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					2nd Semester Final Review                 Blood
                                          Formed elements, plasma, buffy coat, hematocrit
Nervous System                            Erythrocytes, hemoglobin
Central NS                                Leukocytes
Peripheral NS                             Platelets
Sensory (afferent) NS                     Hematopoiesis
Motor (efferent) NS                       Hemostasis
Somatic NS                                Agglutination
Autonomic NS                              ABO blood groups, Rh blood groups
   Sympathetic Division                   Antigen, antibodies
   Parasympathetic Division               Blood typing
Spinal and Cranial Nerves
Functions of the NS                       Cardiovascular System
Function of supporting cells              Pathway of blood through the heart and body
Neurons – anatomy                         Layers of the heart wall
Sensory and motor neurons                 Function of valves
Classification of neurons                 Functions of the cardiovascular system
Nerve impulse polarization                Blood vessels
Cortex: Somatic sensory and motor areas   Respiratory System
Corpus callosum                           Pathway of air, oxygen and CO2
Diencephalon parts/functions              Epiglottis, vocal cords
Brain stem parts/functions                Coverings of the lungs
Cerebellum parts/functions                Functions of the respiratory system
Function of CSF
Blood-Brain barrier function              Digestive System
Spinal Cord: cauda equine                 Pathway food takes
Structure of a nerve                      Structures of alimentary canal
Plexuses                                  Accessory structures and organs
                                          Function of folds in stomach/small intestines
Special Senses                            Sphincters
The Eye –                                 Parts of each organ
Conjunctiva, lacrimal glands              Function of villi and microvilli
Sclera, cornea                            Functions of the digestive system
Lens, iris, pupil                         Mastication, bolus, peristalsis, defecation
Retina, rods, cones, photoreceptors       Absorption
Optic disk, optic nerve
Aqueous and vitreous humors               Male and Female Reproductive Systems
The Ear –                                 Gonads, gametes
Pinna, external auditory canal            Testes, seminiferous tubules, testosterone
Ceruminous glands, tympanic membrane      Duct system
Oval window, auditory tube                Accessory glands and semen
Ossicles                                  External genitalia
Cochlea, vestibule, semicircular canals   Ovaries, oocyte, follicle
Hair cells                                Uterine tubes, fimbriae, cilia
Static and dynamic equilibrium            Uterus, parts, layers
Chemoreceptors, thermoreceptors,          Vagina, hymen
mechanoreceptors                          Pregnancy/delivery – to the extent we cover in class
Olfactory receptors
Taste buds, gustatory cells

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