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      OF THE
                  The Servant of
      IN THE

                     CELEBRATING LIFE AND LOVE                                         MAY 2008

                                                                    same Father,
                                                 Located       in   by welcoming
                                                 Barangay Pa-       each     other’s
                                                 song       Tamo,   giftedness, car-
                                                 Tandang Sora,      rying       each
                                                 Quezon City,       other’s crosses,
                                                 B l e s s e d      seeking      and
   BLESSED                                       Guanella Cen-      offering heal-
                                                 ter has been       ing,    building
  GUANELLA                                       for the past       networks      of
   SPEAKS:                                       fifteen years a    friendship and
                                                 home, a caring                         special children swimming
                                                 place, a school,
 “We are little                                  a shelter to               PROGRAMS AND SERVICES
 chicks under                                    hundreds      of   CHILDREN (Pre-School, Tutorial, Anti TB,
                                                 needy people
  the wings of                                    a       n     d
                                                                    Sponsorship for Elementary students, Cate-
                   Fr. Dong with a resident, Val                    chesis and Values Formation)
      Divine                                      “differently      PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES (Special
                  able brothers and sisters” (persons with          Education, Physical and Occupational Ther-
  Providence.     disabilities). It has been envisioned as a        apy, Music, art and Play Therapy, medical,
     We must      place and a community where the King-
                                                                    psychological and legal assistance)
                                                        dom of      YOUTH (Catechesis and Values Formation,
   always and                                           G o d
                                                                    Sports and Music, Prayer services)
 in everything                                          grows       OTHER SERVICES (Pastoral Services, Free
                                                        little by   Clinic, Elderly Program, Lay Cooperators
    confide in                                          little;     Program, Shelter Home for the Handi-
      Divine                                            where
  Providence,                                           strive
                                                        and help
 who disposes                                           e a c h
    all things                                          other to
                                                        m a k e
   in due time                                          G o d ’ s
  and in right       Seminarian Andy with children of
    measure”              the Catechetical Group
                                                        t r u e ;
                  where Jesus’ disciples strive to become
                  Church of the poor and with the poor. Run               Allen and Alexa, cute special kids
                  by the Servants of Charity in cooperation                      during their outing
                  with lay staff and volunteers and with the
                  support of Guanellian Cooperators and               Make a difference in the lives of the
                  benefactors, the Center continues to be an         needy. You are most welcome to share
                  open tent, where people celebrate their            your time, talent and treasure to God’s
                  common dignity of being children of the              little ones at our Guanella Center.
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Pastoral Visit of Bishop Tobias
                                AM at the parish Church in      and prayers. Thank you
                                which two of our Guanel-        bishop for your concern
                                lian priests joined the cele-   and care for the poor and
                                bration. With the help of       for the special children of
                                our local pastor, Fr. Albert    San Isidro Labrador Parish
                                Delvo, Bishop Tobias vis-       and Servants of Charity.
                                ited the different areas
                                under the pastoral care of
                                our parish including our
Our very own shepherd of        own Guanella Center. Rep-
the Diocese of Novaliches,      resentatives from our dif-
Bishop Antonio Tobias,          ferent ministries welcomed
made his official Pastoral      the bishop, Fr. Albert, Fr.
Visit last April 6-7, 2008 to   Ralph and the group that
our parish community, the       accompanied him. He gave
San Isidro Labrador Parish.     a short message to the
A concelebrated Mass was        whole Guanellian Family
held on Sunday, at 10:30        followed by his blessings

                                                                                                   “Within the
Birthday and Farewell to Fr. Jesuraj                                                               community
                     Last April 4 we have celebrated with joy the birthday of Fr. Jesuraj,         of believers,
                     our Indian confrere who was assigned in Manila to be a missionary
                     two years ago. He was assigned in particular to our residential pro-           there can
                     gram for mentally and physically handicapped and to our elderly             never be room
                     program and at Golden Acres Home for the Aged. We would like
                     to take this opportunity in thanking Fr. Jesuraj for his presence and        for a poverty
                     contribution to the ministry of the                                           that denies
                     Servants of Charity-Manila. He has
                     now a new assignment in India and
                                                                                                  anyone what
                     he will be leaving at the middle of                                            is needed
                     May. Thank you Fr. Jesuraj, may God                                               for a
                     bless you on your new mission.
                                                                                                 dignified life”
                                                                                                   BENEDICT XVI

Opening of New Mission Year and Programs
              May 24, 2008 has been set as the day of the opening of the
              new Mission Year and Programs of Blessed Guanella Cen-
              ter and Servants of Charity. Spearheaded by our Guanellian
              priests and Guanellian Lay Cooperators, our lay partners in
              mission, the opening will feature the different activities for
              persons with disabilities, children, youth, elderly, families
               and seminarians. The group had several meetings these
               past weeks to have a better look on how to sustain in a
               more effective way the programs of the Center, particu-
               larly on how to involve more people and groups in helping
               these projects for the poor. May the Lord continue to pro-
                                                                                              Thomas, one of the benefi-
               vide and use us as instruments of His love and compassion.
                                                                                               ciaries of our programs
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Summer Programs at Guanella Center
                                         Every Summer, Guanella Center offers a
                                         wide variety of enrichment programs for
                                         children and youth from our surrounding
                                         area. These services are given for free. It
                                         includes Tutorial in English (writing and
                                         reading), Math, Arts and Drawing, Speech
                                         and Drama, and Basketball.
                                         Physical and Occupational Therapies for
                                         special children also continue during sum-
                                         mer. Summer Sports Fest 2008 is also set
                                         on May.
    Our children on a group work
                                     Starting May 2, we shall have the annual                        Social worker Elena teaching
Mayflower Festival and Catechetical Instruction for grade schoolers. We plan to have                 children on proper health
four catechetical areas for this year to be able to reach out to more children who have              care.
the difficulty in coming to our center.

