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					                           21st Century Maricopa
                           Meeting Agenda & Minutes
      Meeting Name       21CM – A06 One Stop Leads Meeting                                     Meeting Rules
                                                                                   • Start on time, end on time
       Meeting Date      04-14-2010                                                • Stay on track
                                                                                   • Monitor your own participation
       Meeting Time      9:30 – 10:30                                              • Limit side conversations
                         Conference Call and LiveMeeting                           • Respect each other’s ideas and work
                                                                                   • One speaker at a time – don’t interrupt
                                  Audio Information:                               • Be an active listener
                                  480-517-8900 / 800-729-1197 x8                   • Honor confidentiality
   Meeting Location               Conference # 8628                                • Disagree and clarify when appropriate
                                                                                   • Be willing to invest the time for inquiry
                                                                                   • Consider the entire system
                                  Document Viewing Information:
                                                                                   • Build shared meaning
                                  Click HERE to attend the Live Meeting            • Keep an open mind
                                                                                   • Have deliberate patience
            Required Debbie Kushibab, Carol O’Connor, Jose Erick, Lori Espinoza,
           Attendees Barbara Boros
    Work Team Site
      21CM Website Click Here
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Meeting Agenda & Objectives
Meeting Notes
Next Steps
Official Summary For Public Website Review
Action Items
Who                       Assignment                                 Comments                                 Due Date

Issue Bin Items
Issue                                                                Comments

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Executive Summary
Clarified Recommendation
Clarified Sub Recommendation
Three Pillars Area
Strategic Directions
How does the recommendation align with the 21st Century Guiding Principles?
Review and Analysis Methodology Used
Work Team Findings/Decisions – Issues, Risks and Mitigation
Action items for Implementation of Strategy
Measurable Outcomes and Measures of Accountability and Success
Estimated Cost to Implement
Estimated Savings
Cost Impact/Budget Needs
Additional Considerations/Comments
Policy Change Required

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