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Model Factory Hiro - New 1:24th resin & metal kits & accessories HIR24172 Aston Martin DBR9 LM07 #007/008/009 1:24 £113.15 HIR24173 Aston Martin DBR9 Le Mans 2007 #006 1:24 £113.15 HIR24174 Aston Martin DBR9 LM07 #100/59 1:24 £113.15 These kits are much simpler than those which we usually see from Hiro, being basic kerbside models rather than superkits. They are still made to the same very high standards though. The main resin castings for the body, chassis and dash are superclean and the white metal interior details are also excellent,. There is a modest level of etch for finishing off and the decals are all clearly printed. There are subtle differences on the bodywork of some of them and the kits have been divided according to this. If building the Modena Motorsports #59 car, we would carbon decal the doors and bonnet rather than painting them and this will save a masking job. The others are all straightforward Middlesex Green, though you will need to paint the roof panels white on most of them. HIRP937 Aluminium Rivets (x50) £9.50 HIRP939 Exhaust Mounting Spring (x20) 1:12 £9.50 The descriptions of these tell us pretty much all we need to know. The rivets are hollow tipped and very realistic, while the springs will be particularly useful if you build motorcycles but would also be useful on some of the 1:12th F1 car kits that are available. ---------------------------------------------Profil 24 - New 1:24th resin & metal kit PFL2449 Renault 40HP Profile 1926 £89.65 Also available PFL2449PP - painted In the 1920s and 1930s, speed record breaking was of importance to many motor manufacturers and in certain classes there were bitter battles raging. Here we have the very special machine built by Renault using aeronautical engineering techniques to beat Bentley among others. The well cast resin kit gives you the option of building the car with the door closed or open and as the photo that we had on the front cover of FSW 06/2007 shows, if taking the open option, then the door supplied has the wooden framing visible on the inside. That photo also shows the car finished in a wonderful patina and this would be a great opportunity to test your weathering skills. Profil do point out that the painted kit will not be weathered and it will also be closed. The wire wheels are in kit form and the windows pre-printed flat acetate. ---------------------------------------------Ragged Edge Designs - New 1:12th decal RAGL12015 Honda RC211 V5 Pons Moto GP 2005 Intended for use on Tamiya’s Minolta Honda kit (TAM14107), this decal sheet offers a complete livery for the Pons team. The sponsor logos offer the choice of complete or politically correct decoration and there are no fewer than six rider options included, so you can build your kit as ridden by Barros, Baylis, Vermeulen, Kiyonari, Burnes or Ukawa. ---------------------------------------------Red Line - New 1:24th resin hand built RED24005 Ferrari TR61 1st Le Mans 1961 £119.95 Larger scale models are fairly few and far between from Red Line but we’re sure that this one will be gratefully received by many collectors. First impressions are excellent, the model has a high level of finish and there are some lovely detail touches such as the very realistic exhaust tips, siamesed inlet trumpets and fine wire wheels. The basic shape isn’t too bad though the back end of the car should drop off slightly more than it does. The windscreen framing looks a little awkward but apart from these two details, things look good. £9.50 Studio 27 - New 1:20th & 1:24th resin & metal kits & transkits STU20206 Tyrrell 009 1979 Tyrrell 1:20 STU20207 Tyrrell 009 1979 Candy 1:20 For the 1979 season the Tyrrell team started with virtually no sponsorship, Candy only coming on board at the 6th round in Belgium. The core parts of these two kits are very similar and no race versions are specified, but looking at race photos there don’t appear to be any significant changes to the cars early on. The Candy kit features large front wing endplates and this suggests the German Grand Prix where Geoff Lees substituted for regular driver Jarier who was ill. The decals in this kit also include the car driven by Derek Daly for the last couple of races of the season, so with some careful checking of reference material such as GP International (should you have them) there are plenty of options. £105.10 £105.10

STU20208 McLaren MP4/22 Canada/USA 1:20 £105.10 The first release of the McLaren MP4/22 by Studio 27 sold out in a matter of days so here we have another chance at getting what may well be the car of the 2007 driver’s World Champion. It is fitting that the two races offered in the kit here are both ones won by Hamilton but of course the decals also include the option of building Alonso’s car with which he finished 7th in Canada and 2nd in the USA. The kit parts are the usual combination of very well cast resin & white metal which will just need a small amount of preparation before assembly and painting. The main finish gives modellers the opportunity to break out the Alclad (ALC007) before applying the well printed decals. The finished model should look excellent. STUFR2020 Ferrari F300 Italy 1998 1:20 £105.10 Bouyed by their 600th Grand Prix Victory at Spa, Ferrari arrived at Monza in good spirits and had a very good weekend, Schumacher leading Irvine home for a 1-2 finish. If you haven’t built a resin F1 car kit yet and fancy having a go, this would be a very good place to start. There are very clean resin & metal castings, machined wheel rims and a reasonable level of decent photo-etched details. The decals are in politically correct form but otherwise it is a pretty accurate model. STUTK2437 BMW M3 (E30) DTM 1991 Transkit 1:24 £61.40 Also available STUTK2435 - Taisan & STUTK2436 - Auto Tec STUDC749 BMW M3 (E30) JTC 92 Taisan Decals 1:24 £9.50 STUDC750 BMW M3 (E30) JTC 92 Auto Tec Decals 1:24 £8.00 STUDC751 BMW M3 (E30) DTM 1991 Decals 1:24 £10.50 STUFP24109 BMW M3 (E30) Photoetched detail set 1:24 £8.00 STUFP24110 BBS Honeycomb style wheels 1:24 £8.15 STUFP24111 BBS Y style wheels 1:24 £8.15 For Fujimi kit FUJ06224 With the recent release of the BMW M3 by Fujimi there is plenty of scope for detailing and correction. We’ll start with the simpler parts and there are well cast white metal wheels to replace those in the kit with different styles for the version of the car that you are making. The etched fret contains the usual grilles, wipers and badges. Rather unusually, this fret also includes parts for another Fujimi kit, the Mercedes 190 Evo (FUJ120515). If you can live with the base model being basically a road car with a simple roll cage, or you are a keen scratch builder, the decal sets offer attractive alternative liveries. To do a more thorough job, it’s time for one of the full transkits though. In addition to the decals, photo-etch and correct wheels for the race version, there are many resin and metal parts for amending the bodywork and interior. There is a new front bumper, rear window surround, boot lid, rear seat pan, spoilers, exhausts, the list goes on and on. There is some pretty heavy duty modelling to be done here but the parts are well made and the clear instructions will make things fairly straightforward.

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