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									                                  Assistant Property Management
                                          Job Description

Job Title: Part-time Assistant Property Manager
Compensation: $14.00 - 16.00 per hour, depending on experience.

Seeking a part-time (28 hrs per week) Assistant Manager to manage a 27 Unit Multifamily
building in Oakland. Applicant must have at least two to four years of subsidized housing
experience. Assistant Manager Reports to the Operations Property Manager/Supervisor

Terms of Employment
Part-time: Monday – Thursday 9 – 4:30

Assistant Manager must be a self-starter, dependable and a team player.
Responsibilities Consist of but are not limited to:

       Walking the property and journal discrepancies and prepare work orders for
       Collect rent , Serve Notices of unpaid rent
       Set Appointments for residents and Vendors.
       Prepare and Send Notices 1st of the month: 120, 90, 60 day Notices to residence due for
       Organize and maintain file system. File correspondence and other records.
       Oversee property maintenance
       Order and maintain supplies, and arrange for equipment maintenance
       Input accounts payable/receivable
       Interview residents for Move-ins, AR’s an IR’s
       Prepare Move-in/Move-out documents
       Calculate and prepare recertification and interim paperwork for quality control input
       Make copies of ALL resident correspondence or other printed materials.
       Prepare outgoing mail and correspondence, including e-mail and faxes.

Education - High School Diploma
Computer – Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and Property Management accounting software.

Experience - Qualified individuals must have s experience in Section 8 Project Based Housing,
calculating income and assets and applying tenant allowances, must have a basic understanding of HUD
guidelines (4350.3) must have proven ability to successfully work with people, understand and explain
financial reports and capital projects. Must have ability to operate computerized property management
software program (Yardi, Onesite etc,) and prepare required operations and activity reports.

Licenses - A valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance is required.

Hours - Must be able to work onsite during office assigned office hours Monday-Thursday

                      This position is part-time and does not carry any benefits

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