, 2013 all Direct Contact Unit adult
                                                                 leaders need to complete training for their leadership
                                                                 position. Direct Contact leaders include Top Unit leaders
Trraiiniing Chaiirr’’s Corrnerr
T a n ng Cha s Co ne                                             as well as Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Assistant
                                                                 Cubmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Assistant Varsity
    Steve Scukanec                                               Coaches, Assistant Venture Advisors, and Assistant
                                                                 Explorer Advisors. It is extremely important that all Direct
NOTE: Fliers for each of                                         Contact Unit leaders meet their training requirements by
the training opportunities                                       the end of 2013 or the Pack, Troop, Team, Crew, Ship or
maybe found on the Council W ebsite                              Post will not be re-chartered until those requirements have
under each training course menu item                             been fulfilled.
                                                                 Appropriate adult leader training programs should be
BSA has added the following courses to their MyScouting,         taken now. Don’t wait until 2012 or 2013 to take your
E-Learning site –                     training. Extra training days will be scheduled in Orange
                                                                 Frontier District (and other Districts as well) to
Climb On Safely                                                  accommodate your training needs. Additionally, many of
Trek Safely                                                      the training programs can be taken very quickly on-line.
This Is Scouting - Replaces New Leader Essentials                To find out more about required leader training, or training
                                                                 changes go to or
If you have already taken New Leader Essentials, it is not       contact Steve Scukanec, Orange Frontier District Training
necessary to take “This is Scouting”. You only need to           Chair, at .
take either one, once in your Scouting career.
                                                                 Just as a friendly reminder that each adult leader is
                                                                 accountable for his/her own training, maintaining his/her
                                                                 own training records and providing that information to the
                                                                 Committee Chair or other appropriate person in charge of
                                                                 re-chartering the Unit.

          Joiin Expllorrerr Postt 540
          Jo n Exp o e Pos 540                                   Please do your part and support these training changes.
                                                                 These training changes will strengthen our Scouting
             Emergency Medical Services
                                                                 program and will benefit our youth by making it a safer,
                                                                 more challenging and more memorable experience for
Explorer Post 540 is in need of young men and women
                                                                 them. Training will also improve the quality of the
who are between the ages of 14-20 and interested in
                                                                 programs and activities delivered to the youth, increase
emergency medical services. Post
                                                                 participation of youth in all activities and increase retention
540 has been providing services for
                                                                 of youth in the Scouting program. After all, every Scout
Orange County Council weekend
                                                                 deserves a trained leader.
campouts such as Camp-O-Ree as
well as day activities like Scout-O-
Rama since 1968. Services include
first aid, CPR, EMT skills, and disaster readiness.
Please contact Eric Vargas, Post Advisor, if interested at
(714)-997-6182 or

             Frriiends off Scouttiing
             F ends o Scou ng
                     2012 Campaign
                                                                            Round ab e
                                                                     Commiissiioner’’s Corner
                                                                      Comm ss oner s Corner
In the first few months of the year, the Orange County
Council conducts the annual giving campaign: Friends of
                                                                    Judi Lee
Scouting. This is an opportunity to show your financial                Scheduled Roundtable
support to Scouting. You will probably see a                                Breakouts:
speaker at one of your meetings soon to
talk about Friends of Scouting and
ask for your support. Please                                            Support Roundtable by Attending Roundtable!
consider a gift at that time.
                                                                    Come to Roundtable and meet with
While your unit probably does fundraisers to help your              your Unit Commissioner or just come
programs, the Council also needs your support to continue           for the fellowship. Meet other leaders
to offer the programs that supplement your units                    in the district and see what they're
programs. It costs Orange County Council about $150 a               doing, where they're going and how
year for every Scout in the program. This means that                they provide and present the program
Scouts have the opportunity to attend programs at the
                                                                    to keep our youth in Scouting.
Newport Beach Sea Base, Oso Lake, Lost Valley and the
Outdoor Education Center. Adult Leaders have excellent
                                                                    The entire Roundtable Staff appreciates and thanks
training   opportunities,  professional support,      and
                                                                    everyone for supporting us with your attendance and look
                                                                    forward to seeing you each and every month because you
                             Friends of Scouting also help          know the "SYSTEM"---See You Second Thursday
                             to support less fortunate youth        Every Month.
                             through scholarship programs.
                             Your gift to the campaign is
                             priceless when you think about
                                                                            Boy Scouts Roundtablle
                                                                            Boy Scouts Roundtab e
                             the life or lives your support
will be touching. Consider the opportunities your son has           Roundtable is open to all adults involved with the Boy
had, and give a gift that will ensure those opportunities for       Scout program. Registered Troop leaders are especially
him and hopefully for other youth as well in the future.            encouraged to attend. Roundtable provides a forum for
Thank you for your support.                                         adults involved as leaders in the Boy Scout program to:

