Bomb Threat Check List by alk37h


									Bomb Threat Procedures
Grand Rapids Community College

   1. Bomb threats generally occur through two methods: a suspicious package or a
      communicated threat (phone, e-mail or fax).
   2. If you notice a suspicious package, do not touch the object. Proceed immediately to Step
      #4 and call Campus Police.
   3. If you receive a bomb threat via e-mail or fax, obtain a hard copy of the message (print)
      and proceed immediately to Step #4 and call Campus Police.
   4. The person receiving a telephone call or voice mail message uses the “Bomb Threat
      Check List”. The person should note all vital information as directed on the check list. If
      the message was left on voice mail, the person should save the message to share with
      Campus Police.
   5. The person should immediately call Campus Police X4010 . If after normal Campus
      Police office hours, the person should follow the procedures to page the officer on duty
      and immediately report the call.
   6. Campus Police will determine the credibility of the threat with appropriate external
      assistance. Campus Police will activate the Crisis Plan.
   7. If the threat is deemed credible and a bomb may be inside the building, Campus Police
      will assist the building in the evacuation process:
           a. Check evacuation routes and evacuation area for unusual objects, which may be a
               bomb. Do not touch anything that may be a bomb.
           b. Order evacuation through use of the Crisis Response plan. Use of electronic
               devices should be minimized during a bomb threat.
           c. When evacuating, check visually for unusual objects which may be a bomb, or
               anything not recognized as belonging in the surrounding area. Report anything
               unusual to Campus Police, but do not touch anything that may be a bomb.
           d. Leave the lights on and the doors unlocked.
           e. Move to an evacuation area well away from the building. Do not evacuate to any
               area where a bomb could be hidden, e.g. the parking lot, or near any object in
               which a bomb could be hidden, e.g., a dumpster.
   8. Campus Police or local law enforcement will determine the “all clear”.
                               Bomb Threat Check List

Exact time of call_______________
Exact words of caller_______________________________________________

Questions To Ask

When is the bomb going to explode?__________________________________________

Where is the bomb?______________________________________________________

What does it look like?____________________________________________________

What kind of bomb is it?___________________________________________________

What will cause it to explode?_______________________________________________

Did you place the bomb?___________________________________________________


Where are you calling from?_________________________________________________

What is your address?__________________________________________________

What is your name?____________________________________________________

Callers Voice (circle)

Calm                     Disguised          Nasal         Angry        Broken
Stutter                  Slow               Sincere       Lisp         Rapid
Giggling                 Accent (Type)      Deep          Crying       Squeaky
Excited                  Stressed           Loud          Slurred      Normal

Language Used (circle)

Foul                     Irrational         Incoherent
Taped                    Well Spoken        Message read by caller

Is the voice familiar?______________Who did it sound like?_______

Background Noise(circle)

Voices                         Street Traffic             Trains              Animals
Office Machines                Music/Television           Restaurant Sounds
Quiet                          Factory Machinery          Other


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