How to Apply to the Carpenters Apprenticeship Program by p00pk88j


									                      Northern Nevada Carpenters
                 Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC)

                      How to Apply to the Carpenters
                        Apprenticeship Program
1.        You will need the following before you start:

             a valid drivers license
             your Social Security card
             your high school diploma, GED or equivalent
             a reliable vehicle

2.        Fill out the form Application for Admission into the Carpenters Apprenticeship

After completion of your evaluation, you will be assigned an interview date. After the interview,
you will be ranked for work positions and rated for pay scale. We will notify you by mail if you
have been placed on the rated applicant list.

Just prior to job placement you will be asked to return and complete the following:

             Fill out Apprenticeship Agreement
             Fill out TMCC Application
             Sign an Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Carpenters’ Apprentice Policies
             Have your photograph taken
             Go for drug testing

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