                                                                        Discuss topics of interest, both formally and informally.
                                                                        Learn about upcoming District and Council events and
            Roundttablle Brreakoutts
            Round ab e B eakou s                                        Meet and exchanges ideas with other leaders from the
                                                                         Orange Frontier District.
Don’t forget to bring your friends from your Pack, Troop or
                    Crew to Roundtable.       Something is          Roundtable exists to help the units deliver a quality
                    offered for everybody.       There are          program to their Scouts. For this to happen, we need to
                    usually several Breakout Sessions after         know what topics you want to discuss. Email Eric Angstadt
                    the regular program that cover a wide           with your ideas at
                    range of topics. This is a great time to
                    share ideas, learn news things and              So, what are you waiting for? Join us for an evening of
                    meet new people. Also if there is               fellowship and fun, meet other Boy Scout parents and
something that you want to learn more about, let us know.           leaders, get exciting ideas to make your meetings fun, and
We will try and schedule these Breakout Sessions to meet            learn about the wonderful opportunity you are giving your
your needs. See you there.                                          son through Scouting at the Orange Frontier District
Also if there is something that you want to learn more
about, let us know. We will try and schedule these                  If you have an announcement pertaining to Boy Scout
Breakout Sessions to meet your needs. See you there.                Roundtable, contact Eric Angstadt prior to the meeting to
                                                                    make sure you get on the agenda. Announcements should
                                                                    be brief and accompanied with handouts
                                                                    for the attendees.

                                                                    Eric Angstadt
                                                                    Orange Frontier District
                                                                    Roundtable Commissioner

                                                                             If you have taken Youth Protection training online
 IImportant Changes to Youth
   mportant Changes to Youth                                                  but did not input your member ID number, please
  Protectiion Traiiniing Polliiciies
   Protect on Tra n ng Po c es                                                log on to MyScouting and input your member ID in
                                                                              the My Profile section so the training will be linked
        Youth Safety is the No. 1 Conern of the BSA
                                                                              to your records.
                                                                             If you have taken Youth Protection training within
To increase awareness of this societal problem and to
                                                                              the past two years but did not take the course
create even greater barriers to abuse than already exist
                                                                              online, log on to MyScouting to ensure your
today in Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America is
                                                                              records are up-to-date, or contact your council for
implementing several important changes to further
                                                                              verification that your Youth Protection training
enhance its Youth Protection policies.
                                                                              records are accurate.
                                                                             Finally, please share these important changes
Effective June 1, 2010:                                                       with other Scouters.

         Youth Protection training is required for all               To find out more about the Youth Protection policies of the
          registered volunteers.                                      Boy Scouts of America and how to help Scouting keep
         New leaders are required to take Youth Protection           your family safe, see the Parent's Guide in any of the Cub
          training before they submit an application for              Scouting or Boy Scouting handbooks, or go to
          registration. The certificate of completion for this
          training must be submitted at the time application
          is made and before volunteer service with youth             Thank you for your commitment to our nation's young
          begins.                                                     people and to Scouting.
         Youth Protection training must be taken every two           Sincerely,
          years. If a volunteer's Youth Protection training
          record is not current at the time of recharter, the         James Terry
          volunteer will not be reregistered.                         Assistant Chief Scout Executive

To ensure these policies are fully implemented, please
take the following steps:
                                                                                Youtth Sponsorrs Needed..
                                                                                You h Sponso s Needed
                                                                      Sponsors for financially disadvantaged youth in Orange
                                                                      Frontier District are needed.

                                                                      Any funds donated will go directly to the youth
                                                                      and will be used to pay for membership fees,
                                                                      handbooks, uniforms, equipment and or

                                                                      If you know of an individual or business that
                                                                      would like to support our local youth please
                                                                      contact Ron Cocchi 562-243-9691 or
         If you have not taken Youth Protection training
          within the past two years, please log on
          to MyScouting and take the training. Be sure to
          have your member ID number. The number can
          be found on your Boy Scouts of America
          membership card.                                              Schedulled Upcomiing OFD Traiiniing
                                                                        Schedu ed Upcom ng OFD Tra n ng
         If you do not know your member ID number,
          contact your unit leader or committee chairman.                     Youth Protection Training (YPT)
          Your council can also assist.
                                                                                    (Renew Every 2 Years Now)
         A person does not have to be a registered
          volunteer or have an ID number to take Youth
          Protection training. To take the training, log in
          to MyScouting and create an account. From the               The Orange Frontier Training Team recommends taking
          MyScouting portal, click on E-Learning and take             your 1 YPT or VYPT in a class room environment and
          the Youth Protection training. Upon completion,             renewing either via class room or online.
          print a certificate and submit it with an application
          or submit to the unit leader for processing at the
          local council.

