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									 On the Move
              Brian                             Wayne
              Ahearn,                           Lewan-
              Evolphin                          dowski,
              Software                          Vormetric
               The Dublin                       The San
               developer                        Jose data-
               of products                      centric
and services for diverse         security tools provider for
verticals appointed Brian        physical, virtual and cloud
Ahearn chief executive           environments named
officer. Previously, he held     Wayne Lewandowski area
sales positions at Procera.      vice president, federal. He
                                 served in senior fed-
              Nena Bains,        eral sales positions at
              Kilpatrick         VMware, Plan B Govern-
              Townsend           ment Systems, SAS and
              & Stockton         Interwoven.
               The law
               firm named
               Nena Bains                       Lovegren,
as a partner on the                             Plantronics
medical and mechanical                         The Santa
devices team and she                           Cruz provid-
will work from the Menlo                       er of audio
Park office. Previously,                       communi-
she served at the firm’s         cations for businesses
predecessor Townsend             and consumers named
and Townsend and Crew.           Susan Lovegren senior
                                 vice president of human
              Andre              resources. Previously,
              Boisvert,          she served as corporate
              Actian             vice president at Juniper
              City data
              manage-                           Omanoff,
ment provider appointed                         Net Optics
Andre Boisvert to its                           The Santa
board of directors. He                          Clara pro-
is former president and                         vider that
chief operating officer at                      delivers
SAS Institute.                   network monitoring and
                                 security appointed Dennis
              Sol Cates,         Omanoff chief operat-
              Vormetric          ing officer. Previously, he
                                 held positions at Seagate
               The San           Technology.
               Jose data-
               centric se-
               curity tools                     Deborah
               provider for                     Rieman,
physical, virtual and cloud                     Meta-
environments named                              markets
Sol Cates chief security                       The San
officer. Before his recent                     Francisco
appointment he was a                           provider of
systems engineer at the          real-time analytics for
company.                         online advertising named
                                 Deborah Rieman as
              Jim Foy,           executive chairman. She
              Talend             is former president and
              The Los            chief executive officer at
              Altos              Check Point Software.
              software                          Frank
              provider                          Tycksen,
named Jim Foy chief                             Vormetric
executive officer. He was                       The San
appointed executive                             Jose data-
chairman earlier this year.                     centric
              Christian          tools provider for physi-
              Nall,              cal, virtual and cloud en-
              Electric           vironments named Frank
              Cloud              Tycksen vice president
               The               of customer success.
               Sunnyvale         Previously, he was vice
               software          president of engineering
delivery tools company           and operations at RNA
appointed Christian Nall         Networks.
executive vice presi-
dent of field operations.
Recently, he served as
executive vice president
at Composite Software.

 Bay Area News Group reports promotions of executives
 at the vice president level or higher. Send notices to With each announce-
 ment, we require a photograph in JPEG format. Please
 upload the image, which should be a head shot about
 1 megabyte in size, to http://mediafm.mercurynews.
 com. If this is your first time uploading the images, you’ll
 need to contact the newspaper at 408-920-5088 to
 obtain a pass code.

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