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					2013 Boys Select League

Information and Scheduling Meeting
 Hembree Park Recreation Building
            Roswell, GA
         December 8, 2012
       People to Know

Pam McNabb – MAYLA Commissioner
Bobbi Villhauer– MAYLA Admin Director
David Fink – MAYLA Treasurer
Dan Linsley – Boys Select League Director
          Important Dates

•   Start of Pre-season: January 28, 2013
•   Start of Regular Season: February 09, 2013
•   End of Season: May 3, 2013
•   Playoffs: May 4th thru May 11th
•   Championship Sunday: May 12, 2013
    – Mothers Day!
• 8th Grade All-Star Game: May 16, 2013 (tentative)
    MAYLA Program Fees

• MAYLA Dues are $250.00 per team
  – Make Checks Payable to MAYLA
• Program Fees are Due: February 11, 2013
• Address:
           MAYLA Treasurer
           PO BO 4173
           Marietta, GA 30061

Final Rosters are due to MAYLA on March 1, 2013
•   E-mail to: Dan Linsley
•   Must be available for review prior to each game
•   Roster Violations must be reported by e-mail to MAYLA
    within 48 hours
•   Age & Residence verification must be received within 7
    days following the conclusion of the game in question
•   Players can move up/down once, but no roster changes
    after March 1st.
        Age Requirements

•   Jr Select: 6th and 7th graders
•   Sr. Select : 7th and 8th graders
•   No 5th graders
•   Age waiver process
        Residency Waivers

• Illegal Players
   – No player shall participate in any MAYLA Select game who
     does not reside within the member’s high school district(s)
• Illegal Recruiting
   – Recruiting of players from outside a member organization’s
     boundaries is expressly prohibited.
   – The penalty for violation of this rule is forfeiture of any and
     all game(s) in which an ineligible player participated.
        Residency Waivers

• Waiver Process
  –   Waivers posted on website
  –   Parents Must Submit Waiver Application to MAYLA
  –   Rules & Competition Committee Review
  –   Coaches & Program Administrators consulted
          2013 League Focus

• Sideline Sportsmanship
  – Coaches, both head and assistants, must be positive role
    models in all aspects of sportsmanship.
• Unnecessary Roughness
  – Blows to the head/neck will result in multi-minute, non-
    releasable fouls.
          2013 League Focus

• Rules Review
  – 10 Minutes Prior to the start of each game with officials &
  – Have Rules Laminated for reference prior to game
  – Home Coach is to bring laminated rules
• Spectators
  – Spectators are not permitted on the end lines or in the coach’s
    box or directly behind the score table or player’s bench area.
           MAYLA Select Rules

• US Lacrosse – NFHS Rules
• Coaches
  – Head Coach: USLAX Members & USLAX Level 1 & PCA Certified.
  – Assistant Coaches: All assistant coaches must be PCA Certified
  – Limited to four coaches on the sidelines
• Game Play – Time Factors
  –   10 minute Quarter Stop Time.
  –   All normal rules on stop time apply
  –   Two time outs per half
  –   2 minute quarter breaks, 10 minute half time break.
  –   Sudden Victory overtime periods. No Ties !
         MAYLA Select Rules

• Game Play – Time Factors
  – 12 minute Run Time is Ok for three way or round robin games
  – Must be agreed by both head coaches, otherwise follow 10-min.
    stop time rules..
  – Penalty time is assessed at 150% (time & a half).
             Key Rule Changes

• All Players are recommended to wear a
  protective cup.
• Deliberate blows to the head/neck
   – Include cross-checks and slashes
   – 2 to 3 minute, non-releasable personal foul
• Illegal Touching of the ball or crosse
   – Unsportsmanship conduct foul
   – Inadvertent touching when hand is on cross is not a foul
   – It is illegal for a player to grab an opponent’s crosse with the
     open hand or fingers.

• Honoring the Game
  – (2012) Honoring the game remains an important part of the
    youth lacrosse experience, and US Lacrosse has added
    examples of unsportsmanlike conduct — including verbal
    language and body language — that may be penalized by
    game officials.
Loose Ball Play:
  – (2012) The distance from a player to a loose ball within which
    legal stick checks, holds, body checks and pushes may occur is
    reduced from 5 yards to 3 yards.