                    Order of the Arrow                                          Leaderrshiip Worrkshop
                                                                                Leade sh p Wo kshop
                     Serves We Care
                                                                     The 8th Annual Leadership Workshop will be held on
Members of Santee Chapter of Order of the Arrow are                  Saturday November 19 at the William Lyon Homes Center
performing monthly service projects for We Care in Los               for Scouting (Council Service Center) at 1211 East Dyer
Alamitos. Arrowmen organize donated food items, sort                 Road, Santa Ana from 8:00 am to 4:00pm.
clothing by size and gender and help as needed. We
Care is a family support center in Los                               This workshop is sponsored by Learning for Life/Exploring
Alamitos that provides families in crisis                            but is open to all youth of high school age including Boy
with rental and mortgage assistance, job                             Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venture Scouts and Explorers as
counseling, substance abuse counseling,                              well as their friends.
medical care assistance and mental
health assistance.                                                   The Leadership Workshop is a skills
                                                                     course specifically designed to provide
                                                                     high school students with the opportunity to

             Boy Scouts                                              develop leadership skills. The day long
                                                                     workshop is broken down into modules that
       Orange Frontier High Adventure Training
           Rock Climbing to New Heights                                  Introduction to Leadership

                                                                         Personal Skills
Orange Frontier District promotes High Adventure for the                     Time Mamagement
Youth served in our District. One activity is Rock                           Meeting Management
Climbing, a physically challenging event for both scouts                     Communication
                                                                             Decision Making
and scouters alike. Tom Olszewski, a Philmont Ranch
                                                                             Goal Setting
trained director, held the first half of Climbing training the
weekend of January 15, 2011 with a lively 17 participants                Group Skills
from Troops 670, 657, 658, 440, and 642. Among the                           Team Building
students there were many levels of climbers from very                        Managing Through Others
experienced to first time out, all were able to learn from                   Motivation
each other and gain fresh insight.                                           Effective Group Management
The BSA training helps forwarding the Scouting promise
                                                                         Cultural Diversity
of safe outings in climbing along with learning specialized
                                                                             Diverse Culture and Climate
techniques and systems.                                                      Beliefs and Values

                                                                         Character Attributes
                                                                             Character of Leadership
                                                                             Ethics of Leadership


                                                                     At the conclusion of the workshop participants will be
                                                                     given a certificate to honor their accomplishment which
                                                                     can be referenced in their resume.

Tom Olszewski brought or reacquainted the Scouters the               The cost of the of the workshop is $20 and includes all
skill and knowledge required to handle a safe outing by              materials, lunch and drinks. For more information please
demonstrating knot tying, anchoring systems, repelling               contact Dave Paulsen at or
techniques, belaying practices, climbing equipment and               Lane Calvert at
knowledge. Additionally students discussed how to find
good climbing locations along with proper equipment                                   Spotlight your unit!
handling, care and accountability.                                   We encourage all units to send in articles about your
                                                                      events to include promotions, awards, ceremonies
All are eagerly awaiting the practical portion of the class             and other accomplishments. Please send your
which will be held February 5th at Joshua Tree National               articles and pictures to the OFD Newsletter Editor,
Park. If your Troop wants a Rock experience you can                                    James Farrens, at
contact one of these trained Scouters and they can help                 
you out.