                                                                                                      Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College
Clinic Extension: A Special Gift of Love                                                                Tandang Sora, Quezon City
                                                                                                           938-7782 / 939-7229
                                    for our poor patients. Our      our free clinic.    Thanks to
                                    Care for Life Clinic was        Dean Nora Matias Gayod               COURSES OFFERED
                                    opened in 1997 as a free        (College of Nursing) Volunteer
                                                                                                     B.S. Nursing
                                    clinic to respond to the        Doctors and CI of DCLC,
                                                                                                     B.S. in Computer Science
                                    needs of health care and        Nur sing stu den ts, Dra.
                                                                                                     B.S. in Physical Therapy
                                    education of a growing num-     Lourdes Suque (Pediatrician)
                                                                                                     B.S. in Medical Technology
                                    ber of indigent patients. We    and D ra. Joan Bostre
                                                                                                     B.S. in Business Administration
                                    thank our benefactors for       (Dentist), ate Dianne Yambao
                                                                                                     B.S. in HRM
                                                                    and Sr. François of Holy Fam-
                                    this gift of love. We would                                      Bachelor of Secondary Education
                                    like to acknowledge in par-     ily Sisters                      A.B. Psychology
The construction of our             ticular Dr. Carlos Lanting                                       A.B. English
Clinic Extension is now on          College, our partner in pro-                                     B.S. in Marine Engineering
going, and we are really            viding volunteer doctors,                                        B.S. in Custom Administration
privileged and blessed to           nurses and many other help       with a                          6 MONTHS CAREGIVER COURSE
have it as a gift, a gift of love   for the past several years to    patient                          and many other one -year, two-year
                                                                                                         and 60 hour special courses

Operation Tuli: Free Circumcision
                                    It has been our practice here in the Phillippines to let our
                                    young boys be circumcised every Summer, a practice that
                                    is not so common in other parts of the world. And we are
                                    lucky to have a sponsor for this activity for more than two
                                    hundred kids.
                               It is very expensive to
                               have this operation
                               done in a hospital, and
                               the boys were oper-
                               ated for free, plus have
been given free medicine and even snacks. Thanks to
all the people behind this free operation especially to
the doctors, nurses, teachers, staff and students of
Dr. Carlos Lanting College. Maraming Salamat po!
                            BE OUR MISSION PARTNER

                                                                                   The growing number
  IN THE PHILIPPINES                                                                  of indigent and
                                                                                     disabled children
                                                                                  entrusted by the Lord
       The Superior                                                                to our care make us
  Servants of Charity                                                             seek and welcome any
Subdivision, Pingkian
                                                                                  help and expression of
   Road, Bgy. Pasong                                                                     solidarity.
Tamo, Tandang Sora,
                                                                                   If you are interested
        Quezon City                                                               in sharing our mission
                                                                                     as a cooperator or
    Telefax: 931-5549                                                              benefactor, you may
                                                                                   write, call or visit our
               E-mail:          FRIENDS FOREVER: Raffy, Luigi and Thomas;                    address.
                             regular students of Guanella Center’s Special

                                           To our dear COOPERATORS and BENEFACTORS
   We’re on the Web!
                                                        Maraming Salamat Po!
                                               Our thanks and prayers to each and everyone

                            IMMERSION EXPERIENCE: Sharing in the Life and Ministry of the Guanellians
CENTENNIAL                  Young men aspiring to be Servants
 100 Years of               of Charity in the future participated
                            in the Immersion Experience held
                            at the Servants of Charity Semi-
  celebrating               nary. As part of their vocation dis-
                            cernment, they stayed with the
 God’s love in              community for one month, praying,
                            studying, working, playing, minister-
                            ing to the poor and faith-sharing.
the footsteps of            We ask you to pray for more holy
                            vocations, and for our incoming
 Blessed Louis              seminarians that they may answer
                            the call of the Lord with generosity
                            of heart.
                             GOD MIGHT BE CALLING YOU TO BE A RELIGIOUS
                                   BROTHER OR PRIEST. JOIN OUR -                             SEARCH IN
                                                                                      JULY              25-27
                                           Vocation Discernment Program               OCTOBER           10-12
                            FOR MALE COLLEGE STUDENTS OR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS          NOVEMBER          21-23

                            For more details: THE VOCATION ANIMATOR                     COME AND SEE
                            931-5549 / 0915-648-0362 /                Every First Saturday

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