• 20 Second Clears and 10 Second Counts
• One Handed Checks:
  – (2012) At the Junior Select Level, any one-handed check will
    be considered a slash, regardless if the attempt makes contact
    with the opposing player.
  – (2012) At the Senior Select Level, one-handed checks are legal
    when the check is landed on the cross or gloved hand holding
    the crosse

• Violent Body Checks:
   – (2012) Violent & purposeful collisions, particularly those
     targeted at unsuspecting players and that feature one player
     intentionally putting another player on the ground or
     inflicting injury, will be prohibited.
     This includes a body check on a player in a defenseless
     position such as:
       • Player whose blind side is exposed to the hit
       • Player who has his head turned for a pass
       • Player who has his head down playing a loose ball.

• Fouling Out:
   – Any player that accumulates four minutes in personal foul
     penalty time will be disqualified.
• Players or Coaches that are ejected or otherwise
  disqualified from the game shall also be disqualified
  from participating in the next scheduled MAYLA game.
• Note: A Player who has a three-minute illegal cross
  violation and a one personal foul, shall be disqualified
  from the game but is not considered ejected.

• Two US Lacrosse Certified Adult Officials
• MAYLA Select League Authorized Assignors
   – Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association (GLOA)
      • Patrick Joyce
      • (404) 520-1424
   – Atlanta Peachstate Lacrosse Officials Assoc. (APLOA)
      • Keith Collis
      • 678-592-1194
                     Jr. Select

• 2013: 24 Teams
   – 16 Teams in 2012
   – 14 Teams in 2011
• New teams for 2013
   –   Etowah Jr. Eagles
   –   No. Gwinnett Bulldogs
   –   No. Paulding Wolfpack
   –   Northside Youth Lacrosse (Surge)
   –   Peachtree City Warriors
   –   Roswell Youth Lacrosse Jr. Hornets
   –   Wheeler Jr. Wildcats
   –   Kell Jr. Longhorns
   –   Copperheads
• Teams Lost in 2013
   – Milton
                 Jr. Select Regions

   Choctaw League               Iroquois League
Region 1         Region 2   Region 3        Region 4
Peachtree City   Lassiter   Roswell         Lambert
No. Paulding     Pope       Alpharetta      So. Forsyth
Etowah           Walton     Chattahoochee   No. Gwinnett
Allatoona        Wheeler    Centennial      Northview
Harrison         Kell       Cambridge       Johns Creek
Copperheads      Cherokee   Surge           West Forsyth
         Jr. Select Regions

Regular Season Play Format:
1) Play Home and Home series within Region
2) Play one game with each team in the other
   Region of your League
3) Total: 16 MAYLA game schedule
4) Top 3 Teams in each Region Make Playoffs
          2012 Senior Select

• 2013: Twenty-one Teams
   – 18 teams in 2012
   – 19 teams in 2011
• New Teams in 2012
   –   Peachtree City
   –   Lambert Crimson
   –   No. Gwinnett Bulldogs
   –   So. Forsyth
   –   Wheeler
• Lost Teams
   – Kell
   – Chattahoochee
                 Sr. Select Regions

   Choctaw League               Iroquois League
Region 1         Region 2   Region 3          Region 4
Peachtree City   Lassiter   Roswell           Lambert Black
Allatoona        Pope       Alpharetta        So. Forsyth
Harrison         Walton     Milton            No. Gwinnett
Hillgrove        Wheeler    Centennial        Northview
                 Cherokee   Cambridge         Johns Creek
                            Lambert Crimson   West Forsyth
         Sr. Select Regions

Regular Season Play Format:
1) Regions 1 & 2 play Home & Home series with
   each team in your league
2) Regions 3 & 4 plays Home & Home series within
   their own Region plus one game with each team
   in the other region of your league.
3) Total: 16 MAYLA game schedule
4) Top 3 Teams in each Region Make Playoffs

1) Twelve Team Single Elimination Playoff Bracket
2) Top three teams in each Region make playoffs,
   selections based on region record.
3) Seeds based on Overall 16 game Record.
4) Ties: Settled by best Head-to-Head Record, followed
   by coin toss
5) Playoffs to be played at Home Field of Higher Seed
6) Finals to be played at Lassiter High School

Teams that don’t make playoffs may be
eligible to participate in the MAYLA end of
season tournament

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