               Campffiirre Sttorriies
               Camp e S o es                                        Finally, it can be proved that dark is faster than light. If
                                                                    you were to stand in a lit room in front of a closed, dark
                      Dark Suckers                                  closet, and slowly opened the door, you would see the
For years it has been believed that electric bulbs emitted          light slowly enter the closet. But since dark is so fast, you
light. However, more recent information has proven                  can’t see the dark leave the closet.
otherwise. Electric bulbs don’t really emit light, they suck
dark. Thus, we should now call these devices Dark                   In conclusion, you can see that Dark Suckers really do
Suckers.                                                            exist. In fact, you can easily see that Dark Suckers make
                                                                    all our lives much easier. So the next time you see an
The Dark Sucker Theory and the existence of Dark                    electric bulb, remember that it is, indeed a Dark Sucker.
Suckers prove that dark has mass, dark is heavier than
light and dark is faster than light.                                                 Lostt and Found
                                                                                     Los and Found
                                                                                         Flag Poles Lost
First, the basis of the Dark Sucker Theory is that electric
bulbs suck dark. For example, take the portable Dark                Please help us find the Orange Frontier District flag poles.
Sucker used on camping trips. There is                              They were last used at Cub Day Camp. There are 3 flag
much less dark right next to it than there                          poles missing. Each flag pole is comprised of 3 sections
is elsewhere.      The larger the Dark                              of black colored metal pipe that should be tied
Sucker, the greater its capacity to suck                            together with the rope riggings. The flag poles
dark. Dark Suckers mounted to the                                   are needed for other upcoming District events.
front of automobiles have a much                                    If anybody inadvertently picked them up or
greater capacity to suck dark than the                              knows of their whereabouts please
portable camping types.                                             contact     Eric     Angstadt     at
                                                           or 562-598-
A candle is a primitive Dark Sucker. A new candle has a             8241.
white wick. You can see that after the first use, the wick
turns black, from all the dark that has been sucked into it.
If you put a pencil next to the wick of an operating candle,
it too will turn black. This is because it got in the way of
the dark flowing into the candle.

              The portable camping Dark Suckers have                           New Diisttrriictt Awarrds
                                                                               New D s c Awa ds
              limited capacity. The bulbs in them can’t
              handle all the dark by themselves, and must                    Spiirriitt off Adventturre Awarrd
                                                                             Sp o Adven u e Awa d
              be aided by Dark Storage Units. When the
              Dark Storage Units are full, they must be             Nominate a Scouter of your choice for the Spirit of
              either emptied or replaced before the                 Outdoor Adventure Award. Consider individuals that work
              portable Dark Sucker can operate again.               well with youth and allow them to lead and are a
                                                                    registered Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster or a
Dark has mass, and this is easily demonstrated. When                Crew Advisor or Assistant Crew Advisor.
dark goes into a Dark Sucker, friction from the mass
                                                                    Potential candidates should be
generates heat. Thus it is not wise to touch an operating
                                                                    involved with the high adventure
Dark Sucker. The primitive candles present a special
                                                                    program in their Unit by participating
problem, as the mass must travel into a solid wick instead
                                                                    in and directing a diverse and
of through clear glass. This generates a great amount of
                                                                    challenging outdoor program for the
heat and, therefore, it is very dangerous to touch an
                                                                    older more skilled youth to keep
operating candle.
                                                                    them in the Scouting program. They
                                                                    should also be involved in activities,
Also dark is heavier than light. This can be observed if
                                                                    outings, programs and trainings at
you were to swim just below the surface of a lake, where
                                                                    the District and Council level.
you would see a lot of light. If you were
to slowly swim deeper and deeper, you                               Unit Leaders nominate their volunteer by filling out the
would notice it getting darker and                                  recognition form and turning it into Steve Lewis, Adult
darker. When you get really deep, you                               Recognition Chair, ( before February
would be in total darkness. This is                                 29, preferably at the February 9 Roundtable. The District
because the heavier dark sinks to the                               Awards Committee will review all nominations and select
bottom of the lake and the lighter light                            one person for the Spirit of Outdoor Adventure award.
floats to the top. In fact, this is why it is
                                                                    The Spirit of Adventure Award will be presented at the
called light.
                                                                    annual District Scouter Recognition Dinner on Saturday,
                                                                    March 31.

