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									                   Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County
                         Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors
                              held at the association headquarters
 1   Vice President Matt Clay called the Meeting of the Board of Directors to order on June 9, 2011 at 5:31
 2   pm.
 5   Present: Clay, Petrachek, Schaller, Elvin, Bennetts
 6   Absent: Turner – DSA business/excused, DiCarlo – department business/excused, Garmo – personal
 7   business/unexcused, Purvis – illness/excused
10   GUEST                                             Mike Nadeau – CLEA Rep, Suzanne Urban and Inez
11                                                     Morales – California Casualty
12   VALLEY CENTER STATION                             Bob Bishop
13   LEMON GROVE STATION                               Michael DaSilveira
15   CHULA VISTA COURT                                 Donald West
16   EL CAJON COURT                                    Elizabeth Madrid, Cydney King
17   ENCINITAS STATION                                 Glenn Giannantonio
18   LAS COLINAS DETENTION                             Scott Johnson
19   LEMON GROVE STATION                               Shannon Justice, Jerry Jimenez
20   SAN MARCOS STATION                                Scott Carter, Alan Paez
21   SANTEE STATION                                    Rob Bueno
22   SOUTH BAY DETENTION                               Tim Stine
23   VALLEY CENTER STATION                             Jim Bennetts
24   VISTA STATION                                     John Cannon
26   1) Scholarship Chairwoman Bennetts recognized the following people who received a scholarship from
27      the San Diego County Deputy Sheriff’s Foundation.
28      a) Emily Sutton - Patrick Coyle Scholarship
29      b) Matthew Ryan - Donn Witt Scholarship
30      c) Rachel Turner - Ken Collier Scholarship
31      d) Anthony Marino - Will Ward Scholarship
32      e) Nicolas Marino - Thomas Fay Scholarship
33      f) Katelynn Clements - Kelly Bazer Scholarship
34      g) Jacqueline Bishop - Theodore Beckmann Jr. Scholarship
35      h) Collin Torsak - Rodger & Gayle Griessel Airbourne Scholarship
36      i) Brianna DaSilveira - Lonny Brewer Scholarship
37      j) Sherilyn Bumatay - Andrew Kriss Scholarship
38      k) Fong Vu - DSA member
39      l) Jeffrey Smith, Jr. - DSA member
41   Schaller left the meeting at 5:47 pm after voting on item # 5-a
44      a) Inez Morales and Suzanne Urban from California Casualty gave an update on programs offered
45         DSA members.
47   3) CONSENT CALENDAR: tabled until June 23, 2011 meeting due to not having a quorum.
48      a) Minutes from May 26, 2011
49      b) Retirements
50         i) Jenene Milakovich – 29 years membership - $5,800
51         ii) Tina Pangalos – 17years (10 as Class 1) - $2,000
52      c) Membership

     DSA-3 4/02
                         Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County
                              Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors
 1                i)   2079 Class 1 Members, 144 Affiliate Membership, 55 Class III Reserve Members, 940
 2                     Retired Members for a total membership of 3,218
 6      a) Due to fraudulent activity on the DSA checking account with the San Diego County Credit Union
 7         the account has been closed and a new one opened. A new resolution needs to be adopted to
 8         open the account.
 9         i) Authorized signers for San Diego County Credit Union accounts and safe deposit box,
10             (1) Be it resolved that
11                 (a) San Diego County Credit Union is designated as a depository for the funds of this
12                     corporation.
13                 (b) This resolution shall continue to have effect until express written notice of its
14                     rescission or modification has been received and recorded by San Diego County
15                     Credit Union.
16                 (c) All transactions, if any, with respect to any deposits, withdrawals, and borrowings by
17                     or on behalf of this corporation with San Diego County Credit Union prior to the
18                     adoption of this resolution are hereby ratified, approved and confirmed.
19                 (d) An of the persons named below so long as they act in a representative capacity as
20                     agents of this corporation, are authorized to make any and all other contracts,
21                     agreements, stipulations, and orders which they may deem advisable for the effective
22                     exercise of their powers, from time to time with the San Diego County Credit Union,
23                     concerning funds deposited in San Diego County Credit Union, moneys borrowed
24                     from San Diego County Credit Union or any other business transacted by and
25                     between this corporation and San Diego County Credit Union.
26                 (e) Any and all prior resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors of this corporation and
27                     certified to the credit union as governing the operation of this corporation’s
28                     account(s), are in full force and effect, unless supplemented or modified by this
29                     authorization.
30                 (f) This corporation agrees to the terms and conditions of any account agreement,
31                     properly opened by any authorized representative(s) of this corporation, and
32                     authorizes San Diego County Credit Union, at any time, to charge this corporation for
33                     all checks, drafts, or other orders for the payment of money that are drawn on San
34                     Diego County Credit Union, regardless of by whom or by what means the facsimile
35                     signature(s) may have been affixed so long as they resemble the signature
36                     specimens shown below, or facsimile signature specimens that this corporation files
37                     with the credit union from time to time.
39        MOTION/Elvin, SECOND/Petrachek to adopt the above resolution and open new accounts at the
40        SDCCU due to check fraud. The check signers on the accounts will be Harold Turner, Matthew Clay,
41        Steven Purvis and Cynthia Olson. Motion unanimously carries.
44      a) BUDGET: Purvis
45         i) Proposed budget review and adjustments was discussed.
46      b) MEMBER EVENTS: Purvis
47         i) Summer event will be held at the Vista Wave Water Park on August 26 . Tickets will be $5
48            each and will be on sale starting on July 15 .
49      c) MEMBERSHIP: Purvis
50         i) Discussion regarding upcoming academies.
51      d) NEGOTIATIONS: Clay
52         i) Scheduling meeting with County Labor Relations to review parameters for salary survey.
53      e) MEET & DISCUSS/CONFER: Clay
54         i) Next meeting is on June 30 .
55      f) PEACE OFFICER MEMORIAL: Bennetts

     DSA-3 4/02                                        -2-
                     Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County
                          Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors
 1           i) Review of memorials
 2        g) LEGAL DEFENSE: Petrachek
 3           i) If you are called into a supervisor’s office always ask if it could lead to discipline and if so
 4              request a rep before discussing anything.
 7      a) Station Rep Raffle won by Rob Bueno.
 9   ADJOURNED 6:30 pm

     DSA-3 4/02                                        -3-

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