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A Modular Distance Learning
   System on Sustainable

        SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   1
       Presentation summary
1.   SUPPREM outlook
2.   Pedagogy
3.   Modularity
4.   Course portal
5.   OiL platform
6.   Implementation

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  What we aim at…

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The Supprem production site

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                                          SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003
A Bundle of Interdisciplinary Web-based
   Reusable Course Content Objects

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• Many paradigms
  – Inductive vs deductive logic
  – Mathematical modeling vs
    « erméneutique »
  – Data mining
  – Case studies
• Organize team work
  – Exploit complementarity of experience
  – Perform social constructivism

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Exploit the medium…

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Which pedagogy in this distance learning
Cognitive apprenticeship approach
This distance learning is designed according to the principles of a cognitive apprenticeship
Ideally, the trainees should work in teams on projects or problems with close scaffolding of the
instructor or the computer based feedback system.
The trainees are asked to undertake tasks that are slightly more difficult than they can manage
independently, requiring the aid of their peers and instructor (human or computer) to succeed.
The problem solving activities should not be "neat" and pre-defined, but rather, complex with
trainees required to discover relevant procedures. Instead of a pure drill-and-practice
environment, the module will provide a resource set from which relevant information is sorted
and derived by the trainees.
Coaching and scaffolding is a key part of the training materials. Hints, prompts and feedback are
embedded in the computer based training system. They can be complemented by a close
monitoring by tutors to provide additional support when needed.
The most critical component of situated learning is communication among peers. Forums and
Chat rooms can be organized at the level of trainees teams to provide communication and
problem discussion.

                                   SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003                                 11
• The student works in teams on a sequence of
• The student finds resources on the net
   –   Textbooks (pdf and/or html format)
   –   Real audio and video (streaming)
   –   Links
   –   Glossary
   –   Interactive applets
   –   Downloadable files (excel, ppt, …)
• Forums and chats
   – To control work flow
   – To give feedback
   – To organize connectivity

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Learning by studying
The Workshop Manual is made available as a pdf file. It can be downloaded and printed by the
trainee. This will provide her with a classic reference document to read and study. The same
Workshop Manual is also displayed in a succession of sections, corresponding to the outline
structure of the module. Each section is displayed either in a pdf format that is easy to read on
screen and which can also be printed, or in an html format that exploits the interactivity
possibilities offered by the web.
Learning by doing
In each section of the outline there are exercises to do. They are based on the material
contained in the Workshop Manual. Doing the exercises is an essential part of the training. The
access to the next section of the outline will eventually be given only when the trainee obtains
the correct answers to all the exercises proposed in the section.
Learning through feedback
When working on the solution of an exercise the trainee may ask for hints. The access to these
indications is obtained via a proposed logic. The trainee can select one inquiry and obtain an
immediate feedback which is an extract from the Workshop Manual or a voice recorded
comment. Working with these indications and hints the trainee should arrive at the correct
Learning through case studies
Case studies will give the trainees an opportunity to work in team on complex situations, using
the different resources at their disposal. Structured feedback will help the team in the search for
a solution

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     SUPPREM Virtual Campus
   COURSE PORTAL                                       WEBSITE
supprem.unige.ch/cours                              supprem.unige.ch

       OiL   Login                                      Easy Login myZone

         LMS                                        CONTENT SERVER
   Oracle iLearning                          supprem.unige.ch/bricks

                      SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003                      14

What about « Bricks »…

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              Brick definition
What does a "brick" represent? To exploit the fine grain
modularity permitted by the web based training system,
the content of SUPPREM is organized in small units that
correspond to 1 or 0.5 credit .
These bricks can ultimately be used to compose full
credit courses, through a combination of interelated

 The bricks are:
 • Described on SUPPREM website
 • Stored on SUPPREM content server
 • Delivered on OiL

                      SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003          16
Example of Bricks

                    SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   17
        SUPPREM’s Brick Environment
http://ilearning.oracle.com                      http://supprem.unige.ch

   OiL Plateform              Content Server                     Web Site

   Content stucture
                                 Directory & files
                                                               Brick description

       Oracle                          *.pdf
                                        *.gif                    MySQL/PHP

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        Course definition
A course is composed of one or several
It is an Event (in OiL terminology) offered
to the students, with a starting date, a
tutor, communication tools, etc.
The courses are:
• Described on SUPPREM website course
  portal (MySQL/PHP)
• Offered on OiL to registered students

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   Course Portal

How to manage courses…

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 SUPPREM’s Course environment
  LMS     http://ilearning.oracle.com                Portal http://supprem.unige.ch

         Offer             •CHAT

                                                          Course & brick description

                           Oracle                                MySQL/PHP
(enrollment, tracking)
                            SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003                         21
SUPPREM Portal levels
                  SUPPREM Course Portal
                     List of SUPPREM courses
                         Welcome message
Level 1
                     New courses, Course list
             (SUPPREM        content development)

                       Course Level
Level 2        Syllabus, Outline, Pedagogy,
             Technical requirements, OiL login

                       Brick Level
Level 3      Syllabus, Organization, Learning
                     steps, Schedule

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The Course Portal

                    SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   23
The Course Description Page

                              SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   24
Course Portal Management Tool

        The course
      manager selects
      the courses that
        are offered
             SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   25
                                 SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003
Course Content Management Tool
    OiL Platform

How to distribute bricks …

       SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   27
Access to the OiL Platform

  student1                                 student1

             SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003              28
How it Looks on the OiL Platform

           SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   29
Course Description on OiL

                            SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   30
XML for Document Structure Management

           SVC Days Luzern May 26 2003   31

Visit SUPPREM courses…

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