        Come tto tthe Diisttrriictt Diinnerr
        Come o he D s c D nne                                           Recommend Yourr Acttiive Scoutterrs Forr
                                                                        Recommend You Ac ve Scou e s Fo
          Bring the Whole Family on March 31
                                                                            tthe Diisttriictt Award off Meriitt
                                                                              he D s r c Award o Mer
If you want an evening of fun with great people and tasty
food, come to the annual Orange Frontier District Scouter               Make sure that you recognize deserving Adult Leaders in
Recognition Dinner on Saturday, March 31. This year’s                   your Pack, Troop, Team or Crew for their outstanding
special event will be held at the LDS Church                            contributions to the development of our youth by nominating
located at 4000 W. Orange (Roundtable                                   them for the District Award of Merit. The District Award of
location).  Festivities start at 5:30 pm with a                         Merit is the highest award that the
social hour immediately followed by the opening                         Orange Frontier District can bestow
and dinner at 6:30 pm.         Cost is a modest                         upon a volunteer. To nominate an
$20/person or $35 for 2 family members.                                 adult leader simply fill out the Award of
                                                                        Merit application form and turn it in to
                      After dinner and desert, the                      Steve Lewis, Adult Recognition Chair,
                         Award of Merit recipients                      ( before February
                         will be recognized for their                   29, preferably at the February 9
                         outstanding service to the District.           Roundtable.       Forms are available at Roundtable and on-
                        Extra Mile Awards will also be given            line at . It is very important
                         out to our hard working volunteers.            that we recognize our hard working volunteers. Recipients
                         This dinner is for all adult volunteers        will receive their awards at the annual Orange Frontier
                       and their families not just Cubmasters           District Scouter Recognition Dinner on Saturday, March 31.
and Scoutmasters. This is a great time to get to know the
volunteers in the other units.
                                                                                    Siillverr Beaverr Awarrd
                                                                                    S ve Beave Awa d
                                                                                  Honor Our Volunteers on March 14
          Nomiinatte Uniitt Scoutterrs
          Nom na e Un Scou e s
            Forr Diisttrriictt Awarrds
            Fo D s c Awa ds                                             Come join Orange County Council Scouters in honoring
                                                                        this year’s Silver Beaver recipients at the Annual Council
                                                                        Recognition Dinner. The Silver Beaver Award is the
Every Unit in Orange Frontier District has hard working                 highest award presented by the Orange County Council
volunteers dedicating their time and energy to ensure quality           for outstanding service to youth.
programs and activities for our youth. These unselfish
leaders should be recognized for their contributions.                   The Silver Beaver Recognition Dinner will
Nominate your Pack, Troop, Team or Crew volunteers for                  be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 12021
major District Awards including:                                        Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove. Please come
                                                                        to the dinner and help us celebrate with
       Cubmaster of the Year – 2011                                    our dedicated volunteers. A Fellowship
       Scoutmaster of the Year – 2011                                  Reception will begin at 6:00 pm followed
       Varsity Team Coach of the Year – 2011                           by dinner and the awards ceremony at
       Venture Crew Advisor of the Year – 2011                         7:00 pm. Cost is $50/person.
       Unit Committee Chair of the Year – 2011
       Spouse of the Year – 2011

Also, each Unit can recognize one hard working volunteer
as their Unit Volunteer of the Year – 2011. Only one person
per Unit can be named Unit Volunteer of the Year.

Be concise yet descriptive in summarizing
reasons why a person should be recognized.
Turn in nominations to Steve Lewis, Adult
Recognition Chair, (
before February 29, preferably at the
February 9 Roundtable.
Recipients will receive their awards at the
annual District Scouter Recognition Dinner on Saturday,
March 31

           Jourrney tto Excellllence
           Jou ney o Exce ence                                      Notes
                   New Quality Award

The Journey to Excellence is BSA’s new performance
recognition program designed to encourage and reward
success and measure the performance of our Packs,
Troops, Teams and Crews. It is replacing the Centennial
Quality Awards Program as a means of encouraging
excellence in providing a quality program for our youth at
all levels of Scouting.

The Journey to Excellence program is a continuous quality
improvement tool to be used by all Units. For each Unit
there is a framework presented as a series of goals, which
serves as a method for evaluating your Units
performance. The goals assess the Units performance in
key areas that include advancement, camping, service
projects, training, membership, retention, leadership,
budget, etc. These areas have been selected because
they are indicators of Unit strength and health. In each of
these areas the Units performance is rated as Bronze,
Silver or Gold or did not meet the minimum standard.
Points are assigned for each goal for achieving Bronze,
Silver and Gold levels. The more important goals have
higher point values. The points are then added up to
determine the Units total score and overall rating. Units
must achieve 700 points for the Bronze level, 1000 points
for the Silver level and 1600 points for the Gold level. All
materials can be found at and
click on Scouting’s Journey to Excellence found under
quick links.

Each Unit should set its goals while re-chartering so that
they are in place at the beginning of the year and then
review their progress throughout the year. This will
provide guidance for the Units and hopefully continuous
improvement in areas where they might strive to do better.
It also provides recognition for good performance.
Recognition items will be provided.

Orange Frontier District and Orange County Council also
have a Journey to Excellence program to help in
evaluating their performance. Goals are similar in nature
but pertain to their operations and responsibilities.

Please remember that better Unit, District and Council
performance means better Scouting for our youth. We are
building a better Scouting program for more Scouts.


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